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Community Answers

  1. Can you try to run from command line. btrfs send {snapshotname} | btrfs receive {destination file}
  2. Betas are not public so it may still being worked on.
  3. Driver support is not currently in the Kernel with the current Versions of Unraid, 6.x kernel will be in the next release for ARC.
  4. fatlabel is the linux command, windows various options. Not sure why you need grub as syslinux should boot ok.
  5. You dont need virtiofs. I dont know about serv 2022 but it wont find a disk on installl normally there is an option to load drivers which you will find on virtiso look for stor dir.
  6. Depend if you can load virtio drivers during install?
  7. Yes that vdisk will be on the ssd as your domains share is only.
  8. Are you wanting to use the ssd as a drive in the server or as a location for the disk images? isos are normally stored in the isos share. On templare you specify the install iso. you can add disk path if you want the whole drive or images are saved in the domains share. Create a pool with ssd and set domain share to use this pool if you are looking for disk images.
  9. Can you provide examples of the endpoints and what is expected to be returned?
  10. I use the manual config. but the IP address is not used for the master as far as I can remember. My two slaves have the master IP.
  11. The syslog, when installing plugins do you see any errors?
  12. Do you see errors in boot log for plugin?