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  1. I've had no issues with Duplicacy. I did test some extensive restores and all worked out and checksummed correctly. However, for such a small amount of data, I would just RClone the differentials. That way you have direct file access (even though they are encrypted). Another thought is that I REALLY love TRESORIT. It's pricey but it is THE ABSOLUTE BEST box type sync with high quality encryption out there. It blows DropBox out of the Water. If you are under 2TB, I'd go TRESORIT and use a Windows Machine with a program called SyncFoldersPro. This is how I backup my NFO files and met
  2. Yes, of course. Just download the UUD 1.6 JSON file from post #1, and then import it to Grafana manually. The new dashboard will appear and you can modify as needed. This has been detailed in this forum topic a few times. Please keep in mind that you will have many new dependencies and plugins that will be required when migrating from 1.3 to 1.6. Good luck!
  3. And what the heck, I will be the 1,000th reply to my own thread ha ha. Thanks for everyone's interest and support for the UUD!
  4. That's sweet man. Thanks for all of your work in this area. When I come back, I'll add this to UUD 1.7 and consolidate the Running/Non-Running panels!
  5. @FreeMan sorry man. Not sure what caused that. I know that Docker updates can really screw with stuff. Maybe the Grafana images plugin got updated and reset parameters? Good luck man.
  6. Thanks man. I appreciate it. It wasn’t you. I’ve been mulling it over for a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be back. Just going on hiatus. Nvidia GPU monitoring was going to be in UUD 1.7, and since I still want that personally, I’m sure we’ll see it eventually added. The passion and excitement to further develop this will return...
  7. That being said, please USE this forum topic for continued community support/ideas/mods. You guys are the UUD now. 😀
  8. DEVELOPER UPDATE: 😂 But for real guys, I'm going to be stepping away from the UUD for the foreseeable future. I have a lot going on in my personal life (divorce among other stuff) and I just need a break. This thing is getting too large to support by myself. And it is getting BIG. Maybe too big for one dash. I have plenty of ideas for 1.7, but not even sure if you guys will want/use them. Not to mention the updates that would be required to support InfluxDB 2.X. At this point, it is big enough to have most of what people need, but adaptable enough for people to create custom panels
  9. Yes, eventually it seems the UUD will need to be ported over to InfluxDB 2.0 since that is the direction things are heading. I haven’t even begun to look into this, so any insight, pros/cons would be very much appreciated. Everything I need personally works on the current Influx version, so I don’t have a need to upgrade. Anyone out there NEED InfluxDB 2.0 for any technical/particular reason?
  10. Thanks for your input. This is just another way of doing what I already instructed in the post immediately following the announcement post. Everyone will need to change their base URL on every panel that uses the image plugin. I left my IP in there as a reference.
  11. Thanks @Hoopster. I have heard this is resolved in 6.9.1 as well, and 6.9.2 was also just released.
  12. That is a new one ha ha. If the data inspector shows clean data, that is very odd. It actually looks like some of our SNs are truncated. Can you share your query? Maybe this one is worth a private virtual meeting or Discord session. I'll have to work around my busy scheduled... @GilbN You ever see this before?