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  1. Thanks @itimpi and @JorgeB I will try that my quarterly parity check just started i removed the plugin and will try it once its done in 18 hours or so
  2. just tried to manually start mover and it just refreshes the page and never start. in the log it looks like it started but does not appear to be running. Download Cache is 2 spinner 4TB drives using ZFS and main array is XFS Sep 30 23:49:22 Thor emhttpd: shcmd (3809): /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null & Sep 30 23:49:27 Thor emhttpd: shcmd (3810): /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null & Sep 30 23:50:57 Thor emhttpd: shcmd (3811): /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null & Sep 30 23:51:17 Thor emhttpd: shcmd (3812): /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null & Diagnostics attached Any help is appreciated
  3. Simply changing docker to ipvlan did not fix the issue Stopped docker deleted docker.img Created new one reinstalled containers Problem appears to be resolved. Interesting to note while docker was using macvlan and even after I changed it to ipvlan but it was still locking up my unifi 10GB switch would go offline and the unifi udmpro would too impacting my cameras but not my access points (all ubiquiti) Not a squak from any of the devices since fixing that docker networking had no idea it could bring my firewall and switches and other gear down.
  4. Yeah very odd wonder if its a glitch in 6.12.3 i deleted docker.img made a new one and deploying all my containers again using ipvlan i was using that previously with no issues i only went to macvlan so i could see my plex server in my unifi network devices list I digress.
  5. wierd i switched it after the first lock up on Sunday just verified it last night am i going to have to blow away docker and do it again as ipvlan?
  6. here is official diagnostics
  7. I did switch back to ipvlan right after the first freeze, froze up two more times last night so switched it off for the night and booted it this morning no array started and it was fine started plex and it was fine started some more containers and it froze so its frozen twice today here is my post with screenshots and logs
  8. here is what syslog captured its a pretty long read syslog for server.txt
  9. Hi Everyone I am in a bit of panic i am having a tons of stability issues with my server right now as of last night it seems it be very unstable freezing randomly after being stable for 25 days. i thought it might be my 5 year old USB so i popped it into my PC and it detected errors i repaired them and copied the data to a much newer usb. inserted and booted up with array stopped..transfered license over and leaft it with docker enabled, VM disabled and left all dockers stopped. Was stable all day while i worked so i fired up plex....stable for a few hours so started firing up other dockers i cant use diagnostics because it doesnt seem stable enough and its a hard freeze too so if any one has ideas i was able to get one screenshot with my phone as it froze once only i am suspecting a CPU or memory issue but the memtest+ is not working it just boots unraid it froze three times last night so i left the server off for the night, fired it up today left it with array unstarted until i remoted in from work and started it making sure all dockers stayed off. attached is the last screen on saw on the first of two freezes tonight. please help ! this server contains a lot of data i cant lose and im hoping its a simple fix. the Motherboard is an Asus with the latest bios and plugins and containers are all updated vm were disabled as well CPU is i7 10700k, 64 GB Corsair DDR4 ram stock speeds and asus PRIME Z590-V motherboard not thinking there is any damage to the data just possible RAM, CPU or pretty new motherboard
  10. its ok i got them all manually removed now im dealing with freezing on my server...time to hit up another menu to get help I get a CPU panic and it freezes right after
  11. well still not sure how they showed up, but once i started clearing them one at a time with the -R i i saw the massive list drop very quickly as i did them almost done
  12. yeah script was never known by me when i played with docker directory but once i got docker work once converting to ZFS from BTRFS using the docker.img file i wanted to create datasets so found the script this is my docker setup since using the script
  13. I never ran the script when trying docker directory thats whats odd about it I hadn't looked at the datasets in a while server was up 25 days with no issues just noticed it today then my server started locking up so spent time diagnosing that and its running better now so thought id look into why and how these all showed up
  14. without wild cards its going to take a while looks like its all cache/randomstring and there is a lot more than in this screenshot possibly multiple hundreds not related to my correct datasets (appdata, domains, system, isos) here is a smaller screenshot showing cache/domains it seems what ever happened created all these in the cache root so hopefully someone who knows ZFS better might be able to point me to a equivalent to ZFS Destroy -R cache/0* type command
  15. there are hundreds i did use the script to create the ones via docker.img not sure when it would have run to create them when DockerDirectory was tested. no way to mass remove all but the ones i need (appdata and domains) I mean its very massive list