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  2. If you google this error you will find that it seems to be a common issue. You may want to try this : I guess that using the default theme may also be a workaround.
  3. Thank a lot, it works ! I can connect from the IP. The server name doesn't work tho, is DNS go through the vpn ?
  4. I have set up three shares, which are all on the same zpool, as network drives in Windows 11. Even though they are all on the same pool, they show different sizes for both used and total size. The I: and V: drives in the screenshot are shared via SMB, the L: drive via NFS (since my Lightroom grinds to a halt when having my library on an SMB share for some reason). Basically what I'm seeing is that they all report 17.8TB of free space (which is fine), and add whatever is used by the share to that for the total amount. This is very odd behaviour. I would expect them all to show the size of the pool as total space and whatever is left on the pool as available across all shares. This may just be a bug, but if anybody has come accross this before I'd love any suggestions on how to fix this, as my OCD can't cope with it 😅 Btw this was present in 6.12.3 and still is in 6.12.4. I don't know about before then as I wasn't using Windows then.
  5. Squid, Any chance you could advise me on where to find information on deleting folders from docker containers created by mistake? Chas
  6. What counts as a remote or local one then? I have mine set to a send location on another disk that is then backed up. I have my settings to keep 7 days and remove snaps/sends local. I don't technically have a remote share, just another disk on the same system (which I may just get rid of because I can back it up from its current location just as easily). I originally started sending it locally because I had issues with the appdata and needed to recover a couple times and having it locally in a backup folder made it easier. But I just removed about 50 that went into my Cache drive. Also I just noticed that I had my domains set to send to cache/Backup and my system to do the same and only appdata is getting sent.
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  8. Same issue for me. Forcing update isn't fixing it either
  9. Hello everyone! Today, I made some upgrades to my HP MicroServer Gen 8 (RAM/CPU/NVMe), which has been running the same Unraid installation since late 2016 (what a long and stable way since 6.2, a big thank you to the whole team btw). I had planned to install a new 2TB NVMe SSD for cache/Docker appdata in place of my 256GB SATA SSD. I followed the documentation to the letter, but I'm encountering a strange issue with my /appdata. I believe I have a very similar problem to this one because I'm getting the same error message: "Fix Common Problems: Warning: Share appdata set to cache-only, but files / folders exist on the array." The difference from the topic above is that my /appdata directory at the root of my array is not empty, and the changes I make inside it are instantly reflected on my NVMe SSD (and vice versa). I enabled the exclusive access property a few days ago (following an update from 6.11.x to 6.12.4), which is working on my other three shares on my NVMe SSD, and I can see the symlinks there : I've temporarily disabled Docker. Since I'm afraid to delete this directory, I tried renaming it aggressively : mv /mnt/user/appdata/ /mnt/user/appdata2/ But it didn't change anything except the directory was also renamed on the NVMe SSD (I renamed it back to /appdata). Could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you!
  10. Retention removes snaps. The function not implemented is to remove on a remote host of send was used. Maybe need to hide that field
  11. Version: 6.12.4 , all my shares are gone from GUI or CLI. I haven't done a reboot yet but I do have a recent backup for my flash and my dockers so I am good there. Here is my diagnostics file. Should I just reboot and hopefully they comeback? Can't explain it
  12. Incase OP is still trying to work this out. I have unraid up and running on 3 x DL380 G9's. Note: This will only work if you have the correct Raid Controller installed. My ones have the Smart Array P840 Controller and it worked. Your milage will vary depending on what configuration the server has. - You need to get a hold of the SPP iso, boot into it and go to the Smart Array Configurator. (I don't know if you can do this via the CLI menu) - Erase all RAID arrays or (you can choose "Clear configuration" option) - Choose "Enable HBA Mode" under the device - Reboot server. - Profit...I mean, install Unraid and do what you want from here Main thing that caught me out before was not deleting and/or clearing the arrays configured first as the Enable HBA mode is not there until you've done this.
  13. Does this still not have the ability to remove snaps on a schedule also? I am on the most up to date version it looks and it still says function not implemented.
  14. ultra minor bug compose manager should support alternative file names for compose files, compose.yaml (preferred)
  15. are you building you own image? can you use one from docker hub?
  16. Ah merci impec. Tu n'as pas peur de perdre des données avec un seul SSD ? Parce que du coup il est en lecture/écriture? Oui donc si le transcodage est stocké temporairement sur le cache autant partir sur deux SSD pour être tranquille là-dessus, mais aussi pour les téléchargements et les conteneurs ...
  17. You want to install the Unassigned Devices plugin via the Apps tab in Unraid. You will quite likely also want to install the Dynamix File Manager plugin as well if you want file management facilities integrated into the Unraid GUI.
  18. i keep getting the following error: version: '2' services: gaseous-server: container_name: gaseous-server build: context: ./ dockerfile: Dockerfile restart: unless-stopped networks: - gaseous depends_on: - gsdb ports: - 5198:80 volumes: - gs:/mnt/user/appdata/gaseous-server environment: - dbhost=gsdb - dbuser=root - dbpass=gaseous - igdbclientid=(redacted) - igdbclientsecret=(redacted) gsdb: container_name: gsdb image: mysql:8 restart: unless-stopped networks: - gaseous volumes: - gsdb:/mnt/user/appdata/mysql environment: - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=gaseous - MYSQL_USER=gaseous - MYSQL_PASSWORD=gaseous networks: gaseous: driver: bridge volumes: gs: gsdb:
  19. For what it's worth, I'm using PBS 2.3-3 (the unraid container) with Proxmox 8.04 and it's working fine (everything verifies). I'm also syncing the same PBS 2.3 to PBS 3.0 offsite, again no visible issues.
  20. Thanks, I've got it switched over to ipvlan. I'll see how that goes. Is there anything important to know about switching from Macvlan to ipvlan?
  21. Hi Sorry I know its a stupid question, I've started hosting some websites for Jellyfin, nexcloud and so on and I thought why not make myself a website. Mainly for professional purposes as I'm already pointing the domain to dynu from godaddy then to my server I can't build the site with go daddy. so i though mhhm ive heard of wordpress lets use that From what I can see I need MariaDB but its not something I have ever touched and I suspect there will be some nuances running it on Unraid. It doesn't need to be particularly complicated site, just some pictures and Mainly a blog/about me section. Sorry again and thanks for any help.
  22. Im Subnetz nutze ich einen Asus Router mit Merlin SW, um bestimmte Geräte generell nur über VPN ins Netz zu lassen (das klappt recht zuverlässig mit Killswitch). Das geht mit der Fritzbox so nicht. Unraid habe ich bewusst an die FritzBox gehängt, um später ggf. auch von außen auf Unraid über VPN zugreifen zu können (aktuell nutze ich Unraid nur lokal). Hätte ich sie auch an dem Asus-Router, wäre das für mich noch komplizierter mit VPN und Freigabe. Bisher hatte ich noch keine Einschränkungen und konnte auch auf die Docker usw. zugreifen. Nur den Home Assistant macht jetzt etwas Probleme. Naja ich wolte es mal versuchen, wenn es zu komplex ist, lasse ich es wohl erstmal sein.
  23. Warum machst du solche Sachen mit verschiedenen Subnetzen? Müsstest dich ja nun um die Routing-Tabelle kümmern.
  24. NerdTools installieren powertop durchs NerdTools installieren lassen "powertop --auto-tune" in der Konsole vom Unraid ausführen. Und dann mal schauen, was passiert.
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