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  1. I noticed some IP in China is slamming my ports. What's a good way to shut that down?
  2. I'm having problems too. I checked that I've got nobody:users on the files in question. Lidarr passes it over to sabnzbd, they end up in /mnt/user/downloads/music. But then I get [Error] DownloadedTracksImportService: Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Lidarr: /downloads/music/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Ensure the path exists and the user running Lidarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder Seems to me that it does. Both Lidarr and Sonarr docker > settings > Show more settings PUID 99 PGID 100 UMASK 022 root@mayorgoodway:/mnt/user/downloads/music# ls -l | grep xxx drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 4096 Mar 27 21:45 xxxxxxxxx drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 4096 Mar 27 21:45 nnnnnnnnn root@mayorgoodway:/mnt/user/audio# ls -l total 44 drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 108 Feb 4 07:46 books/ drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 4096 Mar 27 21:48 music/ drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 10 Jan 28 2018 playlists/ drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 10 Jan 31 2018 podcasts/ drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 158 Jan 24 2021 vinyl\ rips/
  3. @Greygoose go to unraid gui > Docker scroll to bottom, hit Docker size. my Immich install is the biggest thing I have at 2.1G, it’s logs (a frequent a user of size!) are 550Kb. Keep an eye on those things.
  4. The idea behind Docker is that the software has everything it needs to run all inside its own walled garden. You specify a few little holes it has to see through in the docker config page on the unraid template. Port 55000 is open to it. You have your unraid path /mnt/user/Music mapped over to /music and a few other paths mapped. Roon, inside its little garden, thinks it has a /music folder, and has read write access to that folder. In fact, that /music folder is mapped to an external to the garden folder at /mmt/user/Music So scroll down a bit to the part where the folder /music resides and see if all your music files are in there. When we put a slash as the first thing, it means root directory. When we don’t specify a slash first, is a relative directory. let’s say my Documents folder is in my username folder. I’d type that like Documents/ if my documents was on my “C:” directly, I’d type /Documents I'm assuming you’re a windows user and have some experience with Windows Explorer.
  5. So Redis is complaining about connection errors. Did you see the post two above this one with the lsof command? Have you confirmed that redis is listening on that port? Then change the command to bump it up a couple ports so you see what a failure looks like, and make sure it's not that on the port you think Redis should be listening on. A google search about testing Redis docker connections found this stuff Not much applies, but you could try the last parts of the troubleshooting from there about redis-cli stuff, if you can find that binary somewhere, perhaps in the Redis console.
  6. had that Beeper going for a while! Then iMessage died and is not coming back. So I'm happy to start throwing some time at this project again. Any pointers for this would be great. I'll update here with progress I make. Or don't make!
  7. Looks like you have Redis connection problems. Check out the first post I modified a bit in this thread. There are settings for Redis, and those need all the correct port numbers. For me that's 6379, no password. Redis hostname is the statis IP of the unraid server. You do have Redis installed right? I'll keep with this lsof thing! Here you can see that 6379 says <something> is listening on port 6379. It doesn't report that it's Redis. Then I check another port that's nothing, and it returns nothing: nothing on that other port. So that's a pulse!
  8. So the connection to your postgres docker isn't working. That's what you need to focus on. I added a screenshot of my Immich container settings, so you have both of those. Check those over carefully. And focus on the connection between Immich and PostgreSQL_Immich containers. This command can be helpful for some action root@mayorgoodway:~# lsof -n -i :5432 | grep LISTEN You run that from the regular unraid command line, and it will tell you WHAT, if anything, is listening on that port. I did these two, I have postgresql listening on 5432, and nothing listening on 5433. I remembered this command (not specifically, but generally) when I searched for "troubleshoot postgresql connection docker" and this site popped
  9. This thread is dedicated to the imagegenius docker app and connected postgresql_immich dockers. Are you going that route again, or following the full docker compose method over at documentation? I can help with the former but imagegenius route. And you start by backing up what you have so far, then going to the top of post #1 and seeing how far you can get.
  10. Where's the forum chat thread for the most recent episode with Tom and daughter co-CEO "The Unraid story: past present and future..." ??
  11. I should splinter this off into a different thread...
  12. Wasn't that cool? Tom's daughter is in there, and she's married to... Spencer, is that Squid?
  13. I'd switched over to Spaceinvader postgresql docker, called PostgreSQL_Immich. I changed only one thing, the Repository to "tensorchord/pgvecto-rs:pg16-v0.2.0" restarted Immich, logged back in, good to go. Updated the post #1. Please let me know if it needs more changes. Specifically those sql commands: are they are still necessary? Or the SWAG process. I haven't touched that part of the install for a few months.
  14. @JaviPas did you have to do all those SQL commands above? Or only change the pgvecto-rs repository?
  15. it seems like having so many open ports would be a security risk. I can't shut it down to 19132-19132, and 25568-25568. It fails and "orphans" the container, so I have to reinstall from Recently Installed Apps. Is it not a security problem to have loads of unused open ports?