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  2. Hey. Trying to get a killing floor server running but I'm running into some issues accessing it anywhere but from my LAN. I have it set up and running with the default configuration and I can query and connect to it using my server's local IP address but no luck connecting from outside. Here is my relevant NAT configuration if it helps (pfSense) Is there anything I'm missing? From my understanding this should just be accessible outside of my network, right?
  3. not sure how to tell....if I go to terminal, looking at size of docker.img file...21474836480, which I'm guessing is around 21.4 GB.
  4. tower-diagnostics-20200220-2140.zip
  5. Okay....all docker apps installed....system is telling me I'm at 76% usage.
  6. Go to Tools-diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics zip file to your NEXT post
  7. I been thinking on suggesting/requesting this "idea" and just recently found out it is an actual thing that is already released. I'm wondering if Unraid will be adding this feature as it would be a great addition. For those that don't know, you can find more details about what ARC is below. (credits to zfsbuilds.com) TL;DR - Have SSD drives that also cache most accessed data and/or maybe to cache data depending on the administrators settings that best fit the server. (This would be on top of what the cache SSD already do with writes).
  8. Currently have added a disk controller to may array server, with capacity of 8tb 4 slots, added 3 disk @ 6tb, 1tb and 6tb...as each additional disk was added I keep getting a rebuild on disk 5 after preclear is finished on newly installed disk, the rebuild is averaging 2.8mb/s need to know if this is normal or if there is a fix. Also during the rebuild unable to play movies on the Plex server. Currently disk 5 is being rebuilt with error, disk 6 okay running fine no error, disk 7 running good but with errors. When I originally installed disk 5 I had to do a rebuild, but it took only 17hour @ about 98mb/s.
  9. the appdata will be safe and the templates will be already filled out and reinstalled the same way.
  10. okay...so set enable docker to no...if I delete the image, am I going to have to set up all of the dockers again? I had a few customizations for plex, etc.? While I have docker enable set to no...should I consider increasing the size from 20GB default?
  11. I missed that being mentioned. Try this Settings - Docker - Disable the service. Delete the image, re-enable the service Apps, Previous Apps, Check off what you want
  12. Okay. I'll wait an hour (or two?) and post a new log. Array is up and running. I can access shares. Docker has same error (failed to start). I have terminal access. Thanks.
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  14. Anyone else seeing “Warning/Camerarswpreview/You do not have perp globally installed. Using a depreciated built in perl. In their logs? Is their someway for me to install Perl? Or Update it? Anything?
  15. This post is exactly why I trust the unraid team, great job in the transparency !!!!
  16. not sure if I should have waited longer or not....new logs attached. dlvtower-diagnostics-20200220-1749.zip (web interface became non-responsive, so I hit the big power switch about a half an hour ago (17:15)...didn't think I could get a terminal window opened)
  17. I have been doing all my linuxserver.io development through this image for a while. I work on dozens of git repos and it works just fine. Make sure the config folder is on a /mnt/cache or /mnt/diskX location. Fuse on unraid may cause issues
  18. When you put up the nginx container, are you trying the http endpoint? From outside of the lan?
  19. +1 my reason is that I need the performance benefits from it being natively baked in vs emulating it from within a vm. Some of my use cases are very dependent on hardware accelerated iscsi and emulation reduces the performance vastly in high bandwidth low latency scenarios
  20. Same for me, cant figure it out. Worked previously.
  21. I'm getting some weird behaviour with the GUI highlander-diagnostics-20200221-0134.zip
  22. Thank you I was hoping that you'd do the diagnostics command before rebooting. Wait for the log to start filling up again, then post a new set of diagnostics
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