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  1. No special reason. I have removed "German" to shorten this and hopefully improve the mobile experience. Does this help? I'm not finding these settings but will reach out to the support forums to try and find out.
  2. Uncast Episode XIV: Return of the Uncast with Bob from RetroRGB Season 2 of the Uncast pod is back and better than ever, with new host Ed Rawlings, aka @SpaceInvaderOne 👾 On this episode, Bob from RetroRGB joins the Uncast to talk about all things retro gaming, his discovery and use cases for Unraid, a deep dive into RetroNAS, and much more! Check out the show links below to connect with Bob or learn more about specific projects discussed. Show Topics with ~Timestamps: Intro from Ed, aka Spaceinvader One 👾 ~1:20: Listener participation on the pod with speakpipe.com/uncast. Speakpipe will allow you to ask questions to Ed about Unraid, ask questions directly to guests, and more. ~2:50: Upcoming Guests ~3:30: Bob from RetroRGB joins to talks about Unraid vs. prebuilt NAS solutions, use cases, and RetroNAS VMs. ~6:30: Unraid on a laptop? ~9:30: Array Protection, data recovery, New Configs, new hardware and client swapping. ~11:50: Discovering Unraid, VMs, capture cards, user error. ~17:30: VMs, Thunderbolt passthrough issues, Thunderbolt controllers, Intel vs. AMD, motherboard hardware, and BIOS issues/tips. ~21:30: All about Bob and RetroRGB. ~23:00: Retro games on modern TVs and hardware and platforms. ~24:34: MiSTerFPGA Project ~27:15: RetroNAS ~30:30: RetroNAS security: Creating VLANs, best practices, and networking tips. ~37:15: Using Virtiofs with RetroNAS on Unraid, VMs vs. Docker, and streamlining the RetroNAS install process. ~43:13: Everdrive Console Cartridges and optical drive emulators. ~46:50: Realistic expectations and advice to new retro gaming enthusiasts. ~51:05: MiSTer setup how to's and retro gaming community demographics. ~55:45: Retro gaming, CRTs, emulation scaling, wheeled retro gaming setups, and how to test components and avoid hardware scams. ~1:05: Console switches, scalers, and other setup equipment. In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. Show Links: Connect and support Bob: https://retrorgb.link/bob Send in your Uncast questions, comments, and good vibes: https://www.speakpipe.com/uncast Spaceinvader One interview on RetroRGB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRfhSmwS3zs&t=3s MiSTer FPGA Hardware https://www.retrorgb.com/mister.html RetroNAS info: https://www.retrorgb.com/introducing-retronas.html Other Ways to Support and Connect with the Uncast Subscribe/Support Spaceinvader One
  3. Update: We will be closing the application window for this position on Sunday, January 29th! Apply now!
  4. Ok- I *THINK* this should fix things. For some reason, rich text pasting was enabled (maybe a system change from a recent forum update?) but I changed it to "Paste as Plain text" which I believe was the default before. Please let me know if this issue persists.
  5. This is a test of white text on a black background. This is a test of black text on a white background.
  6. Fixed via "Remove Formatting". I fixed these by clicking the remove format button. I think I know what's happening. I believe default pasting somehow changed so when people Copy/Paste content, it's leaving the background color in place and affecting the Dark/Light theming vibes. Standby as I search to change these settings.....
  7. Do you have links for these? Not much I can do for manual changes but will test other solutions in the themes (although, to my knowledge, nothing was changed from our end).
  8. Fixed NP. I will make a post to mods/Devs soon to see if anyone wants wiki edit access.
  9. I changed to "Multi-Lang Forums". Is this any better for you? IMG_2434.pdf I 'm not finding a way to disable this but will keep looking. Also, there's a 'mobile footer' that I enabled that can show a couple of icons static at the bottom. Is this useful to you? IMG_2435.pdf Note: above photos are off an iphone 13.
  10. We are seeking an established DevOps Engineer to support, improve, and maintain mission-critical infrastructure at Lime Technology, creators of Unraid OS. This position is best suited for someone who can work independently on a wide variety of given tasks with minimal direction. Strong communication, collaboration, and documentation skills are a must. In this role, you will focus on configuring and maintaining cloud infrastructure, proactively monitoring systems for performance and security issues, and collaborating with development teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues. You'll have a broad array of responsibilities that cut across both development and DevOps. This is a fully remote position. The right candidate is located in North America or has the ability to collaborate with the team for at least 4 hours each day between 8am - 5pm PST. You must have on-call availability to troubleshoot during system downtime. We would greatly prefer to hire from the Unraid community. Please see the full job announcement here: https://unraid.net/blog/devops-engineer Want to apply? Please do so via this link.
  11. I will look into making this more mobile friendly. Which phone are you using?
  12. We've adjusted some settings to be less strict. Can you all re-test when you get a chance?