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  1. Yep, all that clicking "yes" will do will update the link to my Roon Unraid Template .xml, it won't actually change the settings you already have in your template. But you can ignore it as well, shouldn't make any difference as the changes I made were purely organizational any way. I'll always update here if it's necessary to make any major template changes.
  2. It seems you're reading that warning message incorrectly... in my template the "Docker Hub URL" points to steefdebruijn's image, because he maintains the image and I haven't seen any need to fork it. The warning is telling you that the TEMPLATE URL (not Docker Hub url) of your current docker container is different than that specified by the author (me). That message is just the result of me updating my docker template repo files, which then updates them in Community Apps. You can apply the fix or not, it doesn't really matter, since I didn't actually change the template itself, just the organi
  3. I'm not sure why Roon would have a conflict with Emby at 1900... When I had an issue with port conflicts it was because I was using a port in the range mentioned above. To quote the another, more recent post (from last month) from the Roon forums discussing Roon's port use: ^ That post was specifically about firewall routing obviously, but is in agreement with the post from 2015 that I quoted above from Brian, Roon's CTO. It could be that the issues you're having relates to Roon's need to use multicast, but I'm not sure. Until anyone else runs into this issue it
  4. According to the Roon community forums, Roon uses Port 9003/UDP and Ports 9100-9200/TCP. Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to change this. That's because, although you can remap the Roon Server Docker ports to different host ports, I don't know of any way to change the ports that Roon clients (on your endpoints and controller devices) use to search for a local Roon CORE. I also ran into this same issue when first starting to use Roon but just ended up having to remap other things and let Roon use its native ports.
  5. Application Name: YACReaderLibraryServer Description: YACReader is the best comic reader and comic manager with support for cbr, cbz, zip, and rar comic files. YACReaderLibraryServer is a version of YACReaderLibrary with no graphic user interface that can be used for serving comics over a WebUI and directly to YACReader clients. Application Site: https://www.yacreader.com/ Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/xthursdayx/yacreaderlibrary-server-docker/ Github: https://github.com/xthursdayx/yacreaderlibrary-server-docker Instructions 1. To create a new YACRea
  6. Yep, I’ve done it and it worked fine. I’m happy to help work out any issues should they arise in the future, but, to the best of my knowledge, internal CORE updates have been stable for a while now.
  7. You have to update from within the Roon app running on your computer or other device. Through the app you can update both the locally running Roon software as well as the Roon CORE running in this Docker container.
  8. No problem. The other option (though also not ideal) would be to set up an SMB share for your comics directory on your unRAID machine and then run YACReaderLibrary on your main computer with the comics directory set to that network share. You might run into problems if you accidentally start YACReader/YACReaderLibrary with the network share disconnected, but it should work otherwise.
  9. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it look like the desktop version of YACReaderLibrary no longer allows you to sync with another YACReaderLiberaryServer. This used to work fine, but I hadn't checked it in a while since I use a tablet to read my comics. It looks like the dev has made it so that only iOS devices can connect to a server. I guess this makes sense in their mind, in that they are assuming that most users will keep their comics on their main computer and then run the server option of YACReaderLibrary in order to connect the YACReader iOS app with that computer.
  10. Yes, by default my template stores your roonserver data in your appdata folder on your cache drive. If you don't use your cache drive for your appdata folder then you can change those volume mappings to: "/mnt/user/appdata/roonserver/app" "/mnt/user/appdata/roonserver/data" Unfortunately, if your Roon CORE is already corrupt I don't believe you'll be able to backup your Roon data by copying the appdata folder and get it to work again. I think you'll have to do as @dkerlee mentioned and delete the container from the UNRAID docker page, and then manually remove the appdata
  11. Thanks for pointing this out K. You're not actually doing anything wrong. I think that the issue is that web browsers can't display .cbr or .cbz files. I'd never actually tried reading any comics in my browser so I didn't realize this. YACReaderLibraryServer is generally used as a server to host your comics which are then read by the YACReader application, either on your computer, or a tablet or phone. Here is the link to the software page: https://www.yacreader.com/downloads Once you download YACReader on your computer or tablet you can link it to your instance of YACReaderLibraryServer
  12. I was just wondering if there is a reason that the version of greylog that your template pulls is 3.1 rather than the latest, 4.0.6? Is it an issue to just change the repo pull tag in my own template?
  13. I’ve never had this happened before, but I also only ever update via my MacBook. Please keep an eye on it and report back if it happens again and post any logs you have. Cheers!