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  2. This is a python app. You can install this with pip3 install undervolt. Need pip, setuptools and python
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm not too handy with DB commands. Is there a particular postgresql docker and a DB management docker you recommend to setup the user and DB in postgresql?
  4. Is there a process available how to handle/report a community application that is not updated anymore even though there are docker container updates and the person responsible for the app is not answering direct messages?
  5. Would it be possible to add some sort of an socks proxy or ssh server to be able to also use the VPN connection to route other trafic through that docker? Such as another computer on the same network? Thanks for any advice on how to achieve that.
  6. Cancel and try again after updating xfsprogs to latest, you can see the instructions here, but use the current release here.
  7. This is the WebGUI of my backup NAS: As you can see it claims all disks are sleeping. But that's not true: smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sdb smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sdc smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sdd smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sdf smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sdg smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sdh They return all: Power mode is: ACTIVE or IDLE "/dev/sde" (the SSD) is the only sleeping disk: smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sde smartctl 7.1 2019-12-30 r5022 [x86_64-linux-4.19.107-Unraid] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-19, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, www.smartmontools.org Device is in STANDBY mode, exit(2) Only for testing I executed this command: mdcmd spindown 1 Now disk 1 sleeps: smartctl -n standby -i /dev/sdh smartctl 7.1 2019-12-30 r5022 [x86_64-linux-4.19.107-Unraid] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-19, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, www.smartmontools.org Device is in STANDBY mode, exit(2) Spin down delay is set to 30 minutes: Fun fact: It worked for 2 weeks without problems until I: - opened this page: http://tower/Tools/SysDevs - then this page: http://tower/Tools/HardwareProfile - clicked on "Show Details", which spun up the disks - this took a little bit long, so I opened http://tower/Main - again http://tower/Tools/HardwareProfile - again clicked on "Show Details" and now I was able to see hardware informations - as it did not contain the brand of my RAM I executed "dmidecode -t memory", which did not display the brand name, but I found now the RAM part number - I closed the WebGUI and that's it It seems that clicking on "Show Details" killed the Cronjob to check the status of the disks?!
  8. Thanks both. I will check into those two things and report back.
  9. ich muss hier nochmal fragen, was hat das mit den user.script auf sich. Ich habe mir das VM Backup erstellt und wollte es haute mal ausprobieren, dass einzige was er erstellt ist ein Orner mit Log Dateien, aber keine Sicherung nun habe ich in den Einstellungen gesehen das dort wohl ein user.script rein muss, ist das richtig.? ..und um weiter zu fragen wenn das drin ist dann erstellt er auch eine Sicherung..? Aber ich weiß natürlich nicht was da rein muss, habe das noch nie gemacht. Ist das script nicht standardmäßig beim Plugin dabei..? 😧
  10. Thanks a lot What is the advantage to make this vs raid1 with trueNAS or Openmediavault for exemple ?
  11. @DZMMI do it after the mount script is up and running - and I did another test last night created two directories with the following paths: /mnt/user/mount_mergerfs/gdrive_media_vfs/test/video.mkv /mnt/user/mount_mergerfs/gdrive_media_vfs/test2/ The directory ../test/video.mkv (with a file within it) was there in this morning while the ../test2/ directory (without any sub-folders or files) was deleted/removed. Not a big deal really though, was just a little concerned that (empty) folders I created in mergerfs were disappearing. Also, I noticed that the mount script created shares/folders only on /mnt/disk14 and /mnt/disk15 (the least full disks of my array) - can I manually create the: /mnt/local/gdrive_media_vfs share on disks1-13? Or how do I get the mergerfs share to appear on all disks (to prevent moving files between disks before upload)? Thanks again
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, but as far as I understand NUT does not support the ModBus protocol. The point is my UPS reports very little information in basic USB mode (just battery charge level and runtime left, no load percent, no nominal power, no voltages, ...). I've already tested with both apcupsd and NUT and get the same limited set of info. I agree these info (batt level and runtime left) are sufficient to manage a smooth shutdown in case of power outage, so I could run apcupsd with UPS type set to "USB" instead of "ModBus" (or NUT, which would be the same), as I have no issue at boot with this setup. But I also want to feed various UPS data to my dashboard (custom UUD 1.4 currently) through telegraf, so I don't see any other solution than apcupsd running with UPS type set to "ModBus" to capture what I want in the dashboard. Remember that after a reboot, if the UPS USB is plugged after "a while" everything runs smoothly until ... next reboot. That's why I suspect that the daemon starts too early, at a moment when the communication between the UPS and the USB "stack" is not properly established or "unstable". But my poor Linux / Unraid skills don't go further than this vague hypothesis 😞 Thus my request to find a way to delay the start of apcupsd during the boot phase by 30 seconds for instance just to check this intuition ! I hope that clarifies my initial post and experts will take time to have a quick look at it.
  13. Today
  14. Doing that now. So far im seeing the same thing
  15. If you'd like to see what I'm seeing the URL is here. I do see quite a few 301 in the Network list under Developer Tools, not sure how to read it though. Right now I have it pointing from NginxProxyManager to my Ubuntu VM which has VestaCP installed.
  16. Yes, if all members are there and in blue it will import any existing pool, though if you dind't already start the array once with no cache devices assigned to make sure pool config is "forgotten".
  17. So even if both show as "New Device" and blue I should start the array and the data should be there?
  18. Best way is to start the array with all the original pool members assigned.
  19. My server got a call trace 2 days ago but has run fine until today. I was unable to stop my docker containers in an attempt to change network settings. This usually happened after getting a call trace on 6.8.3 and ended in a forced reboot. The call trace and docker issue might be completely unrelated but my server did not shut down properly either when I tried to reboot it. After attempting and failing a graceful shutdown (I was watching the connected display) it did a force shutdown and created the diagnostics attached below. After 10 or so minutes of waiting for it to power off I force rebooted it and it's now doing a parity check. unraid-diagnostics-20201027-1413.zip
  20. Replace/swap cables on that drive, can't see which one is ATA5 since log rotated.
  21. I just moved hardware (everything new except hard drives and USB drive). Everything came up green on the new hardware except my cache pool. Both drives showed unassigned. Drive 1 of the cache pool did not show up in the system (I believe it's not seated properly but don't want to touch it yet) when I assign drive 2 to the second drive in the pool it's listed as a new device. Should I power down and reseat the drive or am I going to loose the data on the drives? Is there a way for me to just recover the data off one of the cache disks and then start fresh with the cache pool?
  22. I ran extended smart test and it came back with no errors. I then ran the sequence to make the drive reconstruct but it’s going at 600kb/s and the eta is 18 days. It’s still showing errors like in the above screenshot when I click show disk information. Any further advice?
  23. maetthew

    Notify issues

    I experienced the same with the "-m" option, the longer text message does not get displayed in the browser notification, but it does in the e-mail notification. Not sure if that's intended though.
  24. Thanks for the assist. I have the dockers back up and running and I'm working on the VMs.
  25. Hi Everyone I needed more NIC's and until I get 10gbe card I wanted to use one more 4xNIC intel card! Have I configured this wrong? My cards: The 4 from the "Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82576 Gigabit Network Connection (rev 01)" works fine! But only the first two of the: "Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation I350 Gigabit Network Connection (rev 01)" works? I have created the Stub like this: It's like the last 2 NIC's are deactivated? I can see a short connection flash orange but no green activity led? It's almost like I only have half of the card? - Could this be some PCi Express limitation of my MB? Shared lanes? or did I just configure this wrong? "8086:10e8,8086:1521"
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