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  1. You need to change the sections in the UUD to your sections in your Plex. Nothing needs to change in Plex for anyone. I just provided samples of different options from my own personal library. So if movies are just in 1 folder, you can easily do that. It’s completely customizable. I do not believe you can do it by Plex Genre. You are limited to what Varken can see in Tautulli.
  2. Thanks for pointing out my thread. This is THE ONLY thing that I am disappointed in with UNRAID since 2014. This still plagues me today, unless I use the crazy work around that I discussed in that thread. Without it, I never break 400MB/s, which is particularly sad when you have all the necessary hardware in place to hit 10Gb/s.
  3. The Ultimate UNRAID Dashboard that I developed has all of this S.M.A.R.T disk info, but uses Telegraf. It’s nice to have both options. The UUD displays this in a “pretty” format. Let me know if you need a link to it. ich777 can also point you to it as he is aware of my work. Edit: Here is the link:
  4. Hey everyone. I just wanted to shout out @ich777 and his great work on some Prometheus plugins for Grafana. These will most likely be included in the UUD 1.7 someday… @SpencerJ
  5. This has been covered many times in the forum posts after the release of UUD 1.6. Please check that out and let us know if you are still stuck.
  6. Great work man! Thanks for DMing me about your projects. I know what I’m adding to the Ultimate UNRAID Dashboard (UUD) Version 1.7! 😂 @SpencerJ You see this yet? This might just be juicy enough to pull me out of retirement/hiatus and get the UUD 1.7 out. I’ll look into this in August. I’m getting married this month!
  7. Check Your timeframe in the upper right. Set it to the last hour and see if it changes. When is your mover running? Note: If you are using cache pools, then you’ll need to explicitly modify the query to account for all cache drives in the pool that makes up that instance of “Cache”. Also, to remove the second image on your post, you need to delete the second (or all) of the attachments in the post of that image. If not, it will stick the dupe on the end… Once they are all deleted, save your post. They should now be gone. Edit it again, upload the single photo, stick it where you want it, then save.
  8. These are averages over specific timeframes.
  9. Glad you figured everything out! This will surely help a lot of people that run custom network/bridge configs. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I’m the developer. As long as you can get the data into an InfluxDB (or alternate) data source, Grafana will it will handle it dynamically, and therefore you could add it into your UUD dash. You need some middleware or an API (like how we use Telegraph and Varkin now) to send the data from your app into a valid datasource. It could even be a SQL database. It just needs to be one of the approved Grafana data sources, and it should slice and dice.
  11. Yeah I figured, just wanted to be sure. Try removing each element in the query until you are at the base, then try to build it again from that. Sometimes Grafana gets messed up in the JSON and does not display elements as it should. Sometimes the select statement can act as a filter for the items in the from statement (possibly a Grafana bug). You can also just try making a new panel from scratch and see if these elements show up.
  12. Is your API key masked on purpose for privacy or is it actually missing?
  13. I've had no issues with Duplicacy. I did test some extensive restores and all worked out and checksummed correctly. However, for such a small amount of data, I would just RClone the differentials. That way you have direct file access (even though they are encrypted). Another thought is that I REALLY love TRESORIT. It's pricey but it is THE ABSOLUTE BEST box type sync with high quality encryption out there. It blows DropBox out of the Water. If you are under 2TB, I'd go TRESORIT and use a Windows Machine with a program called SyncFoldersPro. This is how I backup my NFO files and metadata for Kodi, etc.. I use SyncFoldersPro to simultaneously backup (with advanced filters) to my onsite backup server and Tresorit online backup. Works like a charm!
  14. Yes, of course. Just download the UUD 1.6 JSON file from post #1, and then import it to Grafana manually. The new dashboard will appear and you can modify as needed. This has been detailed in this forum topic a few times. Please keep in mind that you will have many new dependencies and plugins that will be required when migrating from 1.3 to 1.6. Good luck!
  15. And what the heck, I will be the 1,000th reply to my own thread ha ha. Thanks for everyone's interest and support for the UUD!
  16. That's sweet man. Thanks for all of your work in this area. When I come back, I'll add this to UUD 1.7 and consolidate the Running/Non-Running panels!
  17. Hey guys. I just found out about Chia. Is there any info you can provide about how to setup the docker/tips tricks/ and anything else I should know. I have a spare 100TB on my main server. What are your thoughts on Chia so far? I was pretty heavy into bitcoin mining a while back. I know that Chia transactions are supposed to be enabled right now. Thanks guys.
  18. @FreeMan sorry man. Not sure what caused that. I know that Docker updates can really screw with stuff. Maybe the Grafana images plugin got updated and reset parameters? Good luck man.
  19. Thanks man. I appreciate it. It wasn’t you. I’ve been mulling it over for a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be back. Just going on hiatus. Nvidia GPU monitoring was going to be in UUD 1.7, and since I still want that personally, I’m sure we’ll see it eventually added. The passion and excitement to further develop this will return...
  20. That being said, please USE this forum topic for continued community support/ideas/mods. You guys are the UUD now. 😀
  21. DEVELOPER UPDATE: 😂 But for real guys, I'm going to be stepping away from the UUD for the foreseeable future. I have a lot going on in my personal life (divorce among other stuff) and I just need a break. This thing is getting too large to support by myself. And it is getting BIG. Maybe too big for one dash. I have plenty of ideas for 1.7, but not even sure if you guys will want/use them. Not to mention the updates that would be required to support InfluxDB 2.X. At this point, it is big enough to have most of what people need, but adaptable enough for people to create custom panels to add (mods). Maybe I'll revisit this in a few weeks/months and see where my head is at. It has been an enjoyable ride and I appreciate ALL of your support/contributions since September of 2020. That being said @LTM and I (mostly him LOL) were working on a FULL Documentation website. Hey man, please feel free to host/release/introduce that effort here on the official forum. I give you my full blessing to take on the "support documentation/Wiki" mantel, if you still want it. I appreciate your efforts in this area. If LTM is still down, you guys are going to be impressed! I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to @GilbN for his original dash which 1.0-1.2 was based on and ALL of his help/guidance/assistance over the last few months. It has truly been a great and pleasurable experience working with you man! Finally, I want to say a huge thanks to the UNRAID community and its leadership @SpencerJ @limetech. You guys supported and shared my work with the masses, and I am forever grateful! I am an UNRAIDer 4 LIFE! THANKS EVERYONE!
  22. Yes, eventually it seems the UUD will need to be ported over to InfluxDB 2.0 since that is the direction things are heading. I haven’t even begun to look into this, so any insight, pros/cons would be very much appreciated. Everything I need personally works on the current Influx version, so I don’t have a need to upgrade. Anyone out there NEED InfluxDB 2.0 for any technical/particular reason?