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  1. Hello, I'm trying to get the thing working but I've encountered a Problem. As suggested I've started the installation of WORDPRESS after creating the SSL Cert and the ReverseProxy Setting. So far so good - BUT when I get to the WordPress page - I get the warning from the browser that NOT ALL CONTENT IS SECURE - and this lead to: a) strange display of the page b) untrusty website. Also if someone has a "step by step" to configure HTTPS on Wordpress in this constellation - I would really appreciate it 🙂 (I'm using Nginx Proxy Manager )
  2. Hmm.. but as said 10days ago it was on 100/150MB/s And I didn't changed a thing.
  3. My server is set to: AUTO This is mainly because I read the article you posted in the past - and a contra of the TURBO-MODE was: "Another possible problem if you were in Turbo mode, and you are watching a movie streaming to your player, then a write kicks in to the server and starts spinning up ALL of the drives, causing that well-known pause and stuttering in your movie. Who wants to deal with the whining that starts then" Now - my disk are spinning all the time (it's there a real power$ saving spinning them down?) - so maybe I could try it. And since IF I write a new movie file on the disk where I'm currently watching - it WILL pause and stutter - cause I've SATA disks and not SAS disks.
  4. Hello, Where can I check the "default parity update method" ?
  5. Hello Everyone, I've a strange behavior on my Unraid server. From about a week - the data transfer on my disks is dropped down (from +- 100/150MB/s to 50/60MB/s) I didn't modify anything and also Unraid hasn't updated itself.
  6. Hello everyone, After a couple of retries I finally managed to get SONARR&DELUGE to work together. Now Download&Import are working just fine. What I can't accomplish is to DELETE the download from DELUGE once it's imported. I set the option in SONARR, but unfortunately it doesn't do a thing. Need I to configure something else?
  7. What specific log do you need?
  8. Hello Everyone, I saw that after a parity check some errors appeared for a disk (Disk7). Now SMART tell me that the DISK is O.K. So what are those errors? Better to replace or... ?
  9. I've tried to copy them here: /mnt/user/appdata/onlyofficeds/fonts/truetype Didn't work Then I've tried to copy them here: /mnt/user/appdata/onlyofficeds/fonts And unfortunately also there it hasn't worked. As said I've always run "documentserver-generate-allfonts.sh" but Calibri didn't appear.
  10. Hello, I've tried what you suggested (apart from clearing cache --> which cache? how? 🙂 ) The mapping is like this: /mnt/user/appdata/onlyofficeds/fonts I've copied my CALIBRI fonts under : /mnt/user/appdata/onlyofficeds/fonts/truetype/custom Typed the command to generate the allfonts.json - but the font is still not there
  11. Hello, Probably is a dumb question - but I wondered how to implement FONTS inside OnlyOfficeSRV. I copied it under the fonts/truetype folder - restarted the container but they don't appear (I've tried with CALIBRI). What am I missing here
  12. Ah cool. I will wait till it's online and then I'll check how to implementate it, cause I use VSCode mainly for PowerShell scripts 🙂
  13. That's exactly what I've asked - if someone knows how.
  14. Hello, Probably a dumb question - but how do I install extensions? I've tried to install the POWERSHELL extension directly throuhg VSCODE - apparently it was installed, but after a reload of the page: "Unable to find PowerShell. Do you have PowerShell installed?" What is the correct way to install this extension? Thanks in advice! EDIT: So after reading it TWICE... problem isn't the extension itself.. but that POWERSHELL is missing. How can I integrate it?
  15. Hello, I've installed netcat-openbsd and tried to connect. Unfortunately when I try to connect I get: If I write YES an error appears saying it can connect. If I write my root password I get this screen: If I type yes and then OK - I get that it can connect. What I'm doing wrong? EDIT: Probabily isn't possible with my setup ; I've setup that SSH is only possible with a SSHCert.