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  1. ok can you set the 'default directory for downloads' to /tmp, this will cause it to write inside the container then delete any torrents and re-download a test torrent and see what happens, i just want to rule out any mount issues and permissions issues. just to confirm - this container does indeed work fine (i use it daily), so there is something local that is causing the issue.
  2. ive taken a look at your log and its clean, there are no issues with your docker config, so i think the issue has to lie with file permissions and/or config for rutorrent/rtorrent, check the following:- 1. check user with id 1000 and group id 1000 have write permissions to '/mnt/storage/Media' 2. can you screenshot rutorrent/settings/Downloads and rutorrent/settings/Autotools and paste here. 3. can you paste your rtorrent.rc file, it will be located at /config/rtorrent/config/rtorrent.rc
  3. indeed, its only a indicator, no kittens were sacrificed as far as i know :-). im glad you are enjoying my work :-).
  4. looking at the tumble weed that just went past yur post i would take that as a no :-), have a look at Q3 from the following link and see if its db corruption:- https://github.com/binhex/documentation/blob/master/docker/faq/plex.md
  5. and i'm tellin' ya its always worked for me :-), i have a green icon right now, when it goes red then i check and sure enough the port is closed, my scripts then kick in and reconfigure the port and it goes back to green, dunno what to say dude but for the vast majority of people this just works *shrug*.
  6. its a docker container so you can only get to the cli of get_iplayer via the docker console.
  7. it should be 'bridge' then i would say something is blocking the connection to the website used to grab all available releases, most probably pfsense or pihole or something similar being overly zealous with blocking.
  8. nope, last build was 18 days ago. this sounds like it could be 'mover' causing you issues, check your array and see if your files are now located on the array, if so then 'mover' has moved the files from your cache drive to the array. if this is the case then you will need to prevent mover by setting your appdata share to 'use cache' = 'only' and then of course move your files back to their original location, restart the container and you should be good to go.
  9. nope, you said that and i corrected you:- https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46127-support-binhex-rtorrentvpn/?do=findComment&comment=865127 if the indicator at the bottom of the screen is red then you do not have a working incoming port, that plugin IS reliable, at least it is now that it got fixed (was broken for around 2 months). grab your external ip address from settings/bittorrent/ip-host to report to tracker, grab your incoming port from settings/connection/port used for incoming connections and head over to this website:- https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ paste in the ip and port and click on 'check', i think you will find your port is not open.
  10. correct correct, you dont need to forward ports but you do still need a port to connect to rutorrent web ui, and this will have to be unique for each container, change only the host side NOT the container port.
  11. im assuming bad use of the word 'script' here, you mean multiple containers with different endpoints?, if so then yep you can do that no problem, just make sure no host ports conflict.
  12. yes, leave the container running and it will sort it all out for you, i just had my port close (vpn provider issue) and my scripts kicked in to reconfigure for a new incoming port automagically.
  13. you can def define the port for minecraft pe (android), go to play/servers tab and then click add server and enter in the details including the port, this is what i personally use when outside my lan and it works great! (it also works inside my lan via port reflection).
  14. ok in that case i would suspect your vpn provider is blocking torrent traffic, you could try another vpn endpoint, perhaps they permit torrent traffic on certain endpoints only, who is your vpn provider?.
  15. is the incoming port indicator in rutorrent shown as green (bottom of the rutorrent web ui)?, it should look like this if the incoming port is visible externally:- if its not green then the port assignment from your vpn provider is not working or you have misconfigured rutorrent/rtorrent.
  16. possibly related?:- https://github.com/Novik/ruTorrent/issues/1920 also do a complete wipe of your browser cache, try another browser too, i suspect it is going to be a script blocker or caching issue with your browser, i am not seeing this error at all and im running latest.
  17. i cant comment on the setting for sabnzbd, but there is a way of using more than half your ram by setting up a ramdisk, see the following ramdisk that i use:- # The following command creates a ramdisk (tmpfs) limited to 5GB in size. mkdir -p /tmp/sab-ramdisk && mount -t tmpfs -o size=5g tmpfs /tmp/sab-ramdisk you then create another volume host path /tmp/sab-ramdisk container path /ramdisk, then set sabnzbd to download to /ramdisk, just watch out there is no swap on unraid, so if you hit your memory size then OOM killer will kick in and start randomly killing processes that are deemed 'idle'.
  18. have you set the incomplete and completed download locations correctly so that they reference /data (assuming you kept with the default name).
  19. this is no doubt true for xbox, but for anybody running minecraft bedrock on windows i THINK you can define the port of the server you connect to (correct me if im wrong here guys)/
  20. When it's out of beta Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  21. ive got no idea how bedrockconnect works, but even it its changing dns for the xbox that is going to be non trivial for kids, and of course will need changing back if your name server goes down, phantom requires no changes to any networking, your choice at the end of the day but i know what i would choose.
  22. alternatively download phantom (single exe) get them to run it on a pc running windows and you are good, sounds easier to me than dns redirection or any of that funky stuff - keep in mind any solution will need to run on the remote users lan (not your lan), there is no way around this.
  23. my advise, use phantom instead, get the remote users to install phantom and configure it to point at your minecraft bedrock server's external ip and port (assumig port forwarding has been done on your router). link to phantom:- https://github.com/jhead/phantom/releases/tag/v0.5.1
  24. it will only create the server.properties file it it doesnt exist, it will not overwrite an existing one.
  25. i see the problem and i have a fix that im testing, if all goes well then expect a new image in around 40 mins.