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  1. Never seen this, nope Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. assuming both containers have separate HOST ports defined i would suspect your system cannot cope with running two minecraft servers at the same time probably due to underpowered CPU, thus the overloaded message shown in the first screenshot.
  3. this is a bug in code-server, its hopefully going to be fixed, for the time being roll back to tag version '3.12.0-0-01' if you dont know how to ref a tag then see Q5:-
  4. crank up the logging and watch for anything that blocks.
  5. from your log this is the issue:- [warn] Unable to successfully download PIA json to generate token for wireguard from URL '' running pihole/pfsense/opnsense? if so check you arent blocking that url, thats the most common cause, it is also entirely possible PIA was having a bad day, so just try it again.
  6. I appreciate the detailed explanation of the memory usage increase that is very interesting, I haven't run 4.4.x yet so I haven't seen any memory increase, expected or otherwise, so it's nice to hear it isn't a bug. Sent from my SM-T970 using Tapatalk
  7. no idea on that front, but the memory leak persists in 4.4.1, word to the wise, stick on 4.3.9 for the time being:-
  8. i have port forwarding setup for this image myself and can get people to connect external to my home lan, here is a screenshot directly from my router (pfsense), nothing too exciting here, pretty much a standard port forward:- NAT rule:- firewall rule:-
  9. thanks for letting me know, not sure what i can do about that 🙂
  10. you could try installing knock on unraid:-
  11. only two ways, either you edited the container and accidentally entered in a 1 instead of a 0 and didn't realise you were doing it (too much beer? 🙂 ) or you deleted the edited template and pulled it fresh from CA and forgot to change the LAN_NETWORK. in short there is NO way any of my code has access to your template, so it aint me 🙂
  12. thanks, change in and image built, please pull down new image.
  13. yep as i suspected incorrect LAN_NETWORK, from your log:- LAN_NETWORK defined as '' see Q4 if you are struggling to define it correctly:-
  14. You are out of date, 'check for updates' in unraid web ui and apply EDIT - Just checked and although the image is tagged as it is, i can only assume a mess up upstream from me, i have re-tagged to kick off github action and can now confirm its now up to date, please pull down latest image.
  15. thats a successful start, what is the ip of the machine running your web browser?.
  16. yep its currently up to date with the latest prowlarr pre-release so not sure what versions you are seeing?.
  17. im assuming by this you mean you are using a custom bridge right?, if so this is not supported, you need to switch it back to the default, which is simply 'Bridge'.
  18. no idea whats causing the no such file or directory errors but the plexmediaserver is the name of the 'program' which kicked off the start of plex media server and is being managed by supervisord, for the errors you are best asking on the official plex forums.
  19. you are best asking on the CA support thread for this, as this is not an issue with the template or the image.
  20. Q6:-
  22. Q9:-
  23. yep that should work, if i were you though i would simply rename the radarr.db to something like radarr.db.old JUST incase you need it rather than deleting it.