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Community Answers

  1. Is it a specific device you have issues with? usb passthru works on 6.10.3 and 6.11 only device I know off with issues are conbeeII which need to be connected as serial devices
  2. doesnot seem to be finding driver for matrox gpu. which previous release was it working on?
  3. open terminal and ls /boot/config/modprobe.d
  4. Have you black listed any drivers? what files do you have in /boot/config/modprobe.d
  5. Are you over subscribing the available power on the ports? are they on the same controller?
  6. Have you mounted the share in the vm?
  7. You dont need to use a script anymore. <filesystem type='mount' accessmode='passthrough'> <driver type='virtiofs' queue='1024' /> <source dir=''/> <target dir=''/> <binary path='/usr/libexec/virtiofsd' xattr='on'> <sandbox mode='chroot'/> <cache mode='always'/> <lock posix='on' flock='on'/> </binary> </filesystem>" But if I try to ls the mount point cmd liine hangs.(Debian) Will try other distros and Windows to see if I get any other results.
  8. Have you installed USB manager from CA? You dont select any devices in the VM Template. It will look like this so you can click th usb symbol to create a port mapping you will need to do this if the serial numbers are the same or you can add as a device. Port settings look like this. The sliders enable functions Connect at VM start will need to be enabled, Connect as serial is only required by ConbeeII devices into HA as far as I know at present. Connect at device plugin will map a device when it is physically plugged into the system. And select the VM to map to.
  9. Hi, Is this still working for you and can you confirm which version of Unraid you are currently using?
  10. USB Manager plugin can auto connect like Hotplug when detected.
  11. I dont have a user guide the plugin is easy to use. you have two options port and device mapping. Device will connect a usb device to a vm as it starts or is hotplugged if you set in the options. This is indepentant from the usb. Port will connect any device in a specific port to a vm. What are you loking to do. There is a fix coming in 6.11 for missing devices.
  12. This is the help text did you look at the link? Unraid Share Used to create a VirtFS mapping to a Linux-based guest. Specify the path on the host here. Unraid Mount tag Specify the mount tag that you will use for mounting the VirtFS share inside the VM. See this page for how to do this on a Linux-based guest: Additional devices can be added/removed by clicking the symbols to the left.