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  1. The GPU should go to P8 if it's idle, but keep in mind that the readings of 'nvidia-smi' are often wrong since most features are broken... For example my GTX1050 displays most of the time the wrong power state, sometimes when it's transcoding P0 but most of the time P8 and when it's in idle it displays most of the time also P0 but it's actually in P8 and at last the power reading of the GTX1050's are mostly broken for all cards. On my GTX1060 this is a completely different story, the reading is completely right and even reports the right power draw... If you wan't
  2. This is really strange... Can you try it once more in Unraid and let the default primary gpu in the BIOS at iGPU please. You can install actually both plugins, the Intel one and also the Nvidia-Driver. The Intel transcoder is very capable of multiple 4K streams at once (depending on the quality and bitrate) and some say that it transcodes even better than NVENC (but I only heard of that ), uses way less power and in idle it can set it's power to 0W if that's important to you. Also @mgutt wrote a thread about that here:
  3. This is really strange and shouldn't happen, are you sure that everything is gone since I tried it with the basic or at least the default configuration and it started up just fine.
  4. This container didn't support a resolution change, I can implement it if it's really needed... What you also can do is to enable 'local scaling' in the noVNC options like this (but keep in mind this can look a bit washed out depending on the screensize): (the picture is actually German but I think where you can find it)
  5. This is a USB Tuner or am I wrong? Maybe try to replug it and it will hopefully show up, have you rebooted? I can try and compile you a version with the TBS drivers.
  6. @alturismo hattest du das auch nicht erst und war da nicht irgendwas mit Docker? Wenn ich mich nicht irre war die Lösung den Docker Dienst direkt am Host zu beenden, also Monitor und Tastatur ran und: '/etc/rc.d/rc.docker stop'
  7. I think that should be enough, are you interested in transcoding? That is also possible with your i5, just download the Plugin Intel-GPU-TOP from me and add a device '/dev/dri' in your template of the Docker Container and it should transcode just fine (no need to edit the go file or create any other files, this is all done by the plugin - just be sure to set the Primary Graphics Card to your 'iGPU' and not to 'PCIe' in your BIOS). You can also install the Plugin GPU Statistics from @b3rs3rk to watch the utilisazion. Please not the Intel transcoding is maybe more power efficien
  8. I get this once with a GTX960 the main problem was that it was not getting enough power. The driver plugin page waits for the output of the command 'nvidia-smi' that's why you get nothing displayed because it simply times out and no result from 'nvidia-smi' is received. Please check if you GTX1060 is getting enough power from the power supply and also try to reseat the card in a differnt PCIe slot if possible. But the card is working fine I think? Have you got a spare box where you can test the card on Windows (with graphics drivers installed - you have t
  9. 6.8.3 is not available anymore, sorry... But you can download the prebuilt 6.8.3 image that has LibreELEC drivers builtin (first post at the bottom), they should also work fine with the TBS cards. Hope that's good enough?
  10. What card have you installed, have you also read the Troubleshooting und how to report problems section on the first page (first post on the bottom)? Have you restarted and followed the guid in the first post? Which card do you have? Have you bound a card to VFIO? Is this the first time you try transcoding or was it running before?
  11. Yep, I now recommended the post from @Cyd where he described how you would do this but in case you didn't see it:
  12. I think this has something to do with TVHeadend but I'm maybe wrong since I don't got that many tuners... Please also keep in mind that I only implemented to display 8 tuners on the plugin page itself... Also try to open up a Unraid command promt and issue the command: 'ls /dev/dvb' and post the output here please. you should see all tuners that are available in Unraid. May I ask if the tuners work OOB after a reboot? Also are you sure that the tuners are split accross multiple USB Root Hubs?
  13. You don't have to do this anymore, you can also do this by installing the Plugin Intel-GPU-TOP from the CA App so no edits to the go file are required and you also have the benefit of having the tool 'intel_gpu_top' installed natively to Unraid to watch the usage of your iGPU or you additionally install the GPU Statistics Plugin from @b3rs3rk to see the usage of the iGPU on the Dashboard page. Please make sure that you set the iGPU to the Primary Graphics adapter in the BIOS.
  14. Have you stopped the Unraid-Kernel-Helper once? Please try to delete every file from the 'kernel' directory that is located in your 'appdata' folder. I think the main problem is a failed download and now it can't download the file again.
  15. This plugin should be compiled with a tuner limit of 16. Have you rebooted after you installed the plugin?