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  1. try a different browser, i have a funny feeling ive seen this before and it was browser related, if you are using firefox try chrome, if chrome try firefox.
  2. yes, that was added in and tested so it should work, please can you attach the file /config/supervisord.log
  3. The 'latest release' is still currently, the other more recent releases are still not marked as latest and should be considered unstable, screenshot showing 'latest release':-
  4. ok so can you detail what is routed through what, is this post still how it is setup?:-
  5. This is the issue, so you have a container that is already using port 58946, you need to fix this conflict, either by stopping the other container or by changing the host port on this container to something else.
  6. Take a look at the recommended post at the top of the screen, this should help you. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. the image is up to date, it will be updated when there is a new release from lidarr:-
  8. Switch endpoint, it's just likely a pia outage for whatever endpoint you are attempting to connect to
  9. see recommended post at top of the screen 'glibc causing random errors'
  10. dont do this, simply run qbittorrent in its own vpn as designed.
  11. can you please attach the log /config/supervisord.log
  12. i completely understand!, having said that unless unraid decide to punt out a new version soon that happens to include the very latest runc (i will be in contact with Tom and jonp regards this) then the above fix will be required for any future images i produce, which is not great i know.
  13. I am having issues with the latest Docker image and i cannot access the application, if i look in the log file located at '/config/supervisord.log' then i see the following message:- '/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk/jre' is not a valid Java environment path Q. What does it mean and how can i fix it? A. See Q10 from the following link for the solution:- EDIT - unRAID 6.9.2 has just been released, this includes the latest version of Docker, which in turn includes the latest version of runc, so if you are seeing the message above then the simplest solution is to upgrade to v6.9.2
  14. ive figured out what is going on!, just trying a new test locally first.
  15. ok to stop any more confusion here i have just created a new image with a new tag called 'test2' please give this a try.
  16. no that is a minor change for upcoming support for java 11.
  17. well i am baffled now!, wtf is going on?!, i can only assume some weird docker hub caching issues, i just wiped out my config for this docker image, restart and it starts fine, no issue!, hmmmm, ok leave it an hour and then attempt another 'force update'
  18. no, if the image on docker hub is later than the one on disk then it should pull it down, i have pulled the current test tagged image and it def fixes the issue you were seeing. ok try this:- remove ':test' from the repository name and click apply. this will get you back to 'latest', then from unraid terminal issue the following command:- docker rmi -f binhex/arch-minecraftserver:test once its complete, go back to the web ui and put ':test' suffix on the repository again and apply, this will force it to re-download from docker hub.
  19. are you clicking on 'force update' link? screenshot:-
  20. 'force update' should pull a new image, its shown when you toggle to 'advanced view'.
  21. new 'test' tagged image, please can you give it a try, define repository as binhex/arch-minecraftserver:test
  22. alright got another test image to try, this one uses the older jre that was used in the old 'test' tagged image that works for you. so please give binhex/mineos-node:test2 image a whirl and let me know how that goes.
  23. lol, no changes to that test tagged image for 2 months, interesting though that it works ok for you, leads me to think its a package issue.