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  1. After upgrade I received following Firefox popup. Normal, and if yes - why? Also I've noticed following warning: Invalid folder rootshare contained within /mnt What is rootshare?
  2. Hello, Can someone tell me how to renew the LETSENCRYPT cert? Thanks a lot
  3. No Problem at all, thanks for fixing 🙂
  4. Hello, For a couple of weeks now, every time I go to the VMs tab I receive following warning: "read_folders error looks like migration is running wild. Please report this on the forums" Could someone help me please? 🙂
  5. Was this supposed to be an answer to my question? If yes. As said, the only thing that doesn't work anymore is internal (.lan) websites. I can reach the NPM, my external website are working. Only my internal one are refusing connectino.
  6. Hello Everyone, Since update (yesterday or the day before), I'm not able anymore to get to my internal resources. The configuration hasn't changed so for example: on the pfsense firewall there is a rule in the DNS which : IF : dashboard.lan --> unraid server ip then I've configured in the proxy manager a rule that if there is a request for dashboard.lan it have to redirect to : unraidserver:port It has worked flawlessly before the update, now the connection is refused Can someone please help?
  7. Other Docker haven't this problem - so I didn't think that this could be the problem.
  8. I solved it. I had configured following inside the docker: TMP to RAM /tmp = /tmp/swag/ Now it has worked for quite long time - no idea why it wasn't working anymore. Maybe the upgrade to 6.9.1 is the culprit, I don't know.
  9. Also the data isn't a share itself. I find the tool quite bad if you cannot select the correct folders...
  10. I can't select only my NEXTCLOUD data and config with the "NEW PERMISSION". Since they /config for example, isn't a share, but under APPDATA. It's under /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud/ So the only option seems to be to select the APPDATA correct?
  11. I will try, but I changed nothing 😐 Really strange
  12. Hello, I saw alot of: Wed Mar 17 06:55:00 2021 (392): Fatal Error Unable to create lock file: Bad file descriptor (9) In the docker log. What could it be? Any help is really appreciated.
  13. Hello Everyone, I've a strange problem. I can't login into Nextcloud anymore. Last week it was working, and now - when I try to login, i get back to the login screen (Without error or something). I have 2FA on NextCloud. Do someone has an idea, or knows where to start looking? Thanks alot.
  14. My Unraid is already configured with SSH Key. So VirtManager don't work when you have this setup. Ok good to know will then uninstall it.
  15. Hello, I've configured SSH Key to connect to my UNRAID Server. How/where do I have to put my SSH Key? Because I can't connect.
  16. I will try later - but I've set NEXTCLOUD to go to the TEMP because I want it in the ram, not on my slow disks. And I don't plan to upload a 100GB File - so I can't really fill up my ram with an upload.
  17. Ok thx . . . still not solving the issue since it's filling up the docker.img.
  18. So you think that the guide which I linked is incorrect? (There it tells that you have to do the change on the NextCloud docker container AND the PROXY)
  19. Hello, I've a problem with NGINX PROXY MANAGER and Nextcloud. When I upload something - the files are temporary written in the docker.img. I saw that we could change this behavoir: Problem is, I don't know where the temp folder of Nginx Proxy Manager is. Any help would be appreciated ^^
  20. Hi, The docker has worked fine till yesterday. Now today it starts, and after 2-3min it shutdown. In the logs I don't see anything special. Any help to troubleshoot would be helpful