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Community Answers

  1. Please be a bit more specific and I would also recommend to create a post in the support thread for the Container/Plugin that you are using.
  2. Nein, nur im Fehlerfall. Bitte beachte auch hierzu den Angepinnten Thread "Häufig gestellte Fragen" im Deutschen Unterforum.
  3. Für Fragen auf Deutsch, bitte das Deusche Unterforum nutzen, ich verschiebe den Thread mal dort hin.
  4. @Ford Prefect ja das sollte so funktionieren, hab aber in den nächsten Tagen keine Zeit zu testen: Link Einfach eine Variable im Docker Template anlegen mit dem Key: "ROUTE" und dem Value: "DEINNETZWERK/24" ca. so: Danach solltest du den container als Gateway verwenden können. Kannst du mal testen ob das funktioniert @Fidel84?
  5. Something seems really wrong here since no driver shows up as selected. Are you sure that you have enough space on your USB Boot device? Can you try to select a driver, click on Update and then press the Download button? If that also doesn't work post a screenshot from the plugin installation where I can see what the output is? Do you have any AdBlocking software installed like AdGuard or PiHole somewhere in your network?
  6. Do you waited for the download to finish, actually for the Done button or did you press the red 'X'? It seems like the plugin doesn't download the driver properly, do you have the Nvidia Driver plugin visible on the Plugin page? Do you have a Plugins Error tab on the Plugin page? Please try to uninstall the plugin and pull a fresh copy from the CA App and wait for the Done button to appear, this can take a little bit since the plugin downloads the driver ~200MB. I also recommend that you read the first post in this thread again how it should look like.
  7. If you have Safari please disable automatic unzip from the files after the download.
  8. Please upload the zip file not the extracted files (you can't post that much files in one post here).
  9. Sorry, my fault, it's actually 27016... You have some kind of strange network error... Are you sure that you've forwarded the correctly you always talk about ports 2015-2016 actually you've forgot the second digit "7", ports 27015 and 27016 are the correct ones. No, scroll way through the log, the issue is that WINE sometimes spams the log.
  10. @xxsxx47 can this now be marked as solved since users report that with the latest Windows update the error went away?
  11. As @Squid said this was also the case before 6.10.0 RC2 it may be possible that the maintainer from the container changed the template entirely and now your template changes constantly because your "older" template doesn't match the "new" template in his repository.
  12. Please use the support thread for the container (click on the Valheim icon on the Docker page and on Support), but from what I see you do nothing wrong. What is wrong with this message? Nothing to worry about. Do you need a static IP? I would recommend to use bridge mode but that won't prevent the connection to the container. Please don't set this to ture because this will always force a validiation from the game files and the start takes much longer than usual. The log looks perfectly fine and the server is waiting for connections. How did you try to connect or whats the issue? Have you made sure that the password is at least 6 characters?
  13. I don't think that would be the best idea since it also lists other ports that are not necessary and not all these ports are needed for all games. If you for example have some game servers installed on your server you maybe run into various port conflicts if everything is added to the template. Steam Client selects only ports that are available for multiplayer games. Have you yet got a second container to run?
  14. Not really but a few things that are most likely to be different are the base image and the installed packages but that makes no difference running Jellyfin.
  15. I'm not too sure but it could be. AMD systems gave me a lot issues over the past with the Nvidia driver. Have you also checked that you are on the latest BIOS version? Can you try if Jellyfin is working for testing purposes?