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  1. You do realize that the diagnostics contains a copy of the syslog too, right?
  2. Please see this post about obtaining full system diagnostics: It would also be helpful for you to try downgrading to a previous working release to ensure that something isn't first amiss with the hardware.
  3. I would need to test to verify, but I don't believe PLX prevents GPU assignment, though it may impact IOMMU groupings and the rules for those remain true. You would need to boot up a server with all your PCI-e add-on cards installed to see the IOMMU groupings to determine what assignments are possible. There is a specific USB add-on controller that you can purchase which is a single physical controller but has four discrete USB controllers built inside of it. We use this controller and assign an individual port to each VM, using a USB hub to create multiple ports out of the one for each user. You cannot assign individual USB ports themselves to VMs in Unraid yet. This is something we have looked into in the past, but haven't prioritized for development just yet. Yes, but while the benefits are obvious for using PCI-e USB controllers for VMs, using virtual NICs for VMs is far more efficient than trying to do NIC passthrough (though there are of course use-cases for wanting that).
  4. From looking at your logs though, it looks like you definitely are having controller problems though that aren't the same as the driver compatibility issues I mentioned from the 6.7+ series of Unraid OS releases. E.g.: I would attempt reseating the card or trying to get a warranty fulfillment. It's one thing if just a single drive is having a failure (disks do fail), but the type of issues you're indicating look like potential false positives because of a controller problem.
  5. Hi there, So we have a couple of 45Drives servers in our labs that we do testing on from time to time. I can confirm in a recent test that both 6.7.2 and our 6.8-internal series of builds have a faulty R750 driver. We have already contacted highpoint about the problem but their response was less than thrilling. In short, they cannot give a timeframe yet on when they will be able to update their driver to fix the issue. This is a huge frustration for us because they intentionally do not include the driver in the kernel tree, which means that as we update the kernel, if they don't keep their driver code in pace, problems like this can occur. All of that said, we did test version 6.6.7 and it worked just fine with the R750 controller. I also don't believe there are any issues with the Storinator Workstation (AV15) product. Those use a different LSI controller I believe.
  6. Yours or his? This is what I set as his avatar just before banning the account:
  7. Hey guys, in case you're wondering, the troll has been vanquished and all posts relating to his content have been bilged. In other words:
  8. There are indeed machine check errors in your log which points to a hardware issue. Could be that you have insufficient cooling or maybe the heatsink on the CPU is loose? You'll need to check all your connections / components at this point.
  9. Interesting. The best thing I would suggest is turning off both Docker and VMs first and see if you are able to remain stable. Then slowly turn on things one by one until you reproduce the issue. Then we at least will have narrowed down the specific thing that is causing you to enter this state. This issue here is that we've never been able to reproduce this issue internally, but if we can get more insights on how systems end up in this state to begin with, it would be very helpful.
  10. Hi there, Can I start by asking what recently changed? If things were working solid for 2+ months and all of the sudden this, one of three things come to mind: 1) An update to the OS / reboot and since then this has been happening. 2) Something was changed in the hardware/settings/OS configuration and since then this has been happening. 3) Nothing has changed but these issues just started out of nowhere. If #3 is the answer, then it is likely a hardware-specific issue (something faulty in the electronics) but if its 1 or 2, that will greatly help us in narrowing down the root cause.
  11. I should also mention from looking at your other posts, it seems like you have a lot of beginner questions. First and foremost: WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! As you can probably tell, everyone here is pretty friendly and just wants to help out. One piece of advice though. Check out this youtuber (SpaceInvaderOne): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA. He's actually a pretty big member of our community and has created just tons of videos on Unraid. From How-Tos to basic introductions to the system, he's got a plethora of content that will probably help you out a lot.
  12. You must not have typed http:// at the beginning. If you type http://tower or http://tower.local (for Mac users), it should work or at least take you to a "page cannot be displayed" message. If you just typed the word "tower" in your address bar and hit enter, it is likely to cause your browser to think this is just a search term. tower (without a .com or .net) does not resolve to tower records. It can't without a suffix on the domain.
  13. I have updated the wiki to address this shortcoming. Quite honestly it's surprising that in all the years of operating since we put in the GUI boot mode, this is the first time someone wasn't able to identify the login parameters. Still an oversight on our part though: https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Getting_Started#Connecting_to_the_Unraid_webGui
  14. I also like the shoes on the Netherlands guy! But yeah, sideways hat and underwear outside of shorts? Clearly USA, right?
  15. You caught what I missed! Nice one!