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  1. LammeN3rd

    ISCSI Support

    I would really like this as an option as well
  2. looking at the above screenshot somehow the driver is not loading correctly, what firmware are you running on the H330 and have you tried another PCIe slot? my H330 is at FW but I've been running this card for about a year now without any issues on unraid (6.4 till 6.6) and have you tried booting another OS, to rule-out an compatibility issue with your other HW or even a broken card?
  3. ok, did you check dmesg if the driver is loaded? this is from my server: and can you output # dmesg | grep scsi as well
  4. Does the card bios show the drives you have connected?
  5. check https://www.tweaktown.com/news/34010/lsi-introduces-12gb-s-sas-megaraid-controllers-and-databolt-expanders/index.html for more info on databold
  6. Almost, with the H330 or another SAS3008 based card to get the full speed while using slower disks you need an expander that supports DataBold (aka an LSI 12Gbit SAS expander) if you use a expander that does not support databold and you connect a bunch of 6Gbit (sas or sata) and 12Gbit SAS all will run at the slow speed
  7. Only when you use a sas expander, with direct connected sas 6gb and Sata 3 disks you don’t really have an advantage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. did not think about trim.... I agree with you on this one!
  9. might be stable but would you choose them over a cheap SAS2008?
  10. Yes! the Z77 chipset is connected by a DMI bus to you cpu (4x PCIe) and the ASMedia is connected to the Z77 running an SAS 2008 on an 4x PCIe (gen2 because the SAS2008 does not support GEN3) gives you max 250MB/s per disk with 8 disks in parallel. if you only connect HDD you will only get there with very big and fast drives! Besides speed SAS controllers (at least from LSI) are way more stable reason enough to stick to those since they cost very little nowadays
  11. If you can, don't use you motherboard SATA, these are horrible! (no matter what board you have) sata drives are fine for storage SATA controllers however are not made for parallel acces, in the best case they cripple your performance in the worst case you have drives dropping out putting your array in danger!
  12. the Link speed of these controllers is per disk (when direct connected to the controller without expander) so if you connect both 6Gbit and 12Gbit directly to an H330 both will run their full speeds. with expanders it's an different story and without DataBold it will run on the lowest speed. DataBold is as far as I know its an LSI tech so you need an compatible LSI expander and LSI controller From the graph you should be running in Config 3 so you get max BW to all cards! if I remember correctly I'm running the SAS35X28R SAS EXPANDER connected with 8 lanes to the H330 (both ports) this is my full config: Dell Poweredge T630 | unRAID 6.6.6 - Pro | 2x E5-2640 V4 | 128GB ECC REG | PERC H330 12Gbit SAS (HBA Mode) | 18x Hotplug disks with 12Gbit SAS expander Backplane Array 72TB with Dual Parity | HGST Ultrastar He10 10TB [ P1, P2 ,D1, D2, D3 ] | Seagate IronWolf 6TB [ D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10 ] Cache 1920 GB RAID1 | 4x Samsung PM963 960GB NVMe
  13. If you enable Turbowrite you need full bandwidth of all disks, read/write to a share is max 1 disk of throughput for parity checks or rebuilds you need full bandwidth as well. the test I did was a parity check on the disks combined with a BTRFS scrub on the 6x SSD cache (since moved to NVMe)
  14. An SAS expander is like a switch, it's usually found on backplanes connecting to a gig amount of drives. a 36 port expander can connect to a SAS HBA (SAS Card) with 4 or 8 lanes (ports) and the rest of the ports connected to disks. the disks will share the bandwidth, with older SAS tech this could give performance bottlenecks but with SAS 12Gbit and Databold the only way you can run into that is with very fast SSD's My server has an 26 port expander 8 for the connection to my Perc H330 and 18 for the disks. since all my disks are 6Gbit SATA even 18 drives will not create an bottleneck on the 8x 12Gbit lanes from the H330