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  1. I thought it is based on the Source engine but I also could be wron When I speak from Appdata I don't mean the Windows Appdata directory since you installed the dedicated server on the server an not on your windows machine (of course the Game itself is on your windows machine but not the dedicated server). The /mnt/cache directory is basically the same as /mnt/user You have to open a console from the container (click on the icon of the container and then console), I think you are opening the console from Unraid itself. This is the Linux version of the game not the Windows version... Nice that everythin is now working for you.
  2. Nice. Sorry but there I can't help, I think this a source game or am I wrong? Should be in the created directory in the appdata under the subfolder scp or how the game is named. It's not different than a default linux gameserver.
  3. Have you changed something in the config? Try to start over, delete the container and then delete the created directory inside your appdata directory and redownload it from the CA App. You don't have to let it sit overnoght I think SCP is not a really big game and should be downlaoded even with a 5MB/s line in half an hour. Is it possible that the container constantly restarts? EDIT: try to restart the container first before you do anything.
  4. Have you forwarded both tcp and udp? The game works flawlessly on my server. The IPv6 message is just a warning and can be ignored. Please don't use standard port checkers if the port is open since this is not a webservice this is a gameserver. What does the steam server browser say if you type in your IP:PORT? Try it first with your internal server ip and port and then with your external ip.
  5. Yes, the gpu must be installed in the server to show up.
  6. Nice, I tried it for this version and should work well Please report back if everything working as expecte.
  7. Please report back if everything works as expected. What version are you building for? 6.8.3 or 6.9.0beta22?
  8. All fixed now, please delete the container and redownload it from the CA App.
  9. Nothing, they moved the toolkit to another location, give me some time and i will fix this, will report back
  10. Then there might be something wrong with the bzroot... Try to go back to the stock one and try it again. EDIT: sorry should be a bit more specific, put your usb thumb drive into your computer download the Unraid version 6.8.3 from the downloadpage and replace the bzroot/bzmodules/bzfirmware/bzimages after that put it back on your server and reboot, another method will be to log via SFTP into your server (should be still possible if you can connect through ssd) a tool for that would be WinSCP if you are on windows, then go to your boot directory and replace the above mentioned files.
  11. If this is the latest beta look one page back (keep in mind that this is thr same if you have a linux dedicated server): EDIT: But please also read the comments that follows, one user reported that after the update it doesn't work anymore and he had to completely reinstall it.
  12. Sadly no, I've tried now several times, the game needs too much Windows DLL's to run properly under WINE... This game was also designed without Linux in mind...
  13. The build times are completely variable since some tasks are core count dependent and some tasks favour clock speed so a real comparison is not really possible... Also I don't want to compare the virtual size of things based on this container... The mentioned 30 minutes are really for slow machines with let's say a Core2Duo or something similary...
  14. Appreciated. If you got any suggestions for improvements please feel free to ask, but I think the container has enough features for now... Please if you ever rebuilding the Kernel/Images again, delete the container and redownload it from the CA App to be always on the latest version and up to date
  15. Thanks for the update 1 - Yes, only use the credentials if the are marked as required in the template (I have to update the discription of all my steam containers but that have to wait for now) 2 - This can cause problems because eventually the container assigned another IP address or translates something differently ( is the best way to go in the most containers) 3 - Should also work if you let them in there (I will definetely update the template) One last question, the server works also if you don't put in the steamaccesskey or am I wrong?