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  1. Mir würd es eher generell um die Diagnostics gehen, hat nichts mit dem syslog zu tuhen, damit man einfach sieht welche hardware usw du verbaut hast, ich hab mit meinem 10600 auf einem ASUS Z490-E Gaming keine probleme... Deswegen frag ich. Sent from my C64
  2. Hast du auch versucht im Safe Mode zu booten? Poste auch mal deine Diagnostics bitte. Hast du schon mal versucht einen Monitor anzuschließen und die Konsolenausgabe zu Fotografieren wenn du einen Freeze hattest?
  3. Sag bitte mal genau was und wie du synchronisierst? Synchronisierst du mittels SSH oder synchronisierst du mittels Unassigned Devices auf einen extern gemounteten share, sprich USB Platte? Normalerweise tritt der Fehler beim synchronisieren auf wenn auf einmal die Gegenseite bzw. das Speichermedium nicht mehr erreichbar ist. Wie groß ist die Datei die du hier versuchst zu synchronisieren? Sieht auf jeden fall so aus als wäre das Ziel nicht mehr erreichbar gewesen. Häng bitte auch gleich mal deine Diagnostics an.
  4. Go to the plugin page and click the checkbox at the Nvidia Driver plugin and on top click "Remove". Why should the plugin prevent the boot on other hardware, have you any indication or logs that this plugin is causing that, if so, please post the log or a picture from the error. Sent from my C64
  5. Then the Radeon TOP plugin nor Jellyfin can see the GPU anymore and it is reserved exclusively for use in the VM. As said above, if you already bound it to VFIO unRAID isn't able to "see" the GPU and is reserved for exclusive use in VMs. "modprobe amdgpu" and "modprobe radeon" don't do anything because the card isn't visible to unRAID.
  6. No, I also don't think that this has anything to do with Jellyfin... What graphics card are we talking about? I would recommend that you bind it to VFIO.
  7. Maybe... I haven't looked into what the script does. Also don't unterstand why this is even needed. As said I would recommend to revert the changes, maybe reboot unRAID and wait for RC2. Sent from my C64
  8. Yes, just undo everything. As said a reactivation from Windows may be necessary. Sent from my C64
  9. As @itimpi said it will be part of 6.10.0-RC2 and I only can recommend to wait a few more days. Sent from my C64
  10. Bitte mach dazu einen neuen Post, ist sicherlich für neue User interessant und gehört hier nicht wirklich hin weil Off Topic...
  11. What did you rename exactly and the better question is why? Does your container have access to the internet? Can you open this link: Click Have you installed any blocking software on your network? Tested it now and it works flawlessly: ---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Setting umask to 0000--- ---Checking for optional scripts--- ---No optional script found, continuing--- ---Starting...--- ---Version Check--- ---NZBHydra2 v3.17.3 up-to-date--- ---Preparing Server--- ---Starting NZBHydra2---
  12. You have to undo basically everything you've done, change the BIOS type to OVMF-TPM in the VM template and then reactivate Windows again. But I really can't tell if it is working properly after you did this since I've not tested this and that is just a guess. That's why I don't recommend installing through this method and wait for the official way.
  13. Glad to hear that everyrhing is working now. AMD is a little behind when it comes to virtualisation from my perspective. Sent from my C64
  14. As far as I know the 6xxx series should not be affected from the AMD Reset bug. Make sure you've created a OVMF VM and also start unRAID with UEFI not with Legacy (CSM). Sent from my C64