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  1. Write amplification is *&%^$#& as well! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Write_amplification
  2. As long as you have anything but intel SSD's, these tend to go read-only when they reach their predicted life all to protect the customer intel sales!
  3. The English datasheet 200TBW https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/global.semi.static/Samsung_SSD_960_EVO_Data_Sheet_Rev_1_2.pdf you can always try to claim warranty based on the German site... I found myself some cheap enterprise NVMe drives on eBay I highly recommend them, powerless protection very consistent write speed and above all else 1366 TBW
  4. It could be an option to add a check to the Update Assistant from the Fix Common Problems Plugin hat community tool already supports plugin compatibility.
  5. Same here, just with 4x NVMe in Raid 1 and both sonarr and plex use /mnt/user/appdata I've been running 6.7.1 RC and 6.7.0 before that never had any corruption issues!
  6. There is a plugin to disable them link: plugin-disable-security-mitigations
  7. Upgraded from 6.7.1-rc2 no issues!
  8. Already 13 hours uptime on 6.7.1-rc2, no issues everything runs great! Really like the new Dashboard draggable fields, would be even better if they could move between tables!
  9. upgraded to 6.7.1-rc1 this morning, no issues so far! really appreciate the quick inclusion of this patch!
  10. Just upgraded from RC7, no issues
  11. Do you need the SAS drives to be part of the array? I have some SAS drives laying around that I can add to my server they are just not part of the array (connected via an SAS expander to a Dell H330 SAS controller.) If this suffices for your test let me know and I will upgrade / run it tonight (EU time).
  12. upgraded from RC6, no isues so far! Keep up the good work!!
  13. I've had no issues at all but I've used a new share on my unraid server for Time-Machine and completely disabled AFP in unraid beforehand. I tested with and without the use of my cache drive and settled on without since the backup speed saw little difference! Both MacBooks are running the latest version of OSX.
  14. Updated from RC5 and running since this morning without issues!
  15. I don't have any windows clients connecting to my Unraid, only Mac over SMB and Linux over NFS so can't speak to that point. Time-Machine over SMB works really great though! I've been using it for a few weeks now with two MacBooks and have not had any issues. I did try the AFP option before but that was terribly slow (about 1/3th the speed I'm getting with SMB) and even worse forced me to delete the backup and start over all the time making it unusable. Thank you very much Tom!!