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Community Answers

  1. Re-read the first two posts, in particular the section titled "Complex networks"
  2. You'll want to read the first two posts here: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/84226-wireguard-quickstart/ paying particular attention to the section titled "Complex networks"
  3. Where did come from? It should be (if you want the whole subnet) or (if you want a single IP)
  4. Sorry I can't help with the other stuff
  5. There is a bug that happens directly after a reboot. It will be fixed in the next plugin release (soon), in the meantime you can open a web terminal and type: unraid-api restart
  6. I personally haven't used ipv6, you can try removing that from both the Address and AllowedIPs fields before importing. There were some important enhancements to "VPN tunneled access for Docker" in the 6.11 series, I'd recommend upgrading to 6.11.5. Note that once you upgrade you'll need to make a dummy change to your tunnel(s) and Apply in order to get the improvements.
  7. Please open a web terminal and run `unraid-api restart`. Wait 5 mins, then type `unraid-api report -v` and paste the results here. Also, what url are you using to access the server? It has to be one of the urls listed in the ALLOWED_ORIGINS area of the report above.
  8. Hmm post the config file you are importing (without your private/public keys)
  9. Just FYI, Let's Encrypt SSL support is a feature of Unraid, not My Servers. Strict mode is the most secure, but is problematic when DNS is unavailable. It sounds like you got past it, but here is the documentation on how to disable SSL temporarily if you need it in the future: https://wiki.unraid.net/Manual/Security#Https_with_Myunraid.net_certificate_-_with_no_fallback_URL
  10. There was already an update to My Servers that would have reduced the time, but for further reductions:
  11. Have you had a chance to read my last post? You can watch this thread for updates to My Servers https://forums.unraid.net/topic/112073-my-servers-releases-and-announcements/
  12. It will be resolved in the next release of the My Servers plugin
  13. You can think of the dashboard as list of your licenses, rather than a list of your physical servers. This is a license which you are not currently using, but is available to be downloaded and applied to another server.
  14. My understanding is if you don't set a dns provider in the "Extra Paramters", then the Unraid host handles your dns lookups and those go through Unraid's Internet connection. However, if you set the dns provider then the container handles the lookups and those go through the tunnel. Right, when you set the tunnel type to "VPN tunneled access for docker" this creates a network interface but does not assign containers to it. You would follow the instructions in the OP to assign the desired containers to it and set their DNS. That would not be very useful The docker containers use the WireGuard tunnel for Internet access but they are still accessible on the local LAN.