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Application Name: Shiori

Application Site: https://github.com/go-shiori/shiori

Github: https://github.com/go-shiori/shiori


Shiori is a simple bookmarks manager written in the Go language. Intended as a simple clone of Pocket. You can use it as a command line application or as a web application.


Configuration & Usage



Shiori uses an SQLite3 database stored in the above data directory by default. If you prefer, you can use MySQL (including MariaDB) or PostgreSQL database by setting the following optional environment variables in the container template.



| Variable               | Description                                         |
| `SHIORI_DBMS`          | Must be set to `mysql`                              |
| `SHIORI_MYSQL_USER`    | Name of MySQL user                                  |
| `SHIORI_MYSQL_PASS`    | Password for the above user                         |
| `SHIORI_MYSQL_NAME`    | Name of database to use                             |
| `SHIORI_MYSQL_ADDRESS` | Address of MySQL server, e.g. `tcp(` |



| Variable            | Description                                |
| `SHIORI_DBMS`       | Must be set to `postgresql`                |
| `SHIORI_PG_USER`    | Name of PostgreSQL user                    |
| `SHIORI_PG_PASS`    | Password for the above user                |
| `SHIORI_PG_NAME`    | Name of database to use                    |
| `SHIORI_PG_HOST`    | Address of PostgreSQL server               |
| `SHIORI_PG_PORT`    | Port number used by PostgreSQL server      |


Running migrations

If this is a fresh install or you're upgrading versions, you'll need to migrate the database to apply any required
changes for Shiori to work properly:

- Run the command `docker exec -it Shiori shiori migrate` from CLI to set up the database.


Using Command Line Interface

Shiori is composed by several subcommands. To see the documentation from within the running Shiori container, first enter the container by entering the command `docker exec -it Shiori sh` and then, run `shiori -h` :

Simple command-line bookmark manager built with Go

  shiori [command]

Available Commands:
  add         Bookmark the specified URL
  check       Find bookmarked sites that no longer exists on the internet
  delete      Delete the saved bookmarks
  export      Export bookmarks into HTML file in Netscape Bookmark format
  help        Help about any command
  import      Import bookmarks from HTML file in Netscape Bookmark format
  open        Open the saved bookmarks
  pocket      Import bookmarks from Pocket's exported HTML file
  print       Print the saved bookmarks
  serve       Serve web interface for managing bookmarks
  update      Update the saved bookmarks

  -h, --help       help for shiori
      --portable   run shiori in portable mode

Use "shiori [command] --help" for more information about a command.


Search syntax
With the `print` command line interface, you can use `-s` flag to submit keywords that will be searched either in url, title, excerpts or cached content.
You may also use `-t` flag to include tags and `-e` flag to exclude tags.


Using Web Interface

You can access the web interface at `http://unraid-wip:<portnumber>`. You will be greeted with login screen like this :

Login page


Since this is our first time, we don't have any account registered yet. With that said, we can use the default user to access web interface :

username: shiori
password: gopher


Once login succeeds you will be able to use the web interface. To add the new account, open the settings page and add accounts as needed :

Options page


The first new account you add will become the owner and it will deactivate the "shiori:gopher" default user automatically.

When searching for bookmarks, you may use `tag:tagname` to include tags and `-tag:tagname` to exclude tags in the search bar. You can also use tags dialog to do this :

- Click on the tag name to include it;
- Alt + Click on the tag name to exclude it.

Improved import from Pocket

Shiori offers a Command Line Interface with the command `shiori pocket` to import Pocket entries but with this can only import them as links and not as complete entries.


To import your bookmarks from Pocket with the text and images follow these simple steps:

1. Export your entries from Pocket by visiting https://getpocket.com/export

2. Download this shell script. [*You need to download this inside your docker container*]. Name it for instance `pocket2shiori.sh`.

3. Execute the shell script.

wget 'https://gist.githubusercontent.com/fmartingr/88a258bfad47fb00a3ef9d6c38e5699e/raw/a21afb20b56d5383b8b975410e0eb538de02b422/pocket2shiori.sh'
chmod +x pocket2shiori.sh
pocket2shiori.sh 'path_to_your/pocket_export.html'


You should now see `shiori` importing your Pocket entries properly with the text and images.

This is optional, but once the import is complete you can clean up by running:

rm pocket2shiori.sh 'path_to_your/pocket_export.html'

Import from Wallabag
1. Export your entries from Wallabag as a json file

2. Install jq. You will need this installed before running the script.

3. Download the shell script here. Similar to the `pocket2shiori.sh` script if you are shiori is in a docker container you will next to run this script
inside the container.

4. Execute the script. Here are the commands that you can run.


curl -sSOL https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Aerex/01499c66f6b36a5d997f97ca1b0ab5b1/raw/bf793515540278fc675c7769be74a77ca8a41e62/wallabag2shiori'
chmod +x wallabag2shiori 
./wallabag2shiori 'path/to/to/wallabag_export_json_file'


For more information, please check out the docs on Github: https://github.com/go-shiori/shiori/tree/master/docs


If you appreciate my work, please consider buying me a coffee, cheers! 😁


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