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  1. Hi there, Please reply to this thread and attach your system diagnostics. These can be obtained from the Tools > Diagnostics page. All the best, Jon
  2. After adding the GPU, you may need to edit any VM that has a PCI device assigned to it. PCI device IDs can change when new devices are added, so you'll simply need to verify that before starting the VMs after adding the new device.
  3. Yes, you can add a GPU and it will output graphics for the console.
  4. Try this. Get a new flash drive. Use the USB creator tool on it. Try to boot Unraid and see if the webGui login works (http://tower or http://tower.local or by IP address). If that works, you know its something misconfigured on the flash. If it doesn't work, there is most likely something amiss with the hardware. If it works, then you can go through the steps you've outlined above.
  5. Hi there, Please see this wiki article to collect logs right before the crash:
  6. I would definitely be concerned. This makes no sense to me. If the server was left in a stopped state and no drives were assigned from any of the drop downs, it is literally impossible for the server to have just "fixed itself" unless a system reboot was somehow triggered. It is possible that your flash drive may be having issues and when you initially rebooted it, it couldn't load the super.dat file properly, thereby not showing you any drive assignments. If this was just a temporary read-error on the flash, it is possible that a simple reboot could resolve the issue, but that would have had to be triggered by a user, a script, or power failure that upon being resolved caused the system to boot again. That said, the system would have prompted you that an unclean shutdown occurred, requiring you to manually start the array. As far as the appdata issue, you can stop your docker and VM services (from the settings page) and then trigger the mover to move those files from the array to the cache where they belong. I would also consider a flash replacement: All the best, Jon
  7. Hi there, Took a look at your logs and I don't see anything sticking out as being problematic with your configuration. This likely could be a CPU or other underlying component issue. Also could be heating/cooling related, though I'm less likely to believe that. Unfortunately diagnosing hardware-specific issues isn't something we at Lime Tech can do. I would have hoped someone else with similar hardware would have chimed in, but alas, they have not. The best thing you can try and do is reseat the components. Maybe try another OS just to see if you can run stable there. Not sure what exact CPU you're using here (I know AMD, but not the exact model) but if its an older Ryzen or Threadripper, you may need to try disabling C-states in the BIOS. Another option could be to try adding acpi=off to the kernel append line in your syslinux configuration. All the best, Jon
  8. Hi there, Any chance you have an ad blocker enabled or something like that? Can you confirm the .key file is physically present on the flash under the 'config' folder at this point?
  9. Has anything changed in your network environment or from your ISP? Can you ping This definitely sounds like either a network or service specific issue, as I don't see anything glaring in the logs that points to a misconfiguration in the OS, and clearly other users are still working just fine.
  10. The main reason we link through the forum is to make sure that user nick's in Discord match that of the forum. We want to avoid any potential user impersonation there and provide some consistency to the names seen on Discord as to what you see here in the forums. Can you screen cap exactly the process you're going through and share that with me so I can see all the specific of what you're doing and what messages you're seeing? I can then setup a separate test Discord account to try and recreate the issue.
  11. Hi there, Please attach a copy of your system diagnostics. We need to see what's going on exactly here.
  12. To be perfectly honest I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with your system. The logs aren't printing any significant errors out and I doubt time sync issue is causing the crash. One thing to try would be to leave the array in a stopped state but with the server on and see if just idling like that you can recreate the crash. If so, then we know it isn't storage related. If not, then maybe there is something amiss with the storage or storage controller(s).
  13. Hi Gibbo, Is the last screenshot you have posted above what was seen when the system crashed?
  14. Hi there, What we really need is for you to get the system running with a monitor and keyboard attached. Login to the console and then type the following command: tail /var/log/syslog -f This will begin printing your log directly to the monitor and when the system crashes, you can capture the final events in the log prior to the crash, which should provide some indication of what is causing it. All the best, Jon
  15. I'll try to cover that on the next episode as a subtopic for you