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  1. Updated just fine to 6.9.0 RC1 but now my wireguard isnt allowing connections. Known issue? Anyone else have issues with wireguard?
  2. Same issue here, no scripts installed. Already had user scripts installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I already did that, I was hoping for suggestions to improve performance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I've tried installing the xf86-video-qxl to improve graphics in the vm i created but when i install that package i boot to a black screen. Any suggestions?
  5. For the last few days this container keeps saying it has an update. Is it just me?
  6. How did you set the IP address manually? When i try it nothing works
  7. Not exactly how i want mine done but similar yes. I want a VM just for nextcloud and the rest run in my dockers for reverse proxy and mariaDB. I dont want to manage several reverse proxies when i already have a docker for that.
  8. Back story. I have installed nextcloud/owncloud in docker but it’s performance in dismal so I want to create a Ubuntu/Debian vm for nextcloud as performance seems better but I want to use my dockers (letsencrypt and mariadb) for reverse proxy and dB storage. Is this possible? If it is does anyone know how?
  9. I've tried reading through this thread before asking but i cannot seem to find any help. I have previously setup the nextcloud docker and mariadb as per spaceinvaderones video guides but my performance for nextcloud is very slow to the point of timing out. Im hoping my specs are in my signature but i do know my machine is more than capable of running this container i'm just wondering if there is anything else i can install/configure to increase the performance of this container? I really want to use this container but installing it as "default" is basically unusable.
  10. How do we delete the vm after it’s been created? It tells me something about it having nvram and won’t delete. I know what nvram is and I have 2 hack into shed but I want to delete the vm due to not having the right gpu in my server and mouse lag. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Same issue here but no biggie, it’s an RC I’ll wait for an app update.
  12. Yes I know. I was posting a bug. I don’t use preview as my daily driver, just to test until stable.