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  1. I have started using the plugin again after fixing the things happening in my previous posts. Now the plugin checks the integrity every first day of the month. There is 1 disk in my system that is very slow. It should be just as fast as the other (same type) disk in my system, but instead of taking about 16 to 18 hours to finish, it takes over 3 days to finish a check. How can I figure out why that drive is so much slower? Is has a lot of big files on it, just like all the other drives in the system. During my previous testing, this drive was just as fast as the other drives.
  2. Thanks for the update. I will play around with the container a little bit more and see if my friends on Discord will enjoy it.
  3. I just installed this container and am testing it out. Where does it get installed to? I do not see a folder in the appdata and can't find an install path in de container template.
  4. I let the integrity check finish and got some more results. All 11 of my drives got either hash mismatches or corruptions. And not just 1 file, but multiple files. One drive even has 9 corruptions. This would mean that all 11 of the drives have corrupted multiple files within 24 hours. This also happened with my previous testing. It could be that I am doing something wrong, but when I Google for "Unraid file integrity plugin false positives", I get a lot of search results for false positives. A lot of other people are having the same issue as I am right now. I also read about people thinking that the option to automatically update the hashes of new files does not work. I share that feeling since new files are mentioned as "corrupt" by the plugin, even though the option is turned on. I have uninstalled the plugin by first deleting the hash files, then removing the plugin and then removing the plugin folder from the boot drive. After doing some more reading online, I want to keep testing this plugin, so I decided to install it again (something about not being able to makeup my mind). I have added some exclusions. Can anyone tell me if this is the correct way of doing them?; I don't want any of the .xml, .srt or .log files to be protected, since they change a lot and I don't care if they break.
  5. I tried to test the functionality but think that I did something wrong. I started a build of a drive and let it complete. After the build was done, I exported the result. I then turned off the option to automatically update the hashfile when a file changes. Then I opened a picture file on the drive with Notepad. This gave me a garbled mess in Notepad and I delted a few characters. This corrupts the file itself. In the plugin settings menu I told it to start checking the drive every day and waited for the check to be completed, but never got a warning or error about the corrupted file. I have no idea why this didn't work. After this failed test, I turned on the auto file hash update option so all files would stay up to date. Then I started building all the drives and exported them. Today I let the system run an integrity check and got a few errors. But I think these were false positives. Here is one of the errors; I think this is a false positive because that file changes all the time. I also do not want to monitor .log files anymore. I will try to set a rule to not check .log files. Here is another false positive that I am sure of is a false positive; This file was being written to the disk while the integrity check was in progress. All 4 files being corrupt after sitting on the disk for a few minutes seems to unlikely for it to be true. Lastly I get a lot of these messages; I do not know where to find the that path since /tmp was the ram right? So the plugin seems to work and do the checks that it should do, but there are some false positives.
  6. Thanks. I will install it again and have it run the first check on all disks later this week. Can I manually brick a file to test the notification and functionality of the tool?
  7. Looks like I misread this topic. I am not looking for more cache pools. I need multiple storage pools. Let's hope that 6.11 will have that then.
  8. I would also like this option.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I think that the main issue is that we simply don't know how to use it. The post I made on the 6th of March shows the issue that I have, and it boils down to me not knowing how te application will inform me of bitrot. I will uninstall it by following your instructions, but it would be nice if you could find some time in the future to help us out. I would love to use the plugin, but would need to know how it works in order to do so. Please keep up the good work!
  10. Thanks. That did solve the error message, but I still can't login. Now I just get a generic error about not being able to reach the page; This is what I can see in the logfile;
  11. Hi, I downloaded the lastest version of the container a few days ago but keep getting this error when I start it; Does anyone know how to fix that?
  12. Hi, I have read a bit of the other threads about cases but couldn't find any info on what I am looking for. Basically, I want to expand my server in the future and the problem is the ammount of PCIe slots. Most motherboards have 3 x16 slots and a few x1 slots. The problem is that when you put a large GPU in the x16 slots, then they tend to cover the x1 slots. This is what happens on most mainstream boards. I am thinking about getting either an Threadripper or EPYC board so I can house all the hardware that I want, but even those boards would have some much needed slots covered by a large GPU (or anything else that is 2 slot or bigger). I currently have this solved by putting my server in a mining rack and using riser cables for some of the hardware. I was wondering if there are cases that could solve this for me. Something that would allow me to put a riser between the motherboard and the hardware connected to it. Some cases already do this for 1 GPU, but I would like to be able to this for all my hardware since I need most slots. My future build would have hardware like this connected to it; 2 GPU's for 2 gaming vm's 1 GPU for Plex transcoding 1 GPU for HTPC VM LSI sas card 1 ethernet adapter 1 (or 2) USB cards 1 (or 2) soundcards I know that there are devices to run PCIe devices over a cable and then to a PCIe backbplane (like Linus used in the 7 gamers 1 CPU video) but those are expensive and would still require me to get 2 cases (and a 3rd for all the HDD's). Preferably I want to have 1 case for the hardware and another for the HDD's. I am now looking for options and do not have a set budget yet, but I imagine that somewhere around €800 would be what I would pay for a case. So basically I am looking for a case that can handle that many PCIe devices with riser cables.
  13. I went on the Discord community of that bot and they told me that the bot will only display server information if the game supports a few different query types. Turnes out that Terraria (and Satisfactory and Wreckfest) are just not supported. They said that I can change the query type to "fake" in the servers.json and that managed to sort of fix it; The downside of the "fake" query is that the online/offline status are not always up to date and it can't display much more than that. But this is enough for me. Guess that the bot itself is rather limited in what servers it supports. Sure, Gamedigquery has a long list of supported servers, but there are plenty more that are not supported (yet)
  14. The problem with the Valheim server turned out to be a combination of a wrongly placed "," and no write permissions in Discord. The Terraria server has the game port (7777) forwarded with both the TCP and UDP protocols. This is what I can see in the Terraria config; How can I see what the correct query type and port is? I tried setting the server.json to use the sourcequery, but that did not help.
  15. I have taken a short break from finishing the bot but am back now. I get the same problem as @Nubby Friends are able to reach the Terraria server and can game on it. The port is forwarded so it should be reachable. Here is the servers.json; I have no idea why it doesn't work. I also wonder how I would add a gameserver to this file that is not on gamediqquery? I have multiple Wreckfest servers but Wreckfest (and Satisfactory and Open RCT2) are not on Gamediqquery.