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  1. If you don't pin cores to the docker it should use all available cores. At least in my case it uses all of my 32 cores at startup.
  2. That's not the problem, the problem is that they added a Captcha bevor you download the server tar.xz file and that's why the docker wouldn't start, bevor the added the Captcha everything works just fine. So i need to host it on my own or another way would be that you download the docker once on your unraid server place the manually downloaded server tar.xz in your serverfolder, restart the unraid docker and let it's magic (but that's only a possible solution since now it's configured to download the server from the provided URL without Captcha). Also this is not the same release as you download from their server. Edit: Wrote a mail to the dev's hope the answer soon.
  3. Sorry for the late answer but in the summer time months i have really little spare time for the dockers. Eventually @TeeNoodle can help? I will look into this as soon as possible please give me a few days. No, i've never made a DayZ docker. I will also look into this, as said above give me a few days. This was also posted a week bevore, this is because they put a Captcha on the site and the docker can't solve it, i will make something different. Can you please tell me where to contact the devs? I would like to host a version on my github.
  4. Since this is not my docker (i only made the template for unraid) i can't really answer that question but you can open a github issue... *click* (There is also a discription how to use the config files) Btw the server configuration should work because i got also a server running and there is no problem with the admins... Edit: sorry i've overlooked that you want the ingame console... Look at the control settings (key bindings or mapping) inside the game in the options menu.
  5. Eventually i've misconfigured something, i will look into it, can you tell me where the config is stored on a normal linux dedicated server?
  6. Click on the Minecraft Docker icon and then on Console. I think you clicked on the main unraid console.
  7. 1. Delete the docker. 2. Go to your appdata folder and delete the corresponding 'minecraft' folder.
  8. No problem here, Screenshot of first start: Screenshot after accepting EULA: Screenshot from Docker page: Please post a screenshot, this error means that the server can't find the java executable. Change you something else? Without more info troubleshooting is really difficult. Did you use a Mac and copied something to the server directory from a zip file or somithing like that?
  9. This would be possible but i don't add it for security reasons. If you run anything inside the docker as root you can get easily acces to the host files and and more. This is because root inside the docker runs as the same UID as the host machine.
  10. This is a fully windows written game without linux in mind, i did already a test on linux with wine but there is too much overhead and the gameplay is sub acceptable. Please give me a little bit more info? I think the docker couldn't download the runtime or can't find it... What did you change? Did you try and restart the container allready?
  11. There is already such a variable it's named 'Extra Game Parameters'.
  12. Go into the template and enable the 'Advanced View' and delete '--restart unless-stopped' at the 'Extra Parameters' at the top so the docjer will not longer restart if there is an error or it is stopped externally. You can also change it to '--restart on-failure' but i'm not sure if it does restart if there is a failure and if it stops if you stop it through RCON but it's worth a try...
  13. No problem here: Wich filesystem do you use for the cache and the array drives?
  14. Thank you for the info, i will look into this after the weekend and contact the dev's if i can host a copy of the latest version on my github. Or can you do me a favour if you've got discord (please contact me per PM)? Will look into that after the weekend (but this should not have happened since the map is locatedin the rust folder). I need a little bit more information to test it on my server, wich version are you using (latest, stabel,...) have you installed a cache drive in your unraid server, where is you factorio folder located on the array or the cache?
  15. Can you provide a little bit more information, eventually a screenshot of the docker configuration page? Have you changed anything (port number,...)