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  1. I just bought/built this insane rig. Dual 8 Core CPU, 30+ Devices, 200TB usable (still have one 14TB drive pre-clearing so those pics show 184TB). Meet "MassEffect". 45 Drives Storinator Q30 Turbo. Huge improvement over my old Norco 24 bay rig (now backup server). Rock solid temps peaking at 32C during parity/rebuilds. From the largest server poll thread, this may be 🤷‍♂️ the largest single UNRAID build yet (at least that I have seen documented) and completely pushes UNRAID to it's current limit on number of drives. I can take this thing all the way to 448TB with 28X16TB drives with dual parity if I want to get really crazy. Loving it!
  2. OK, cool. Interesting design with the extra 12 drives in the back. It looks almost identical to my Norco 4224 case. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Also, 45 Drives offers multi-year RMA on RAM so that was huge selling point. Their support is top notch overall too. I opted out of the extended support contract because I work in the IT industry and have built countless gaming rigs and custom servers. Overall, I had no time, wanted the most painless and efficient build possible, and a rock solid company behind our new Production UNRAID server. You pay for that kind of quality and peace of mind and I am OK with the price. That is a SICK deal. What were the specs? Got any pics? I would love to see a chassis beyond 30. Thanks! Living in the USA, and with this shipping from Canada, I only had one minor hiccup at USA customs requiring a form to be filled out. It took about 8 hours to clear customs once that form was processed. I had to contact FedEx corporate to get that sorted out. Otherwise 45 Drives shipped this thing ridiculously quick and were super helpful overall. They also packed this thing very securely with custom foam and a sturdy box. The rails (super beefy) came in a separate box. Finally, the rails were super simple to install on the chassis and onto my StarTech 26U rack-mount, unlike the Norco rails😒. I was able to get it mounted all by myself. It was a bit tricky lining up both rails blind on one side, but I got it done LOL. Here is the ONE thing I have learned from this experience and purchase. LOWER DRIVE TEMPS ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! It literally makes me sick to think of how hot I had been running my drives for the last 5 years (average around 45C and peaking at 52C). The catalyst for this purchase is that I came home to 3 drives hitting 62C in a data rebuild situation. I'm pretty sure I lost the 6TB drive I was rebuilding because of previous long term sustained high temps, and then I was on super thin ice attempting a rebuild with those temps (14TB drives run a bit hotter and I added 3). All of a sudden, My Norco case started losing cooling efficiency. No changes to the fan controllers, no fans failed, but we have had a very hot summer where I live. Once that 6TB drive failed, I jumped to extending Dual Parity to 14TB, and then swapped that failed drive to 14TB. Once the temps reached 62C and averaged 55C during that rebuild, I said NOPE. I stopped the rebuild, and ordered my Q30. Once it arrived, I rebuilt the same drive and had a peak of 32C. I have since done 5 parity checks and it is still ROCK SOLID on temps. This speaks immensely to the design and thought that 45 Drives puts into their products! Could I have upgraded my Norco case with better fans/cooling? Sure, but it would have never been this good due to the drive setup and orientation in that case. Replacing drives isn't cheap! When it comes to our data, even though I have redundant physical and online backups, the tranquility I have sleeping at night with this rig speaks for itself in my opinion.
  4. I get it... My first Norco case (24 Bays) was around $2500 without drives 5 years back. It lasted me a long time until I outgrew it and heat became and issue as platter sizes increased. I look at it as a long term investment. We also run a media production company, so it is a business expense. That's the great thing about UNRAID. It is insanely customization, scalable, and can literally run on anything from potato to a Lamborghini. 😂
  5. This Turbo model (Dual CPU and 64GB of RAM) retails for just under $6K with free shipping, and you get what you pay for. You can get into a Q30 starting in the high $3K range. You can use their Q30 configuration page below and price one out. Ask for Dylan! He was great to work with. https://www.45drives.com/products/storinator-q30-configurations.php
  6. Nope! I used to when I segregated certain media on certain drives for certain dockers. But not since 2014. I do however user the Spin Down Delay.
  7. X4 16GB Modules: 64 GB DDR4 Multi-bit ECC (4 of 8 Slots Used)
  8. Alright here you go! This currently shows 186TB usable as I have my last 14TB disk pre-clearing in another UNRAID server but you get the idea. Once I install that into SLOT 28, I will be at the 200TB described. That leaves me with another 28TBs to expand with the last 2 empty slots at 14TB each for a total of 228TB usable, unless I step up to 16TB. However, I'll probably wait until the industry hits 20TB per disk to increase because I'm on dual parity so I'd have to purchase X3 drives to expand the size of any disk past parity. In the build below I added the 10GIG NIC and 2 PCI SSD trays for my Cache pool. Other than that, I added the drives to the array and the rest came from the factory (45 Drives). By the way, the friction mounts in this thing are friggen awesome. No. More. Screws/Trays! To fire this thing up I literally just swapped my drives and FLASH USB from my old server and plugged them into this one. And Bam. UNRAID started up without a single issue whatsoever. It just said, sweet, more of everything, and went about its business. I was a little worried about how it would handle the Dual 8-Core CPUs (16 Cores Total/32 with Hyper-threading), but it had no issues and that SWEET CPU dashboard is awesome to look at in action. This build maxes out UNRAID's current limit of 30 drives (2 Parity & 28 Data) with a Cache Pool. This is why I decided to get the Storinator Q30 instead of the Q45, or even Q60. Also, the Q45 and Q60 have longer chassis, so the Q30 matched the standard length in a 4U rack-mount. Also, holy cow this thing runs Sooooooo cool. Before, my drives temps would peak at 50C+ (danger zone) during parity/rebuilds in that old Norco 24 bay case. Now they don't break 32C during a parity check. The fan setup in this thing is crazy efficient and the motherboard steps up speeds as temps rise automatically (no fan plugin required). Finally, it is very quite, and lives up to the "Q" in its name. The Q30 is the ultimate sweet spot in my opinion, and pushes UNRAID to its current limits. Note: Serial numbers have been redacted from the pics. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!
  9. @SpencerJ I just setup my Storinator Q30 Turbo with 30 drive bays, and thanks to 14TB drives (the current sweet spot on price per GB) I am now up to 200TB usable, even with Dual 14TB parity drives. 45 Drives makes excellent products and I am very happy with my new Unraid server. My old Norco 24 bay server is going to be used for backups now. I've been an avid UNRAID customer since 2014.
  10. This! +1,000,000 I range from 6TB to 14TB drives in a 30 Bay 45 Drives Storinator Q30 Turbo with 200+ TB in total. The Unbalance plug-in has helped tremendously, but it is a manual and long process. Please add this.