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  1. Yes, this is one of the downsides because I think you have to actually use the APP ID from ArmA3 if you want to install Workshop content and it also needs a valid account supplied with Steam Guard disabled and the game in the account. At least this is how I think it will work. I'm really not to sure about the mods...
  2. So that it looks like this: ${STEAMCMD_DIR}/steamcmd.sh +login ${USERNAME} ${PASSWRD} +force_install_dir ${SERVER_DIR} +app_update 107410 +workshop_download_item 1832638103 validate +quit
  3. Oh, .sh is missing, so it would be: ${STEAMCMD_DIR}/steamcmd.sh +login ${USERNAME} ${PASSWRD} +force_install_dir ${SERVER_DIR} +app_update ${GAME_ID} +workshop_download_item 1832638103 validate +quit I forgot that this changed over the years...
  4. Try to remove this: +@nCSClientRateLimitKbps 50000 You can also try manually what it says, to do that do the following: Open up a terminal from the container Enter: su $USER Copy paste the last line from the script in the terminal
  5. Sure thing, in the first post from this thread or in the CA App on any container from me that is installed on your server.
  6. Really much appreciated! The fast response times are most certainly because we are in a similar timezone... Exactly. You only have to fill in your workshop IDs in the script... I think I've missed that this script will only work after the game files where pulled successfully, so to speak after the first full startup from the dedicated server.
  7. Ah, thank you... Simply do it with this script, this should work fine:
  8. I've only created the Exile mod Arma3 container, but it should be possible. This container is just like you run it on bare metal, nothing different.
  9. This is pretty normal from what I know and you should now be able to connect.
  10. Wie meinst du das? Ah sorry weil ich eben geschrieben hab... Blöder ausdruck von hier... Das ist und war schon immer so im Plugin verankert... Schau mal ins syslog ob der das noch immer aufführt, wenn ja hast du evlt. das SMB plugin installiert (Active Streams oder so glaub ich heißt das), wenn ja dann deinstallier das mal testweise.
  11. Because this can cause a lot of overhead when copying or installing many small files because it's a FUSE file system and will also cause more system load because of FUSE. It can get even that far that the WebUI from Unraid itself can become unresponsive and hang for a short time, seen this when installing Docker container inside a LXC container with a huge Layer that has many packages to install/extract. Don't get me wrong but I write such things for a good reason... Glad that you've worked it out! I will recommend this post on top of this thread.
  12. Sorry haven't got much time yesterday and didn't look through it entirely. Please change INSP_NET_NAME to "yourdomain.org" without any subdomain (seems a little long from the screenshot) What also catch my eye was the casemap in the Anope settings, please make sure that you've set the right value. In my case I had to change it to: "rfc1459" (without double qutoes) but that depends on the settings from InspIRCd.