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  1. so you add the ports to the ADDITIONAL_PORTS env var AND add all the ports defined in ADDITIONAL_PORTS as 'ports' too, see Q24 on how to network bind correctly:-
  2. ok you shouldn't be using a socks/http proxy as it can cause issues when using a vpn tunnel, set the option in the file as follows:- "ProxyType": -1, save the change and restart jackett container. another question too, do you have vlan's in place?, also check firewall for lan blocking.
  3. ok can you attach your jackett config file, its located at /config/Jackett/ServerConfig.json
  4. that looks fine, what about the browser, have you by accident set it to use a proxy?
  5. what is the value for env var LAN_NETWORK for qbittorrentvpn?
  6. In your jackett screenshot there is a port for 9117, delete it, then try accessing the web UI again, using ≤host IP≥:9117 Sent from my iPlay_40 using Tapatalk
  7. I will go through it tonight with you. Sent from my iPlay_40 using Tapatalk
  8. woke up after a night of dreaming about code (happens a lot to me!) and did one last test and i can confirm i see no leak on my end. i ran a jackett instance with no proxy or netowrk routing to see what a leak would look like, then ran the same add and search query on the secured jackett and no leak whatsoever, so im happy any dns leaks are coming from the pc running the browser, which IS still weird!, sounds like a bug in the jackett ui to me!.
  9. i will take a look, but this could be more tricky than expected, as arch linux is a rolling distro and thus other utilities may expect and rely on the latest python version in the arch repo.
  10. @ZekerPixels i couldnt let it go without one more dig into this and i think i know whats going on!. if you look at your pihole logs carefully you should notice that all dns queries are coming from your pc, they are NOT coming from the container, if you click on "add" in the jackett ui and add an index site then the lookup ( being one) is done on the host running the browser, NOT on the jackett instance, this is surprising to me but its def the case, i can replicate it here. however, if you click on manual search (or 'test all') and do a search in jackett ui then there is no dns query leak from your pc, it is all done in jackett, give it a test and let me know, i will check back in the morning, but i am pretty happy now that there is no dns leak from the container.
  11. hmm that is interesting", i wonder if a plugin or something in firefox is messing with the connection to jackett somehow?! its pretty weird!. well i have some good news and some bad news, the good news is i cannot replicate the dns leak, i am using tcpdump running directly on my host and i see no sign of any dns queries yet when network binding jackett to privoxypn, the bad news is i cant replicate your issue and therefore have no idea whats causing it!!. perhaps try resetting firefox, or run it in safe mode, this may tell you whether its a plugin/addon on in or not. i think im going to go to bed and think about this overnight, its very late here!.
  12. this is expected, firefox will NOT route dns queries over privoxy, it is a http/https proxy only.
  13. that makes no sense to me, creating that variable means that additional allow iptable rules are created, very bizare!. are you sure you dont have any proxy settings in place here?, if so remove them.
  14. check Q25:-
  15. the config looks ok, can you try removing in jackett the entry for the proxy URL and proxy port, then restart the jackett container and monitor again. i know its set to disabled but i just want to ensure its set to NOT use proxy
  16. you screenshot shows you using 'localhost' for radarr, are you sure you are binding the radarr containers network to delugevpn?, or are you using privoxy?
  17. ok lets start with some screenshots of the settings screens, please attach 'edit' screens for privoxyvpn and jackett, a quesiton for you, do you have jackett set to use a socks proxy or http proxy by any chance?.
  18. thanks for the info, fixed and new image now building with correct peer_id
  19. This is bad advise additional_ports has to be an environment variable, it is not a port. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  20. v3 is still not 'latest' release, its still marked as beta, and until this changes im afraid it will stay tagged as v3, as soon as it gets tagged as 'latest release' then i will merge the change from v3 branch to master and latest will then be v3, make sense?.
  21. Read recommended post at the top of this thread Sent from my iPlay_40 using Tapatalk
  22. in that case please see Q25 (updated), i forgot to mention the section regards setting host to 'localhost':-
  23. permanent, its due to iptables tightening, required to prevent potential ip leakage.
  24. correct, it wont, that solution is when you are using a proxy, you need Q25:- assuming your issue is with access to jacket web ui?