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  1. see recommended post at the top of the page and follow the instructions
  2. lol, ok that just got weird real quick, but YES it works!!!!! highlight of my week, i know i should get out more :-), thanks Spencer, and yes i do indeed love you long time.
  3. oooo you had me hot under the collar there for a minute 🙂 , but sadly i dont have that option 😞 can this option be enabled pretty please, then i def give you long time love
  4. @SpencerJ in general i like the upgrade, the sidebar is interesting, but for me as a docker developer and having multiple threads to support, its missing one key feature that i would ABSOLUTELY love, and that is the ability to mark a particular post in a thread as sticky (obviously only created of the thread should be allowed to do this), and have this sticky post shown on the new sidebar (or even at the top of the thread). This would make my life (and im sure a lot of other unraid developers lives) a lot easier, as i could sticky important posts for the general community, for exam
  5. this is certainly one way of doing it, but for me this wouldnt work too well as i have split tv/movie collections, so i use the more granular control you get with sonarr to ensure the right file goes in the right location and is also post processed for filename changes and crud removal.
  6. typically its the metadata downloader (such as sonarr, radarr etc) NOT the download client (such as deluge) that does the copying (note i didnt use the word move, as sonarr etc generally do a copy not a move for torrents), HOWEVER it is possible for the download client to do the move/copy if you use a script to do this, but its not normally required.
  7. you are running an out of date docker image, click on the 'force update' link or click on 'check for updates' button and then apply updates to update to the latest image.
  8. please switch back to 'latest', test is for exactly that, testing and is prone to breakage as i test new changes. as you saw an update yesterday im also assuming you are on test tagged version, switch back to latest.
  9. simple solution to this is to use the docker image duckdns, this automatically tracks your current public ip and if it changes then it updates a dynamic dns entry, you then get your kids friends to connect using the dynamic name (not ip) and thus it will always connect to the correct ip address - do a search on CA for duckdns.
  10. your lan_network is incorrect, see Q4:-
  11. it must be a different docker image then right?, is the other one binhex/minecraftbedrockserver ?
  12. it looks like rtorrent is unable to start, most probably due to incorrect changes to the config file, delete the file /config/rtorrent/config/rtorrent.rc and then restart the container.
  13. im afraid i dont do beta's due to my limited amount of time for support, you will have to wait for it to be included in the next release or switch to another image.
  14. you are probably in another subset of commands which has a smaller set of commands and thus help pages, just restart the container is the easiest way to get back to the root.
  15. no, it has to target /mnt/user/appdata/... as the user may or may not have a cache drive. why not?, most people download incomplete and completed to cache, then use sonarr/radarr/medusa etc to rename, delete cruft, and move to the array, works for me.