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  1. Do you mean nvme? I do have an nvme drive as cache drive
  2. I've seen that in order to success, you have to use SeaBios instead of OVMF, but for me SeaBios vm never got to boot up, unlike OVMF, which I can at least access via Remote Desktop. So if there's any specific tweak to setting up with SeaBios pls lmk. Thanks!!
  3. Did you change any IOMMU group to bind anything to VFIO? Thanks
  4. Device Manager -- Display Adapter -- Properties
  5. Tried adding it to the vm, but still got code 43:( Thanks anyway!
  6. Yeah I tried with bare metal but it didn't work. Could you pls share the vbios file?
  7. I'm confused. Were you able to get vibos or not? I just got error message while trying GPU-Z. If you got the vbios, have you tried adding it to the vm? And can you share it pls? Thanks!
  8. Yeah I've tried with multiple configs but all ended up with code 43 (seen from remote connection, no video output). btw 6.10 RC1 doesn't help. So I had to install Windows bare bone for regular usage, and also, unable to extract VBIOS with GPU-Z, so that route hasn't cleared either. I guess it would be nice if Unraid could address this somehow in the near future.
  9. So I tried following your exact setup, and with Seabios, VNC works, and as soon as I switch to iGPU in the template, I cannot remote into the machine, logs seem to point to some kind of error from the gpu. (not going to bother you with the details here) One thing is that my xml doesn't have the xvga='yes' bit. And it got automatically removed once I tried to manually add it there. Appreciate it if you have any idea how this is the case. And also I tried instead of Seabios with OVMF, which seem to work better for me. I was able to remote into the machine and see the "Microsoft Basic Adapter". But no luck getting HDMI output to work as well.
  10. Thanks! Are you comfortable with sharing your xml, specifically the graphics snippet? I found that after setting the graphics card to "AMD Cezanne" and switching to xml mode, there's not even a graphics section as there would be if I go with VNC. Really new to this stuff so sorry about the detailed request!!
  11. Thanks a lot! Now at least I know there's a possibility to work, and I'll play around with some settings as well. Looking forward to your update.
  12. Can you pls provide some more detail of how you got passthrough to work on Windows VM initially (w.o drivers)? VM setup, specific tweaks, etc. I think we're in the same boat as in gaming is not really a big concern, and occasional desktop use is good enough. For me after setting up the vm, set the graphic to AMD Cezanne, along with its audio, the vm starts fine, but no signal comes out of HDMI output. As for the driver issue I do remember seeing something similar to yours elsewhere, but with other setup of course. Think that's not an easy fix tho. I did upgrade to 6.10 rc, and I can try out any ideas you have as well. btw it's (supposedly) quite easy to revert back to 6.9 as well according to tutorials, just so if you want to try it out.
  13. That'd be great. I did hear about the method, and since I'm currently running it headless as a file server, and don't have a spare drive to install Windows on bare-metal, so haven't tried it personally. Will sure do that if I got hands on an additional drive in the near future!
  14. Yeah I tried the basics but was basically stuck at extracting the vbios. You can check out the thread here. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/100525-video-guide-how-to-easily-dump-a-vbios-from-any-gpu-directly-from-the-server-for-passthrough/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-1026177