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  1. Yes - because i use a specific ITX case (Jonsbo N1) as a NAS case, i can only fit in Low Profile, single slot GPUs - and the only ones available anywhere in the world is out of China made by Yeston. I bought it from Taobao, around USD $250. Photo here:
  2. In the meantime, I'm still using the 5700G APU for plex docker which is feasible. But if we could get the 5700G passthrough working I could literally run 2 gaming VMs.......
  3. So i got myself a GTX 1650 and installed it on my X570 with 5700G - I was able to run a Windows 11 VM with passthrough on the GTX1650 the first time. I don't know whether to laugh or cry
  4. For me the furtherest I got was a code 43 on Windows 11, but I can install the AMD drivers.
  5. So I tried to dump my own vbios only to find that gpu z doesn't even support dumping when I booted windows 10 bare metal
  6. Nope. I'm using 6.1.0rc2, with the latest gigabyte x570s aorus pro ax itx board. I found the iommu groupings much better than the asrock b550 itx which I returned, however the default still has the cezanne gpu bundled with the tpm and usb 3 chipsets. I tried it anyway, code 43 with Windows 11 , but I was able to install the amd drivers but still had code 43. Windows 10 wouldn't boot once tried to pass through the cezanne gpu.
  7. I think the only person successful so far has been @techhit- can you share with us your exact procedure?
  8. As i said i have a sneaking suspicion B550 boards have more issues as the IOMMU groups seem tighter than X570. My gigabyte X570 board (fanless ITX) is arriving tomorrow so I'll try that, need to get the iGPU passthrough working.
  9. Wait did you say the 5700G passthrough worked for you on the Phantom Gaming 4?
  10. All anecdotal but I've heard Gigabyte IOMMU groups are good - I have a X570S board on the way and I'll try that - I was using a Asrock B550 ITX board that I'm returning.
  11. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the motherboards we're using. I was using a B550 board which the default iommu groups were bad, I'm switching to a x570 board in a couple of days and I'll report back.
  12. Yes tried seabios Yes tried seabios and Windows 10, problem is once I add the cezanne gpu the VM doesn't boot, it's fine with VNC.
  13. Does anyone have a better guide to get the 5700G passthrough working? What should we be looking out for?
  14. I tried the 5700g bios posted here, and have a 5700G installed, but the windows 11 vm hard locks the unraid server - is there anything im doing wrong? Does the vega graphics need binding? Using 6.1.0 rc2.