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  1. You can only add one additional bridge at a time. If you save and re-edit you can add another. When I added the 3rd bridge no green plus is available to click.
  2. Updated test and prod servers no issues so far, any updates on SAS Spindowns test requirements?
  3. Updated test server all ok. Available to test SAS spin down updates if required.
  4. Thanks for the updated plugin, test via CA on my test server Will update live server soon.
  5. @limetech are you still looking for testers for SAS spindown?
  6. Updated my test server no issues seen so far.
  7. Sync on flash drives seems to happen before text is posted whilst doing the update so appears to hang, but then completes ok. Rebooted all running ok.
  8. Would it be possible to have more columns for CPUs
  9. SimonF


    I have the plugin working on 6.7.0rc6
  10. You may need to change the minimum fans speeds. these are the ones i change to on my X9DR3 you should be able to run command from command line and use IP address for the BMC port. ipmitool -I lanplus -H IPMI IP -U user -P password sensor thresh FAN3 lower 200 200 300
  11. Thanks thought that may be the case but just wanted to check, thanks for the refresh button also on syslog page
  12. looking ok to me, small reads no longer showing when mover is running. Do see all the disks spinup that share is on, is that normal or should it just spin up disk its writing to?
  13. Updated no issues so far, but looks like syslog feature is trying to use network before it is available. Feb 23 06:50:24 unraid rsyslogd: omfwd: socket 5: error 101 sending via udp: Network is unreachable [v8.40.0 try https://www.rsyslog.com/e/2354 ]