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  1. Hi there, A few things. First and foremost, please attach your complete system diagnostics when you post. You can obtain these from the Tools > Diagnostics page and then attach them to your next forum post. The syslog you gave us is helpful, but more difficult to analyze embedded in the post and doesn't contain all the details that the diagnostics zip file will contain. If you can't get to the webGui, login via SSH and type the word "diagnostics" and press enter. This will generate the diagnostics zip file and place it in the root of your flash. You can then shut down the
  2. I think this was considered an "improvement" by IPS. They now show every individual new post as opposed to just showing you what threads have had recent activity. So you can see that the first instance in your list is referencing apost from Saeros, but the second instance references a post from mgutt. I will ask IPS if there is a way to change this back to how it was before or if there is a toggleable option for users to get it back to the way it used to be.
  3. Hi there, Why not install FreeNAS to a virtual disk and then just use the controller pass through for the disks in your ZFS array? If you want to set boot order with virtual disks, that's no problem, but with physical, I don't believe there is a method currently to do that using SeaBIOS. You can try using OVMF, but that may not work with FreeNAS. All the best, Jon
  4. Hi Brad and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. The holidays got away from me a bit. This is really perplexing. There was one other user who reported this as well, but unfortunately I don't have any insights on what might be causing it. Seems like an issue with upstream Linux/VFIO/QEMU. Have you tried 6.9-rc to see if the newer kernel has any impact?
  5. Hi there, I can almost guarantee you the issue is related to the GPU you are trying to use. AMD has been notoriously bad for supporting virtualization on their GPUs and the community has gone through great lengths to make quirks and workarounds to accommodate this. The easiest solution to your problem would be to purchase an EVGA GTX-series (or RTX-series) GPU and use that instead. I really wish we had a solution for the GPU you're using, but it's a hardware-specific problem that doesn't offer a simple solution for us to implement within Unraid. All the guides you've tried are
  6. No not yet. Apparently a lot of things broke with that custom patch and it requires a lot of kernel flags that would significantly increase the size of the OS. We might look into this again after the new year, but don't get your hopes up just yet. If the work required was simple, didn't have a huge impact to the OS, and was fully functional, it'd have a better chance. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Also to confirm, if you reboot in safe mode without Unassigned Devices or any other plugins installed, does the behavior still happen?
  8. Just a brief update, I did manage to create another DC, but found another bug with leaving a domain that we need to sort out before I can retest. Will update again once that's done and we can attempt another join test with a differently named domain (though I doubt that would be the issue).
  9. I know it is you guys :-). we've had a hell of a time trying to recreate this issue. And then we thought we had it figured out with that SSD partitioning issue, but apparently that's not the silver bullet for everyone. I'm hoping to find some time over the holidays to really beat again at the server in the lab and see if I can reproduce. That is the key at this point. We have to be able to reproduce this issue to have any chance of solving it. Alternatively, if anybody has a system that does not have production data on it that is exhibiting this issue, I may be interested in requesting remote
  10. ARRRGHHH!!! So frustrating!! Ok, will try to recreate in a bit. Keep fingers crossed!!
  11. Ok, I've been reviewing logs and researching and we need to go through the step by step process to verify everyone is doing this correctly. I am having zero issues connecting a Win2k19 domain controller to Unraid 6.9-rc2, so let's try to figure out what is different from my setup to everyone elses. First and foremost, you have your Unraid server running 6.9-rc2 and on a separate machine, you have a Windows domain controller running either as bare metal or as a VM on another host (not the same machine as Unraid OS). That domain controller should also be acting as a DNS server. An
  12. Ok, anything special you can tell me about the domain? I built a 2019 AD DC and joined it just fine, but it was a very stock build and basic configuration. I'm wondering if there is anything special about the configuration that trigger this.
  13. Are you sure you rebooted after installing rc2 because those krb messages were the result of a new package dependency missing in RC1 that is definitely present in RC2. Also, can you confirm what Windows Server version you are using to run active directory and also confirm that AD is not running as VM under Unraid?
  14. Agreed. I can confirm we are functional with @limetech last update. Was able to join domain no problem. Remember that your server has to have it's dns point to the domain controller running dns so it can join.
  15. Hi there, The call traces definitely look to be pointing as the cause of the problem. Out of curiosity, can you try upgrading to 6.9-rc1 to see if that changes anything for you? 6.9 is on a newer Linux kernel and I'm curious of those call traces get resolved by upgrading. You can try this by going to the Tools > Update OS page, selecting "Next" from the drop down there, and then installing RC1 and rebooting your server. Let us know how that goes and after, please include an updated system diagnostics. All the best, Jon