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  1. yeah i too have been playing with the alternative way of generating a token and it does seem more stable, so i have made the change for both port assignment and also wireguard, as both require tokens and both are failing, one failing when connecting to and the other failing when connecting to metadata server on certain endpoints, so it def still does look like a pia outage of some type here, but the alternative method of hitting, seems to be working ok so i have switched over to that, just generating a test image now...
  2. the script does generate tokens from that host you are right, however a PIA developer in conversation when the NextGen stuff came out, said you can also hit, which is easier than a hostname which would require name resolution, so i dont believe this is the issue, and has been working since NextGen was introduced (around a year ago). Also note hitting is only used for port forwarding, the scripts also generatetoken for wireguard, which is also failing intermittently, as shown here:-
  3. check the log file /config/supervisord.log, there is some intermittent issues with pia at the moment causing vpn connectivity failure, so ensure the vpn is operational first by checking the log.
  4. see top of the screen recommended post 'glibc causing random errors'
  5. same - issues with certain PIA endpoints, switch to another, sweden works but im sure there are others.
  6. issues with certain PIA endpoints, switch to another, sweden works but im sure there are others.
  7. dont do this its a coincidence, pia is having intermittent issues on some of their endpoints, you just happened to catch pia endpoint working, nothing to do with privileged mode.
  8. had more of a in depth look into this this morning and i can confirm if i switch to netherlands i am seeing 503 gateway failures on PIA side, but its intermittent, i restarted the container and it started fine, so i am happy that no changes to the API have happened, its just PIA being a bit shit, hopefully they will get it sorted, god PIA can really be a Pain In the Arse sometimes.
  9. try a different endpoint, france looks to be dead right now.
  10. that is an unfortunate move as i think both of those might have issues, try swden (works for me).
  11. that will be why you cannot access it now, as 'LAN_NETWORK defined as ''' and your IP will now be in a different range and thus blocked. this might of been fixed by switching endpoint, it def looks to be working now, so i think your issue is now that you are blocked on your vpn range due to LAN_NETWORK not including your vpn range, see previous comment above, wait till you get home and try it on your lan, or alternatively add in your vpn range to LAN_NETWORK (use comma to separate the networks) and restart the container and try accessing the web ui again.
  12. no issues there, that is a successful start, what is the ip address of the machine you are using to attempt connection to the deluge web ui?
  13. ignore this, its a pia json content issue ignore, yes its a good thing and its not an error. it a warning about security permissions on the file, not to be concerned about. so i see no issues there, please do the following:-
  14. its fine, honestly, i didnt want it to come across narky, i just wanted to prevent any further 'i just upgraded unraid and now its broke' type posts, thats all 🙂