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  1. I would imagine this is coming at some point....
  2. Danke für euren Input:
  3. We are considering expanding the options we offer for payment. Do you use/would you use any of these additional payment options to pay for an Unraid license or upgrade?
  4. In this episode, hear an update on Windows 11 support for VMs on Unraid, the process for updating, and potential pitfalls. In addition, @jonp goes deep on VM gaming and how anti-cheat developers are wrongfully targeting VM users for bans. Helpful Links: Expanding a vdisk Expanding Windows VM vdisk partitions Converting from seabios to OVMF
  5. Hello, please try clearing your browser cache or heading here: https://forums.unraid.net/uncookie.php If the issue persists after trying a new browser, please attempt disabling adblockers/vpn if applicable. Otherwise, please create a support ticket via unraid.net/contact
  6. Hmm… maybe because it was hidden? Please let me know if this happens again
  7. Better? Seems fixed in Chrome, Safari and Brave for me.... I will check back in tomorrow because for some unknown reason, my manual width changes weren't retained over night.
  8. Argh. Not sure what happened but will poke around. Looks like my youtube width changes reverted too....
  9. We would like to spotlight some hidden gems of CA. What are some lesser-known apps, containers, and plugins you are running that you think more users need to know about?
  10. Is this better? I can expand it manually....
  11. In episode 9 of the Uncast, @jonp is joined by @Sycotix, @DiscDuck, and @Hawks from the Ibracorp community. They have been producing great content for the Unraid community since the beginning of 2021 showing users how to get the most out of their servers. We talk about how they got started with Unraid, the value of owning your own data, some of their personal interests, and much more!