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  1. Schrödinger's post? Ok, thank you very much for the examples. I am unaware of anything changing of late but will make some inquiries.
  2. Strange. Must have been a glitch. I saw what @Squid saw before but am now seeing content. . .
  3. Awaiting word from @jonp as he has a ticket in about the whole Unread kerfuffle.
  4. "Won't go away for me"- What do you mean? In the approval queue mod section?
  5. I have not. @jonp, have you heard anything back?
  6. I will reach out to IPS regarding nowrap and if it is possible to disable code formatting on an individual user basis. In the meantime, I have added the code block button to the editor on Medium (tablets) and Small (mobile) devices: When you click the code block, you can choose which syntax you are using. I'll let you know what they say re: your other requests. Please let me know if the above changes improve your experience @mgutt.
  7. Update: Still awaiting a response from Invision. Apparently this is an advanced, complex request, according to them...
  8. I have a ticket in with them and will let you know what they say. This probably isn't exactly what you want but in the Unread section, you can toggle/filter content by "Content I have posted in". I will let you know what they say in response to this change and if it can be fixed.
  9. Hey @binhex! You can do this by selecting Options on a particular post and clicking the "Recommend" button on. This will sticky that post at the top of the thread. Is this what you are looking for? Awaiting long time love.
  10. Are you talking about the small orange star?