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  1. Hi all a quick note, i am moving house and therefore will have VERY limited internet connectivity (smart phone) for a couple of weeks so support directly from me will be quite limited, i'm sure the community will keep things ticking along just fine :-). binhex. P.S. Please do not worry about updates, this is all running in the cloud and therefore will carry on seamlessly.
  2. sure!, i appreciate the post, im just trying to be clear to anybody reading your post that the issue is not (and cannot be) the image 🙂
  3. sorry to say, but there is no way this can happen, the container has no access to edit env vars defined on the host, this must be either CA plugin bug (unlikely) or PEBKAC
  4. have you upgraded to unraid 6.10.0 by any chance?, i see on reddit people complaining about random permissions changes to appdata so it maybe related to that.
  5. there are rumbles on reddit about a possible bug in 6.10.0 where unraid incorrectly resets permissions to root for appdata, try stopping the container, then delete the file /config/perms.txt and then start the container, it may take a minute to go through all the perms but might fix it up for you.
  6. no idea how you do this with OMV5 or swarm mode,3, but you need to specify the following additional permission:- --cap-add=NET_ADMIN
  7. yeah i think im going to rework it and just use XX instead of the version, as it will no doubt change again in the not too distant future.
  8. yep you can do this, novnc has a pull out on the left hand side, if you click on this and then click on the second icon down 'clipboard' then you can copy your text from your host and then it will be available to paste inside of the novnc window in which pycharm is running in.
  9. this has nothing to do with the version of unraid, its all to do with the recent rebuild of the image which as you have found out has bumped up java to v18, do you need to run v17 for your server?. the version of java used by the minecraft server can be controlled, see here:- java versions available are 8, 11, or latest (which is currently 18), if you do have a hard requirement for v17 then i can attempt to include this too.
  10. done, please pull down image in an hour from now.
  11. new image built, it turns out the upstream issue was a non issue in the end, i had forgotten i had switched over to using emby compiled ffmpeg as opposed to arch ffmpeg due to a bug in seek in later versions of ffmpeg. In any case i have now fixed it up and from my very brief poke around it looks ok, please pull down the latest image and let me know if its working ok for you guys.
  12. ok i did manage to take a look and it looks like a broken ffmpeg installation, i have flagged it as a bug upstream, link to bug report:-
  13. so are you saying all sessions in that file can safely be deleted on startup? there are no cases where previous session info in the web.conf need to exist?, just asking as i dont actively use deluge any more so need somebody with first hand experience of this. if this is the case then i can put in some code to clear session info down on startup.
  14. Hi guys I will take a look at this tonight Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  15. always use udp wherever possible for vpn connections, it will always be faster than tcp (unless your isp throttles udp)
  16. Q5:-
  17. indeed!, all files and folders in the /config folder should be set to owner nobody group users, the ONLY exception to this is the supervisord.log files, which are written as root, as supervisor is running as root user. im quite surprised it was file permissions in the end, as it still doesnt explain why it worked on the rollback to the previous version, that makes NO sense to me whatsoever! as you arent rolling back any files in /config, maybe the previous version doesnt need to write to the db and thus doesnt actually care its read only *shrug*.
  18. i would assume there is some database corruption going on here, probably the later version has attempted to upgrade the database by inserting objects into the sqlite database and failed leaving your database in a bad state. When you rollback to the previous version its unaware of the corruption as it doesn't reference the new (corrupted) inserted objects and thus works fine, this is all guess work here btw. so i can confirm the latest version does work fine, im using it myself with no issue, so im happy the issue you are seeing is not a sonarr issue. So onto the fix, you can attempt to recover your database (, or simply rename the sqlite database file and then restart the container to force the database to be created from scratch, this will of course result in configuration loss.
  19. its simple enough, you left click the icon, select edit and then click on 'advanced view' then scroll to the bottom and click on ' Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device' and then 'Config type' is 'path' set' container path' to /<name of your choice NOT media> and then set 'host path' to /<path to your unassigned disk> e.g.:- container path /backups host path /mnt/ud/backups
  20. contacted the upstream dev and he fixed it up, new image was built last night, please pull down.
  21. yep, just waiting for upstream to fix the package:-
  22. Not saying that's not true, but that has not been my experience to date. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  23. looks like you are not alone:- if you simply want a fix then roll back to the previous version, see Q5 here for how to do it:- EDIT - for me last know working is 4.3.9 and im sticking on that version until all the bugs in the 4.4.x releases have been fixed, if you want a stable experience you may want to do the same.
  24. you are probably best off getting the crash report read by somebody who knows the internal workings of minecraft (not me) so you might want to post on the minecraft support forum (assuming they have one). if i were to guess though, i would simply assume that your server hardware is not able to keep up with the minecraft players demands and this is causing minecraft to crash, but yeah try somebody more competent than me. EDIT - worth a look at some suggestions here:-
  25. I'm running both myself, no crash for me, perhaps you are running out of memory and OOM killer is kicking in. Sent from my SM-T970 using Tapatalk