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  1. Hi Squid, thank you for the reply. I managed to get back nextcloud and mysql, this just worked fine even tho i took the same steps as plex etc. I lost raddarr, sonnarr and plex meta/config data. The folders were in the appdata backup and the config was there when I setup the docker but the appdata didnt work or wasnt there. Going forward so this doesnt happen again. Can i use my borg backup to backup the appdata folder, is there anything else that needs to be backed up other than the appdata folder? I want to prepare for worse case.
  2. I have restored my appdata from a backup using Squids backup tool. When I add back my dockers the config is the same. But when i start my dockers none of the docker setups are there, such as radarr has no movies and the indexers etc is empty, plex shows NO SOUP warning and does not see my movies. Am I missing something here?
  3. A few days ago i noticed my cache drive just stopped showing as a cache and become an unassigned device. So I added back as a cache and the drive was formatted. I have now restored my appdata folder and added back my dockers, such as nextcloud, plex etc. The config for the docker is the same as before, but plex library and nextcloud appdata is not there.
  4. I am trying to set my maxmind key in the docker by adding a variable. Its not working I would be most grateful for some advice. Config Type: Variable Name: Maxmind Key: my Maxmind key Value: MAXMINDDB_LICENSE_KEY= Default value: -e What wrong with the above please.
  5. Thanks Saarg, Is there a way to enable editing of documents using what comes with nextcloud app store?
  6. I have an issue, not sure if this is common. I was using the openoffice docker to edit my nextcloud documents within nextcloud. It has not stopped, saying the docker 30day licenses has expired. How to I resolve this issue please? I stopped the docker and now i get this issues. Is there a new method to setup only office or any other way to edit documents within nextcloud?
  7. Hi Rick, Thats great. When running the borgmatic command i dont believe this shows in the logs. However when your cron scedule runs this will show in the docker log (click the docker icon and click logs). I recommend using the function, this allows push notifications/emails on backup up times. It can be set to alert you if the backup fails. I also recommend borgbase for online backups, their website is full of borg and borgmatic information.
  8. @Rick_Sanchez To follow on from your post. Borgmatic will read the crontab.txt automatically, this is part of the docker setup. When you change the commands in crontab.txt you will need to restart the docker to load the changes. If you console into your borgmatic docker you can test your config files by simply typing borgmatic. borgmatic will read the .yaml files in the order they are list "alphabetically". I have 2 .yaml files, nextcloud.yaml and personal.yaml Both of these run two different backups. I typically use the following command in co
  9. @Rick_Sanchez You only need to change the cron schedule, Please see my schedule below, the first line has been changed so that it runs twice daily at 1am and 1pm. The second line is as per the original post and set to run weekly at 6am. The path does not need to be changed, this is the configuration within the docker and borgmatic. Please also see this link for further details on the cron setup, please let me know how it goes.
  10. Extracting archives Just in case anyone else has this issue, when extracting archives using the borgmatic command (make sure you in the extract folder) - I created another mount point in the borgmatic docker to /mnt/extract borgmatic extract --archive myarchivename bormatic will look into the config.yaml files, I had my config to back up folder 1 to borgbase repo first then locally. I wanted to restore from the local backup, however the command above kicked up issues as I had the config file set to back up to the borgbase repo first before the local lo
  11. I had a similar situation. 1. Console into the docker 2. cd/config/www/nextcloud 3. sudo -u abc php7 occ (type command) This is what i used, but not sure is entirly what you need. sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud/occ db:add-missing-indices
  12. FIXED: CRON schedule not running Ok sorted it. I recreated the crontab.txt file in the docker console using vi. Now the cron is working. It must have been a permissions issue, I normally edit the txt file in notepad+ in my Windows 10 machine via the shared network drive. I will play around and see how I caused it and report back
  13. No, the cron runs when I manually run it like the image above. But when I leave to do it automatically I get the errors as above. Could this be down to privileges allowed to the cron scheduler?
  14. ISSUE: Cron not running When I console into the borgmatic container I can run backups fine. I can even paste the cron entry, and it works, the cron is functioning as I monitored the logs just now, and it tried to run the cron again. If i paste this into the console it works and backs up correctly. PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin /usr/bin/borgmatic prune create -v 1 --stats 2>&1