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  1. Thanks for the kind words and the beer money, much appreciated, and thanks for reading the FAQ, a lot of people don't! Sent from my 22021211RG using Tapatalk
  2. that can be ignored and is not related:-
  3. simple, left click syncthing, edit something, edit it back to what it was, scroll to the bottom and click on apply, this will delete the container freeing up space.
  4. should now be fixed, please pull down latest image just built
  5. yes. open qbittorrent webui/tools/options/connection tab/listening port/Port used for incoming connections:
  6. When ready Sent from my 22021211RG using Tapatalk
  7. Great post! This will definitely help me integrate claim support via env var Sent from my 22021211RG using Tapatalk
  8. it automatically updates based off commits to master (for now), so its fully up to date, ignore the version you see and prompt for update, for some reason it looks like it pulls this from the file `/config/crafty-4/crafty/app/config/version.json` which is persistent, so your version wont change. EDIT - fixed this by forcing an overwrite of version.json from container to bind mount on startup, please pull down latest image to see this in action, you should then see the version info updated and you wont see a prompt to upgrade (even though there is no upgrade).
  9. ahh i get it now!, i wondered why my support threads were littered with claim issues! :-), interestingly i reset my password with no need to perform a claim of my server, it simply worked, maybe i got lucky?. i will see if i can make claiming easier.
  10. JMP

    I have recently had problem where downloaded files were going to /home/nobody/downloads. These files appear to be going to docker image ( as i rec several warnings of free space left) I have manage to  correct  files to proper path /mnt/user/Downloads/completed/ however how do i retrieve previous downladed files from docker.img?


    Any help appreciated



  11. then that would explain it, from your log:- LAN_NETWORK defined as '' see Q4:-
  12. nothing obviously wrong there, whats the ip of the machine running the web browser? (as in the client pc you are using to attempt connection to the sabnzbd web ui)
  13. im going to need you both to do the following:-
  14. looks like a known issue, i would expect the next commit to master will fix this, so either wait or roll back to the previous working version, link to issue;-