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  1. Thanks for this analysis guys. SO is this fixable with an UNRAID update? Especially us with these processors?
  2. Nice! Looks like July 2020 was a big month. 😂
  3. So version 1.3 has been peer-reviewed by @GilbN (thanks!). Needless to say, there is A LOT of code to merge before I can release it. I'll start working on this later tonight. Plan is to have this released by the end of weekend for you guys to enjoy.
  4. So this is totally possible. The only problem is that I don't run a GPU on my UNRAID build. I have a dedicated gaming rig for that stuff. So we'll have to have you or someone else be a guinea pig and help us out. The plugin does exist though, so it is just a matter of coding it. Perhaps we could even add a variable (boolean true/false) if you have a GPU, then have the dashboard react to it. @GilbN you run any Nvidai GPUs? I bet you already have like 3 RTX-3080 pre-orders being shipped you lucky... 🤣 Plugin Info: https://github.com/influxdata/telegraf/tree/release-1.15/plugins/inputs/nvidia_smi
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to say a huge thanks for putting @GilbN and I in the top 3 yesterday on the entire forum. Never thought that would happen. We really appreciate it! (wipes away small tears...) 😅
  6. Also re-balanced the Disk Overview UI. This will also be in Version 1.3. Changes: Put the 2 Largest Tables Side by Side Dropped the Cache/Flash Storage Panels to the Bottom (Under Array Storage) Put the Count (Number of Disks) Stat on the Right Side of Drive S.M.A.R.T. Health Summery Panel This Centers the Green Stat Cells with/on the Table Above (Much Easier on the Eyes and More Cohesive) Before: After:
  7. Messing with some new disk stats on my personal build within the "Overwatch" section. Added: Array Storage Utilized % Cache Storage Utilized Amount Cache Storage Utilized % Changed: Made Up-time Clock Transparent Placed the Disk Utilization Panels At the Very Top (The first thing data hoarders want to know is how much space they have...) Alt Option: Place Them Above Array Growth Charts? Moved the RAM Meters Down and Now Side By Side Let me know if you guys like these new panels/layout and your thoughts on the colors (you can change them to whatever you want on your side). I'll probably add these three new panels to version 1.3 before it gets released. Before: After: After Alt Option (I may actually like this one the best LOL):
  8. Man I love being able to see what drives my data dumps are going to! Super convenient to make sure your split levels, and allocation method are working. Disk 27 and 28 are my newest 14TB drives with the most free space.
  9. Alright guys. I just finished development on falconexe's Version 1.3, and it is being peer reviewed by @GilbN. I'll release it as soon as it is through this stage. This release is related to bug fixes, code cleanup, adding more dynamic ability for a vast range of users and configurations, and continued fine tuning. In version 1.4 we can focus on net new panels, graphs, gauges, and use cases. If you have any code to share, thoughts or suggestions, or requests, let them rip! Can't promise we can do everything, but between GilbN and I, I'm sure we'll figure most of it out. Thanks again for all of the positive feedback, constructive criticism, DMs and your support. I never thought this thing would blow up like it did, but clearly our fellow UNRAID users love this stuff as much as we do! 😁
  10. 👍 @RockDawg Thanks for the feedback man. Makes all of this hard, but fun work, meaningful!
  11. With mixed drives sizes, using metric bytes is nice because Grafana can auto adjust the unit. However, I segregated these panels by base unit so TBs show in whole numbers, and GBs show in whole numbers. This is very important when setting thresholds (colors) because 1TB is not 1GB, but rather 1000. You can’t apply thresholds on mixed units because they won’t scale. Hence the groupings I did...
  12. 1. Or you can set the unit to Data Metric Gigabytes and adjust the math. I did that on the flash (boot) panel. You can use that as an example.
  13. No I just copied the JSON from the JSON overview. So if I export for sharing externally, it will default the variables? If so, good to know...