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  2. Gotcha. That definitely explains it. As nice as it would be to automatically repair in such a situation, I completely understand the reasoning for not doing so and I should not have assumed it would.
  3. If it's a one time thing you can ignore, if it keeps happening try limiting more the RAM for VMs and/or docker containers, the problem is usually not just about not enough RAM but more about fragmented RAM, alternatively a small swap file on disk might help, you can use the swapfile plugin:
  4. stupid questions, but.... you do have another GPU at all on this setup? If you are trying to pass through the only GPU, the system doesn't have any left
  5. 启动docker容器时,会有warning警告 WARNING: IPv4 forwarding is disabled. Networking will not work. 容器启动后无法访问webUI,使用host模式则没有这个问题,请问如何解决?
  6. I'm not sure which it was, maybe all of them. But this must have been the culprit. I've removed them all and it made a huge difference. Thank you!
  7. Checking the syslog I think I see that there's an error caused by a docker container: Mar 20 04:27:41 UNRAID02 kernel: oom-kill:constraint=CONSTRAINT_MEMCG,nodemask=(null),cpuset=75989cd4cdfb95d6d4cc0def9b3ed1360cd6f88458130216d3fb6f75b56036b6,mems_allowed=0-1,oom_memcg=/docker/75989cd4cdfb95d6d4cc0def9b3ed1360cd6f88458130216d3fb6f75b56036b6,task_memcg=/docker/75989cd4cdfb95d6d4cc0def9b3ed1360cd6f88458130216d3fb6f75b56036b6,task=s3cmd,pid=17525,uid=0 Mar 20 04:27:41 UNRAID02 kernel: Memory cgroup out of memory: Killed process 17525 (s3cmd) total-vm:567788kB, anon-rss:516056kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB, UID:0 pgtables:1152kB oom_score_adj:0 ... Mar 20 04:28:34 UNRAID02 kernel: oom-kill:constraint=CONSTRAINT_MEMCG,nodemask=(null),cpuset=75989cd4cdfb95d6d4cc0def9b3ed1360cd6f88458130216d3fb6f75b56036b6,mems_allowed=0-1,oom_memcg=/docker/75989cd4cdfb95d6d4cc0def9b3ed1360cd6f88458130216d3fb6f75b56036b6,task_memcg=/docker/75989cd4cdfb95d6d4cc0def9b3ed1360cd6f88458130216d3fb6f75b56036b6,task=s3cmd,pid=17526,uid=0 But this container is set up so it can only use 2GB of ram (using extra parameter --memory=2G) and usually only uses a fraction of that. So how can this be causing Out of Memory errors on the server itself?
  8. Ok, das ist wirklich mies. Ich bin vor drei Wochen erst noch an den Schalter vom Netzteil gekommen und auch danach hatte ich keine Probleme. Aber wahrscheinlich habe ich es jetzt angesprochen und als nächstes wird mir das Btrfs Dateisystem um die Ohren fliegen.
  9. Hello, my question is both very simple and yet I can't find any solution....I have a GTX 1080 8gb from KFA2 and it's impossible for me to use it on my passthrough server! (Error 43) Is this card simply compatible???
  10. I'm working on the plugins now and will do this next. Can you give a little more info on what this does? I have a custom docker network and I don't want to mess everything up with my dockers.
  11. Ups.. Mein Fehler! War gerade ein wenig Brain AFK.... Hatte Only mit Yes verwechselt. Hab es oben korrigiert! Hast du was beim "Minimaler freier Speicherplatz:" eingetragen und die Platte im Array ist evtl auch schon voll?
  12. The Fix Common Problems plugin is reporting that Out Of Memory errors are detected on my UNRAID server. This server has 144GB of RAM and as it is mostly used for storage only 25% of the RAM is actually used. This server has been working fine for several years. I have only had this issue occur twice now in the last 3 weeks, I have restarted my server between these reported errors. Other than this being reported by Fix Common Problems the server has been stable. In the logs I just notice constant SMB warnings (100s every minute) but these can be ignored according to another post of the forums. Mar 20 15:39:50 UNRAID02 smbd[10630]: synthetic_pathref: opening [<user>@<path> (2023_03_20 15_04_28 UTC)] failed What do I need to investigate to determine what is causing this? This is UNRAID 6.11.5 I attach diagnostics.
  13. Eine USV hilft leider auch nur begrenzt.
  14. My problem is/was different...Auth with tapatalk is working fine (but I did not reset my pwd after the latest auth policy change, just added 2FA). It is, only after I used tapatalk, previousy existing, authenticated sessions in a browser on another device/client would respond with "account locked", which is a false positive. Havn't seen this during the last week, although I did use tapatalk sometimes...maybe a glitch or solved silently.
  16. This is new: I know that default column number for desktop browsers is 3, but I've edited my interface while viewing the dashboard from mobile, and now only 2 columns are available. personally I like it and it should stay the same across mobile/desktop but probably this is a bug or a feature request of sorts... How to add the 3rd column if someone doesn't like the 2 column view mode?
  17. Wäre dafür nicht die Option "Nur"?!
  18. Thanks bonienl No worrys take ya time, just knowing it will get looked into later gives me a peace of mind.
  19. Same issue this morning. Output of dh -h / again is: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on rootfs 16G 2.1G 14G 14% / And I attatched another log. @trurl any idea what could be the problem? unraid_logs_4.txt
  20. Na ja, dann hatte ich halt eine 100 % Trefferquote bei zwei Stromausfällen (der Elektriker meinte noch, da passiert nix: Peng). Beides mal musste mein BTRFS Mirror im Cache Pool komplett neu aufgebaut werden.
  21. Das wäre nicht richtig. Somit will er ja ausschließlich auf den Cache schreiben. Du musst auf Prefer/Bevorzugt stellen. Edit: Mein Fehler. Bei Yes sollte er auch ins Array schreiben.
  22. Like mentioned above TrueNAS pools cannot currently be imported using the GUI, because TrueNAS uses partition #2 for zfs, it should be possible to import them in the near future, for now you should be able to manually import them using the console, but they cannot be part of the user shares.
  23. You should not rebuild, you should do a new config (Tools -> New config) with the cloned disk3 installed in place of the old one.
  24. Sounds good. Please let me know what I can share to help the process. I can tell you the following: - Container works fine for steam users without the '-crossplay' parameter - Container does not work for anyone, including steam users when the '-crossplay' parameter is added - I am using the most up to date unRaid version of your docker as of yesterday afternoon
  25. Ramdisk is limited to 50% RAM, but the other 50% might not be enough for the rest, if it keeps happening try limiting more the RAM for VMs and/or docker containers, the problem is usually not just about not enough RAM but more about fragmented RAM, alternatively a small swap file on disk might help, you can use the swapfile plugin:
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