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  1. Which motherboard do you have and have you checked BIOS options?
  2. The cards is not in its own IOMMU Group so cannot be used. You may need to look at the ACS Override in the VM settings or unsafe interrupts.
  3. The 32bit X86 version is not in unraid only 64bit. qemu-system-x86_64
  4. Maybe worth posting on plugin support thread.
  5. Unraid webgui will be on 80 and 443 Use a different port for pihole web access i.e. 8080
  6. does sg_start -s have the same effect? i.e. no spin up.
  7. Is there a reason why we cannot use the following, as the GUI will not allow. Not enough usb ports? Qemu can emulate an usb hub (-device usb-hub). But the hub supports usb1 only, so you should avoid using it. Better solution is to just increase the number of root ports. xhci has four root ports by default, but it supports up to 15 ports. And in case this still isn't enough a second xhci adapter can be added to the virtual machine. To create a host adapter with 8 ports use -device qemu-xhci,p2=8,p3=8. The libvirt configuration is: <controller type='usb' mode
  8. is legacy set to auto in the south bridge conf?
  9. Also do you see the USB devices in the BIOS boot options?
  10. What results do you get with sg_start -rp3 /dev/sdx sdparm -C sense /dev/sdx Also have you tried the start with sg_start? sg_start -rs /dev/sdx may be required to spinup the drive. or just -s. are you able to provide lspci -k for the card to see which driver it is using? 07:00.0 Serial Attached SCSI controller: Broadcom / LSI SAS2116 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Meteor] (rev 02) Subsystem: Broadcom / LSI 9201-16e 6Gb/s SAS/SATA PCIe x8 External HBA Kernel driver in use: mpt3sas Kernel modules: mpt3sas
  11. Did a test on 6.9rc2 create dir under /mnt/user Files show on disk view but not as share.
  12. Click on flash drive on main page and you will be able to change syslinux config Not sure as never had to use. Others may have experience
  13. Hi have you tried this. Also have you tried adding a vbios to the vm setup : Your BIOS is broken; DMAR reported at address zero! Please note that if you are using a system with such a broken BIOS, the kernel message will always appear, even if the kernel in fact handles your case correctly, or you have successfully worked around the issue. So don't worry that you still see the message once you have worked around the problem. There are several ways to work around this issue. In most cases (see above), installing the 64-bit edition of Fedora 12 would be enough. If y
  14. I cant remember where and if did see it but I think people where having some issues with 5.2/5.1 have you tried i440fx 5.0
  15. Is this change planned for 6.9? Or is there a work around if you want to use filters
  16. you can remove 99_usbip_syslog.conf from /etc/rsyslog.d/ and restart /etc/rc.d/rc.rsyslogd restart If you want to use the plugin. Rules are only required for USBIP Update to plugin script not to install rsyslog rules
  17. Ok thanks, it may be down to the syslog rules I have created Will check it out.
  18. I have added support for ports to my plugin. if you connect a device to a port is will should in the GUI then you can add a mapping. Look for unraid usbip gui in Community Apps if you want to try it out.
  19. Do you see press any key to boot from CD when you start the VM? or have you already re-built it? type reset to reboot at the shell prompt, and see if the press any key comes up. Maybe VNC didn't come up quick enough for you to see.
  20. Have you disabled and re-enabled VM Settings to recreate the libvirt.img file and restart the processes?
  21. Yes it is. The linux codes are here.
  22. Nice write up. I am already adding an option to the plugin to set a port to a VM. Specific devices will take precedence if selected over a port. The way I work out device to a port mapping is as follows in the php. #udevadm info -a --name=/dev/bus/usb/003/002 | grep KERNEL== $udevcmd = "udevadm info -a --name=/dev/bus/usb/".$arrMatch['bus']."/".$arrMatch['dev']." | grep KERNEL==" ; exec( $udevcmd , $udev); $physical_busid = trim(substr($udev[0], 13) , '"') ; I have alread
  23. I think its because I put as a Menu item that it doesnt show until you goto another page. Will look to see if there is a way to trigger that. Thanks for the feedback.
  24. Yes it works on both 6.8.3 which doesnt support USBIP and 6.9.0rcs It will install the USBIP package, but none of the modules or Daemon are started unless you specify in the settings. Did you install the Usbip commands package or the one which is called usbip-gui. Only the later has the gui function.
  25. Its does look like its hardware related as its getting a timeout. Have you disconnected the stick for a bit and then reconnected or tried a different port? #define ETIMEDOUT 110 /* Connection timed out */