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  2. Du musst die /boot/config/smb-extra.conf bearbeiten. Am einfachsten mit dem Config Editor aus den Unraid Apps. Alle Änderungen in /etc gehen bei einem Neustart des Servers verloren.
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  4. Just wanted to let anyone know if they have trouble with the URL for uploaded images being wrong. I had to deleted the App_URL setting in the docker settings. You need to add the URL inside the .env file manually but removing the APP_URL setting in the docker fixes the broken image URLs
  5. Nach einiger zeit Google hab ich nun die endlösung für mein Problem der Geschwindigkeit gefunden. Bei MacOS wird bei einem Transfer jedes Paket signiert oder gegebenenfalls sogar endverschlüsselt. Das Frisst natürlich Leistung. ich konnte dieses Verhalten mit mit Hilfe des Terminals ändern. dazu muss man folgenden Befehl im Terminal eingeben: sudo nano /etc/nsmb.conf diesen mit Enter bestätigen und sein Admin Passwort eingeben. Danach öffnet sich im Terminal ein neues Menü. Dort gibt man dann den Befehl ein: [default] signing_requir
  6. Aber du könntest manuell auf 6.9.1 gehen und dann auf 6.9.2 Bei mir waren es auch zwei andere versionen, aber hatte exakt das gleiche Problem, bin aus einem anderen Grund zurück auf die vorhergehende Version (manuell kopiert) und dann einen Tag später hab ich wieder auf die andere Version gewechselt (wieder manuell kopiert). Ich kann dir leider nicht sagen was es war, da sich mein Problem in Luft aufgelöst hat und ich eigentlich ein anderes Problem lösen wollte das sich ebenfalls in Luft aufgelöst hat.
  7. Ich komme von 6.8.3 und kann daher nicht auf 6.9.1 zurück. Zumindest zeigt er mir nichts dazu im Menü an. Bliebe im Grunde nur 6.9.2 noch mal manuell drüber kopieren. Aber wenn der Fehler in einer der Config-Dateien steckt, werde ich den dadurch nicht greifen können.
  8. So trying to use Swag with nextcloud. In the Proxy-Conf file, I am trying to modify the subdomain .conf.sample file. I've made modifications, removed .sample from the end, but I cannot save due to "You need permission to perform this action". I can't drag and drop the file from my computer to the server/appdata folder either. I even tried to SSH / Midnight Commander move the file into appdata but the "proxy-conf" directory doesn't show up in MC. How do i get a modified nextcloud .config file to save into the appdata folder? Note I am logged in under my account with read/write
  9. Did you measure power usage by any chance ? That would be an interesting comparison to see if it was a noticeable or negligible difference.
  10. @mgutt very good work! I would like to request the implementation of AGE in your script. @ich777 has one which is working with AGE: his backup script: The combination of both scripts would be really awesome :-) Thank you and Regards, Luk
  11. Could you explain me the steps of how you did it ?, I have the same problem a VM (LinuxMint) doesn't want to start anymore giving me this error "shutting down, reason = failed" Thanks
  12. I used the tutorial and it appears to be working well A lot simpler than I thought it would be
  13. Ich hatte das Problem auch erst vor kurzem, die Platten sind immer wieder aufgewacht und nie richtig schlafen gegangen. Hört sich jetzt echt blöd an aber downgrade mal nach 6.9.1 und danach upgradest du wieder nach 6.9.2. War in meinem Fall die Lösung, ich weiß zwar nicht was sich geändert hat aber irgendwas muss es gewesen sein. Habe seitdem keinerlei Probleme mit dem sleep der Platten. Und ja ich weiß Unraid installiert sich in den RAM usw aber wie gesagt, seitdem ich das gemacht hab funktioniert wieder alles.
  14. All the sudden my emby is broken The container has access to the internet But emby itself cannot access the internet. I have tried other containers and they work fine I'm not sure what has changed but for example when it fetches the news here is what it says in the log: 021-06-21 00:22:30.987 Error Server: Error processing request *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /app/emby/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /config -ffdetect /app/emby/ffdetect -ffmpeg /app/emby/ffmpeg -ffprobe /app/emby/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 Operating system: Linux v
  15. Then it seems like there is a problem with Plex. Try to create a ticket on the Plex forums that you've got artifacts when you are transcoding with your 11th gen CPU. Yes, I aslo think Jellyfin is a really nice application but on some edges it needs polishing... It's basically a fork from Emby and they went in two different directions some day in the past.
  16. coincidentally i was in the same situation very recently (and not the first time) my advice is stay calm and wait for the experts to chime in if you're not sure what to do. in my experience the disks and the data could be recovered.
  17. my system was running fine a few hours ago and just notice it was offline. went and checked and I have two drives that say Unmountable: not mounted one of them says device is disabled drive is emulated the other is still green. Just seems odd that two drives failed at the same time. I have not tried replacing sata cables yet just also seems odd that two cables failed at the same time? I have attached my diagnostics not sure if anyone can take a look and give any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  18. Sonarr was running well for over a year, but recently it has been unable to connect to qbittorrent. I did recently update to qbittorrent 4.3.x after staying on an older version for quite some time, but I can't say for certain if that is when things went wrong. Oddly enough, I have radarr configured (as far as I can tell) identically to sonarr and that continues to work without issue. Below is a snip from my logs when I try to test the download client connection: Any advice? *edit* also attaching supervisord.log supervisord.log
  19. Nextcloud is installed in docker, but I can't get the IPV6 address, what should I do? vm can obtain IPV6 address normally
  20. Why not provide your unRAID IP address with the home assistant port? Works for me 192.168.1.X:8123 or what ever up address range your using. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. @edrohler were you able to do this? i recently tried moving data off an emulated disk but I found that unbalance could not go past the plan process. during that time there was no rebuild. i wanted to move the data off the drive then remove the drive from my array (shrink my array).
  22. Ok. I'll wait until flax and chain have synced up, then I'll restart everyone in a different order. also downloading now.
  23. Good news for this Roon container. I now think I did not have a port conflict problem. After I fixed an emby path problem, all works good for both emby and this Roon container, without any port re-assignments. Also I did another update of this Roon container yesterday, and all is working.
  24. Wasn't sure this post deserved to be in a more specific place, so I figured I'd toss it here. TL;DR version: Have Intel NUC. Wanna run Unraid on it with 5 x hard drives in a USB 3.1 5Gbps external enclosure. Good plan? The long version: Once upon a time, I ran my Unraid setup on my main gaming rig. Ryzen 7 something or other, 64GB memory, RX 5700 XT and RX 590, case capable of being loaded up with with hard drives, and a mobo with all the features to support everything. Serving up file, running all the media-related docker stuff, and Windows/MacOS VMs with G
  25. After 14 hours a successful rebuild. Next problem haha Rebooted the server and checked the log to be sure, glad I did. Came across this repeating error: kernel: XFS (dm-2): Metadata corruption detected at xfs_dinode_verify+0xa5/0x52e [xfs], inode 0x84 dinode kernel: XFS (dm-2): Unmount and run xfs_repair kernel: XFS (dm-2): First 128 bytes of corrupted metadata buffer: kernel: 000000002169b579: 49 4e 41 ff 03 02 00 00 00 00 00 63 00 00 00 64 INA........c...d kernel: 0000000019da1c05: 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ kernel: 0000000072ff9
  26. since yesterday my syslog is getting filled with these: flash_backup: adding task: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ update yesterday i stopped/started array in order to rebuild a disk that had xfs errors. i had disabled my dockers and vms, only started them after ensuring that there were no problems after array stated. unraid is still in the process of rebuilding my disk. is this why these events are appearing? not sure if its related - i had to do unraid-api restart because myservers plugin wasn't co
  27. woot! and yeah, good idea to change all the keys
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