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  1. No, steamcmd is only used when the container is fresh started to downlaod the game and check for updates, after that it doesn't run anymore, or better speaking it doesn't run anymore when the application (CS:GO) is started. I also have reused the SteamCMD directory from another container and was already in place. Can you check if other services are running on those ports and are reachable from outside? I have a few reports that some ISP block certain ports or port ranges.
  2. I tried it now with 27100, 28015, 27015 and also 27030 (default on my server) and everything is working as it should...
  3. Was anybody lucky enough to get their hands on a ARC GPU? If yes, please contact me... why, because of this: Yes and no, if the driver also uses /dev/dri, like all currently Intel based iGPUs, it should work OOB or better speaking at least on the Host and how it behaves after that, in terms of usage in Docker containers and so on is to be seen and needs to be tested. Also keep in mind that maybe the Intel Media Driver needs to be updated inside the containers but these are all things that need to be seen if someone can get there hands on a ARC GPU.
  4. ich777


    @bjmi in case you haven't seen it already: (ZSTD compression is now available with 6.11.1)
  5. Have you set a different port? Please click on the show more section, the port is handled in there. Maybe also post a screenshot how you configured it now.
  6. You don‘t have to reconfigure it, just remove it and install it again.
  7. You can use that for the VM but please not for transcoding, the GT1030 isn‘t capable of transcoding h265 (HEVC)
  8. No issue there, you even can it with a x1 slot from my testing. Exactly, but it also doesn't matter which card you use for what since this card is not that powerful but preferably you would put the card for the VM in the x16 slot because I assume the other PCIe slot (also x16 in terms of width) which is eclectically wired as x4 is running over the chipset. This always depends on your workload, there is always something better... Don't know if you are happy with the T400 why buying something that's more expensive? Of course you can buy a RTX 3050, 3060 or even higher, maybe you want to try the new ARC Intel GPUs... That's all up to you.
  9. Exactly, but you should quote the other user. He meant if Nerdtools is compatible with un-get and vice versa, nothing to do with updates.
  10. Maybe see if the slot has a open back x4 is well enough for transcoding, even x1 is enough... btw. you could also use a riser
  11. Yes, but please be really careful with that and I also can't guarantee that it works, sorry but no support from my side... I would rather recommend that you look out for something like a Nvidia T400, you can get them for really cheap, doesn't need external power and for transcoding it is well enough.
  12. This is a thing that you have to ask the maintainer of this plugin, I've not gone through the plugin code. Sorry...
  13. I don't think you can do that because from what I understand this plugin installs all packages with the extension "_nerdtools.txz" to the /boot/extra folder and if you install a package through un-get and then through this plugin you basically install it twice on boot, as long as it's the same package nothing should be harmed. However you should be able to run both if you are really careful which packages you install where...
  14. No, this is just the removal routine from the plugin if you delete it: