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  1. Strange... Can you post a log from beginning to end when you restart the container with the Validation set to 'true'? I can't imagine why it doesn't work...
  2. Server is now working please update the container, it is now working. Please stop the container, delte the folder 'Zomboid' from your server directory, then click , update the container and start it.
  3. In my case it downloaded the version 309.42 like you see in the screenshot: Can you post a picture from the template page? Sorry for the waiting time but SteamCMD seems to struggle a little bit...
  4. How did you install the mods in the container with SteamCMD or did you copy over the mods from your windows/mac machine? EDIT: The container download the file servertest.ini you have to edit this file (within your SERVERDIRECTORY/Zomboid/Server)
  5. With the Server Files and Profiles folder located at /mnt/cache/... the container starts just fine: Log.txt EDIT: Fixed the template allready but it will take some time so that it updates in the CA App, please delete the folder within appdata and the container itself, redownload it from the CA App and change the path from Server File & Profiles to '/mnt/cache/...' Sorry for inconvenience forgot that this container got two directorys that i have to change...
  6. But then there must be something wrong with the game itself, oh but i remember i made a fix a few weeks ago since it's not starting up because some files where missing, i will look into.
  7. Try to set Validate to 'true' in the template and please report back wich version that the server did update to.
  8. Can you give me a link to a tutorial how to install mods on Zomboid? Which mods do you want to install so i can try it? Oh, this could acctually be the problem, haven't seen that, i will try that when i'm at home (If so then i will change the template so that it will also point to cache).
  9. Please delete the whole folder i your appdata location again and also the container, and then post the log again. After the Error 1 line from the log is nothing? EDIT: Do you have a cache drive installed in your server and is the appdata folder on there?
  10. Wich mods are you are interested to run? It should be not different from your VM since the container does the following: Look for SteamCMD and downloads it if it's not installed Look for the game and download it if it's not installed (if you force a validation it will validate the files) Start the server... The benefit you should get is that you share the system resources. I also got an Arma3 Exile Mod server if you are interested in it but since the moved over to steam workshop i have to edit the container so that it downloads it from there. For Rust i think that's modded with oxide mod but i don't know how that exactly works but i know that someone runs it with mods. For Killing Floor 2 i don't know how mods on this game work. I can only tell you that i've run a CounterStrike:Source and CoutnerStrike:GO server with moded files and haven't had any issues. I will look into that when i got home. So it overwrites your file or have you two server.ini files in the directory? Can you try to edit the server.ini file that it creates or past the content from your server.ini to that?
  11. How did you installed meta and sourcemod? Did you delete the old addons folder? In which order did you install it? Also have you generated a new metamod.vdf for the server? If nothing works please contact me and i will send you my files over. Permissions should be no problem since metamod is working...
  12. Sorry for the late response, glad to hear that it works now. Hope the description for this container is not to complicated...
  13. Keep in mind when you are coming from another OS you must redownload metamod and sourcemod for the corresponding OS (in this case linux). Please note that i recommend you to completely deleting the old meta-/sourcemod files and then copying the new downloaded files for linux into place.
  14. No, that's just the default docker console. No, because i've run meta and sourcemod and they just work fine, have you switched over your files from another OS/Server? Screenshot from my CS:GO console (i'm running the server on antoher port just ignore that - 27029 - in your case that's 27015): You are correct that's just warnings, if you think of it the warning is a little bit silly for a dedicated server (why should the steam client run on a dedicated server...?). Just ignore that.
  15. So i investigated the "problem" first of all there were a typo in my template you must change the RCON Port to the follwing: And the second thing to you have to do is that you have to append '-usercon' (without quotes) to your 'GAME_PARAMS' in order to enable RCON. (Sorry was completely my mistake since i've taken the old startup server commands from old windows server and copied them over to the container and not enter them properly in the container). Template is allready fixed and should be available in the next few hours if you see that the port is fixed and the option '-usercon' is added if you download it again from the CA App.