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  1. If you remove that custom edit, does editing in normal mode work again? Just curious so we can debug this.
  2. I'm sorry but no, this is not something we are able to offer at this time. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  3. jonp

    VM audio problems

    See this article in the wiki: https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/VM_Guest_Support#Enable_MSI_for_Interrupts_to_Fix_HDMI_Audio_Support
  4. jonp

    Freezing after hardware upgrade

    That's an odd way to word it ;-). Basically here's what it boils down to (fyi, all my personal opinion too). I don't think vendors like Gigabyte do nearly as much testing on all the various ways their hardware can be utilized (as compared to other brands). I especially don't think they test much with Linux (nor KVM), virtualization in general, and PCI pass through. That's my general belief because in all the support cases I've seen and handled here, folks that use Gigabyte motherboards but DON'T use virtualization at all tend to not have issues. It's specifically when using VMs and even more specifically passing through PCI devices like GPUs that these motherboards tend to exhibit some wonky behavior. That's not to say that other vendors don't have this issue, but Gigabyte tends to be the common theme. There's also my personal experiences with their motherboards and GPUs that I've used in the past which we'll save for another day in another topic ;-). Long story short: I don't trust their support and I don't like their products. Maybe in time that'll change, but I doubt it.
  5. Honestly I've had a lot of success with ASRock. While I'm disappointed to hear that their support has been less than helpful, I still feel they are a good choice for motherboards generally speaking. This seems more like a one-off issue with a particular model. Just stay away from Gigabyte other "cheaper" brands. Generally speaking I tend to lean towards ASRock, Asus, and SuperMicro as my favorites (not in any particular order either).
  6. jonp

    Freezing after hardware upgrade

    Common thread here is that gigabyte motherboards tend to be problematic. Literally just had to tell some other poor soul that was likely his issue as well. Gigabyte just doesn't have the quality assurance/control that Asus, ASRock, and others have. That said, if you'd like to try some other things, you'll need to boot the system up, get a monitor and keyboard attached, and from the console, type this command: tail /var/log/syslog -f > /boot/logdump.txt This will both generate a running log on the screen that you can capture with a camera as well as save that log to a file on your flash device. When the server crashes again, take a picture of whatever the log has printed to the screen and repost it here. Likely it will be a call trace and even more likely it will be generic, pointing to a hardware-specific issue, but at least it will give us confirmation that is the case.
  7. jonp

    noob starting off

    We eliminated the need for an e-mail address to register for a trial to make things easier. Plus attach your diagnostics to this thread so we can review. Something is amiss.
  8. jonp

    Why do my write speeds make no sense?

    Yeah, Johnny Black is literally giving you the exact reason why write speeds when transferring data from disk to disk INSIDE the array are slow. It's because for each write (either deleting from the one disk or writing to the other), it has to update the parity disk for BOTH transactions. That's why writing to disks in the array are fast when the source ISN'T on the array.
  9. jonp

    GPU not working in PCIe ASC Override

    Let me ask a simpler question: why is it important for you to give your VM a physical network interface? I see no benefit in this for your use case. Performance-wise, virtio networking vs. bare-metal you will not notice a difference (especially on a 1gbps network). So what is to be gained?
  10. jonp

    Call trace after VM shutdown/reboot

    After reviewing your logs and hardware configuration, if I was a betting man, this is the result of using a Gigabyte motherboard. I'm sorry to say but I've had nothing but problems both myself and with other users trying to use that garbage. For whatever reason, Gigabyte hardware (motherboards, GPUs, etc.) all seem to have issues that mainline providers like Asus, ASRock, and Supermicro, just don't seem to have. All I can suggest is that you check for a BIOS update, but if I were a betting man, I'd bet heavily on switching motherboards resolving the issue. That or you'll have to wait for the 4.20 kernel to see if there are any fixes in there specific to your hardware/drivers, but I would doubt that is going to solve your issue. If there was something more specific in the logs / call trace, I would gladly investigate, but the generic messages and lack of any smoking gun leads me to look at the hardware, and without having seen it yet, I was already betting that either the GPU or the motherboard were Gigabyte-based, and it appears at least the motherboard is guilty of that. If you can reproduce the issue using a different motherboard, then I think we'd have something to look at, but considering how many people here are using Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs with VMs and no issues, I doubt that's going to be the case.
  11. Did you originally edit your VM in XML edit mode? What setting(s) did you adjust using that edit mode?
  12. The thanks really belongs to @eschultz for jumping on this so quickly!
  13. Ok, definitely recreated this issue in the lab now so we will work to get it resolved. Thanks to those who reported!
  14. Gonna try on another system where dns rebind isn't an issue.
  15. Ok, on my end, I do get a 403 error, but I get an error message in the webGui as well