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  2. Are you sure you aren't passing the disk controller to the VM?
  3. Has anyone had an issue where unmanicis running correctly for a short period of time and then it stops processing files. It shows them in the queue to be processed but it is just not grabbing them. If i restart the container it will process them again for a little while and then stop again at some point?
  4. The path directive supplies the path for a particular share. Not sure why I have to duplicate it in Extra since it's specified by unraid but it wouldn't work without it. These are share-specific directives so AFAIK it would only apply to the share whose path is /mnt/user (and creating that share might cause conflicts.)
  5. If your VMs need more time to shutdown, see this thread:
  6. Have you added your subnet under LAN_Network? Remember you're on a different network when connecting remotely over wireguard.
  7. If possible before rebooting and preferably with the array started Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post in this thread.
  8. Two weeks ago I started having problems with my system. First it reported errors on Disk 01, and disable it. I tested the disk and could not find anything wrong with the disk. I put it back in the system and led it do its thing. when it was don i had lost all my vm´s. I created a new vm and directed it to the right ssd and my vm wear back. Today I tried with my second vm to a norther ssd, it created it fine but fail to launch. and then the errors started on all my hdd and disabled one drive. I ran Unraid 6.9.0 and update it to 6.9.2 but still the same problem. Have any of you tried
  9. Greetings, I have been receiving this notification from the fix common problems plugin. I have installed mcelog and attached the logs to this post if anyone is able to help. thank you ryan
  10. Got some windows VMs that i'd like to setup in a domain config and have an Active Directory manage them like Windows Server does. Is there a docker or something that i can use? Want something besides Windows Servers VMs
  11. Ok, I could of sworn tht I saw a docker "template" with built in VNC / Webgui support that was designed to be a base to install other programs into. I can not find it even after looking high and low now though. I go out of my way to have gui options for everything possible and this has lead to me wanting to make a few custom dockers with GUI support. I tried implementing VNC manually but that didn't go well, so was hoping there is a debian/ubuntu template with VNC/gui already working. If this doesn't exist, does anyone know of a write up on how to get webVNC
  12. I just had a look at a backup of my usb as i couldn't remember off the top of my head. The file I edited to fix this issue was: `/config/vfio-pci.cfg` Before modifying ANY file on your USB, I suggest you make a backup of that file. The contents of that file for me were very short, with something similar to the following: BIND=0000:25:00.0|10de:0f00 0000:25:00.1|10de:0bea The above references 2 hardware addresses to be bound to vfio, each separated by a space. I either deleted that whole line, or deleted everything after `BIND
  13. Do we have to input share specific folders? Would stopping at '/mnt/user/' allow the spotlight flag to be recursive? This is what the default looks like: #unassigned_devices_start #Unassigned devices share includes include = /tmp/unassigned.devices/smb-settings.conf #unassigned_devices_end
  14. First of all, thanks for any help you can provide me. I am trying to migrate my Plex from FreeNAS to Unraid. I am migrating the data the easy (but maybe not most efficient) way by using Windows Explorer, copy, paste. To me this is quicker as I am sure there are ways to do it more efficiently but I figured it'd take me longer to learn how to do it than just transfer the files. In any regard, the moral of my question is surrounding the plex metadata/settings within FreeNAS. I have a large library with many shared users, and I'd like to not have to redownload meta data, redo all
  15. Don't you needed privileged mode for Wireguard to function correctly? I've never been able to get it function properly without it. Just want to verify for everyone.
  16. oh sorry for that - I put on my latest backup of my config on it - so the diagnostics of above are of my latest unraid config below I set up a stick from scratch and run die diagnostics program - even here I had the issue that it said: Starting diagnostics collection... mkdir: cannot create directory /boot/logs : Input/output error This happened to me not only with a freshly setup one but also with my latest backup of config
  17. Look at Q2 in the documentation below. Let us know if that doesn't work for you.
  18. It's not so much for my time, it's that the forum gets overloaded and missing people in need of help with new problems. IMHO forum is not helpful in this case, offers very little comparing to a bug tracking system. and for this reason i don't like seeing the same question every day. Anyway, for the future, please add more info so people can help faster/easier! :)
  19. Feel free to send folks to the announcement thread for support:
  20. Might be worth it to read the documentation some times 😉
  21. This is what the path is: /mnt/cache/appdata/plex /tv/mnt/user/TV/ /config/mnt/cache/appdata/plex /Movies/mnt/user/Movies/ /ConvertedMusic/mnt/user/ConvertedMusic/ /Photos/mnt/user/Photos/ /Docs/mnt/user/Docs I map this through the docker edit mode by clicking on the Host Path and creating the link. When I try to connect to the Plex WebUI, the connection is refused.
  22. Good point. "VPN Tunneled Access" is one of the options in the "Peer type of access" dropdown, so it made sense at the time I renamed the thread to make it more clear
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