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  1. Yes, eventually it seems the UUD will need to be ported over to InfluxDB 2.0 since that is the direction things are heading. I haven’t even begun to look into this, so any insight, pros/cons would be very much appreciated. Everything I need personally works on the current Influx version, so I don’t have a need to upgrade. Anyone out there NEED InfluxDB 2.0 for any technical/particular reason?
  2. Thanks for your input. This is just another way of doing what I already instructed in the post immediately following the announcement post. Everyone will need to change their base URL on every panel that uses the image plugin. I left my IP in there as a reference.
  3. Thanks @Hoopster. I have heard this is resolved in 6.9.1 as well, and 6.9.2 was also just released.
  4. That is a new one ha ha. If the data inspector shows clean data, that is very odd. It actually looks like some of our SNs are truncated. Can you share your query? Maybe this one is worth a private virtual meeting or Discord session. I'll have to work around my busy scheduled... @GilbN You ever see this before?
  5. @skaterpunk0187 Thanks for the info. I have yet to dive into Unraid.Net. Can you explain exactly how the API is used with this plugin? Anything I can leverage or add from this news into UUD 1.7? Any links or official documentation? Thanks!
  6. @nuhll This is due to a bug in UNRAID 6.9X and NOT the UUD. This has been well documented in this topic and the official 6.9 update topic. I have not heard if this is fixed yet, but please do some research before you suggest the UUD is causing the issue. It is true that that plugins do check drive status, but the bug in the OS itself is why they do not SPINDOWN after. Unless I am mistaken, and/or we are talking about 2 different things, let me know. Furthermore, if you don't want the drive stuff, just simply remove the panels in question. Sorry it didn't work out for yo
  7. @corgan Yeah that’s friggen sweet. I’ll implement this in UUD 1.7, but likely as variable constants so they don’t show up at the top of the dash to prevent crowding. These would be set once and forget it. I appreciate you working with both the API dev and the Grafana plugin dev. You are the driving force in this particular area. Let me know once these updates are LIVE in their respective areas and out of development so I can update the instructions. Any news on the SSL images being broken/proxy on the API side? I also remember you requested a default (missin
  8. And a dang good one! Once root is exposed it is game over. I would highly recommend you keep your shares Private and Read Only until you need to write to them. That way if there is a ransomware attack on a client connecting to those shares, they can't encrypt your entire UNRAID server. It's a pain, but well worth the minimal effort to enforce this additional security measure.
  9. Change the library section in the FROM statement. Change what you are enumerating about that section in the SELECT statement (Total, Seasons, Episodes, etc.)
  10. I also changed the music growth section to ALBUMS and not TRACKS to keep the graphs more in line with each other across the media types. To me an album is closer to a movie/episode than a track. Even singles are counted as an album, so it works for me. But you could easily say: 1 movie = 1 episode = 1 track OR 1 movie = 1 season = 1 album OR 1 movie = 1 show = 1 artist It all comes down to personal preference, and ALL of these options are possible by modifying the queries.
  11. Nice. FYI you can give your SSD panels unique names to differentiate them by changing the title. So you can tell which SSD drive is which in your Cache Pool. You can also use episodes, seasons, or number of shows in these panels by adjusting the query tags. The update I posted actually changes the growth snapshot to episodes and not total number shows. Here is what that looks like. When in doubt ask, don't delete ha ha. If you are wanting something unique or specific to your setup, ANYTHING is possible. Anyone here would be happy
  12. So I am messing with my personal dash and further tweaked the Plex Library stats. I added section totals stats panels, rearranged the furniture, consolidated, and changed the unit to "Locale format" to get the thousands commas. I think it looks great and will be adding this to UUD 1.7. Before: After: And it goes without saying, you guys will do whatever you want with your Plex Library stats panels. I'm adding all this stuff as a foundation for your to build upon and to provide example code. If any of you have suggestions, I'd be happy to a
  13. Check your Telegraf docker log for errors. Something is off. Everyone should be able to get drives to populate if the correct Telegraf plugins are installed, enabled in the Telegraf config, and the correct datasource is present.