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  1. I am not using this plugin, but have you seen this explanation?
  2. Just updated to the latest release and it is working ...
  3. OK, I missed it. The official docker does not support the override folder that the previous version had. So if we need config files, we need to mount them one-by-one. To start with the master config file, get the template from your netdata docker: wget [your_netdata_ip]:19999/netdata.conf then edit that file and mount it into the docker: -v '/mnt/cache/appdata/netdata/netadata.conf':'/etc/netdata/netadata.conf':'rw' 'ro' might be good enough you can repeat that with all other files that you need. Sorry, this seems to be the only solution they support currently. I will remove the override mount from the template now.
  4. This is the default behaviour in the vanilla netdata installation. I don't believe it is my place to disable it for everyone by default, but this makes it easy and in my opinion obvious to everyone that uses this template to at least think about it.
  5. Thank you all! @L0rdRaiden @Squid @Dazog I have - updated the template to point to the official docker - added the PGID as well as the DO_NOT_TRACK variable - updated the logo again. the template is on github: thanks for all your help.
  6. Check out the how to change the configuration topic in the first post.
  7. Hi @dbinott, I don't know, as I don't have NVIDIA in my system. Maybe @Dazog can enlighten us...
  8. You are correct, I will change that to make it more generic
  9. Hi, sorry for the long absence. I think you should be able to add the file into the override folder and it should persist. I don't have a nvidia and can't test it. See this section: Adding custom alarms, charts and configuration overrides on the dockerhub description: Please let me know if you think something else is required. I don't maintain the docker container, just made the template for easy use in unRAID. Edit: @Dazog @dbinott I think the change a while back where the override folder was created did not work properly anymore with my template. Please change the docker mapping from: -v '/mnt/cache/appdata/netdata':'/etc/netdata':'rw' to this and try if this works: -v '/mnt/cache/appdata/netdata':'/etc/netdata/override':'rw' it works for me for the normal netdata.conf file. If you could confirm this works I will change the template to make it easier for the next users. Edit2: turns out I made that change in the template more than a year ago ... just never changed my own setup. SO if you added netdata recently it should work! regards Roland
  10. Turns out the reboot did not work either. Had to turn the box off! Now everything is back up and running. Thanks, @Squid for looking into it!
  11. Yep, the new one is
  12. Thanks for the super quick response, I have an idea what docker that might have been and I believe it is disabled now. But, I have rebooted, and unfortunately am still back at the 504. The dockers don't start either. Any further ideas on what can get me back up running???
  13. Hi, my tower was working for years without any problems. Today it all went bad. The guy is stuck at 504 Gateway Time-out and I don't know where to start looking for the problem. I usually have a bunch of dockers running. Plex, HomeAssistant, LetsEncrypt, MQTT, ... But they are all down now. diagnostics attached Any hint on where to start digging would be great! Thanks
  14. Hi @drdebian I haven't tried it, but there are instructions on the docker hub Page on setting up emails
  15. Hi, maybe a bit off-topic, but I hope you guys have a good opinion on this. I am trying to "backup and document" my setup on Github. Will the complete nginx reverse proxy config potentially reveal too much detail to share? subdomains/ports/forwards/ ..... Of course, I won't post the .htaccess file, but I wanted all other files there. *.conf and all site-confs/* What do you think?