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Community Answers

  1. Yes- I’m aware. It’s in the process of being tested. It will be a legitimate Basic license as long as testing goes smoothly.
  2. thanks. I just replied and you should be all set. Have a nice day
  3. hello - did you receive an automated response? Please contact support again and we will refund you. Apologies on the miscommunication
  4. Thank you! I’ll be sure to pass this along in our internal discord. 😃
  5. Ok- thanks for letting me know. The State field error should be all fixed. Sorry again! We made a recent back end upgrade that caused the issue.
  6. Hello @Emphyrio, @mchong, @oechiih, and @oldrobot - sorry for the inconvenience. We've deployed a fix and you should be good to go now.
  7. Bueno. No he oído que pihole interfiera con los paquetes de idiomas, pero estaré atento a otros informes al respecto. ¡gracias!
  8. Hola @Garikoitz- ¿estás seguro que el servidor tiene conexión a Internet? ¿Qué versión del sistema operativo estás ejecutando? Otra solución manual es Herramientas-> Idioma y cambia al modo "Developer" y descarga y luego carga el paquete de idioma en el sistema operativo desde aquí https://github.com/unraid/lang-es_ES
  9. Correct for cache pools. 28+2 is for the parity protected array.
  10. close. Next week would be my guess 👀 *rc
  11. Hello- "Manual Install Method" takes me to https://docs.unraid.net/unraid-os/manual/changing-the-flash-device/#manual-method, which resolves fine. Am I missing where you are talking about? Edit: Never mind- in the docs I will submit a PR fixing the links.
  12. Thank you! Not sure how the redirect broke but these should be fixed now.