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  1. Search the first post in this thread for "Aspeed IPMI" or "nomodeset". Although you don't have IPMI, nomodeset may still do the trick:
  2. So you continue to get the DNS rebinding message after waiting a while? Turn on help and scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a whole section that talks about potential solutions. Of course, there are many ways to setup a network and it is possible that you will need to do some research for your particular setup. What router do you have and what DNS provider are you using?
  3. * Go to Settings -> Management Access * Set "Use SSL/TLS" to Auto and press Apply * Scroll down and press "Provision" -- If you get an error message, wait a few minutes and try again -- If you continue to get an error message about DNS Rebinding, turn on help and read about how to disable DNS Rebinding Protection on your network * Press OK at the dialog box that says your certificate has been provisioned * You will be redirected to the new https url for your system
  4. Correct, VPN access to your house does not require a 3rd party service. You can set it up either on your router or on Unraid. I'm not really sure, you'd want to investigate in the threads for those containers These are two very different things, I'd recommend working on one at a time.
  5. Reboot Unraid. If the problem persists, upload your diagnostics, maybe there will be a clue in the logs
  6. If you want your entire network to route through a commercial VPN you should look at upgrading your router to support that. If you would like to route your Unraid traffic through a VPN provider see this post: If you would like to have remote access to your LAN while you are out of the house then follow the first few posts in this thread. Note that some people are having difficulty getting access to their entire LAN, although it works for most. I'd recommend reading the last few pages of this thread.
  7. What version of the WireGuard plugin, on what version of Unraid? Nobody else has run into this, so assuming everything is current, I'm thinking it is issue with your browser. Try creating a blank profile in Chrome to eliminate browser extensions as the cause.
  8. Delete the file config/vfio-pci.cfg from the flashdrive and reboot.
  9. Please don't double post
  10. "Remote access to lan" and "Remote tunneled access" should both allow that yes. It is likely a DNS resolution issue, see the "About DNS" portion of the first post. You could also try accessing the remote devices by IP instead of name. If you can't access the devices by IP address then you will need to add a static route in your router. See the "complex networks" portion of the first post.
  11. Try accessing it by IP address instead of by name. If it redirects to something like "tower.local", that isn't going to resolve over the wireguard tunnel by default. See the "About DNS" portion of the first post.
  12. Two potential issues come to mind: 1) Have you setup dockers with their own IP addresses? If so you need to follow the "complex networks" portion of the first post. 2) Does any of what you are trying to do require DNS resolution from the remote network? That doesn't work through the tunnel by default, either access things using IP address or see the "About DNS" portion of the first post.
  13. what was the error message?
  14. Have you setup the static route on your router so that LAN computers will know how to reach the tunnel? On the Unraid WireGuard setup page, switch to advanced mode and read the remarks. What happens if you ping the Tunnel IP of the client? First try it from the Unraid server, then from the other computer on the lan.