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  1. It's not really that the Roon docker image is unusual, just that some docker images are designed in such a way that each release of the image is pinned to a specific version of containerized program, whereas for the Roon docker image this is not the case. As others have said, updating your CORE via Roon running on another system (PC, Mac, or Linux {via Wine}) works perfectly at this point.
  2. Sadly, playback doesn't work through this container. I've tried to get it to work previously, but it never worked well enough to justify the effort. I just play my podcasts via another audio player.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up. That must have been related to a previous version of the directory structure. It's been fixed now.
  4. I'm not sure why your template has that icon url (perhaps you're re-using your own previous version of the template?), but the current container template uses the following icon url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xthursdayx/docker-templates/master/xthursdayx/images/roon-icon.png You can just update the icon url in your template and that should fix things.
  5. I'm running into the same problem while trying to transfer files from my MacBook Pro to my Unraid server via SMB, either directly through Finder or using rsync or Carbon Copy Cloner. I am also using 6.10.0-rc2. When I try to make transfers they eventually slow and then freezes and then my Unraid SMB shares are no longer viewable/connectable from my MacBook. My server remains connectable via ssh and WebGUI.
  6. Yeah, this is kind of the wall I've run into unfortunately. As you noted, I'm not an expert, and while I was able to get this container working with Matrix for video calls in the past, troubleshooting other use cases is beyond the scope of what I have time to dig into. Moreover, the development of Coturn in general is pretty specialized and slow - mostly undertaken buy one dev, and dockerized versions in particular have been difficult to develop and troubleshoot. I may try to dig into this again in the future and create my own docker image (and new Unraid template), but for now it's on a bit of an indefinite hold.
  7. Did you ever figure out this issue? I'm having the same problem, but not sure why. @lnxd have you run into this issue before?
  8. I've had this with a variety of my docker containers in Unraid. I'm not sure why, but sometimes the Dockerman interface just seems to lose track of the icon. Anyway, you can try deleting your container and reinstalling it with a new template (inputting the same settings) and see if that re-pulls the icon. That may help, but honestly, I've found sometimes they disappear and then reappear without a whole lot of rhyme or reason.
  9. Hi, I used to have the iOS app working well, but for some reason the interface stopped updating my server. I deleted the server from the app but am now unable to re-add my server, either by manual address entry or QR code. I don't get any error code, just a perpetually spinning wheel. My firewall is setup to allow traffic from my phone to the server. Any idea what else might be preventing the connection, or a way to access a debug log?
  10. I created a version with a dark theme installed. Change your container tag to xthursdayx/gpodder-docker:dark in your template and pull the image. You should have the dark theme installed then.
  11. The Ferdi-server container parameters and Community Apps template have been updated. Please replace the ENV variable EXTERNAL_DOMAIN with APP_URL. APP_URL can be used to specify either a local http URL if your Ferdi-server is not available externally (e.g. or an external URL (e.g. https://ferdi.my.domain).
  12. Sorry for the difficulties! gPodder should recognize the existing podcasts in your /downloads directory once you add the podcast URLs back into gPodder. Sorry for the extra step of having to re-add the URLs, but you shouldn't have to re-download your existing episodes at least.