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  1. New Query: SELECT DISTINCT("ID_SERIAL") FROM (SELECT * FROM "diskio" WHERE $timeFilter)
  2. I just wanted to thank The Average Guy Network for discussing the UUD and their kind words on their latest live podcast (Home Gadget Geeks 476). You can watch that segment starting at 50:55 through 53:18 right below. Here is their website: https://theaverageguy.tv/ Looks like I might be joining the show right after I finish and release UUD 1.6, in the first week in February! If that happens, maybe we can get the UUD community to submit questions for the live stream and I can talk in more detail about anything you g
  3. You try that full server reboot yet? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Also, in this image your data source should NOT BE "unRAID", it should be the variable "$Datasource_Telegraf".
  5. Dude, I don't know. Set it on Fire? 🔥 LOL, but seriously, there seems to be something fundamentally off here with your setup. No other users have reported this issue, and I have everything setup exactly the same as you depict in 1.5 and it works. Maybe reboot the entire freakin server? Sorry man. I am working my day job so don't have anymore time to troubleshoot. You can try one last thing. Paste this new query code (coming in 1.6) in one of the drive variables, change the drive variable refresh to "On Time Range Change", and then go change your time range in the dash f
  6. 1.5 is driven by variables. Set your datasource variable in the dash. Then go back to the drive variables, and set the query to use the VARIABLE for Data source "$Datasource_Telegraf". You'll need to do this on all of the drive variables. You should see all your drives appear under the "Preview of values" section at the bottom. Try that and let me know.
  7. If that was the issue, make sure you restart the 3 main dockers (InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Grafana). Then go back into the drive variables, and hopefully your disks are now showing up in the bottom preview area. I thought I read 1.3, but if you are going from 1.2 to 1.5, that is a DRASTIC departure from what the UUD was back in September ha ha.
  8. Make sure you have the Disk IO plugin working.
  9. Hey man. Long time.... Hmm very odd. First thing I would do is check to make sure your variables have the correct data source assigned. When you look at the content of any of the drive variables, you should see your drives listed in the bottom once the query runs. If they show up in the variable itself, they should show up in the drop downs. The refresh setting should also be on Dashboard Load in Version 1.5. So you can try clearing your browser history/cookies, and reloading the dashboard. Let me know if that helps.
  10. @SpencerJ @limetech DEVELOPER UPDATE: Another night. Another 8 hours into UUD Version 1.6. I'm over 20 hours into 1.6 and counting. And just passed 120 hours over the lifetime of the UUD project. This next release is going to be the BIGGEST ONE YET! It is jam packed with new features, panels, goodies, a new unified theme, and various improvements/bug fixes. Good News: Initial Development is DONE! 😎 Bad News: Now I have to document all of this crap LOL! 🥴 Target Release Window: 2020-01-30 🚀
  11. @ptchernegovski Hey I forgot to say thanks for recommending this website for donations. I had it setup in 10 minutes. Link is in my signature and also on the very first post in the upper right corner. Since I adopted something you contributed, I have made you an official UUD contributor on page one. I'm grateful a few people have contributed to the continued development of the UUD!
  12. @eidolonjs Hey, I ran into the same deal with the Yen. It appears to be a limitation of the Grafana software. Hopefully they will update it some day to provide some more customizations regarding configurable units. Currently, they use the SI model and scale one thousand to "K", and there is no way to change it, without doing that prefix "fix" you did (which does not retain the formatting of the panel unfortunately). If they ever add a feature to stop rounding to "K", I'll implement the suppression of that rounding into the dashboard in a subsequent UUD release!
  13. Welp, I just spent the last 10 hours straight working on the UUD version 1.6. After putting this much time in tonight, I'm a few weeks ahead of schedule. Once I start rolling down hill on a project, I just can't stop LOL. I have a few more days of testing and stability monitoring once I've collected more data, but so far things are looking promising. The reveal will surprise a few people, I'm sure, as the look and feel has further evolved, and I can't wait to show you guys the exciting new features. Night everyone. I'm heading to bed!
  14. @SpencerJ @limetech UUD Version 1.6 Sneak Peek! I'm freaking excited! Are you...?