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  1. OK, I tried this: and the result is here: the first gap was just stop / start and the second was a container update. The history survived an update.
  2. This post discusses the opposite problem but it suggests we should be able to map the cache directory to persist the data. The netdata docker has come a long way since I created this template. Maybe it is time to review the configuration completely. But currently I don't have the time to dig deeper into this. Happy to accept pull requests if someone has a better version.
  3. can you please check this and see if that solves it?
  4. Hi Squid,

    I have a small repo of templates and would like to move one template to another repo.

    Essentially I created this template while the developer of PMM was not very much interested in managing the template.

    In the meantime his community has grown and they would like to host the template themselves.

    Is there an easy way to move the template or should they just create a repo and get in touch with you to add it to CA. And I remove the template from my repo? Is there a better way?


    Thanks for all your great work!


  5. it worked for me. log on to your unRAID. keep a copy of your config file. stop your netdata container assuming /mnt/cache/appdata/netdata/ is the folder where you store the config. cd /mnt/cache/appdata/netdata/ mkdir netdataconfig docker run -d --name netdata_tmp netdata/netdata docker cp netdata_tmp:/etc/netdata netdataconfig/ docker rm -f netdata_tmp copy the config file you want to use to /mnt/cache/appdata/netdata/netdataconfig/netdata in the docker configuration change the volume that maps the config file to map to the new config directory restart the container and it should be there. I only checked the change of the hostname, but that worked fine.
  6. There seems to be a different way to do this now. I have not had the chance to try that yet, but see here:
  7. I am not using this plugin, but have you seen this explanation?
  8. Just updated to the latest release and it is working ...
  9. OK, I missed it. The official docker does not support the override folder that the previous version had. So if we need config files, we need to mount them one-by-one. To start with the master config file, get the template from your netdata docker: wget [your_netdata_ip]:19999/netdata.conf then edit that file and mount it into the docker: -v '/mnt/cache/appdata/netdata/netadata.conf':'/etc/netdata/netadata.conf':'rw' 'ro' might be good enough you can repeat that with all other files that you need. Sorry, this seems to be the only solution they support currently. I will remove the override mount from the template now.
  10. This is the default behaviour in the vanilla netdata installation. I don't believe it is my place to disable it for everyone by default, but this makes it easy and in my opinion obvious to everyone that uses this template to at least think about it.
  11. Thank you all! @L0rdRaiden @Squid @Dazog I have - updated the template to point to the official docker - added the PGID as well as the DO_NOT_TRACK variable - updated the logo again. the template is on github: thanks for all your help.
  12. Check out the how to change the configuration topic in the first post.
  13. Hi @dbinott, I don't know, as I don't have NVIDIA in my system. Maybe @Dazog can enlighten us...
  14. You are correct, I will change that to make it more generic