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  1. [sdf] tag#789 CDB: opcode=0x85 85 06 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 e5 00 This is an ATA passthru command, I have similar error in my logs also, but mine is caused when UD detects changes in USB attached Storage Devices. It calls the following function /usr/local/sbin/emcmd 'cmdHotplug=apply'. This is has already been highlighted to Limetech. When the command is called it spins up the parity drive. But drive doesnt green ball stays grey even thou is spinning so have to do a manual spin down. My error is similar but not exactly the same, but that may be due
  2. SimonF

    Disk Spin up

    Have you been able to find source of issue?
  3. No worries, you may not need the ACS overide, unless you need that for other reasons. Glad you got it working, I didnt know about the unsafe_ints as don't need it on my system but will remember in case I need in future, thanks for posting your find/resolution.
  4. @LoneTraveler I cannot see anything obvious. Are you able to see in the bios which device is being used as the primary display? I don't use a rom for my rtx2060 or gt720 and both are connected to two windows VMs, but again I do have graphics from onboard BMC. Guessing you have already tried without a rom, can you passthru gt760 does that work?
  5. Hi, Have you bound all parts of the card, for example my rtx2060 has a usb controller even thou there is not a physical port. This is on 6.8.3 with vfio plugin. Can you show the output from the system devices in tools? Looks like your are on 6.9.x should look similar to the below. I dont have a GPU on my test system but this is the bmc graphics card.
  6. The new function is in 7.2 but there is a issue with Seagate drives I found spinning up. I have submitted a patch ticket #1413 awaiting for the devs to apply.
  7. I do get this also when I plugin USB Devices, Unassigned devices plugin is installed and array is spun down. There is an issue when UD tells Unraid to update and its being looked into, hopefully fix will be in next RC . Do you get the entries when connecting usb devices? See this thread
  8. You could make into a X1 pcie slot for low profile cards PCI to PCI Express Adapter Card - PCIe x1 (5V) to PCI (5V & 3.3V) slot adapter - Low Profile - PCI1PEX1 PCIe x1 to PCI slot adapter or add another NIC additional USB2s.
  9. @limetech Would it be possible to include usbip_host aswell as vhci_hcd and usbip_core. I have a compiled version of the usbip_host module to use for testing and it works fine. This is only required if you want to mount USB devices from unraid to another device(Top part in gui). Is anyone using USBIP as I am starting to create a plugin to provide an interface. Based on unassigned devices. Are there any specific requirements people are looking for? Already I have disabled the unraid flash from having an option to mount from the gui, and plan to disable USB de
  10. Hi, sorry, forgot to mention you will need to run /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/rsyslog_config to update the running config.
  11. Hi Moka, Have you tried to do a manual edit on /boot/config/rsyslog.cfg to specify the port as a work around?
  12. Hi @Draic Do you have anything running Telegraf and if so did you see this.
  13. I have the same issue also, found if I resized my window to just be the same width problem disappeared, but going back to full width of screen appears again on Chrome.
  14. I am not seeing this on my system, may be worth adding diagnostics so limetech have it. Seems to be a few bargins out there.