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  1. hey sorry for bothering again... i guess this should not happen ?
  2. I guess Wine is just not compatible when the game gets more ressource hungry, because i added 2 big mods and the game wont even start. my solution now is that i created a windows VM, copied the files and the same server just works fine.
  3. just wondering if you can allocate more ram to the emulator or if its using as much it can
  4. i guess, but i dont know if there is a max ram error that the emulator have, because mods need more ram. and we play with 9 ppl that are at different places all the time. i only have 1 big mod: -The Age of Calamitous ~1.4GB and 5 very small ones: -Less Building Placement -ChestStorage+ -automatic fish trap -Pickup+ All Mods are still maintained and work with the newest conan version. there should be no conflict with each other. the crash only appears when the server is running for like 6-12hrs or so
  5. Hey Ich777, Sorry for posting so often, i am using your Conan Exiles server for a week now, i installed a few mods and i get out of memory issuses sometimes. do you have any clue what to do? i know the server is running in an emulated windows enviroment. but i dont know what to do. i have 64GB ram and the container is not using all of it. i have to manually restart the server if this happens
  6. It works fantastically! Thank you. i guess i can ignore this file not found message because the installation was successfully anyway ?
  7. Unbelivable, thank you for your Great work. Gonna try this now
  8. No it’s normal, Oxide Needs to overide the Original gamefiles to work. Everything Else like the Plugins you install stays. If Theres an Update These files will be set Original again and no validation is not set to True. tutorial: this guy also mention that if you Update the Game you have to reinstall Oxide. this Tutorial is for their Website but you will get it, Its just extracting the zip into your gamefolder and Override the existing
  9. hey, is there any way to add oxide to your rust template? i mean like you did it in Valheim. If theres an update on rust (what happens quite often latley) Oxide(Umod) everytime gets overritten and you have to manually download and install it again. its pretty tricky if your at work and your friends want to play and you cant to anything. basicly the same you did with Valheim Plus. download the newest version from and extract it to the gamefolder greets
  10. hey, can you do "The Isle" by any chance ?
  11. Hey, i got it figured out. so my steps i did for the Workshop without to do a Symlinc etc. My How to in 3 steps: (Adding Auto Workshop download to your Ark Survival Server) Step 1: I added "-automanagedmods" to the ExtraGameParameters. Step 2: I put my desired mods in the GUS.ini under ActiveMods=123456,123457,.... Step 3: I added 3 Path mounts in Docker Container path: /serverdata/serverfiles/Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/SteamCMD/Linux/ Host path: /mnt/cache/appdata/steamcmd/ Container path: /se
  12. i did not managed it to work It always stops at the last mod to download If i add another or remove one its always the last mod where it stops to download. i did the symlinc and checked the mod files he downloaded are at both places /serverdata/Steam/steamapps/workshop and /serverdata/serverfiles/Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/SteamCMD/Linux/steamapps/workshop so what am i missing ? i think he completely downloaded the mods but the step where he has to copy them to the conten/mod folder are not happening ? it stays at this place forever (s
  13. sadly i'm not getting this to work it always stops at the last mod in the list and stops continuing i guess hes not finding the files where hes expecting it. but i tried many different mount and links to folders but cant geht it to work. any ideas ? sidenote: found out if you put -automanagedmods in The extra parameter and you have your mods in ActiveMods= in GUS.ini you wont need to put the [ModInstaller] in game.ini. so you only need to put your modid into one place. otherwise you have to edit both files or gameparameters