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  1. Its the cache has (sdd) at end of discription
  2. This will require @limetechto review the bug report.
  3. Looks like the LSI 3008 is where the missing disks are connected. But unable to say why it had a problem under 6.9 with current diags as they are from 6.8.3
  4. It will error for USB drives not in the drive.h. Your drive is fine as its in the db. But if others use they should test first. Its simple to get devices added but a request needs to be submitted to the smartmontools team. The is a process to update drive.h but I dont think its in unraid will need to check.
  5. Any recommendations for where to purchase in uk/eu?
  6. Suggest logging a bug report as may need devs to look at the md process. Apr 16 15:41:00 Tower kernel: kernel BUG at drivers/md/unraid.c:310! Apr 16 15:41:00 Tower kernel: invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP PTI Apr 16 15:41:00 Tower kernel: CPU: 5 PID: 8217 Comm: mdrecoveryd Tainted: P O 5.10.21-Unraid #1 Apr 16 15:41:00 Tower kernel: Hardware name: Supermicro Super Server/X10DRi-LN4+, BIOS 3.3 10/24/2020 Apr 16 15:41:00 Tower kernel: RIP: 0010:_get_active_stripe+0x13c/0x339 [md_mod] Apr 16 15:41:00 Tower kernel: Code: 00 00 00 e9 e4 00 00 00 48 8
  7. Hi John, If you have USBIP module vhci_hcd loaded then your scan fails for USBs. I have attached the log here, let me know if you need any additional info or need me to test?
  8. There is also a bug report for 6.2.0(Not SAS Specific) for some disks not spinning down does not affect all users. 6.1.0 was fine but you do need SAS Spindown plugin installed
  9. Hi Any one have a view on best low power/temp 10Gb NIC. Ideally 2 port sfp. I have a HP523SFP runs hotter than the sun without adding active cooling as not designed for tower case.
  10. Vr2Io post this on another thread yesterday. I think it allows you to create a bootable USB. I would suggest you try new UEFI memtest86 ( I just try it yesterday ), some test will use all CPU core ( you need enable it ) which I doubt legacy memtest won't use all core ( may be wrong and I don't trust legacy memtest ) Anyway, it could be CPU issue too.
  11. @limetech Will these change be available in the 6.10 betas?
  12. IPMI will allow out of band if you want it.