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  1. Have you got two different folders in the runtime folder? Please note that it will always take the first (oldest java if there are more folders in it), please post a picture of your minecraft folder structure and also from your template in unraid. Have you also updated the container itself? If not please try to update it.
  2. Yep, the ExileMod Server URL changed. In the Docker template please click on advanced and change the server URL to: http://www.exilemod.com/ExileServer-1.0.4a.zip But I would also recommend you to delete the exilemod folder in your appdata and the container completely redownload it from the CA App and change the URL. At the time i'm doing a little code cleanup of all my containers and the ExileMod is one of the next containers that will get the update and then it will stop if it can't download a file (now it doesn't stop, it runns and loops over and over like in your case). Also i changed the template file but it will be updated in a few hours.
  3. The Container now works again, thanks go to the creator of Rapid Photo Downloader, Damon Lynch who fixed it so quick.
  4. The normal one or the bedrock? It should be straight forward just install one of the images from the CA App and it should run, what exactly is unclear?
  5. Seems like nextcloud couldn't connect to your database or redis.
  6. Did you mean with the dirsync pro container? Set it to 'smb' instead of 'local' (please be sure to create it on the synology nas and create a username and password for the share) enter the ip and share path and then start the conatiner withthe webgui.
  7. Just click on advanced settings in the template amd there you can allocate the cores, but why would you do that? Docker shares all system resources and also unraid manages so that you should have no slowdown of your server. A container is not a VM... The onitial password is 'Docker' and the admin password 'adminDocker' (without quotes) you can change that by editing your gameconfig file and restart the container.
  8. This should not happen. Nope, the command does nothing, if the vnc server is not running you get no screen output in the webinterface. This is more of a browser issue, give the container a minute so that the x11vnc service and noVNC sercice can talk together correctly then it should work. Can you please delete only the container feom your unraid docker page (better speaking click on it and delete it) and download it again from the CA App? I think there is somethong wrong with the template, if you do so, everythong will be back in place you must only configure your directories. Also dont delete the /mnt/jDownloader entry, the container needs it, change the path where it points to on unraid.
  9. Have you installed the LetsEncrypt container from @linuxserver.io if not, i recommend you to! Make a reverse proxy with niginx, the LetsEncrypt container has a few examples in it. Just look for nginx reverse proxy, sorry this weekend i'm not at home and i can't link you the right pages how to configure it properly. You can create a subdomain and then reverse proxy it to the internal ip address with ssl enabled but also you must create a permanent redirection for all requests from http (port 80). Please look at my github page and the DoH-Server i think there is something described or an example how it should look like. github.com/ich777
  10. You can make a permanent redirection from your port 80 (http) to port 443 (https) within your nginx configuration. Just do a quick google sear for something like: permanent redirect http to https in nginx Then every traffic or request from port 80 or http will redirected to port 443 https
  11. @Sic79 i got now all running and talking together. The next thing is how to configure the webinterface.
  12. @thunderclap Please try to change the serverdir from '/mnt/cache/appdata/7dtd' to '/mnt/user/appdata/7dtd' eventually this can solve your problem, if it does please report back so i can change the template. The only thing that the container really changes in the serverconfig is the Save and the User path (btw did you change this variable? eventually the container can't find the right file).
  13. What exactly does the container? I haven't got a problem since i've updated it to debian. What exactly should that option do can you provide a link where this is described? From looking at the developers page wich switches are available i can't find anything about that commandline switch.
  14. I've got a few questions, sorry but haven't got much time to investigate today after work but what's the difference between the server mysql, nginx server web nginx and the agent (that's already available on the CA App)?
  15. This should not happen. What exactly did you change? And did it overwrite it the confg everytime you restart the container? Eventually hook me up with a PM what you exactly change and i will look into it. It should run perfectly fine since its downloaded about 15.000 times. Since i don't own the game i can't tell how to access the web admin panel (it was only tested if you can connect to it from 'outside' to the game from the requester - please understand that it's always hard to make a container for games that i don't personally own).