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  1. I'm in the same boat as @oldirtdog, I use Mylar to organize my comic and just use YACR to reader and server them. If you can describe any error messages you're getting I can try to update any permission issues within the image.
  2. This does work with swag as is on my machine. There may be an issue with your port set up.
  3. I haven't dealt with this either, so unfortunately I can't speak to it. Seems that your server has more than enough resources to run Roon quickly, so I wonder if this is a local networking issue?
  4. For what it's worth, I just updated the Roon CORE running in this docker container to 1.7 (build 710) via the Roon Remote App running on my Mac without any problems. I've updated my template accordingly, so anyone interested in starting over with the correct mappings can delete their Roon container, delete your appdata directory, and pull the container again using the new template. If you backed up your library via Roon you should be able to restore the backup once you have your new CORE up and running. If you'd prefer to just update your existing container to the correct mapping
  5. This is a good suggestion - as long as the docker container's /comics directory is mapped to the location of your comics on your UNRAID host then the command: docker exec yacserver YACReaderLibraryServer create-library <library-name> /comics, should work (with <library-name> changed to whatever you want to name your library, e.g. docker exec yacserver YACReaderLibraryServer create-library Comics /comics. @Salted11, when you say that you "see the yacreaderlibrary folder created in [your] share", do you mean the yacreaderlibrary appdata folder? Because that isn't actually
  6. You can ignore that error (unless you have comics in 7zip format). The error has to do with the 7zip backend YACReader used to use being broken. Your library should have been created just fine despite the error. Have you tried checking the YACReaderLibraryServer WebUI to see if it shows your library?
  7. Thanks @d2dyno ! Just to clarify, did you just add these lines to /boot/config/go?
  8. I'm not sure why, since it seems like you're no longer having this problem @ksignorini, but I'm not having this exact issue with neofetch. I'm on 6.8.3 and Nerdpack is up to date. Any ideas @dmacias?
  9. Late post, but hopefully one of you all might see this. I was just wondering how you're handling making your .zshrc and any plugins persistent? Thanks!
  10. Unfortunately not, but I haven't worked on this at all lately. However, I will say that things seemed to work alright, despite the error message.
  11. This docker container is designed to check for and (if necessary) download the most up-to-date version of YACReader at run time. If your container is not updating, you can try to delete the current container and pull the container again to see if that will properly update YACReader. I will note that I'm using the same container and haven't had any problem syncing reading progress...
  12. Sorry, I don't have that much experience with youtube-dl and only use it for a couple of channels I download, so can't speak to this too much. But I do know that youtube-dl has downloaded over 60 videos from one channel that I added via gPodder. So long as your config data is set to your appdata share, as my template suggests, then your settings should be maintained when the container is restarted.
  13. Sorry, actually youtube-dl support is working fine, I just forgot to update the image on Docker Hub. Please try deleting your container and pulling it again. It should work after that.
  14. HI @realdiel, sorry to just get back to you, work has been crazy. Thanks for your help troubleshooting this! I'll try to explain the process as clearly as possible. What I suggest you do is this: First back up your roonserver appdata folder (copy the folder manually) and then also backup your library internally through the Roon interface. Then stop your roonserver container. Access your server via ssh/console and create an /app and /data directory inside of the your roonserver appdata directory (/mnt/cache/appdata/roonserver/). Make sure that these direc
  15. I can answer this one: I created my docker template to use 49152:65535 in order to match the ports used in the example turnserver.conf from the Coturn dev. Instrumentisto chose to use fewer ports in their suggested set up for their Coturn docker container, but it shouldn't cause any issues either way. The broader range gives Coturn more ports to utilize, but also requires you to allow connections on more ports. It's really up to you how many ports you allow, based on your firewall/router set up.