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  1. Saw your email into support about this as well. We will continue to try and recreate this in our testing lab, but so far, I have not been able to reproduce what you're seeing. Needless to say, this is not expected behavior and we're not really sure what's causing it just yet.
  2. Hi there William, I sent you a PM to discuss this further but as an FYI, the instructions on how to buy are right underneath the pricing on the pricing page:
  3. Do you not have a cache disk installed? If not, that will greatly reduce the performance of the VM.
  4. You might just need to let it sit a while to finish installing. Not sure what's wrong but I literally just did the same thing on my system here and it worked fine. Have you checked for bios updates?
  5. As an FYI, I attempted this today and was able to get into a GUI of the latest Ubuntu 19 build no problem. Maybe check your memory assignment for the VM. If you leave it at 1GB, it won't be enough.
  6. Do you ever get the install done? Do you see this screen? Please take a screenshot of the Edit VM page for the VM you're struggling with.
  7. Thanks for the additional information, but I still would like to see a screenshot of whatever error you get when you are trying to write to the shares.
  8. Hi there, Going to need some more information on this. When did this error first start occurring? Did any events occur prior to the issue? It just seems weird that things were going fine and then all of the sudden this happened.
  9. Hi there, Saw your email into support but after coming here and reading the thread, it looks like all the things we would have told you to try our community has already stepped in and suggested. The tricky part with GPU pass through is that it can be very hardware specific. Sometimes the same model GPU from different OEMs like EVGA vs. ASUS can even have different results. Unfortunately when things just plain don't work and you've tried all these various options, there really isn't anything else we can do except to suggest changing to an EVGA branded device that is more current. As an FYI, I had a GTX 650 Ti from EVGA that originally didn't have support for UEFI, but upon contacting them, they provided me an updated BIOS to flash on the card that added proper UEFI support. That's why we have such a love for EVGA devices, because their support is really great.
  10. Hi there, Unfortunately we do not use PFSense here, so I'm not sure what setting you'll need to tweak to resolve this particular issue. Hopefully someone else with PFSense can chime in with the secret sauce
  11. Hi there, I'm not really sure what you mean by "login items". Can you do two things? 1) Show us a screenshot of the error you are receiving when trying to write to a share. 2) Please attach your system diagnostics (you can obtain these from the Tools > Diagnostics page in the webGui).
  12. You don't have to assign a drink to parity if you don't want to Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  13. Hi there, Sorry to hear that performance wasn't meeting your expectations within your setup. There are a few things you mentioned though that I think need to be addressed: Let's start with the bolded part. What "should be" the right speed for these operations? I'm trying to figure out what your actual expectations are here for performance on average. You've mentioned that you've been able to attain speeds on average of 40MB/s to the array (that is on par with the average), but not what you are expecting speeds to be. What's important to note is you'll never saturate your 1gbps link writing directly to the array. Only the cache pool can do that. Ok was this just a temporary slow down and then it picked back up? What was the average write speed during this transfer? Copies can ebb and flow a bit depending on the setup, so that's not entirely unusual. If he is copying data directly to the array, the only possible way he can get near 1gbps performance is if he has reconstruct-write turned on. Without that setting, it is impossible to sustain a 1gbps network write speed for gobs and gobs of data. The penalty for parity calculations on dedicated disks is too great for that. Expected write performance to the array can vary based on hardware, but most modern setups with ideal configurations can attain between 40-60 MB/s to the array directly using the standard read/modify/write method. Of course you'll find some posts from users talking about performance issues. That's probably the most common topic you'll find in ANY forum for a server solution like ours (bet the FreeNAS forums are loaded with this too). The simple truth is that the overwhelming majority of our users are getting expected performance and its only outliers like yourself that have these kinds of problems. If you're in a situation where you're able to break the array configuration for testing purposes, here's what I would do to narrow down the root cause of the issue: 1) Reset your array configuration (from the Tools > New Config page). This will reset all drive assignments back to null. 2) Add one parity and two data disks to the array that are attached to a standard HBA storage controller (no USB/addon controllers) 3) Test write operation performance to the disks. If your not able to attain 30-60 MB/s to the array with that setup, I'd be shocked. Next we'd have to test a direct wired connection from your server to another machine to rule out a network-specific issue. If you do get good speeds with this test, then you can slowly begin to add drives back to the system and retest until you discover a problem. That's the best way to narrow down issues like these. Oh, and its also worth mentioning that mixing an array of USB-attached storage devices and SATA-attached storage devices could also be the cause of some of your issues.
  14. This was my last major suggestion for you so we could determine what is happening that is causing the instability. We don't see any events in the log because the system is crashing before they can be written. By doing what I quoted above, you will see the last events prior to the crash and can post those here. The picture you've posted above only has a few lines of log and then I see a printout from Top. This cuts out a lot of other log entries. Please just boot up the system, attach a monitor and keyboard, login via the console, and type "tail /var/log/syslog -f" and just leave that up until it crashes. Then capture a picture of what's on the screen and post it here.