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  2. What shows on the old drive if you read it in another computer?
  3. Habe es probiert und Du hast vollkommen recht. Funktioniert bei mir auch. Danke! Zusammenfassung der Situation bei mir, falls jemand anderes auch so auf dem Schlauch steht, wie ich: Hardware: BlitzWolf BW-SHP6 (15A Edition) geflasht mit 11.1.0 (FW Stand: April 2022) Direkter Link zum Plugin: Einstellung bei mir (IP angepasst) über Settings/Tasmota Power Monitor:
  4. See here:
  5. Hi, my unraid usb drive was failing so i decided to replace it with a new one. unfortunately, i forgot to read up beforehand on what i need to do prior to replacing USB drive. i forgot to create any backups or take a screenshot of my array setup. i was thinking maybe i can boot up my old USB drive so i maybe i can at least grab a screenshot but it wouldn't let me access the GUI, even in safe mode. Now i got a new unraid USB drive with no config, no activate code (i think i might have lost it). I was thinking i might risk it and just try to start array and order the disk by memory. just thinking ahead, i was wondering what would happen if i set the wrong disk as the parity disk? i also notice that next to the parity disk, it says "all existing data on this device will be OVERWRITTEN when array is Started". does this mean that if i choose the wrong disk, it would wipe the hold whole disk?
  6. Danke für den Hinweis, wollte nur wirklich sicher gehen und da ich nicht wirklich tief in der Materie drin und kein Profi bin, bin ich halt vorsichtig. Jetzt habe ich ein Problem gelöst, d. h. ich konnte das Parity Laufwerk identifizieren und habe den Key auf meinen neunen USB Stick geladen, habe ich gleich das nächste Problem. Es wir nur noch ein Laufwerk erkannt und auch im BIOS sehe ich nur diese eine Festplatte, aktuell vermute ich, dass ich einen Überspannungsschaden habe der mir die ganze Thematik eingebrockt hat. Zeitlich passt das auch relativ gut ins Bild, am letzten Freitag den 20. Mai hatten wir hier ein Gewitter und kurz danach ist mir aufgefallen, dass der Server nicht mehr verfügbar ist u. U. sind mir einige meiner SATA Bänke zerstört worden. Jetzt muss ich wohl Geld für eine neue Hauptplatine in die Hand nehmen... 😖
  7. What I'm questioning is why I would have lower pressure at the end of my push-disks-pull tunnel than on the openings with "atmosphere" pressure. Even if my fans did almost nothing, they'd still create higher pressure - the same as the rear fan would create lower pressure. and the air coming in from the bottom, would at least "sweep" along some of the air from the disk bundle (if that works only a bit), so its not too detrimental the only one "bad" would be "in through pcie" - which really needs a lot of pressure difference, to force the air around that bend instead I cannot monitor the airflow with smoke, but I can still test whether there's relevant airflow through openings... with light tissue... and I can be a bit sure that there's no air going into the back. But either way, I can keep the disks cool enough, I only have to dial in to do it with a bit less rpm so it's not too audible. ( I regret not having ordered pwm fans...)
  8. Für ein langfristiges Monitoring (vieler Dosen) nutze ich den Homeassistant Docker Container und den MQTT Docker Container um die Daten in den HomeAssistant zu bekommen. Das Tasmota Plugin (nicht im offiziellen AppStore) nutze ich für den Stromverbrauch des UnRaid Servers mit einer Dose im Dashboard und das funktioniert auch immer noch. Link
  9. Bios is not configured to automatically boot, so it does a restart. I always assumed that if a hardware error occorred that shutdown the system, the parity would have to be checked upon starting the array. Replaced all the RAM, same problem. Only thing I noticed, I didn't start the array and it didn't reboot for more than 7 hours. When I started it, always reboot in less than 2 hours.
  10. Hey Moderators vielen Dank für Deine Hilfe nun hat es geklappt. Ich nehme mal an dass meine Auswahl des einhänge Punktes nicht die beste war, Aber genau nachvollziehen kann ich die Fehler Ursache leider nicht. Da es auf einmal nach Ändern des einhänge Punktes einfach funktionier. Muss oder kann ich den Beitrag irgendwie schließen oder als gelöst Markieren. LG
  11. The port within the container can not be changed from 80 at the moment. But you should be able to map any port to that 80. By default it should be mapping port 8080 -> 80. Let me double check that the default settings are still correct for Unraid and work, I may have fudged something in the xml.
  12. Well the bequiet silentwings 3 are also among those... "silent but still a lot of throughput" The problem is that at max speed they're all still audible (or they're artifically throttled) I'll test with this setup (and some slight changes) for now, and when I open the case next time, I'll tape the bottom and pcie closed (shouldnt be too complicated). And then I have a manual fan control card coming (but its got some longer delivery time), with that I can probably fine tune things to a nice 80% rpm level which isnt as loud.
  13. Changed Status to Closed Changed Priority to Other
  14. This is one of the known controllers that this can happen to, but only because it's using a very old firmware: May 26 09:42:16 ES-unRaid kernel: mpt3sas_cm0: LSISAS3008: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x02), BiosVersion( If you updated the firmware while on an older Unraid release you'd see the same thing, and note that you should still update the firmware now, since many issues have been fixed since that one, IIRC current release is
  15. Yep. I'm really saying that. Air moves from high pressure to low pressure. period. end of statement. If you are doing a really good job of evacuating air from the exhaust fans, and the intake fans have restrictions and obstructions (the drives) the extra air being pushed out the back will come in from all the extra openings instead of helping out the intake fans. To do a really thorough job, you really need a clear cover to temporarily seal the side but allow visibility, and a smoke pen or some other source of non-noxious or settling vapour, and observe airflow in realtime.
  16. Thank you! That worked. Also, I will attach the diag.
  17. I've literally never seen anything like that (okay maybe except on servers) Are you really saying the air might flow in from the pcie slots, or from the bottom and go out on through the rear fan, so the air pushed into the front wont make it out? (orange: bad, unwanted, unexpected airflow) Because other than the bottom there's really no big holes anywhere that would make sense in terms of unwanted airflow. I could try to build a "funnel" from the pull fan after the disks up to the cpu fan. (grey) but I dont really think that would work properly (and I'm not sure how to build it... Green is the wanted airflow, where dark green is flow that might not be there right now. Blue is the top fan, I really dont see a way to redirect it to the bottom, so the only thing I could do is lower that top front one even more. (to make sure green reaches the cpu/rear fan, and not blue)
  18. Fan noise is not uncommon in servers. There are fans which are quieter. But be careful and do some research. 'Moving' air makes noise in itself. (Just stand outside when a breeze is blowing.) Carefully notice the relationship between these three factors: (1) CFM, (2) Head-- often measured in 'mm of water' and (3) Noise. You will quickly find that you don't get something for nothing! Here is a one fan that I have used when I needed a lower noise level. This company has several lines of fans designed to emphasis one of the three factors in the trade-off situation. This is not the only company to make quiet fans so have a look around before buying...
  19. Might not be a bad idea to put that info in the original post and/or GitHub. Some users might read it.😁
  20. It's the popup window when you click install.
  21. 用命令安装docker,提示孤立镜像已停止。麻烦问一下,该怎么处理,然后用手动安装,有的时候文件夹不显示任何文件
  22. This is only for servers using a NIC that uses the tg3 driver, this assuming I'm right and the NIC, or more likely the NIC driver, is the problem when VT-d is enabled, if that's the case there's not much LT can do, they can't fix the driver, what they can do for now is to block loading the tg3 NIC driver if one is found during boot and VT-d/IOMMU is enable, this should at least protect anyone updating without being aware of the possible issues. Even if the NICs are the problem it's not clear all different NIC models supported by this driver are affected, so it should also be possible to force Unraid do still use it when VT-d is enable, for anyone that wants to or believes they are not affected by this issue and doesn't want to lose VT-d.
  23. Das ist tatsächlich nicht so wild. Jup, ich habe nämlich nichts am Netzwerk geändert und es gab auch keine Updates. Ich werde noch ein wenig testen, aber falls es nicht klappt muss ich wohl.
  24. Hi, (Not sure if what I am experiencing is related to this issue.) For me, nothing has changed other than auto-updating Unraid plugins. Unraid is 6.9.1. UD plugin 2022.05.19. UD+ plugin 2022.05.17. Uptime is 19+ days (I had a much longer runtime, but sorted my equipment a couple weeks ago ). No drives removed or inserted recently. My unassigned devices appear to be mounted and readable/writeable in dockers/SMB/etc ... but the GUI tells a different story. SPCCxxxxxx drive appears in Historical Devices and appears to be the exact same name? I noticed in comments about spaces/underscores, but mine are the same? WDCxxxxx drive does NOT appear in Historical Devices. trailer is a device I use in-frequently, little HDD for my media server in camping trailer. Not worried about that one today. Is not plugged in currently. Has not been plugged in for year-ish Just want to understand how to fix this. 1. Stop dockers using these devices 2. Remove from Historical 3. I cannot click the pencil icon to edit the name? Will I be able to after it is removed from Historical? 4. Reconfigure 5. What about the WDCxxxxx drive that is not under Historical?
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  26. After unRAID is restarted, the display cannot be closed again. I hope that in 6.10, UNRAID can stop output to the display as in 6.92, and install "intel-GVT-G" plug-in in 6.92 to stop output to the display. But in version 6.10 it won't stop output, which annoys me a lot!
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