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  1. It is hard coded on first run to connect to the Netherlands if you then wish to change the endpoint then you can edit the wireguard config file and change it to your desired endpoint connection - see /config/supervisord.log for a list of available endpoints. Sent from my 22021211RG using Tapatalk
  2. So i would assume that is performing a database upgrade due to a database change in the latest version of plex, did you leave it for some time to finish?, if not then you probably now have a half migrated database aka corrupted database, see Q4 to verify this is now the case and possible fixes:-
  3. dont worry about that, its all done automagically for you :-).
  4. Q5:- you may still have database corruption, and of course you will be stuck on an old version until you resolve your issue, but the choice is yours.
  5. i have confirmed the image is ok by simply starting from a blank config and the web ui starts up no issue, so i would suspect this is a database corruption issue, probably best raising an 'issue' on github:-
  6. ok guys, java 17 now included, please pull down the latest image and then change the value for 'JAVA_VERSION' to '17'
  7. well looking at your screenshot i see no sign of port 8080 either!, so either those screenshots are trimmed or you have switched the port or even deleted the port from the container. can you do the following:- 1. edit the container 2. change something, then change it back to what it was 3. click on apply at the bottom 4. copy and paste the text in the 'command execution' section here
  8. ok thats fine, try the following:- 1. try a different browser on the same machine 2. try a different machine on your lan 3. check proxy is NOT set in browser what is the url you are using to attempt connection to the web ui?
  9. ok in that case my recommendation would be to raise an issue on the prowlarr github repo:- put as much detail in as you can.
  10. thats a clean log, no issues there, what is the ip of the machine running the web browser that you are attempting to connect to the sab web ui?
  11. are you pointing prowlarr at a proxy such as privoxy? if so check connectivity is working there first (check /config/supervisord.log)
  12. that looks like a config issue to me, try renaming /config/delugevpn/core.conf to core.conf.old and then restart the container to re-generate the default config, then reconfigure.
  13. something is causing a reset on the vpn provider end, from your log:- 2023-01-15 16:55:34 Connection reset, restarting [-1] 2023-01-15 16:55:34 SIGHUP[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting you need to try another endpoint, that one looks broken, you are currently using:-
  14. latest image is running openssl-3.0.7