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    Please report only issues/bugs which are new in the prerelease. We've been holding back on this release a few days waiting for updated Intel ixgbe (10Gbit) OOT driver which builds correctly with 4.18 kernel. But no update yet so this release uses 4.17.19 kernel. Every major subsystem has been updated. In addition @bonienl has added some really cool features and update the default themes to match our new branding. Release notes: Version 6.6.0-rc1 2018-08-31 Base distro: aaa_base: version 14.2 (rev 5) aaa_elflibs: version 15.0 (rev 2) acl: version 2.2.53 acpid: version 2.0.29 adwaita-icon-theme: version 3.28.0 appres: version 1.0.5 (rev 2) at-spi2-atk: version 2.26.2 at-spi2-core: version 2.28.0 at: version 3.1.20 (rev 5) atk: version 2.28.1 attr: version 2.4.48 avahi: version 0.7 (rev2) bash: version 4.4.023 bin: version 11.1 (rev 2) bridge-utils: version 1.5 (rev 2) btrfs-progs: version v4.17 bzip2: version 1.0.6 (rev 3) ca-certificates: version 20180409 cairo: version 1.15.12 celt051: version (rev 2) cifs-utils: version 6.7 (rev 2) coreutils: version 8.29 (rev 2) cpio: version 2.12 (rev 2) cpufrequtils: version 08 (rev 2) cryptsetup: version 1.7.5 (rev 2) curl: version 7.61.0 (CVE-2018-1000300, CVE-2018-1000301, CVE-2018-0500) cyrus-sasl: version 2.1.27_rc8 db48: version 4.8.30 (rev 4) dbus: version 1.12.8 dcron: version 4.5 dejavu-fonts-ttf: version 2.37 (rev 4) dhcpcd: version 7.0.6 diffutils: version 3.6 (rev 2) dmidecode: version 3.1 (rev 2) dnsmasq: version 2.79 (rev 2) docker: version 18.06.1-ce e2fsprogs: version 1.44.2 ebtables: version 2.0.10 (rev 2) editres: version 1.0.7 (rev 2) elvis: version 2.2_0 (rev 4) encodings: version 1.0.4 (rev 2) etc: version 15.0 (rev 6) ethtool: version 4.17 eudev: version 3.2.5 (rev2) file: version 5.33 findutils: version 4.4.2 (rev 2) flex: version 2.6.4 (rev 3) floppy: version 5.5 (rev 2) fontconfig: version 2.12.6 (rev 2) freetype: version 2.9 (rev 2) fribidi: version 1.0.4 fuse: version 2.9.7 (rev3) gawk: version 4.2.1 (rev 2) gd: version 2.2.5 (rev2) gdbm: version 1.15 gdk-pixbuf2: version 2.36.12 genpower: version 1.0.5 (rev 3) getty-ps: version 2.1.0b (rev 4) glew: version 2.1.0 (rev 2) glib2: version 2.56.1 glibc-solibs: version 2.27 (rev 4) glibc-zoneinfo: version 2018e (rev 3) glibc: version 2.27 (rev 4) glu: version 9.0.0 (rev 2) gmp: version 6.1.2 (rev 2) gnome-themes-standard: version 3.22.3 (rev 2) gnupg: version 1.4.23 (CVE-2018-12020) gnutls: version 3.6.2 (rev 2) gptfdisk: version 1.0.3 (rev 2) grep: version 3.1 (rev 2) gtk+3: version 3.22.30 gzip: version 1.9 (rev 2) harfbuzz: version 1.8.1 haveged: version 1.9.2 hdparm: version 9.56 hicolor-icon-theme: version 0.17 (rev 2) hostname: version 3.18 (rev 2) htop: version 2.2.0 icu4c: version 61.1 imlib2: version 1.5.1 inetd: version 1.79s (rev 11) infozip: version 6.0 (rev 4) inotify-tools: version 3.14 (rev 2) intel-microcode: version 20180807 iproute2: version 4.17.0 iptables: version 1.6.2 (rev 2) iputils: version s20140519 (rev 2) kernel-firmware: version 20180814_f1b95fe keyutils: version 1.5.10 (rev 2) kmod: version 25 (rev 2) lbzip2: version 2.5 less: version 530 (rev 3) libaio: version 0.3.111 libarchive: version 3.3.2 (rev 3) libcap-ng: version 0.7.8 (rev 3) libcgroup: version 0.41 (rev 5) libcroco: version 0.6.12 (rev 2) libdaemon: version 0.14 (rev2) libdmx: version 1.1.4 libdrm: version 2.4.92 libedit: version 20180525_3.1 libee: version 0.4.1 (rev 2) libepoxy: version 1.4.3 (rev 2) libestr: version 0.1.10 (rev 2) libevdev: version 1.5.9 (rev 2) libevent: version 2.1.8 (rev 3) libfastjson: version 0.99.8 (rev2) libffi: version 3.2.1 (rev 2) libfontenc: version 1.1.3 (rev 2) libgcrypt: version 1.8.3 (CVE-2018-0495) libgpg-error: version 1.31 libgudev: version 232 (rev 2) libICE: version 1.0.9 (rev 3) libidn: version 1.35 libjpeg-turbo: version 1.5.3 (rev 2) liblogging: version 1.0.6 (rev2) libmnl: version 1.0.4 (rev 3) libnetfilter_conntrack: version 1.0.7 libnfnetlink: version 1.0.1 (rev 2) libnftnl: version 1.1.0 libnl3: version 3.4.0 (rev 2) libpcap: version 1.8.1 (rev 2) libpciaccess: version 0.14 (rev 2) libpng: version 1.6.34 (rev 2) libpthread-stubs: version 0.4 (rev 2) librsvg: version 2.42.5 libseccomp: version 2.3.3 (rev2) libSM: version 1.2.2 (rev 3) libssh2: version 1.8.0 (rev 3) libtasn1: version 4.13 (rev 2) libtirpc: version 1.0.3 (rev 2) libunistring: version 0.9.10 libunwind: version 1.2.1 libusb-compat: version 0.1.5 (rev2) libusb: version 1.0.22 libvirt-php: version 0.5.4 (rev3) libvirt: version 4.6.0 libwebsockets: version 2.4.2 libX11: version 1.6.5 (rev 2) libx86: version 1.1 (rev 3) libXau: version 1.0.8 (rev 3) libXaw: version 1.0.13 (rev 2) libxcb: version 1.13 (rev 2) libXcomposite: version 0.4.4 (rev 3) libXcursor: version 1.1.15 (rev 2) libXdamage: version 1.1.4 (rev 3) libXdmcp: version 1.1.2 (rev 3) libXevie: version 1.0.3 (rev 3) libXext: version 1.3.3 (rev 3) libXfixes: version 5.0.3 (rev 2) libXfont2: version 2.0.3 (rev 2) libXfontcache: version 1.0.5 (rev 3) libXft: version 2.3.2 (rev 4) libXi: version 1.7.9 (rev 2) libXinerama: version 1.1.3 (rev 3) libxkbfile: version 1.0.9 (rev 2) libxml2: version 2.9.8 (rev 2) libXmu: version 1.1.2 (rev 3) libXpm: version 3.5.12 (rev 2) libXrandr: version 1.5.1 (rev 2) libXrender: version 0.9.10 (rev 2) libXres: version 1.2.0 (rev 2) libxshmfence: version 1.3 (rev 2) libxslt: version 1.1.32 (rev 2) libXt: version 1.1.5 (rev 2) libXtst: version 1.2.3 (rev 2) libXxf86dga: version 1.1.4 (rev 3) libXxf86misc: version 1.0.3 (rev 3) libXxf86vm: version 1.1.4 (rev 3) listres: version 1.0.4 (rev 2) lm_sensors: version 3.4.0 (rev 2) logrotate: version 3.14.0 (rev 2) lsof: version 4.91 lsscsi: version 0.29 lvm2: version 2.02.177 lz4: version 1.8.2 mc: version 4.8.21 mesa: version 18.1.2 mkfontdir: version 1.0.7 (rev 2) mkfontscale: version 1.1.3 (rev 2) mozilla-firefox: version 61.0.2 (CVE-2018-12359, CVE-2018-12360, CVE-2018-12361, CVE-2018-12358, CVE-2018-12362, CVE-2018-5156, CVE-2018-12363, CVE-2018-12364, CVE-2018-12365, CVE-2018-12371, CVE-2018-12366, CVE-2018-12367, CVE-2018-12368, CVE-2018-12369, CVE-2018-12370, CVE-2018-5186, CVE-2018-5187, CVE-2018-5188) mpfr: version 4.0.1 (rev 2) mtdev: version 1.1.5 (rev 2) nano: version 2.9.8 ncompress: version (rev 2) ncurses: version 6.1_20180616 net-tools: version 20170208_479bb4a (rev 2) netatalk: version 3.1.11 (rev2) nettle: version 3.4 (rev 2) network-scripts: version 15.0 nghttp2: version 1.32.0 (CVE-2018-1000168) nginx: version 1.14.0 ntfs-3g: version 2017.3.23 (rev 2) ntp: version 4.2.8p12 (CVE-2016-1549, CVE-2018-12327) numactl: version 2.0.11 (rev2) openldap-client: version 2.4.46 openssh: version 7.7p1 openssl-solibs: version 1.1.0i openssl10-solibs: version 1.0.2o openssl: version 1.1.0i (CVE-2018-0732, CVE-2018-0737) p11-kit: version 0.23.12 pango: version 1.42.1 patch: version 2.7.6 (rev 3) (CVE-2018-1000156) pciutils: version 3.5.6 (rev 2) pcre: version 8.42 php: version 7.2.8 pixman: version 0.34.0 (rev 2) pkgtools: version 15.0 (rev 20) pm-utils: version 1.4.1 (rev 6) procps-ng: version 3.3.15 (CVE-2018-1124, CVE-2018-1126, CVE-2018-1125, CVE-2018-1123, CVE-2018-1122) qemu: version 3.0.0 reiserfsprogs: version 3.6.27 (rev2) rpcbind: version 0.2.4 (rev 4) rsync: version 3.1.3 (rev 2) rsyslog: version 8.36.0 samba: version 4.8.4 (CVE-2018-1139, CVE-2018-1140, CVE-2018-10858, CVE-2018-10918, CVE-2018-10919) sed: version 4.5 sessreg: version 1.1.1 (rev 2) setxkbmap: version 1.3.1 (rev 2) shadow: version 4.2.1 (rev 4) shared-mime-info: version 1.9 (rev 2) spice: version 0.14.0 (rev2) sqlite: version 3.24.0 ssmtp: version 2.64 (rev5) startup-notification: version 0.12 (rev 3) sudo: version 1.8.23 sysfsutils: version 2.1.0 (rev 2) sysvinit-scripts: version 2.1 (rev 12) sysvinit: version 2.90 talloc: version 2.1.13 tar: version 1.30 (rev 2) tcp_wrappers: version 7.6 (rev 2) tdb: version 1.3.15 (rev 2) telnet: version 0.17 (rev 4) tevent: version 0.9.36 (rev 2) traceroute: version 2.1.0 (rev 2) transset: version 1.0.2 (rev 2) tree: version 1.7.0 (rev 2) ttyd: version 1.4.0 (rev2) usbredir: version 0.7.1 (rev2) usbutils: version 010 utempter: version 1.1.6 (rev 3) util-linux: version 2.32 vala: version 0.28.1 (rev2) vbetool: version 1.2.2 (rev 2) vsftpd: version 3.0.3 (rev 5) vte3: version 0.44.3 (rev2) wget: version 1.19.5 (CVE-2018-0494) which: version 2.21 (rev 2) xauth: version 1.0.10 (rev 2) xcb-util: version 0.4.0 (rev 3) xclock: version 1.0.7 (rev 3) xdpyinfo: version 1.3.2 (rev 2) xdriinfo: version 1.0.6 (rev 2) xev: version 1.2.2 (rev 2) xf86-input-evdev: version 2.10.6 xf86-input-keyboard: version 1.9.0 (rev 3) xf86-input-mouse: version 1.9.3 xf86-input-synaptics: version 1.9.1 xf86-video-ast: version 1.1.5 (rev 5) xf86-video-mga: version 1.6.5 (rev 3) xf86-video-vesa: version 2.4.0 (rev 3) xfsprogs: version 4.16.1 xhost: version 1.0.7 (rev 2) xinit: version 1.4.0 (rev 2) xkbcomp: version 1.4.2 xkbevd: version 1.1.4 (rev 2) xkbutils: version 1.0.4 (rev 3) xkeyboard-config: version 2.22 (rev 2) xkill: version 1.0.5 (rev 2) xload: version 1.1.3 (rev 2) xlsatoms: version 1.1.2 (rev 2) xlsclients: version 1.1.4 (rev 2) xmessage: version 1.0.5 (rev 2) xmodmap: version 1.0.9 (rev 2) xorg-server: version 1.20.0 (rev 2) xprop: version 1.2.3 (rev 2) xrandr: version 1.5.0 (rev 2) xrdb: version 1.1.1 (rev 2) xrefresh: version 1.0.6 (rev 2) xset: version 1.2.4 (rev 2) xsetroot: version 1.1.2 (rev 2) xsm: version 1.0.4 (rev 2) xterm: version 333 xtrans: version 1.3.5 (rev 2) xwd: version 1.0.7 (rev 2) xwininfo: version 1.1.4 (rev 2) xwud: version 1.0.5 (rev 2) xz: version 5.2.4 zlib: version 1.2.11 (rev 2) Linux kernel: version 4.17.19 intel ixgbe: version 5.3.7 intel ixgbevf: version 4.3.5 highpoint r750: version 1.2.11 highpoint rr3740a: version 1.17.0 added per customer request: CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SKD: STEC S1120 Block Driver CONFIG_BNXT: Broadcom NetXtreme-C/E support CONFIG_CHR_DEV_ST: SCSI tape support changed from built-in to module: CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR: SCSI CDROM support removed CONFIG_SENSORS_IT87: ITE IT87xx and compatibles it87: version 20180709 groeck Linux Driver for ITE LPC chips (https://github.com/groeck/it87) set CRYPTO_DEV_SP_PSP=N otherwise udev deadlocks on threadripper Management: Docker: add optional per-container wait before starting Enable IPv6 for NTP rc.cpufreq: For CPUs using intel_pstate, always use the performance governor. This also provides power savings on Intel processors while avoiding the ramp-up lag present when using the powersave governor (which is the default if ondemand is requested on these machines). restore docker custom networks upon docker start update smartmontools drivedb and hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt} webgui: docker: Correct docker container icon name generation webgui: docker: added cpu load and memory load display webgui: docker: added shell/bash selection for console webgui: docker: Make cpu-load and mem-load only visible in advanced mode webgui: Show accumulated encryption status webgui: Prevent openbox from clipping webgui: Plugins: Show support thread if present webgui: Remove control codes, and extended ascii characters from plugin urls on install webgui: Update link for privileged help text webgui: fix regex matching for unraid.net domain name validation when using new openssl1.1 webgui: docker: Prevent arbitrary bash execution or redirection on docker create/run commands webgui: Plugins: Preserve support link when updating plugin webgui: diagnostics: Replace consecutive repeated lines in syslog webgui: Remove empty entries when storing individual disk settings webgui: docker: fix connect container console to new window webgui: Use timeout in command execution of diagnostics webgui: Fixed 'Update All Containers' button sometimes hidden in docker list webgui: Added version control in docker API calls webgui: Show docker allocations in column format webgui: fix css help button in themes azure and gray webgui: Added docker autostart wait period webgui: Added CPU selection to docker container edit section webgui: Verify internet access using NCSI method NCSI = network connection status indicator. This method tries to access a specific Microsoft site to test internet access. The same method is used in Windows. webgui: Added docker autostart wait period webgui: New CPU pinning functionality webgui: Change wording on dashboard page "memory total usable" webgui: Include meminfo in diagnostics webgui: Docker containers page: show container starting up message Starting docker service and auto-starting containers has been decoupled. This lets the docker page return as soon as the service is ready. The container overview page shows a new message, and will automatically reload to update the status until all containers are auto-started webgui: VMs: preserve XML custom settings in VM config updates webgui: dockerMan: Avoid filename collisions on FAT32 webgui: Extract disk log from multiple rotated logs webgui: theme-match marketing site
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    It really is time for @limetech to incorporate the UD functionality. I do not have the time nor the interest in updating UD for the new GUI.
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    You guys ain't seen nothing yet... Wait till you see what is coming...
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    Waiting for that promised proper Login page so that a Password Manager can be used...
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    Please open a new report for each issue/bug you find unique to this version. Bug fixes, improvements, and moving to linux 4.18 kernel. Release notes: Version 6.6.0-rc2 2018-09-06 Management: rc.nginx: added locations for robots.txt and js/css versioning this plugin: if legacy dynamix.plg file exists, delete it Linux kernel: version 4.18.6 removed OOT Intel ixgbe and ixgbevf, restored in-tree drivers: CONFIG_IXGBE: Intel(R) 10GbE PCI Express adapters support CONFIG_IXGBEVF: Intel(R) 10GbE PCI Express Virtual Function Ethernet support removed OOT groeck Linux Driver for ITE LPC chips, restored in-tree driver: CONFIG_SENSORS_IT87: ITE IT87xx and compatibles Management: webgui: vm manager: update unraid template logo webgui: Update virtio iso download links webgui: VM Manager: add 'virtio-win-0.1.160-1' to VirtIO-ISOs list webgui: IE: loads.txt is not being generated correctly on 6.6-rc1 webgui: Wrap all CSS/JS calls in autov() webgui: Set robots "noindex, nofollow" metatag on all pages, in case a user opens their system up to the internet. webgui: Added CPU isolation Both CPU pinning and CPU isolation is possible thru the GUI webgui: Make buttons a bit more narrow webgui: Fixed VM disk driver overwriting to default webgui: Fixed primary graphics card selection Note: this solution isn't complete. Removing a 2nd card doesn't work webgui: Fixed: VM settings Apply button not working in basic mode webgui: Fixed: no wrapping of help text in Docker settings webgui: Improved position of notifications webgui: Fixed: table height in fixed mode webgui: Fixed: VM creation error (parser error on attribute 'function') webgui: More specific removal of driver type to prevent 'qcow2' revert to 'raw' webgui: Robots protection webgui: Added SWAL message for CPU isolation webgui: Fixed: XML -- array conversion for "disk" elements webgui: CPU pinning: make notice to reboot permanent and inline with other pages webgui: VM settings: updated ACS Override and new Unsafe Interrupts option webgui: VM settings: align title capitalization webgui: VM settings: added help text webgui: CPU pinning: separate tabs for VM and Docker webgui: CPU pinning: individual notice message for VM and Docker webgui: Fixed: regression error in docker "check for updates" webgui: Docker containers: list adjustment to fit better smaller screens webgui: Docker containers: imrpoved table spacing webgui: CPU pinning: updated page structure webgui: VM edit: rebuild correctly graphic cards webgui: Prohibit CPU isolation in safe mode webgui: CPU pinning: updated help text for containers and isolated cores webgui: Docker: Suppress error if no volumes present in template
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    hoping for (multiple cache pools)
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    There have been loads of commits into the webgui GitHub repo. New functionality I saw there is CPU Pinning for Docker containers.
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    all gone very quiet after the move. I hope everything is ok @limetech ?
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    Yes I've been meaning to add spare file support. This would be handy when backing up vdisk images.
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    Check 6 boxes instead of 3 [emoji848] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys Sorry for the lack of updates in a (long) while ? Real life has been taking up a lot of time and my own install of rclone has been sufficient for my needs. However both the stable branch as well as the beta branch should now be able to survive a reboot even if no internet connection is available. Please test it out and see if it's working as intended. I also fixed the missing icon on the settings page. Cheers
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    Just added note to the first post on how to resolve this.
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    Since the rebuild is going to take a while and I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks later today, this is what I would like you to try if when running xfs_repair -v on disk6 you get an error like this: The filesystem has valuable metadata changes in a log which needs to be replayed. Mount the filesystem to replay the log, and unmount it before re-running xfs_repair. If you are unable to mount the filesystem, then use the -L option to destroy the log and attempt a repair. Start the array in maintenance mode, then on the console type: mkdir /x mount -vt xfs -o noatime,nodiratime /dev/md6 /x If it mounts see below, if it doesn't try: mount -vt xfs /dev/md6 /x If it mounts with 1st or 2nd option now unmount: umount /x And run xfs_repair again: xfs_repair -v /dev/md6 If it doesn't mount with either option use -L xfs_repair -vL /dev/md6
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    Probably in a week. QEMU 3.0 was just released so we'll get that in to the public unRAID 6.6-rc release too.
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    Please open a new report for each issue/bug you find unique to this version. Version 6.6.0-rc4 2018-09-16 Linux kernel: version 4.18.8 Management: webgui: System devices: fixed display of ACS override warning message webgui: Correction in custom parity schedule webgui: VM edit corrections create image when new vdisk is added keep sound card selection included fix add/remove of network interfaces webgui: CPU pinning: preserve "emulatorpin" entry
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    I have a Bluetooth dongle that I want to use in a docker container. Docker requires that the Host OS install drivers for the device before it can be passed to the container. Searching the forums it appears I am not alone in that need, particularly for the users of Home Assistant. See this post for more info:
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    Please open a new report for each issue/bug you find unique to this version. Bug fixes and improvements. Release notes: Version 6.6.0-rc3 2018-09-13 Base distro: curl: version 7.61.1 (CVE-2018-14618) kernel-firmware: version 20180904_85c5d90 libX11: version 1.6.6 (CVE-2018-14598, CVE-2018-14599, CVE-2018-14600) mozilla-firefox: version 62.0 (CVE-2018-12377, CVE-2018-12378, CVE-2018-12379, CVE-2018-16541, CVE-2018-12381, CVE-2018-12382, CVE-2018-12383, CVE-2018-12375, CVE-2018-12376) samba: version 4.8.5 talloc: version 2.1.14 tdb: version 1.3.16 tevent: version 0.9.37 ttyd: version 1.4.0 (rev 3) remove auth_token.js reference Linux kernel: version 4.18.7 md/unraid: version 2.9.4 fix Warning with stack trace when array autostart set to No Management: Install Trial key directly and skip email collection step update license.txt and syslinux menus to reflect unRAID OS -> Unraid OS update smartmontools drivedb and hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt} webgui: Added "ignore" text to BTRFS profiles warning webgui: CPU Isolation: Prevent PHP error if no CPUs isolated webgui: Updated parity help text and simplified cron entries webgui: include syslinux folder in flash backup webgui: SMART controller update changed Areca to SAS format added HP cciss fixed global controller selection webgui: Disable PCIe ACS override and VFIO allow unsafe interrupt settings in SAFE mode webgui: CPU pinning: hanlde dots in VM names webgui: VM edit: fixed deletion of vdisks webgui: VM settings: css corrections webgui: Other miscellaneous fixes and updates webgui: Docker: fixed templates not saving webgui: Dashboard: fixed incorrect username references
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    No, I don't think it would be down to the core count. Because I have good performance with 6.5.3 with 32 cores. If it were the core count then I guess that I would see the performance issues with the 6.5.3 as well? I still have my 1950x so will swap out the 2990wx tomorrow and see if the problem continues with the gen 1 threadripper
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    I don't overclock my RAM, my memory controller, my cores or anything else. On my 1000-series Ryzen systems I run my RAM at DDR-2666 (i.e. 1333 MHz clock) and on my 2000-series Ryzen systems I run my RAM at DDR-2933 (i.e. 1467 MHz clock) as specified by AMD. There's little to be gained and much to be lost by overclocking the 2700X since XFR2 takes it to the limit of the thermal solution anyway.
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    Doesn't matter to me, but I would think that the Docker Page is simply a rough tool to determine the CPU usage of the container (in which case it is divided by number of cores). If you want actual details, then you should be hitting NetData or even cAdvisor
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    Enable get more results from dockerHub in CA's settings
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    Configs are kept even when uninstalling so you don't have to worry about removing and reinstalling the plugin
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    You might have a drive with the 3.3v reset issue. These drives will work fine if connected via USB or with a molex—>SATA adapter but connected directly to SATA they don’t power up due to reset loop. The solution is to put kapton tape over SATA power pin 3 on the drive. You can overlap 1 and 2, if you can't cut a piece small enough for just #3. Search for SATA 3.3v reset and you will get lots of info. It varies by drive. Some work, some don’t without the tape. UPDATE: I added a shucked 8TB Easystore to my array last week (all my 8TB drives are shucked from Easystore enclosures). It was a white label EMAZ drive and I assumed it would have the issue and was prepared to do the tape thing. Fortunately, the backplane on my hot-swap cage negated the 3.3v reset since it is powered by molex connectors, a fact I had forgotten. Many SATA drives manufactured from late 2017 on will have the 3.3v reset issue, especially WD white label 8TB EMAZ drives shucked from BB Easystore enclosures. 3.3v reset is a new standard, but, a lot of older power supplies don't support it, thus, the tape or other solutions like molex--> SATA adapters, snipping a wire on the SATA connector, etc. I prefer the tape as it is reversible and easy to do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I bought a Quadro K4000 and it is working! When... Bios: OVMF Hyper-v: No
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    This is a user mis-configuration issue highlighted by the latest commit, so you have STRICT_PORT_FORWARD set to 'yes', what this does is it enables code to try and get an incoming port from PIA, it will attempt to do this, if it cant get a port forward then it will retry (pia can be a bit unreliable at times and thus the need for retries). The problem you have is that PIA endpoint Netherlands no longer supports port forwarding, and as the ovpn file you are using is pointing at the Netherlands it will fail to get a port forward and thus you are stuck in the retry loop. So how do you fix this?, two options:- 1. switch endpoint to one that does enable port forwarding (recommended solution) - if you want to do this then go here to see the current list of port forward enabled endpoints, then download the ovpn zip pack from here unzip it and place the corresponding port forward enabled endpoint ovpn file in /config/openvpn/ and restart the container. or (do not do both options) 2. set STRICT_PORT_FORWARD to 'no' (NOT recommended) - whilst this is an easier option to the above as you dont need to switch endpoint, it will result in you not getting an incoming port and thus your torrent downloads will be very slow, but the option is there if you want it. @repentharlequin @glennv i would assume you have the same issue and thus the above is the solution for you too.