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  1. the openvpn client will use whatever cipher is specified in the ovpn file you downloaded from your vpn provider (located in /config/openvpn/), simply open it with a text editor such as notepad++ (not notepad or wordpad) and edit the cipher.
  2. no massive investment for me, my current home media box cost me just over £100 and can playback x.265 remuxes without missing a beat, i would assume something similar will come out for x.266 at around the same price point, thats significantly cheaper than doubling my storage requirements.
  3. one word, nice! 🙂 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-53322755
  4. have you got any plex plugins installed?, if so if possible see if you can remove them and see if this fixes the issue, i would assume by the fact there is only 2 posts for this issue that its something specific that you and @GermGerm both have installed. also can you screenshot your settings for the container, left click, edit, click on advaneced view, click on 'show more settings', screenshot.
  5. ok and assuming you have a cache drive, is the share 'appdata' setting 'Use cache (for new files/directories)' set to 'Only'?, if not then i suspect mover is moving your files from the cache drive to the array, thus resetting your containers config. and to answer your previous question, the backups are stored in /config/minecraft/backups/ and you would restore by simply stopping the container and then copying the contents of one of the backup folders to /config/minecraft/worlds/ and then starting the container again.
  6. as @Frank1940 says, you can do basic auth with password protection via env var 'VNC_PASSWORD', but yeah dont port forward this directly to the internet!, reverse proxy should be fine with a real cert or vpn tunnel if you REALLY need access whilst out and about.
  7. Settings/configure krusader/general/delete mode = change from 'move to trash' to 'Delete files'
  8. what is the path for /config specified as for the container?.
  9. hmm not sure why your plugins are not starting, but there are two easy steps to fix this:- 1. restart the container - if this doesnt fix the plugins issue then.... 2. left click the icon, select 'edit' change a value of something and then change it back to what it was (so in effect no change) then click on 'apply' at the bottom, this will delete the old (broken) container and re-create it.
  10. err i didnt say client?, did you click on the link and look at Q4?.
  11. no, you will need to remove the duplicates, if you are a new user then you do not need to add in these new keys, they will already exist in the template, you then simply tweak the 'values' to whatever you want.
  12. then thats your problem, you have lan_network defined as:- 2020-07-06 04:56:04.965798 [info] LAN_NETWORK defined as '' read Q4 here on how to set it correctly:- https://github.com/binhex/documentation/blob/master/docker/faq/vpn.md
  13. that looks like a successful start to me, what is the ip address of the client you are using to access sabnzbd web ui?
  14. you def need to sort this out first, its out of the scope of support for this thread as its a general docker engine issue, so i would advise posting this here:- https://forums.unraid.net/forum/58-docker-engine/
  15. your issue will be most probably vpn provider related, please do the following:- https://github.com/binhex/documentation/blob/master/docker/faq/help.md