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  1. Same for me. I just posted to let everyone know that I didn't run into any issues, and that everyone should take this seriously and do it. Glad everyone is figuring it out.
  2. It is LEGIT. I got the email, and everyone I know did. Just changed everything without any issues. Make sure you guys click the sign out of all devices checkbox as well. Had everyone who wasn't using MFA implement it. I suggest everyone do the same. I'm not worried, and I am glad they were up front with what happened. Other than that get LIFELOCK and HOME TITLE LOCK to round out your identity protection package. It has saved my butt a couple of times!
  3. You could try the Ultimate UNRAID Dashboard.
  4. Congrats everyone. I’ll be diving in on my 2 servers later tonight!
  5. You can do this by setting the below Extra Parameter on each Docker. Upon array startup, the Docker will now also startup. “--restart=always”
  6. Fair enough...I wonder if they will sell it without a Power Supply so I can stick a 1000W Corsair in there. I'm pretty sure it will fit. I just want their metal ha ha. I'm gonna get mine custom painted Midnight Blue if I pull the trigger.
  7. Thanks. I appreciate the info. I have a Storinator Q30 Turbo as my primary server, and want to move an old NORCO 4224 (my backup server) to their much nicer chassis for heat flow, but use the same guts. I was also looking to drop a RTX 3080 into one, once I upgrade my main gaming rig to the RTX 4000 series later this year (or next). Let me know if you figure out how to drop in a full size Nvidia video card. I'd love to see pics and the complete component breakdown.
  8. 45 Drives - Q30 Storinator (30 Bay) Norco 4224 (24 Bay)
  9. Thanks for pointing out my thread. This is THE ONLY thing that I am disappointed in with UNRAID since 2014. This still plagues me today, unless I use the crazy work around that I discussed in that thread. Without it, I never break 400MB/s, which is particularly sad when you have all the necessary hardware in place to hit 10Gb/s.
  10. The Ultimate UNRAID Dashboard that I developed has all of this S.M.A.R.T disk info, but uses Telegraf. It’s nice to have both options. The UUD displays this in a “pretty” format. Let me know if you need a link to it. ich777 can also point you to it as he is aware of my work. Edit: Here is the link:
  11. Great work man! Thanks for DMing me about your projects. I know what I’m adding to the Ultimate UNRAID Dashboard (UUD) Version 1.7! 😂 @SpencerJ You see this yet? This might just be juicy enough to pull me out of retirement/hiatus and get the UUD 1.7 out. I’ll look into this in August. I’m getting married this month!
  12. I've had no issues with Duplicacy. I did test some extensive restores and all worked out and checksummed correctly. However, for such a small amount of data, I would just RClone the differentials. That way you have direct file access (even though they are encrypted). Another thought is that I REALLY love TRESORIT. It's pricey but it is THE ABSOLUTE BEST box type sync with high quality encryption out there. It blows DropBox out of the Water. If you are under 2TB, I'd go TRESORIT and use a Windows Machine with a program called SyncFoldersPro. This is how I backup my NFO files and metadata for Kodi, etc.. I use SyncFoldersPro to simultaneously backup (with advanced filters) to my onsite backup server and Tresorit online backup. Works like a charm!
  13. Hey guys. I just found out about Chia. Is there any info you can provide about how to setup the docker/tips tricks/ and anything else I should know. I have a spare 100TB on my main server. What are your thoughts on Chia so far? I was pretty heavy into bitcoin mining a while back. I know that Chia transactions are supposed to be enabled right now. Thanks guys.
  14. And a dang good one! Once root is exposed it is game over. I would highly recommend you keep your shares Private and Read Only until you need to write to them. That way if there is a ransomware attack on a client connecting to those shares, they can't encrypt your entire UNRAID server. It's a pain, but well worth the minimal effort to enforce this additional security measure.