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  1. If you have trouble with this method or are curious of other back up solutions, please see here: https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-server-backups-with-luckybackup
  2. Unfortunately, I don't see that plugin listed here: https://github.com/unraid/lang-en_US If you have any others that you see from the English file- please let me know and I'd be happy to add it to Dutch.
  3. I have updated the xml as well so every hour or so, Community Apps does a scan for updates. When that happens, it will pick up the Dutch changes and there will be an option in CA -> Language -> Dutch to download a language pack update. Ex:
  4. Hello @Stijnr22 and thank you for the translation work and PR. @bonienl will review the PR and I'll merge. Once merged, you will see the changes made in an updated language pack in Community Apps that you can download. IIRC, you can also manually installed local language files (from your translated branch) via Tools->Language.
  5. Should be fixed.... not sure wth is going on lol. https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-server-to-server-backups-with-rsync-and-wireguard
  6. Instructions to Redeem Your Activation Code First, follow the Unraid Getting Started guide to set up a server. Once your server is up and running: Login to your Unraid server's webgui. (http://tower or http://tower.local from Mac by default) Sign in to your Unraid.net account (or create one) from the top-right of the webgui and select "Purchase Key" (Unraid 6.10) or, for Unraid 6.9 and older, navigate to the Tools -> Registration page in the webGui and click "Purchase Key." Select the corresponding license you purchased via activation code, enter the activation code and complete the activation process. Your registration key will be emailed to you with instructions for installation! https://unraid.net/blog/gift-of-unraid
  7. Account gelöscht und Inhalte anonymisiert
  8. https://unraid.net/services Ibracorp might be interested: https://discord.gg/VWAG7rZ https://www.patreon.com/spaceinvaderone
  9. Per a suggestion by @ich777, I have enabled "Mark as Solution" as an option now for Post Authors and Moderators! Cc: @kizer
  10. Could you explain this a little more? I’m not sure what you mean.
  11. Replied via support. Please provide us the USB GUID in the support ticket
  12. Sure thing. @Torsten_UN- please send us a ticket to https://unraid.net/contact with a screenshot of the issue and I will assist.