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  1. you sure about that? so in advanced view for the container in 'extra parameters' you have the following defined?:- --sysctl="net.ipv4.conf.all.src_valid_mark=1"
  2. this is a github repository that has been put into read only mode, basically its not not supported or maintained. a tagged image refers to somebody specifying the version they want via the docker tag, read Q5 for how this works:-
  3. OK hopefully the last comment from me on xz as i believe we are sorted, if you want to confirm the package version installed to ensure its the patched version '5.6.1-2' (see, then do the following:- open unraid webui and left click container and select 'Console' copy and paste the following command:- pacman -Q | grep 'xz' confirm the returned value is 'xz 5.6.1-2', if not please post here the image name so i can investigate. Note:- If you are using an archived image then this will not be patched, also if you are using a tagged image then again this will not be patched.
  4. that log is useless, please do the following:-
  5. there is no torrent creator for the webui version of qbittorrent, see this issue:-
  6. left click the container and click on the 'show more settings....' and it will reveal the path for /config, i would assume its pointing at your array, if you want it to use your cache drive then stop the container, move the files to the cache drive and then change the host path to point at the cache drive location where you moved the files to.
  7. @uberchuckie issue was resolved, if you have the same issue then do the following:-
  8. OK all images are now up to date, please perform a 'check for updates' and pull down any out of date images. Note:- I do not know what image you are using for your minecraft server but mineos-node has now been archived, so if you are using this image i would encourage you to switch to a maintained image such as crafty4 as this will NOT include the updated xz package. Be aware version 5.6.1-2 is the patched version, so if the version of xz is still showing v5.6.1 then this will be the patched release - see link for more details:-
  9. This is the issue, you need to talk to AirVPN about this if there is no newer certificate.
  10. the 'network type' should be set to 'bridge' is this the case? the reason i ask is that in bridge mode you do not specify ports.
  11. Yes, it looks like the diagnostics tool is grabbing the entire process name including all env vars defined for the container, the env vars will specify (amongst a lot of other things) the username and password for the vpn provider, i assume this would be true for any env vars for any container, not just this one. obfuscation of credentials is actually quite difficult to do in a robust manner, line wraps or other unexpected conditions can cause the credential to leak even if obfuscation is used.
  12. The cert is auto generated as part of the startup process, i have just run from fresh and i can see the cert has a creation date of today and expires in 3 years, you could try stopping the container, then delete the /config/ssl folder and start the container, this should force a new cert to be created.
  13. I'm currently on holiday, I shall take a look when I get back on Saturday Sent from my 22021211RG using Tapatalk
  14. I'm waiting on the upstream update, if it doesn't happen by the end of this week then I shall have to compile it myself and include in the build Sent from my 22021211RG using Tapatalk