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Community Answers

  1. Here are instructions https://docs.unraid.net/unraid-os/faq/redeem-license-activation-code/
  2. Relax please. It was a simple oversight that got missed during QA- nothing nefarious was intended.
  3. Apologies @Niklas- somehow the "VM and Docker Management" field was disabled on that pricing entry. I have corrected it. The only difference between the two are the initial upgrade price and the OS Updates timing difference.
  4. Hello- we sent out reminder emails of the change over that happened earlier this morning. If you only need 6 drives, you also have the option of a Starter license at only $49. Thank you for trying us out
  5. Sure- I can do this. Any other major options to Add? I see some Vivaldi's...
  6. ^Blog post with bug fixes and improvements^
  7. Here's what's to come in the near term^^^ Thank you for eloquently explaining this. With the new licenses, we will be forced to be more closely aligned to our users feature requests and desires.
  8. I'm not sure. It was not our guide and unfortunately looks like a malicious site now. @Aviral Pandey- what's going on here?
  9. Price is different. Accounting, analytics, a firm delineation of past and future to name a few.
  10. 3.21.24 Update: We have a new blog up here that outlines our new pricing, timeline and some new FAQs.