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  1. Ok, so i thought i don't make my own server but since i've got my own Spigot server running an McMyAdmin is not my favourite tool to use (since i don't need a GUI and i back up my appdata frequently with the community applications backup tool) i've made one... You can install and try it, it should be available in a few hours (you can install all kind of servers you only must configure it right ) I don't know if thats what you wanted but i wanted to make it as simple as possible, you can also copy over the files from an existing server and it should just work fine.
  2. There is already one or two on the community applications. I think its named MineNode and McMyAdmin.
  3. Arma 3 and Wurm Unlimited are two games of the list that where provided to me to create the dockers. Would be nice if the requester provide the game if i don't own it.
  4. Windows only and i'm not a fan of emulating it with Wine (too complicated, too much headaches,...).
  5. I look into it, can you test it for me if it's possible (I don't own the game).
  6. Yes exactly, i only provide config files if the are essential for the game (TF2 isn't such a game) Place it in the directory where you would normaly put it.
  7. Look, since i don't own the game it's very difficult for me to debug things, i don't know if the game overwrite anything but i don't think so, if you leave everything as it is it works OOB but the other things i don't know... (now you know how hard it is to not own the game and give support ) Eventually @jordanmw can help you out, he runs a 7DtD Docker. Edit: now it should work the problem was that you've used the RWG world generator (now you will have a new folder in your main directory called 'User' if the world has generated successfully and this would be the path for you created world) Don't forget to update the Docker!!!
  8. You can only make port by port, no range! Your server config works fine on my server with ports TCP 25020, UDP 25020, 25021, 25022, 25022 & 27026 open and shows up in the server browser just fine.
  9. You don't read it right, you must only open one port in the range of 27015-27030 (as you said 27021 - 27030 should be available and you only need to open one port) the other thing is that i've tested is if i don't open the base port UDP (wich you don't opened) it doesn't show up in the game browser. Please take another look at the link that i've provided in your case you should open 25020 TCP & UDP, 25021 UDP, 25022 UDP, 25023 UDP (the last 3 are not required since these are for differnt game browsers At least, please try the ports that i've recommended in this post...
  10. Take a quick look at the ports, something is wrong look at this: https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki/Ports I think you must open the 25020 also UDP + 1 + 2 And why did you open so much steam ports? One is enough in the range of 27015-27030
  11. I will test that today evening. If you are able, can you test the docker with the standard config and with nothing changed? Only for testing?
  12. Because you changed the value in the file so you changed the port in the docker and my port was for example 27015 and you set it to 27016 it can't work because the docker container port for the container is set to 27015 but you've changed it to 27016 and you only changed the host port to 27016 not the container port.
  13. Exactly, with the container and host port to match yours from the serverconfig.xml
  14. Sadly not, but you can delete all the ports in the docker config page of 7DTD and set up new ports that match your ports (You must set the container and host ports as the same, otherwise NAT will not work). You know what i mean?
  15. You have to delete the whole port in the docker configuration and make a new one with the right port from you serverconfig.xml as the container port and the host port also the same (and don't forget to set te right protocoll type). This is something i can't change since steam handles ports a little bit different from my experience. If you post a screenshot please also share the serverconfig.xml (without password).