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Community Answers

  1. Then try booting without these options with legacy mode and see if it helps. In the other thread you've said that it was working before correct? Can you please check if a BIOS update is available for you motherboard? It seems to me that this is some kind of hardware incompatibility issue or at least some kind of wrong implementation in the BIOS.
  2. I lock this post since the user posted already in the support thread:
  3. First of all you have an error: Jan 30 08:30:25 montero root: libkmod: kmod_config_parse: /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf line 1: ignoring bad line starting with 'nvidia' in your nvidia.conf file, it should be: options nvidia NVreg_OpenRmEnableUnsupportedGpus=1 Second, you even don't use the Open Source driver package, please remove the file completely, reboot afterwards and post the Diagnostics again if the card isn't working. Did you also enable Resizable BAR support in your BIOS? If possible boot in legacy mode, I see in the initial post that you've wrote that it was working but stopped working after a reboot, did you boot in legacy mode when it was working?
  4. ...how much is too little? Please share a screenshot from the Docker page from the container with Advanced View turned on.
  5. By default Nvidia consumer cards are limited to 3 simultaneous transcodes and not 2. For 3 transcodes a 2GB version should be plenty... Not currently and I think it will take a long time, but I could be very wrong about that. Even on Windows the cards are not working properly while transcoding (driver crashes and even system crashes) and for Linux and AV1 the Linux Media Drivers need to be updated too and then the container maintainers have to also include the Linux Media drivers to fully support AV1 transcoding and nobody knows how much power they consume while transcoding properly or even in idle it's not entirely certain how much power that they need if power consumption is a concern.
  6. This seems fine and shouldn't prevent the container from running. How much resources is the container using (CPU, RAM)?
  7. Sure, look at the Git Repository from @steini84 the build script should be there but keep in mind that I build in a highly customized Docker container, but you also can build it on Unraid directly. Keep in mind ZFS will be integrated in Unraid 6.12.0 anyways and you will run definitely run into issues when using a custom package on 6.12.0 May I ask in what packages are you interested? You have to compile the Kernel for most packages first and after that you can build modules or whatever you want. Keep also in mind that you have to build a plugin for the package too. If you need anything compiled, as long as there is a need for it, I'm here to help and I can compile almost anything what you want since I have a completely automated build script if a new Unraid version is released regardless if it's stable, next or test.
  8. I wouldn't recommend a P400 nor a P2000 for 2-3 streams since you can get a T400 (Turing based) for cheap nowadays and it is more power efficient than a P400 and even more then a P2000... If you only want to transcode 2-3 4K streams a Intel CPU (Skylake+ <- of course depending on what the source material is) with integrate iGPU, you can get a full list which codecs are supported over here. Also keep in mind that at idle the iGPU only consumes a few microwatts where a Nvidia GPU at least draws about 4-6 Watts and at full blast it only consumes about 10-12 Watts depending on the iGPU, therefore it's really power efficient. Even my J4105 is capable of 2 simultaneous 4K transcodes and this is a really low power chip and not clocked as high as a Desktop Intel CPU. In your case your CPU is Broadwell based which is a little bit unfortunate because this is the last generation where the iGPUs don't support h265 (HEVC).
  9. TBH, that's nothing that bothers me personally in any way, scrolling up/down or left/right isn't a huge issue for me. @SpencerJ is there maybe a setting so that breadcrumbs show the current forum subsection by default, so to speak that it automatically scrolls to the right side instead of being on the left side, this would maybe solve the issue...
  10. I hope that my test server is up and running in about a week so that I can test it on my own but I can't tell for sure since I had really bad luck with parts this month (it should have been up and running at the beginning of January... ).
  11. Which container are you using? No, this is the default behavior, I would recommend that you delete the port entry in the Firefox template because it's not working anymore and could cause some issues in the future because the container basically has no network anymore. You always have to use the internal port from the container that you want to route through to the OpenVPN containter in the OpenVPN container template (BTW, if you are using my container you can also change the internal port number from Firefox if needed to avoid port conflicts). Hope that makes sense.
  12. @theimmortal I've now compiled 2.1.8 and 2.1.9 for Unraid 6.11.5 and uploaded it. Please reboot your Server to install the update, but as said make sure that you have a active internet connection on boot, a second reboot is also necessary if you do it like described above. The more easy way would be to uninstall the ZFS Plugin, reinstall it from the CA App and reboot afterwards.
  13. Please read the first post again, did you restart the Docker service after installing the plugin? EDIT: Now I see the issue, you are updating the daemon.json on boot in the go file: # Update mirrors tee /etc/docker/daemon.json <<-'EOF' { "registry-mirrors" : [ "http://REMOVED.com", "https://REMOVED.com", "http://REMOVED.cn"] } EOF Please delete this entry or at least comment it, reboot and see how it looks like when there no modification is made. I would recommend that you add the required entries for Nvidia in your go file routine. Hope that helps. EDIT2: Take also a look at this post where I explain how you can inject your mirrors too:
  14. @Marshalleq & @BVD I haven‘t built any recent versions because ZFS will be interared directly into Unraid. However I can build it today. @theimmortal I will let you know when the builds are uploaded, the only thing you have to do afterwards is reboot and make sure that you have a active internet connection on boot because the plugin checks and updates the ZFS version if a newer version is found on boot.
  15. Please post the full log… I can‘t even read what the error is because it‘s cut off. Some errors are displayed because some things from the full games are not found but thats not an issue at all usually.