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  1. Nope, nothing changed. Please try to reinstall the docker or validate the files.
  2. Yeah, i've also found old post from about 2016 i think... that it is planned but that it was never implemented to that day...
  3. Is there a plan to add multiple cache pools within the UD plugin with a GUI and not to create it manually via the terminal?
  4. That sounds all in all like a port forwarding issue, did you changed any of the ports? Why would you connect with telnet and on wich port did you want to connect? There is no telnet port assigned in the default configuration. No need to give it a static ip or to put it in host mode. You will be only ablte to connect when the main server can reach your server so all ports must be properly forwarded and everything needs to be configured correctly otherwise it doesn't work. You can also try if you see it in the Steam Server Browser (in Steam click on 'View' - 'Server Browser' - 'Favourites' and then add server, enter the main ip of your server and the port eg: btw try all the ports i don't know exactly wich port will answer the browser). You can also join our Unraid Steam group and chat with the members about that problem.
  5. Yes, tried it out and it runs, there is no error that prevents the server from running and it's running fine (except for the heavy cpu und ram usage wine just sucks for this kind of application). You got no display and audio output that's normal. Nope, it is installed in the docker itself, the gui is missing.
  6. Okay that's strange if the unraid terminal itself reported 2mbit/s and you reach your 800mbit/s within the vm's on unraid... Yes this would be the best solution and i think it is some kind of network problem. One more question, did you have more than one nic in your server and you are using one for the vm's and one for unraid? Try also to change the network cables, often there can be an issue with one cable (i've remember i got such kind of a problem with a unraid server with two nic's and a load balance setup in the past).
  7. This was asked several times please reffer to this post or search within this topic for 'space engineers':
  8. Nope, no setting or something, should pull with full speed. 7DtD finishes on my 90Mbit connection in about 15mins or so. Is it possible that there is another limitation, diskspeed or steam itself (please keep in mind that steamcmd works over steampipe). Did you got any cachingservice for steam running on your network?
  9. Totaly doable but you need a separate account for the serverfiles to download or you disable your steam guard if you enabled it (steam recommends to create a dedicated account for all your dedicated servers). I will look into that also.
  10. I can make such a docker if the download link is provided as plain text, if it needs a captcha or is redirected to another site where further steps are required it's not possible since this is not in my mind, i want to make dockers that are easy to use and not require any steps for the installation (except for the FiveM server, at the beginning it all works fine but then they changed their server download site so that you must solve a captcha and you must palce it manually in the docker directory).
  11. This is a game specific question and it should be asked on the factorio forums but i attched a screenshot of my config (i've configured mine only for lan play but it should be mostly the same.
  12. As @Squid said try the CA Config Editor Link to support thread (you find it in the CA Apps) or you can like @Masterism said SSH to Unraid and edit the file with nano. This is technicaly not my docker, i've only created the template for it to be available on Unraid (personally i run also a Factorio Docker and i edited the file with nano).
  13. You've allready asked this question and i answered on post below.
  14. Please note that some libraries or even a runtime change can destray a already running FTB server (i don't know if there are different libraries for windows and linux eventually that's the main problem i think) one little misconfiguration and the server won't start... If you change to spigot it's way easier, no need to put the mods on the clients, they need only to run on the server.
  15. This is mostly a problem with FTB, i've given up running this kind of servers because they can also stop working randomly... I run 2 Spigot servers and never got a problem. The best thing you can do is you set the whole server up on windows and see if everything is working like you want it and then copy everything over to the unraid server. Also a few post bevore in this thread is a post with a similar problem.