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  1. binhex

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    btw just to be clear to anybody here, this is no longer the case, dns is 100% used over the vpn only, the only time its not is for the initial lookup of the endpoint you are connecting to (which is then cached in hosts file). If the vpn goes down name queries do not go over the lan (iptables set not to allow port 53), once the vpn tunnel is re-established (by looking up the endpoint using hosts file) name server queries are then resumed over the vpn tunnel, zero leakage.
  2. binhex

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    i have a general rule of not targeting non releases unless there is no alternative, so i would prefer to wait for the official release of 2.0 before jumping over, stability is everything in my opinion and whilst i appreciate your experience of using it, there are a lot of users here who have a uncanny way of finding bugs :-). what pro's are there over v1 btw, speed?, ui?
  3. binhex

    [Support] binhex - Radarr

    i would rather not include apps purely for debug, instead you can temporarily install it into the running the container by doing the following from host ssh:- docker exec <name of container> pacman -S mediainfo --noconfirm this will install mediainfo for you, you can then use it as instructed by the devs.
  4. binhex

    [Support] binhex - qBittorrentVPN

    see here Q2. under the delugevpn heading:- https://forums.unraid.net/topic/44108-support-binhex-general/?tab=comments#comment-433613 yes i think if you click on advanced view then from memory (no access to my server right now) you can edit the url. only if you dont want it to save to that location.the choice is yours.
  5. binhex

    [Support] binhex - qBittorrentVPN

    you dont have to have separate container paths for incomplete and completed, you simply have incomplete and completed as sub folder under /data e.g.:- /data/incomplete /data/completed simplez.
  6. binhex

    [Support] binhex - TeamSpeak

    ok if you created a nat rule and you left the tickbox at the bottom ticked which says something like "now go and also create the subsequent firewall rules" then you shouldn't need to do anything, obviously if you did untick this option then you will need to manually go create the firewall rules.
  7. binhex

    [Support] binhex - TeamSpeak

    there is no such thing as a port forward rule in pfsense, what did you actually create? nat rule?
  8. binhex

    [Support] binhex - TeamSpeak

    Create NAT rules and then subsequent firewall rules for each port. Sent from my EML-L29 using Tapatalk
  9. binhex

    [Support] binhex - TeamSpeak

    Yes, me, I tested it this afternoon and once the correct ports were set I could access it internally or externally, keep in mind you must ensure the protocol is set correctly too (UDP/TCP) Sent from my EML-L29 using Tapatalk
  10. binhex

    [Support] binhex - TeamSpeak

    make sure you are port forwarding all the required ports:- the TS3 server creates a virtual voice server on port 9987 (UDP). The ServerQuery is listening on port 10011 (TCP) and file transfers will use port 30033 (TCP)...
  11. binhex

    [Support] binhex - TeamSpeak

    you have to run this docker as "host" network (the default) not bridged, and thus you cannot specify the port, instead you simply port forward to <your hosts ip address> port 9987
  12. binhex

    [Support] binhex - qBittorrentVPN

    yeah you need to configure both the incomplete folder (stuff currently being downloaded) and the completed folder (stuff completed), it should then move from the incomplete folder to the completed automatically (works for me), i dont have a copy of qbittorrent running right now, but it should be in settings in general tab i think.
  13. binhex

    [Support] binhex - Jackett

    Nope im getting this as well it looks due to mono and possibly interaction with jackett not much I can do about it but feel free to raise it as an issue on the jackett github repo or add comments to the existing issue. Sent from my EML-L29 using Tapatalk
  14. binhex

    [Support] binhex - Deluge

    how about just turning off the port forward on your router if you are still seeing torrents added to deluge then you know it's something on your network such as sonar or radar etc Sent from my EML-L29 using Tapatalk
  15. binhex

    [Support] binhex - qBittorrentVPN

    @Chaos_Therum this is normally due to weak consumer grade routers, generally supplied from ISP's. i have seen this first hand where the router simple cannot cope with the number of incoming connections and thus you get packet loss/disconnections/lan lockups etc when stressed (torrenting), not sure what you guys are using and obviously changing router is not a simple or cheap thing to do (i get this). so you could try reducing the number of connections, just try and reduce the load that the router has to handle and see if that stabilises things.