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Community Answers

  1. Thanks bit this time the syslog file is empty. The syslog.1 (previous one) last line is dated 28.9. weird. please try this: open the log window and observe the output while install the plugin. Maybe you can copy and paste the section during install.
  2. The last one can be ommited. And yes, that includes all subfolders as well.
  3. Try using /mnt/cache/appdata instead of /mnt/user. You have to use absolute paths. But yes, then it would work
  4. I find no entries within the logs regarding plugin installation. At which time did you tried the setup?
  5. On 6.12.4? What other plugins are installed? Maybe add a diagnostic file.
  6. Please retest with new version uploaded just now. Any occurring error should now show up.
  7. The restore just restored the volume(s) and the template(s), if any. I wanted to add a docker container restore in a future version.
  8. I add a feature which calls the script with some arguments soon, so you can target the current backup dir directly.
  9. No. And I dont see any positive reason to make a single file with everything.
  10. Interesting found. Is /mnt/user/appdata a symlink aka exclusive share?
  11. You are right, adding to the todo. If the backup stops, you can scroll up again. Because there is currently no limit setting. Some users observed decreased overall server perfoemance.
  12. Of course, it uses it since the beginning. Have you issues getting those?
  13. Checkout the „Compression: Yes, multicore“ setting
  14. Please open the per docker setting and show me what you see as volumes there. I bet the actual dpcker mapping is /mnt/cache which is different from /mnt/user. Whats the content of Allowed Sources?
  15. Cant confirm. In the cases krusader and Plex the debug log clearly states: Calculated volumes to back up: /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-krusader and Calculated volumes to back up: /mnt/user/appdata/Plex-Media-Server which is expected. Note, that at this point, any exclude is not yet processed.