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  1. Ja, aber ich würd das direkt auf Unraid machen, is einfacher wegen dem container in der CA App.
  2. What did you change since then? Did you install any mods?
  3. @Anthwerp where you able to solve your issue?
  4. My advice would be to not overthink it, game servers should be pretty safe to forward the port to and they should be always bound to a port, even big game hosting companies do it like that (GPortal, NITRADO,...). From these providers you also usually get a domain name and a port for each individual game where only the port differs and maybe the domain name however they do not use a CNAME. You can do it however you want it but it is way easier to just use the domain name and the port <- again, the port is only needed if you don't use the default one.
  5. But this is for Minecraft and for TCP traffic (but strictly speaking it doesn’t matter if it’s UDP or TCP traffic) but that is not working and not needed for UDP traffic and servers with more ports… A game server is not a webserver… Wouldn‘t it be easier to give your friend the domain name and the port instead of a CNAME, domain name and the port? And this also complicates your setup too. The only thing that you need to do is opening the ports for the game server in your Firewall/Router done.
  6. Please also check your CNAMES, as said above you don‘t have to do it like you‘ve set it up. Your domain name followed by the port (only if not using the default port) is required.
  7. But you don‘t need a CNAME and that doesn‘t makes any sense at all since the game only resolves you domain name which results in your public IP address and it attaches by default 27015 You could also connect with: yourdomainname.org:27015 for example and it will work fine too (this will work also for TS. You get a response from ICMP (ping) because most likely your Firewall our router is answering on your domain name. If the container co stantly restarts on it’s own, something in the configuration files or something else is wrong. Have you yet tried to remove the config and mapcycle file, if it constantly restarts something is wrong with the container. What path is set in the Docker template for the Game files and to what Mover action is you appdata directory set in the Share settings from Unraid?
  8. No you can not. The game server isn‘t responding to ICMP requests but your firewall probably is. I suspect yes, what epse hav you changed? This is nothing to worry about. Why are you even trying to connect with a subdomain, that makes no sense… Ehat did you do to make the server available from outside What ports have you forwarded? Was it working before? Does the container restart on it‘s own? Are you sure that everything in the server.cfg is configured correctly?
  9. When doing it in luckyBackup or better speaking rsync, a common practice is to do a nomral include and point directly to the file and exclude everything else with a asterisk.
  10. It checks for updates every time you restart the container, even without validation enabled. I know that for some users it won't work for some reason but I don't know if that's caused of some network gear, AdBlocking or the location <- I really haven't been able to reproduce this over here and every container pulls the updates just fine on my machine. Are you sure that your appdata path is set to stay on the cache in the Share settings from Unraid and that is not moved off from the cache when the path in the template is set to /mnt/cache/appdata/... For most users the solution is to remove the container, back up your save directory, remove the soulmask folder from your appdata directory, pull a fresh copy from the CA App, let the container start fully, stop the container, replace the save directory with the backup that you have and start the container again. As said above I really don't know what's causing that for some users but I assume it has to do when someone changes the path from /mnt/cache/appdata/... in the template to /mnt/user/appdata/... since the Mover will then move certain files and certain not which can cause a race condition.
  11. I‘m not an expert on Deep Learning stuff but AFAIK this is only possible with dlprof (Deep Learning Profile) which is part of their TensorFlow container and so to speak not possible in it‘s current form and I‘m not sure if there will be an easy implementation to that here on Unraid.
  12. Nope, this is not necessary. Don‘t forget to change the UUID in your Docker containers…
  13. DoH is auch ganz einfach zum nachinstallieren. Dann is da noch was falsch eingestellt irgendwo im Netzwerk, setz den container mal auf und dann kann man drauf aufbauen. In dem LXC container von mir ist Unbound & PiHole schon installiert und konfiguriert, LANCache is optional zum aktivieren, wie gesagt README.md lesen.
  14. Schau mal hier: Vergiss auch nicht nach dem Installieren das readme zu lesen (das plugin weißt dich drauf hin und präsentiert dir auch einen link dort hin wenn die installation abgeschlossen wurde).
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