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  1. https://mailchi.mp/lime-technology/unraids-monthly-digest-10895866
  2. https://unraid.net/contact
  3. Hello, Please see the "Activation Code Instructions" section here: https://unraid.net/how-to-buy-promo Thank you for purchasing!
  4. There is an option to mark a purchase as a gift!
  5. Hey Unraid Community! For the first time ever, we're running a Cyber Monday Sale: 20% off Unraid Pro and Pro Upgrades! If you're planning a new build soon or want to purchase a key for a friend or family member, do it this Monday, 11/29/21- 24 hours only from 12:01-11:59 PST! No server installation required for purchase. For full details, head over to unraid.net/cybermonday
  6. I will check in- I believe there are plans to make an FAQ style entry in the wiki to answer many of these questions.
  7. As @JorgeB mentioned, your key file is not valid. Where did you get it from? Did you purchase via a third party?
  8. First, ensure you have a recent backup of your USB (Main->Flash-> Flash Backup) Another option to try is: -Have your keyfile (.key file) handy on a different computer. -Shutdown server, remove flash and install USB into the other computer. -Open the USB folder and drag and drop the .key file into the /config folder. -Then, safely eject/remove the flash and reinstall in your server and reboot. If the issue still persists, your flash drive may be corrupted and you may need to transfer your license to a new USB. We can assist with this by contacting us at unraid.net/contact If you start a new Unraid trial on a new flash device, please send in your new USB GUID and we can transfer the license for you.
  9. I re-sent the keyfile. If you copy paste this into Tools-> Registration -> Install Key, does the issue persist? 安装密钥 要安装注册密钥,请将密钥文件 URL 粘贴在下面的框中,然后单击安装密钥. 密钥文件 URL:
  10. Corrupted/missing keyfile. I have re-sent the keyfile to your email. Please try reinstalling
  11. What error are you seeing? Community Dev-> Can Create Polls? Enabled: Yes
  12. In episode 12, @jonp covers the recent announcement by Facebook regarding "The Metaverse." Is this really a good idea and is Facebook the right organization to launch it? Could this be the beginning of an Orwellian future? In addition, Jon also provides a public service announcement regarding Linux driver support of hardware and how some users with specific gear may need to hold back on updating Unraid to the latest release.