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Community Answers

  1. You don't have to do that because the container listens on all interfaces so to speak and you just have to do a port forwarding in your router and as long as your domain points to your public IP you can connect through it. Just install the container, do the port forwarding in your router and you can connect to the container through your domain.
  2. This game was designed without Linux in mind and won't work on Linux. There is a different branch available in my repository for CoreKeeper: Click This is mainly caused because it needs other start parameters and the application is located else where. I'm assuming you don't use Unraid correct? If you are using Unraid I have for each branch a template in the CA App for easy installation on Unraid. In every branch there should be a run example for each game, hope that helps.
  3. I've now changed what's done/executed on start from the array so that should fix your issue. I will push the update maybe today. I'm not entirely sure if I find anything else that I want to change... Anyways, thank you for the report!
  4. If you did it in this specific order the this path should get deleted too, however if you where using the mover it is maybe the case that it didn't move this directory because it's a symlink. Did you maybe stop the array once and started it up again somewhere in between this process? It also creates the directory when the array is started <- I will add a check if the service is enabled to not create it if it is disabled.
  5. What exactly? Can you post your Diagnostics please so that I get a bit more insight what's going on or what is not working? Please also post screenshots and on what Unraid version are you?
  6. I think this is caused by your lancache, but please keep in mind I'm not the maintainer of that template and I'm not that deep into lancache that I know how it works. Maybe a configuration error, I really don't know. LANCache-Prefill nor LANCache won't put much wear and tear on your disks since it only saves data and of course reads it when someone downloads the game. I would also try a real PC and see if the same happens, if yes -> make a post in the lancache support thread, if no -> continue the conversation with all your logs in the GitHub issue that you've already posted or even better create a new issue since it seems not related to that issue. RAID1 is not always better, especially for small chunks like lancache uses.
  7. That's not entirely true. Open up a terminal from the container and depending on the Debian distribution in the network configuration but if you are running for example Bookworm: /etc/systemd/network/eth0.network And do something like that: [Match] Name=eth0 [Network] Address=<STATICIP>/24 Gateway=<GATEWAYIP> DNS=<DNSIP> After that restart the container and it will use that IPs
  8. I wouldn‘t recommend doing it like that, it is always better to set a static IP in the container itself than in the config. Please also specify the distribution that you are using or include your Diagnostics next time please.
  9. No. Did you reboot in between or something like that? This is a symlink and should not prevent you from formatting a drive. I would need a bit more information what you did exactly in the process. EDIT: I've looked now a bit deeper into that and it makes sure that the path exists even if you disable the service but I assume you've deleted everything after you've disabled the service and not before disabling the service, correct?
  10. Are you sure that nothing is in the error.log or access.log from lancache itself? No, these are one occurring while downloading and don't have anything to do with the HDD itself, the HDD can't know that the chunk that you've downloaded doesn't match the CRC. If you experiencing this issues search your log for error or crc However if you are experiencing that even from a PC downloading a game, lancache itself is the cause of the issue. Please don't use lancache on raid1, it will be certainly not fast...
  11. This should not be an issue at all, habe you played around with the sliders for quality and compression? It can get really slow if you set the the quality too high. Have you yet tried to us another computer and see if it‘s the same there too?
  12. I don‘t understand downloading to you PC or through Prefill through thr LanCache? Check the logs, you most likely have some corrupt data in it. Sounds like crc errors and defective chunks. This semms also related to 1) and 2) What do the logs say? Did you also rebuild the entire lancache folder? This indicates your lancache is not working properly. I would strongl yrecommend that you post on the support thread from lancache aince this seems not like a lancache-prefill issue. Also check your access.log from the lancache container but please note that I‘m not the maintainer from lancache itself, I only created a container for lancache-prefill.
  13. That's strange, nothing changed in the container itself, I will investigate further and try it over here.
  14. Sorry for the inconvenience, can't help here much, maybe it's a config or somewhere a left over file from node16.
  15. I tested this on a fresh installed instance and it started fine. Do you maybe have many modules installed where one is not compatible with node18? Have you yet tried to enable force update?