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  1. 1 hour ago, ljm42 said:

    The system is intended to recover from this automatically, but I had issues with a recent move myself :~ We are working on improvements.


    Please see the instructions here: 
    on how to access your server when DNS is down (or wrong, in this case). These instructions are on the My Servers page, but they apply whether you have the My Servers plugin installed or not.


    Once you have access, I'd recommend that you disable SSL for local access to get back to a fully working state:

    Then you can optionally re-enable SSL.

    Thanks for the links,


    I followed them and unfortunately its not working, I tried https://unraid.home which is the device name (responds to ping) and the dns suffix (ISP router) and it did not work. I also tried running 'use_ssl no' from console and it returned 'cmd not found'


    Any other ideas?

  2. Hey all,


    I recently moved and when I turn on my unraid box now, even though i can log in via console, reach the internet and navigate the file system. When i try to navigate to the ip address, i get redirected to a dns name "0f609f315*****"


    I cant seem to get the webui to load. I did also restore the flash backup to a new faster USB stick using the USB tool.


    Any suggestions?