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  1. It took some time for it to happen again since I was trying to get SAM working on my server. It just happened again. I tried it and it then showed me all the shares. Why could that be? Do I need to change a setting somehwere?
  2. Hi, I got a new problem. Terraria on Steam got an update last week. I have restarted the Terraria docker multiple times this week but it doesn't find a new update. The docker is running version Steam has version Do you know why the docker container will not find the new update? I am not awake today. Just found that I am supposed to set the preffered version in the docker container. Sorry.
  3. It happened again. The shares have gone invisible: But Unraid is still the master browser. I think that means that there is another problem going on in my system. I also don't understand why there are 2 displays mentioned there while I do not know them. But They have been there for months.
  4. Thanks for the link. That is a big page so I will read most of it later. I checked all computers in the house and they are all part of the default workgroup. I never set anything up and they just found everything that was on the network. So I assume that all computers / virtual machines are just looking at everything available on the network. Unraid says: and all computers also say they are part of "WORKGROUP". I also found Yoda so my Unraid system is the local master. I will check that next time when it goes offline. That could take a few hours or a day. It is always random. If this problem is related to the local master thing, then the next time my shares go invisible, the Yoda logo should be gone.
  5. My server is always online. It runs multiple virtual machines. The only physical machines in the house, are 2 laptops from work. Would that cause problems? I have never heard of a "Master" server. I have downloaded the plugin you mentioned. The plugin says that it will display a Yoda logo if my server is the local master. I can't find that logo anywhere. Does that mean that something else on my network is fighting with Unraid?
  6. Bump. I still have this problem and need to either restart the whole server or the shares services. I have attached new diagnostics as it is happening right now again.
  7. Unfortunately, It shows the same behavior when I do a read check.
  8. I was thinking that maybe there were some weird files on there that got corrupted which caused the slow reads. I have never seen a drive not work correctly without any SMART errors or weird sounds.
  9. Hi, I wanted to ask if it is still working. I tried to enable SAM on my motherboard today but the VM would not start correctly. It would start (I could hear the logon sounds) but the screen would stay black. After a few minutes, the whole Unraid server crashed. How did you get it to work? Should I remove the driver, then enable SAM, then start the VM with the GPU passed through and just install the driver again with something like Teamviewer?
  10. I have had some trouble getting a full read check done. I downloaded the diskspeed plugin and found one HDD that does not work correctly. Here is what diskspeed reports: Everytime I run it again, it shows me a weird graph like that again. Nothing is using the drive while running this test. Other drives in the system show a normal graph. Even if they are in use during the test. I assumed that the drive was bad but there are no SMART errors: Is this drive bad or is there something that I could do to fix it? Would formatting it help?
  11. After turnin off the SAM function on my motherboard, the VM's all booted fine. I will try to get it working later and open a different post if I need help.
  12. Thanks. I just did that and the drive has come online. The drive is back online and all Docker containers start without any problems. My backup and gameserver VM also start but I am having trouble with my gaming (daily driver) VM. Everytime that one starts, Unraid crashes and reboots. I suspect this has something to do with me turning on SAM in the motherboard BIOS. I am going to test a few things and report back here later today to let you know for sure if everything is working again.
  13. I wanted to see if I could turn on SAM for my GPU and after a reboot of the system, my vitual machines wouldn't load. They also could not be deleted. I did another reboot and then my cache drive was suddenly unmountable. The text on my display at boot says that it found a CRC error and has unmounted the drive. It also recommends an XFS repair. I found this topic: and tried some of the steps but with no luck. Here are the diagnostic files: I clicked on the cache drive in the UI and then ran this: It doesn't tell me what to do now but I also can't mount it. I did try a step with -L in it according to the other topic. Can anyone help me? I would hate to have to reinstall everything on that drive.
  14. Hi, thanks for your reply. The issue has just been solved. I also posted this question on Reddit. Running the Docker new params feature in the "Tools" section did solve it. When I run the command you post now, I get this: I do not know if that is how it is supposed to be, but it all does seem to be working now.
  15. I have a large share for my Plex media. Recently I noticed that Plex could not find some tv shows that I know are on my share. I navigated to that folder from inside a Windows vm and got this message: But I (and Plex) can access other folders just fine. Since Plex is running as a docker on Unraid, and does not need a VM, I think that the problem is with Unraid and not the VM. I tried rebooting Unraid but that did not help. I also can't delete the folders and just create them again. The share itself is not protected with a password so everybody should be able to access it. (planning to do that in the near future) I have attached the diagnostic files.