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  1. Same for me. I just posted to let everyone know that I didn't run into any issues, and that everyone should take this seriously and do it. Glad everyone is figuring it out.
  2. It is LEGIT. I got the email, and everyone I know did. Just changed everything without any issues. Make sure you guys click the sign out of all devices checkbox as well. Had everyone who wasn't using MFA implement it. I suggest everyone do the same. I'm not worried, and I am glad they were up front with what happened. Other than that get LIFELOCK and HOME TITLE LOCK to round out your identity protection package. It has saved my butt a couple of times!
  3. Glad you found the TRUE culprit. I was just coming on here to defend the UUD ha ha. Just so you guys know, you can set retention policies for INFLUXDB and this will ensure you don't eat up space. I have a 2TB cache drive, so I put it at 10 years, but others may just want a rolling 30 days, that is perfectly acceptable, and totally doable. @FreeMan If you don't like the Plex panels, feel free to remove them and the related datasources. You can run a UUD "Lite" if you want to. I just put everything that anyone would want in one dash for the sake of development. By all means, you do you. Cheers!
  4. @limetech @SpencerJ Hey everyone. We just hit a huge milestone with the UUD. The official forum topic has now surpassed 200K views, making it one of the most viewed topics of all time in the User Customizations section of the UNRAID forums. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this accomplishment! Also, Happy Father's Day everyone!
  5. @JudMeherg You got your wish. I appreciate your recent help and the fact that someone used your tips to fix their issues. Congrats!
  6. Hey @JudMeherg I just wanted to personally say THANKS FOR YOUR DONATION and supporting the UUD. It's been a while ha ha. My new Wife thought that it was amazing that someone would actually pay me for my work on a side project. Looking back on this project, I have put in over 1,000 hours since September, 2020. This was never about money, but I sure do friggen appreciate kudos, compliments, and all around kind gestures. This is the type of stuff that keeps me going and keeps the fire burning. When you guys are enjoying it as much as I do, it is super fulfilling. The UUD is really a community project with many contributors, and I would not have been able to produce this monster if it wasn't for people who paved the way and continue to assist. THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE who has ever downloaded, used, shared, or contributed to the UUD! Now, back to business... In the release notes post for UUD 1.6, I did mention adding the JSON API datasource (unless I'm completely losing my mind, but I'm almost positive it is out there). But thanks for pointing this out again. Regarding the Grafana Image Plugin, it was unsigned at the time I wrote that, but it appears the dev got it updated and it is now signed. SO, this will no longer be deprecated in UUD 1.7! Thanks for update. I'm almost finished with the UUD 1.7 update. I am trying to get one MAJOR addition in there. If I can't figure it out pretty soon, I'll push it to the UUD 1.8 update. I have made tons of changes, tweaks, added new panels and more fine tuning for 1.7. What do you guys think? Should I just release what I have for 1.7? Maybe it's time LOL. Let me know!
  7. You could try the Ultimate UNRAID Dashboard.
  8. Thanks for sharing this info. I don't use any of the "Arrs" but good to know. I'm sure they'll eventually push an update to main.
  9. @Agent531C You are LEGEND! That worked. I changed the docker tag back to the default after the historical data load, and all is working great. AND everything flowed into the UUD 1.7 (In Development) perfectly! I can't thank you enough for this tip. I even added some new panels to UUD 1.7 because of this historical data ability that I am excited to share!
  10. So I am performing the data load now. I noticed that it did wipe the existing Varken DB content and reimports everything. I went back 10 years (not that I have that much, but I wanted an obtuse number just to be sure ha ha), so I used "-D 3650". I'm sure this will take a while so I'll let it run. Once I've confirmed it is working, I plan on putting the docker back to the original tag. From what I can see, you only need the "develop" tag to get the script to run. Once the data is backloaded, it should work again on the latest tag. I'll report back in a few hours once this is done.
  11. Congratulations! @valiente & @Agent531C 🎉
  12. @Agent531C 😁 You are a freakin Wizard! I am excited to give this a shot. 🤛 So what happens to your existing data in Varken? Does it merge dupes, overwrite them, or replace the entire DB? Did you see any issues with your latest data having corruption or schema issues? Did you lose any data? I really don't mind if old data doesn't match up exactly, I'm just trying to save my lengthy history and be able to see it in the UUD rather than Tautulli itself. I do care however that present data is presented accurately and normally in the UUD just like it is currently. Finally, how does this play with Varken retention policies within InfluxDB? Any changes there? I set mine to retain the last 25 years, so I should be good backloading a few years with your method Thanks!!!
  13. If you are down to help me, we can work together on getting this into all in one docker that is actually maintained and and updated regularly. I have zero experience with Docker development, but it seems pretty straight forward to do this with preconfigured config files. I looked at the GUS structure and schema and it seems like all I need is the tool/knowledge of how to build and publish the Docker. I setup GitHub so I am ready whenever. I'll start googling... Thanks for putting this workaround together and linking back to this forum and recognizing the developer. I appreciate it.
  14. I should have clarified. The Dynamic Image Panel plugin is not signed by Grafana. I also believe the JSON API one is also in the same boat. But if you got it working in 8.4+, then I take another look. Perhaps I just need to configure those as a known exception in Grafana and install anyway. Thanks for the feedback. I'll likely keep these then.
  15. Never seen this before. Since the release of Grafana 8.4, the dependent plugins for this portion of the UUD no longer work, so I was planning on deprecating the UNRAID API panels in UUD 1.7. Let us know if you figure it out.
  16. I've been doing some more poking around when I have time. To follow-up on this topic, I further modified the retention policy to 25 YEARS, so that's a pretty good archive moving forward ha ha. Command: ALTER RETENTION POLICY "autogen" ON "varken" DURATION 1300w REPLICATION 1 DEFAULT 1300 Weeks = 218400 Hours / 24 Hours in a Day = 9,100 Days / 365.25 Days in a Year = ~ 25 Years Stop and Start the InfluxDB Docker to apply!
  17. Congrats everyone. I’ll be diving in on my 2 servers later tonight!
  18. You can do this by setting the below Extra Parameter on each Docker. Upon array startup, the Docker will now also startup. “--restart=always”
  19. Maybe you guys should compare notes on Chrome settings/security/version and see if there are any differences. I know my Chrome version 99 works after I get redirected to the UNRAID login screen and authenticate. Suddenly the icons magically appear. Let us know if you guys figure this out as it is outside of the UUD.
  20. Thanks for the offer @gvkhna! I'm really busy with work right now, but I WOULD like to look into this with you. If we can get a unified Docker with all dependencies already configured, that would take care of a lot of the manual install work. Then users could just focus on getting their dashboard configured to their servers. Ideally we would build the Docker in a way where users can still get to their config files on the backend if they want to further customize. If you look at the GUS docker and review the architecture, that should point you in the right direction. I think we can improve upon that project in various way. I look forward to getting with you in the future. I'll DM you when I'm ready to dive in.
  21. Fair enough...I wonder if they will sell it without a Power Supply so I can stick a 1000W Corsair in there. I'm pretty sure it will fit. I just want their metal ha ha. I'm gonna get mine custom painted Midnight Blue if I pull the trigger.
  22. Thanks. I appreciate the info. I have a Storinator Q30 Turbo as my primary server, and want to move an old NORCO 4224 (my backup server) to their much nicer chassis for heat flow, but use the same guts. I was also looking to drop a RTX 3080 into one, once I upgrade my main gaming rig to the RTX 4000 series later this year (or next). Let me know if you figure out how to drop in a full size Nvidia video card. I'd love to see pics and the complete component breakdown.
  23. Try setting your host variable manually to a constant and see if that changes anything. If you are only running 1 UNRAID server, then you can safely do this. Not sure what is going on, but the below work around should fix it.
  24. Check your "Host" variable in the dashboard by clicking the gear icon in the upper right. You should see the following and your host name at the bottom in the Preview area.