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  1. Geez, I feel dumb... that's exactly what I was missing. Need to add EXEC to ONBATT in my client config and put an AT ONBATT timer in upssched.conf so it kicks off a timer then executes the mapped command/script Tks!
  2. Since 6.7 anytime I reboot from the webui the system hangs... If I check the physical box it's stuck at waiting for graceful shutdown 90s but never actually times out. If I physically power it off at this point it comes up and of course does a parity check... it sat at that prompt for 30mins before I manually turned it off. I'm going to turn on syslog mirroring and do some reboots... anything I should look for? *EDIT: Ofc with logging on now it works fine... had 3 hangs from gui and one from a ups shutdown but now after 5 gui reboots comes back up fine.
  3. Having an issue with shutdown message.... My nut clients get the batt low message but never the shutdown... I do get a both notifications on my phone though from the main server via pushbullet. Turned on local syslog and will do a controlled shutdown later this week but curious if anyone has seen this before? Almost like the server jumps the gun and kills nut before sending out shutdown.
  4. I did check and seems the majority of mine where Linuxserver.io's bot updating dependence libs on the same day this compromised occurred.. bad timing Curious why dockerhub requires write access to github repo if they're just pulling
  5. You have a lot more faith then me I guess... some authors likely don't even know this happened or have things in a code complete mode so don't check their github daily. Guess I'll go check all the recent ones marked as updated and see what exactly changed to relieve my paranoia.
  6. Could not someone have used the tokens to add themselves to the github repo access, modify some code, and let the auto build do it's thing... then we get the "docker has update" notification and those with auto update just pulled a poisoned copy? For example this was in the wild for a few days and last night I noticed 6 of my dockers had updates pending... worrisome in light of this news.
  7. They might.. anytime I see something like that it means a resource was not loaded or got blocked. If you load up the debug console in the browser (F12 in chrome) then refresh under the console tab it might tell you what is missing
  8. If you're comfortable with templating your own dockers I use this myself... has a nice web front end plus you can drop to bash anytime you want to run something fancy https://hub.docker.com/r/rudloff/alltube/ Developer is active (updates the docker image) and quite responsive to questions An alternative is the jdownloader docker but I haven't checked if it's flagged compatible or not with 6.6.0