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  1. the attached supervisord.log file is for krusader not sonarr.
  2. check the log file, attach /config/supervisord.log
  3. a feature i created an issue for in 2017 is now going to be in the next build, yay!, and in my opinion its a good un', it allows for logical grouping of index sites, so you will be able to hit aggregated named groups, as opposed to having to use the 'all' group, for anybody interested here is my feature request:-
  4. see Q5:-
  5. then you know the issue is vpn provider related, i have made zero code changes, last release was 19 days ago.
  6. please screenshot docker container settings for this container and screenshot the settings for plugin 'Nvidia Driver'
  7. if your backups are also corrupted then im afraid there is only one course of action left and that is to delete the database and take the hit. keep in mind most settings are held in the database so expect a lot of work required to get back to where you were (depending on the size of your library). to reset the database do the following:- 1. stop the container 2. delete the files /config/radarr/logs* and /config/radarr/radarr* 3. start container and reconfigure
  8. i guess its possible, you dont of course require port forwarding at all for sabnzbd, worth investigating i think.
  9. ok thats good its now consistent, then i would assume a vpn provider issue, try another mullvad endpoint.
  10. check the value you have defined for 'NAME_SERVERS' for both containers, are they different?, also the working container 'binhex-qbittorrentvpn' have you tried a restart recently, this may then fail, the two should be consistent as both are built from the same code base, just different apps, although again you could still be connecting to a different mullvad server even if you use the same hostname due to round-robin dns.
  11. how are you using the exact same files on windows?, windows doesnt support openvpn natively, surely you are using a windows client supplied by your vpn provider right?. in any case, if openvpn is saying the certs are out of date then they will be out of date, nothing i can do about that.
  12. Try different browsers, I have seen issues with certain browsers Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  13. not that i have noticed, nope, im on 6.9.2 running this image with no issues.
  14. you need to contact your vpn provider about that.
  15. a umask of 777 means no permissions for user, group, or world, you need to change it back to 000 then re-run 'Docker Safe New permissions' one last time to fix up the damage.
  16. lol, already ahead of you its in the code, you simply separate the commands via a comma, e.g.:- gamerule showcoordinates true,help
  17. damn!, thats a bit of a blow!, i guess i wont be switching over to mullvad any time soon, its a shame, they are a good vpn provider by all accounts.
  18. im assuming no transcodes going on right?, other than that i would advise taking a look at your plex log for any errors or warnings, its located at:- /config/Plex Media Server/Logs/Plex Media Server.log
  19. have a look at q4:-
  20. i kinda like the descending order, perhaps with a minor adjustment for latest as that is a special case, perhaps have the version number in brackets, i think it should still be visible, so something like this:- latest (v465.24.02) v465.24.02 v465.19.01 v460.67 v460.56 v460.39 v460.32.03 v460.27.04 at least thats my preferred way of ordering it, i shall leave it up to you to make the final decision @ich777 🙂
  21. hi @ich777 me again with another very minor niggle with this plugin, any chance you can sort the version numbers for the nvidia drivers in descending order, the order looks a bit weird to me as it is right now, screenshot:- to me a more sensible order would be:- latest v465.24.02 v465.24.02 v465.19.01 v460.67 v460.56 v460.39 v460.32.03 v460.27.04 what do you think?.
  22. yeah the vpnsecure one is out of my control sadly, if they cannot supply the password or better yet, give you the key without the password then not much can be done. thanks for the donation.
  23. sorry for the late response, i have actually been thinking about this and i too would quite like to have coordinates to show, so i have implemented an additional env var to allow you to run whatever command you want on startup, to use it you will need to do the following:- 1. pull down the latest image by 'force update' link 2. follow procedure Q8:- using key name of 'STARTUP_CMD' and value of 'gamerule showcoordinates true'. tested and working for me, let me know how you get on.