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  1. Overview: Do you record TV using Tvheadend?, ever had the problem where a recording cannot be fwd/rev/skipped due to bad signal causing corruption?, if so this is the script for you!. This script was inspired by this post, i've enhanced it so it can cope with any container format, it also has an option to specify the location of ffmpeg (optional first parameter). The script will typically process a 60 minute TV recording in around 15-20 seconds on my low end ARM processor, which i think is very acceptable. Download: curl -o '/tmp/' -L '' chmod +x '/tmp/' Once downloaded to a safe locaiton that Tvheadend can view then you need to get the script to run during post processing, this is done by going to Tvheadend Web UI/Configuration/Recording then 'Post-processor Command' and enter in the path to the script, suffixing it with %f (file path variable of the recording) If you want to retro repair broken recordings then simply run the script and specify the filepath to the recording, e.g: '/tmp/' '/mnt/user/TV/Live/BBC1/Strictly Come Shooting/Shotguns-are-badass.mkv' Enjoy your fixed up recordings! 🙂
  2. i need a full log, do this:-
  3. are you also setting the WEBU_PORT?, this needs to match, see this from the readme:-
  4. yeah delugevpn is special, it has to be to prevent ip leakage from occurring, ok take a look and ensure you aren't getting blocked via your firewall (pfsense?) also check any vlan rules arent blocking (if present), ensure its not the host running the web browser thats a problem so try other hosts and different browsers.
  5. that looks like a clean start from the small snippet of the log you have provided, have you changed lan network range?, created more vlan's?, reconfigured firewall etc?.
  6. what is the network for the host running the web browser?, is it also 192.168.2.x?
  7. i cant explain why your ports are switching around but port 8008 is NOT the default port for this container, its set to 8000 out of the box, and altering the container side port should never be done (one exception is qbittorrent), i can only assume you changed the port from 8000 to 8008 at some point due to a port clash with another container. proof link:-
  8. here is my stab at explaining this common newbie misconfiguration, Q4:-
  9. are you sure of this?, are you putting in the external ip and the port as shown in the supervisord.log?, you cannot enter in your isp's ip address as the port will not be shown as open.
  10. you need to add the wireguard assigned network to the value for env var LAN_NETWORK, using a comma to separate the values, so you should end up with LAN_NETWORK value defining your LAN and your wireguard network.
  11. from your log:- AUTH: Received control message: AUTH_FAILED see Q16:-
  12. ok problem 1. (there maybe others), you cannot allocate a static ip for the container that matches your LAN_NETWORK, so either set the container back to the default 'bridge' network and let docker assign an ip to the container, or change the static ip for the container to be in a different network to your main lan and unraid subnet, e.g. create a new docker bridge network and define it as docker network create --subnet= vpn-bridge then set the vpn container to use the 'vpn-bridge' and set the static ip to say, if you want to allow ALL hosts on your internal network to have access to the vpn container then set LAN_NETWORK to be, then for access to the vpn container from sonarr you simply point sonarr at the ip address of your unraid server (not the static ip of the container) and port chosen for the qbittorrent container. in short, set the container to use the default bridge, or create new docker bridge network that is not in the lan range and set the container to use that.
  13. what is the difference between: and: there obviously is a difference but without any detail its hard to say, what is 'the same subnet' ?, are you sharing networks with other containers with the rtorrentvpn network?, are you talking about the docker network?, are you talking about a seperate vlan?, as much technical detail as possible is required here, screenshots of it failing would be useful. if a machine running your web browser is NOT in your defined LAN_NETWORK, in your case then it will be blocked, this is a security feature of the container and prevents ip leakage, if you have multiple networks then you have to add them into LAN_NETWORK (comma separated). also please do the following:- EDIT - ahh i see your more detailed post here, ok let me read up on your comments:-
  14. i would say this file is corrupt, try renaming it and then restart the container to force regeneration, looking at the file it contains login information and name of server etc, so expect some reconfiguration, alternatively restore this file from your backups from a previous date.