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  2. I think it's because I left some "echo" statements in the age_mover file. If I send you a new file can you replace it and test with results?
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    @A75G How would I get this installed?
  4. I'd like to see this feature as well. I know when setting up a Time Machine share via AFP previously I could set a max size. I just went to do it on a regular SMB share and realized you couldn't.
  5. Thanks. I wiil try, and if i find out, i'll post here
  6. Thank you! In the future, I will operate carefully and format carefully. I Checked last month. Then it was normal for a few days. But these days error again appeared. The server hardware has not changed. emmm.......I guess probably Although I don't understand that all about this.....I am waiting for a solution. Thank you!
  7. You are shure you are running nextcloud:latest as repository and not LSIO (linuxserver.io) version? Ah okay. Thats because the changes of GUID etc. did not have effect to that folder if it is created. You can exec it into the container and change the owner / rights or if you have no sensible data you can change chmod on that folder to get access. Cheers
  8. I have a problem installing virt-manager. They are reporting this error and I don't know what to do next.
  9. Unraid IS NOT RAID. There is no striping. Each data disk is an independent filesystem. Each file is stored completely on a single disk. Folders can span disks (user shares). Because Unraid is not RAID, you can mix different sized disks in the parity array, and you can easily add additional disks without rebuilding the whole array. You can have one or two parity disks, which allows one or two simultaneous drive failures to be recovered. You should keep a backup of flash. With that backup, you can get going again just as before with a new flash by registering the new flash in the webUI.
  10. On windows in the folder you have rclone open a cmd window and type rclone config file. this will give you the location of your config file.open and copy the info. assuming you have installed rclone on unraid. go to settings then rclone. on config copy and paste and save
  11. Hello All, I post here after some fruitless googling, apologies if my google-fu has failed me. All my containers seem to stopping, not one or two but all of them. The first I notice is when I try to use a service (probably need some better alerting there) and can't connect. When I check the server ALL containers are stopped, they successfully start when I click Start All. It may or may not be linked but I didn't see this behaviour prior to 6.8.3. I have also upgraded the motherboard, proc and GPU since upgrading to 6.8.3 but I am positive I had these symptoms prior to the hardware upgrade but post the 6.8.3 upgrade. Anyone able to assist please? Anyone else suffering from randomly stopping containers? Diagnostics attached. Kind Regards, diagnostics-20200407-1348.zip
  12. Diagnostics already includes syslog since the last reboot, so no need to post separate syslog. You should never format a disk with data on it that you want to keep. You should have asked for advice and we probably could have helped you recover the data. Disk2 SMART is OK but it seems to have connection problems. Double check all disk connections, power and SATA, both ends, including power splitters. Are you sure it is a disk making the sounds? Looks like you have some problems with mover and duplicates, which is keeping you from getting your appdata, etc. moved to cache. We can deal with that later.
  13. Yes it is x64, and it should work but it doesn't (I did install the apps from the start) no matter now: it works with the external onlyoffice docker. My path are set as follows: I have acces to /mnt/user/nextcloud. (and can create folders/files, so the share is working) I don't have acces to /mnt/user/nextcloud/data -> the error is: I do not have permission to acces the folder.
  14. Yeah, on that one while tags are supported, only the one ":latest" exists, so you're either SOL or back to over thinking. I will put in a PR to the webGUI to allow different icons when multiple apps are installed.
  15. I believe the correct fix would need to be in the docker image definition or the source repo. However, if you're looking for a quick/temporary fix the following worked for me: 1) find all package-lock.json files in the docker file system find /var/lib/docker -name 'package-lock.json' 2) Remove the ones that are associated with shinobi: eg. rm /var/lib/docker/btrfs/subvolumes/<some-volumenhash>/opt/shinobi/package-lock.json 3) In the Unraid 'Docker' tab, enable the 'Advanced view' (top right), and 'Force Update' the shinobi pro container
  16. I bought the shelf for 8 - 10tb drives, others I have spoken to said it will work for atleast 8tb that is why I bought it so I will update when i get it working with the hardware I am using and what works
  17. is their some sort of control program or os? or is it basically 10 individual computers (blades) inside 1 chassis?
  18. It could be. Maybe logs in the appdata folder could help determining what's happening.
  19. Are you running on a X64 Machine? Then that should work if you install all apps from the start. No the solution is just about the user rights you have at that folder. If you are not able to access that folder maybe the share is set to private? Do have have access to other share folders?
  20. unraid is a very efficient, fast, and innovative system that helped me build a NAS. Most of the time the system is running normally and stable. However, during Parity-Check, the hard disk has strange high-frequency sounds like "dingding" every few seconds. And many errors are in the log. But writing and reading is good, no errors. Last time, a few days ago, the system told me that the hard disk must be formatted before use. This caused me to lose 5T data. Now I give up recovery data. Although I am very sad ... ToT But when Parity-Check, the error still exists. I have to ask for help, I want to solve this problem. Thank you. logs Uploaded. neounraid-diagnostics-20200407-1945.zip neounraid-syslog-20200407-1144.zip
  21. This is the best way. RAID doesn't really make sense when you are talking about folders (shares). RAID doesn't work that way.
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  23. If any PHY reset and link drop to 1.5Gbps, that means problem persists and you should stop rebuild or preclear, keep try other solution.
  24. It just showed up with an update yesterday but alright
  25. Sorry I'm not enough familiar with the feature to answer. You should try to find how this can be done with pure nginx and if it's possible or not to do it for a particular DNS name. Then we can figure out how to add the config to NPM.
  26. Hi All, I'm new to unraid and have most things setup and working. However one thing I'm struggling with is getting my TV tuners to work with a plex docker. It detects them (unsupported) and allows me to run a scan. I have them passed through with --device=/dev/dvb/ but it never finds any channels. I have also tried with a TVheadend docker with the same result. However with a TVheadend plugin I'm able to get results with a scan. So I'm guessing it has something to do with the docker accessing the data from the tuners. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  27. Hello, I've been running this since it came out, but the last couple of days, I'm getting an email about the cron job. Not sure why. Any idea? Subject: cron for user root /usr/local/sbin/mover force 2>/dev/null No Size Argument Supplied Share: /mnt/cache/Backups/ Doing Find for Age Only Age 5 Share: /mnt/cache/Downloads/ Doing Find for Age Only Age 5 Share: /mnt/cache/TV/ Doing Find for Age Only Age 5 Share: /mnt/cache/appdata/ Share: /mnt/cache/domains/ Share: /mnt/cache/system/
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