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  1. If that's an option for you it would be great... Please note, I've made some minor changes and the docker rebuilds now will be available in the next 30 minutes. But should have no effect if you already created it new.
  2. It is a MariaDB so it's basicaly the same as a MySQL Database In the Unraid Docker tab click on the CSMM icon and select Console in the console you can login with: 'mysql -u csmm -p' and then type the password: 'csmm7dtd' then you can enter the commands from the link and restart the container, it theoretically should work aigain I will also edit the container that it will do it itself but not in the near future since my time is very limited right now...
  3. Found eventually a solution for your problem if you are using the old database you must do this commands within the container in mysql *LINK* If you are using a new instance of the container the error is also there but it's just a WARNING and not an error that doesn't start the container.
  4. Is this always happening or only if you are explore new regions? Please keep in mind that it should run just fine if you and your players are in a region that is already created by the server. Btw 4 seconds is not a really high value i know servers where there is a lag of even 60 seconds, that's a really choppy gameplay.
  5. Wich processor are you using? Minecraft java edition prefers speed over core count. This also sounds like a autosave issue. Did you get any error messages in the logs somthing like: Can't keep up...?
  6. Created a issue on github also nodejs changed something (backported a few functions), yesterday all my images where rebuilt because of minor fixes and since nodejs changed something and the developer of CSMM-7DtD not i can't get the docker to run.
  7. Nope, got not much time and this is a really big project like Battlefield, but i got it on my list
  8. From my research the developers had some issues with the linux and osx version *LINK* Please contact me in a few months again and i will look into it again.
  9. I think there was something wrong with the download from DirSyncPro or the Runtime (sometimes the download from github or sourceforge is incomplete) and redownload it from the CA Apps without a setting changed (or at least the port like in my case. Could you please try to delete the whole container and also the directory in your appdata folder? I've also made a complete fresh install on my Unraid server and it works all OOB (i've changed the port to 8083 as you can see on the screenshots. Did you run your appdata folder on the cache drives? Wich fileformat are the disks where your appdata folder is located? Also you can try to download the runtime manually and extract/place it in your runtime directory and then start the container again *LINK* (the path should be <DIRSYNCPROROOT>/runtime/jre1.8.0_211) just extract the tar.gz into the runtime folder and you should be good to go. I've also attached pictures how the appdata folder should look like. Log.txt
  10. Like @binhex said, you must turn yourself into a server OP or give yourself the privileges but my latest information on the bedrock servers are that the permission system is not implemented yet.
  11. Eventually @Spectral Force can help you out...
  12. If you're interested i can look into that but i think it should be totally doable.
  13. Are the savegame variables right? What files did you change, did you change any filename, did you delete something, what did you exactly change? Short explenation main configuration file must be in the root of your 7dtd folder then the Serverconfig variable in the template must be the same as the configuration file in the root of the directory eg: 'serverconfig.xml' (without quotes). The folders for the savegame and userdata cannot be changed manually. For the ingame settings i can't help you eventually someone else has a solution who own's the game.
  14. Sent you a message, docker is ready, please report back.
  15. You will barely recognize it... I can't see and tell any downside at the time. Also there is DNS Cloak for iOS and there are also clients for windows, mac, linux. Even firefox supports it natively...