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  2. Well shit. Happened again. Most definitely a corrupt database. It happened as Plex was optimizing an episode for TV. Here's the Plex Media Server.log (with my WAN IP removed). Hope that helps. From my limited reading it seems SQLite databases are getting corrupted. I got my Nextcloud using a MySQL via MariaDB and its been working fine. Is there anyway to have Plex use MySQL/MariaDB? Thanks again for the solid work. Plex Media Server(WAN IP Removed).log
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  4. my unraid version is 6.7.2 i have nextcloud, mariadb, letsencrypt, minidlna(not actualy used but installed) and sonarr(in process of setting up, not in use either) installed as dockers, and for plugins i have Comunity applications, dynamix fan, dynamix LMB, and dynamix sys. temp. i recently switched my nas from freenas to unraid and setup a nextcloud docker with mariadb and letsencrypt, got it all working fine fast forward a week and Shaw (my isp) gives me their new router (for those who care its the bluecurve router) i got it all setup got internet on everything in my network with some trouble, my old private network was 192.168.0.* and the new one was 10.0.0.* but after dealing with that and getting all my ip's sorted out i found out i couldn't access my nextcloud from my computer, my phone or through the web gui out of unraid (the one thats supposed to use the local ip not my external ip/address) then i found out unraid couldn't connect to the internet and the CA couldn't load any apps. after a weekend of fighting with the bluecurve router with port forwarding and such i go to see if any of my docker container have updates and unraid says they do but cant download them and the CA still cant connect to its server to pull apps from, then i see if my windows vm inside unraid works and find out that it has internet access but the rest of unraid does not....how does this happen? and can someone please help me? here are my diagnostics too otfgserver-diagnostics-20190918-0356.zip
  5. I must get round to cleaning the instructions, unfortunately I travel alot for work so that becomes difficult. With unraid, if you make changes to the template these are not seen by existing users.... the only way seems to be to create a new pihole app. Just to be clear, my only involvement with pihole is to create the original template for unraid. I dont touch the docker files at all. Hopefully a new template in a week! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  6. For me, I'm concerned about running an UnRAID-based media server in VM; it doesn't matter for my backup server. All my videos are 1:1 imaged full Blu-Ray discs (which precludes running Plex or any other current media streamer) so anything that could impede performance and cause drop-outs, stuttering, or pauses in playback would be unacceptable.
  7. When I delete the /config/privoxy folder, it does not re-create a new Privoxy folder when I relaunch rtorrent. I have Privoxy enabled in my run command. This is the only line related to privoxy in the log file when I launch: "[info] Privoxy not running". If I move/delete all of my config folders except for openvpn and run it again, it will connect to privoxy only that one time. Once I move my (rather large) session folder and the rtorrent.rc file back over, Privoxy no longer works. Any ideas? Privoxy will not start any other time.rtf Privoxy launched successfully.rtf
  8. Hello, I'm currently having a problem with unpack times. Some 5-10 gb downloads can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes to unpack. When I goto check the array stats the read/write speed is very low rarely even hitting 1 MB/s. When I benchmark the array though it generally comes out to about 100-130. https://imgur.com/a/pqyoaHS There's a picture with an example of one that took very long to finish, and I can provide more examples if needed. Can anybody help me track down the issue?
  9. I appreciate the effort. The thing is ... this seems to be a traditional "required" setup to me .. containers have their own IPs and openvpn gives clients access to both host and containers ... nevertheless, nobody seems to be complaining about it (or just a handful who have gone silent). Also, I would have tested with openvpn-as running on custom:br1, however, the container does not seem to be allowing that anymore (unresolved dependencies error) ... should I be reverting to a much older version of the container for instance. I don't even know if that would work. I can't really think of a decent solution here.
  10. So I have some older USB2 flash drives laying around including a SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4 GB, a Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB and a Patriot Xporter 4GB... all in working condition but all many years old. Worth it to switch to one of those over the overheating Samsung that keeps dying or spend the $10 and buy a new USB2 drive like that Kingston? Thanks
  11. It looks like it's from the Netdata Docker container.
  12. So it seems when you login to the admin GUI it seems to read config files on the drive because when the drive dies all my GUI configs are messed up (e.g. theme settings) and I’ve got httpd errors all over the place on the page. That’s how I know the drive had a hiccup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yes, I believe the 1060 requires a power cable connected
  14. You guys need to use container ports of apps, not host ports
  15. External GPU and Plex. Is there any external GPU enclosures I can put a P2000 in that I can do GPU pass-through to a Plex docker container? Thanks in advance!
  16. Thank you I got it running. Very slow (40MB/s), but running. I will check out this FAQ but could you preview something for me? Say I copy files A, B, and C to the Movies folder. I wait a day for the cache to move the files to the array. Then I copy more say files D, E, and C this time. If I accidentally moved file C again to the Cache on the next day when the cache is cleared, will this present a problem when the Mover runs again? Like will I have two C files?
  17. You've got your cache minimum free setting to be 20TB. When entering in pure numerals, its in "K" You probably want to just enter in 20GB. Press the "?" to bring up help on the Global Share Settings
  18. Well I have seen your comment almost exactly like this on another topic and it didn't make sense until I read it here. Also, for some reason I never read that last sentence in the help drop down. It is working now. Also, I found a few tutorials from illuminated nerd and SpaceInvader One. Thanks.
  19. I would like to know this as well, I see that there is an update in the WebUI but unsure if I need to update within PiHole with pihole-up or the docker get eventually updated. Is the cron job necessary with the latest version? Thanks
  20. Set GUI mode as the default boot mode. Main, Boot Device, Click on Flash, Syslinux configuration, and set the radio button next to GUI mode
  21. You probably want to set it to "Yes". Preferred moves stuff from the array to the cache drive, and you'd want the opposite. Pressing the "?" on the top right shows all the help text
  22. You are confused about the various Use cache options. A common mistake. Cache-prefer means try to keep the files on cache and if any wind up on the array, try to move them to cache. What you want is cache-yes. This means write them to cache and move them to the array. There is Help in the webUI. You can toggle on/off for the whole webUI using the Help (?) in the top bar, or you can toggle help for a setting by clicking on the label for that setting. Here is a FAQ that goes into a lot more detail about the uses and effects of the various Use cache settings: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/page/2/#comment-537383
  23. Plex keeps asking me to update to Version Plex Media Server Release Notes Version Fixes Resolved an issue loading Plex Web settings page on various Linux/NAS platforms. Might be worth looking into.
  24. Nevermind. Found the button to open the clipboard in NoVNC.
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