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  1. I agree with sdub It is best practice to create another repo. This is actually very easy, initiate another repo and just update the config.yaml to include the new repo location (ensure the same password is used). I have several config files backup up to multiple locations, 1 local and 2 seperate remote locations without issue.
  2. SmartPhoneLover, What is the difference between Vorta and Vorta 2?
  3. hi ich777, thanks for the reply I looked at luckybackup but tried rsnapshot first and i'm happy to say its working perfectly. I'm going to finish my current backup and try lucky to see if anything is different then pick. EDIT: Just see that your the dev for luckybackup. I have just installed it and will come back to you on my findings, thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to find a docker that uses rsync. The reason is I have my unraid machine to use VLANs and I have two WAN IPs. One of my wan IP's is 100mb upload and the other is 10mb (default) upload. I want to rsync to another machine using the 100mmb upload VLAN instead of the default WAN that the unraid machine uses. I have this working in the unraid terminal, but thats using the 10mb upload, If i can use a docker that has access to my shares I can set that docker to use the 100mb upload WAN.
  5. Oh and for anyone looking for an offsite backup solution. Borgbase is superb. Instant support and it has been rock solid the past 2 years for me. Multiple restores and great guides.
  6. Been using Borg the past couple of years. I use Vorta sometimes (prefer CLI). I will give this a try tomorrow. Thanks for the docker. Borgbackup is amazing.
  7. Its been in the same UISB port since ryzen was first released without issue. 4years
  8. finally working. been a long day... So i put the original usb stick into another usb port on the motherboard and it booted into the unraid GUI. I was still unable to access the webUI from another machine. So i changed the SSL setting to NO in management, now the machine can be accessed from another local machine. Any ideas?
  9. I can SSH into the original USB stick and run the diagnostics command. can you guys have a look at it please if i do that?
  10. Thanks for the help Jonathan & itimpi, The original USB stick would not boot into the GUI even with a monitor connected to the main machine. It would just hang... So i have copied over the config folder to the new machine and now thats doing something similar. Im stuck
  11. Hi I have tried another unraid USB stick i have that also has (FULL LICENSE). It boots into the unraid web UI no issue So im wondering if the other (original) USB stick has failed Can i use the spare licensed unraid USB stick and simply copy over the config folder from the old unraid usb stick and thats it?
  12. Hi, whe I try the above it reverts to mediaserver.local and displays the error I mentioned above Is it possible to start the array from terminal. I need to access nextcloud, this was all working before I rebooted to try fix the issue im getting where I cant login to the unraid WEBUI
  13. So everything was fine. Now I am unable to access the webUI. Ive checked all the usual, on the same network etc. I can SSH into the unraid machine, I can ip route table and it shows the correct static IP thats been set however when I try to use the browser it reports back that the site cant be reached. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED issue I am unable to see the static IP that I set the unraid machine in the reserved address table in pfsense. Yet I can still SSH into the machine. Ive tried rebooting my router PFSENSE different machines and different browsers.