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  2. @trurl thank you so much for your help , everything completed successfully. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  3. The GPU should go to P8 if it's idle, but keep in mind that the readings of 'nvidia-smi' are often wrong since most features are broken... For example my GTX1050 displays most of the time the wrong power state, sometimes when it's transcoding P0 but most of the time P8 and when it's in idle it displays most of the time also P0 but it's actually in P8 and at last the power reading of the GTX1050's are mostly broken for all cards. On my GTX1060 this is a completely different story, the reading is completely right and even reports the right power draw... If you wan't
  4. This is really strange... Can you try it once more in Unraid and let the default primary gpu in the BIOS at iGPU please. You can install actually both plugins, the Intel one and also the Nvidia-Driver. The Intel transcoder is very capable of multiple 4K streams at once (depending on the quality and bitrate) and some say that it transcodes even better than NVENC (but I only heard of that ), uses way less power and in idle it can set it's power to 0W if that's important to you. Also @mgutt wrote a thread about that here:
  5. This is really strange and shouldn't happen, are you sure that everything is gone since I tried it with the basic or at least the default configuration and it started up just fine.
  6. This container didn't support a resolution change, I can implement it if it's really needed... What you also can do is to enable 'local scaling' in the noVNC options like this (but keep in mind this can look a bit washed out depending on the screensize): (the picture is actually German but I think where you can find it)
  7. This is a USB Tuner or am I wrong? Maybe try to replug it and it will hopefully show up, have you rebooted? I can try and compile you a version with the TBS drivers.
  8. Yup, i just updated the app and now I'm running into the same issue.
  9. I am not able to boot my windows 10 install after installing on a M2 SATA drive passed through to the VM. I have an M2 slot where i have plugged in a 2TB M2 SATA drive. IOMMU group 6: [8086:a282] 00:17.0 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 200 Series PCH SATA controller [AHCI mode] This is passed into the VM with <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x17' function='0x0'/> </source> <address type='pci' do
  10. I'm trying to use this script to mount multiple shared drives. From everything I've read here I should just be able to run multiple version of this script. But when I do I get the following error: Failed to start remote control: start server failed: listen tcp bind: address already in use I have rebooted. I'm only mounting the mergerfs in one of the versions of the script. Whichever script I run first will work but I can't get a second to work due to the above error. Any clues?
  11. Hi Guys, I've searched the issue I am getting in the forum but I haven't found an answer so I am posting a new one. I had ret_from_fork+0x35/0x40 Kernel Panic not syncing VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block I have switch USB Sticks, switch RAM sticks, I ran diagnostics too. Diagnostics did not show any error. If anyone has an idea, please shoot it! Thanks a lot!
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  13. yep, da ich falsche docker config ausschließen konnte ... es war bei mir nach einem harten reboot, alles gestartet (VM's, Docker waren erreichbar, ...) aber auch kein https,ssh, smb mehr ... Lösung, wie du beschrieben hattest, docker service stop, dann wieder normaler zugriff ... Bei mir war etwas im plex docker abgeschossen hat sich heraus gestellt.
  14. I just set up a windows vm and forget to adjust the initial size of 30g. I went to increase the capacity and got the same problem. I downloaded Paragon Partition Manager: Resized the partitions easily.
  15. how do you install over previous pihole instance (safely)? Will it keep configs?
  16. @alturismo hattest du das auch nicht erst und war da nicht irgendwas mit Docker? Wenn ich mich nicht irre war die Lösung den Docker Dienst direkt am Host zu beenden, also Monitor und Tastatur ran und: '/etc/rc.d/rc.docker stop'
  17. Have you tried deleting (or renaming) the config/network.ctg file on the flash drive and rebooting to get a new one generated with default settings? If you want more informed feedback you should post your system’s diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools -> Diagnostics) attached to your next post in this thread.
  18. If you post your system’s diagnostics zip file attached to your next post in this thread (so we can see what is going on) we might be able to give some informed feedback. You can penetrate this zip file either via Tools->Diagnostics in the GUI or via the ‘diagnostics’ command at the CLI. If using the CLI it is written to the ‘logs’ folder on the flash.
  19. I'm getting the same HTTP 400 error. Anyone know what's going on? Edit: Doesn't work in chrome. Found solution from user fnwc: When in the web UI, for Chrome, right click "inspect" go to the "Application" and click the "Clear Site Data" button then reload.
  20. My hardware is pretty old so I am aware that bottlenecks are here, but I was getting a transfer rate of about 30MB\s. I added two WD Red 4tb drives that I picked up a couple of days ago. The parity check finished earlier this morning so I started moving more files over, but now I am getting a transfer rate of about 15Mb\s. In addition to the drives I also had to add in this: This is the second such card I have. I have been using this one:
  21. Open a console window and type that command to create the keyfile.
  22. Alright. Finally got the chance to play around with the drive. I have two pro licensed unraid servers. Both are Dell PE R510s one has a Dell H200 in it. This is the original system "Harbinger". I tried installing there first no dice. Shows in sg_scan and logs but doesnt show in gui. The other R510 has LSI 9200-8i in it. I installed there next. Wouldn't show in either sg_scan or gui. Neither would a working ssd but that's another matter. So then next i installed it into a windows system and it showed. Healthy, without a filesystem. So I picked MBR in windows but didn't format. Threw it back in
  23. Thanks - I guess I'd assumed it was a docker issue, so had not looked for Ryzen-specific issues. I've changed my Bios's "Power Supply Idle Control" from "Auto" to "Typical Current Idle". While most components in my build are quite new, the PSU is reused from an older system.
  24. Because it's RAID-0, wouldn't I be able to get the full size of both disks added, since there's nothing wasted to parity? I'm trying to see how to expand it, but all documentation refers to the pool as inside /dev/. I'm assuming it would be the first disk in the pool, /dev/sdi. Looking at the results of parted list, it only shows sdi1 and nothing about sdp, and the size is only 2TB, when the original size was 4TB. I'm wondering if the pool didn't accept the replacement?
  25. Hey folks, I'm trialling Unraid, but with my build I've basically committed to using it. I'm experiencing most of the server hanging after a few days (usually about 3 days) - this has happened three times now. Usually the system will still be accessible over ssh, but the web UI won't load at all, or will hang when I click on the docker tab (which is probably a clue). And I can't interact with most systems using ssh either. If my assumption is correct that this is being caused by a docker container (somehow), then I don't understand how it's breaking the other containers
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