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  1. How can you only choose one thing I like best about unraid?? That's almost impossible! Virtual Machines!!!! About what I would like in 2020, If you kept it just the way it is, I'd be very content.
  2. Try using the following syntax http://localhost:10090/ It just worked for me.
  3. Thank you burtjr. I appreciate your input also.
  4. johnnie.black You have made my day! I'm really at a loss as to why this happened to begin with but greatly appreciate your sending me in the right direction.
  5. Thanks! I'm getting the following error: root@unraid:~# xfs_repair -v /dev/md1 Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... - reporting progress in intervals of 15 minutes - block cache size set to 699976 entries Phase 2 - using internal log - zero log... zero_log: head block 216043 tail block 213757 ERROR: The filesystem has valuable metadata changes in a log which needs to be replayed. Mount the filesystem to replay the log, and unmount it before re-running xfs_repair. If you are unable to mount the filesystem, then use the -L option to destroy the log and attempt a repair. Note that destroying the log may cause corruption -- please attempt a mount of the filesystem before doing this. root@unraid:~# Can you tell me what this means?
  6. Help? What should I do? unraid-diagnostics-20170331-1644.zip I didn't even realize one disk was unmountable until after I found data loss. Other than that the disk's smart status is reporting A.O.K. I would really appreciate any steps I need to take. Thank you. Walter