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  1. You just need to copy the "URL for Antennas" link into plex manual config and then click connect:
  2. Run nvidia-smi on the Unraid console not the containers one.
  3. Can you test your Coral doing this on another machine like a raspberry, a Windows or a VM?: https://coral.ai/docs/accelerator/get-started/
  4. Pushed the change with: <ExtraParams>--shm-size=5G</ExtraParams>
  5. My bad, I deleted that but as I see on the changelog is still needed. I will add it again tomorrow.
  6. I'm out for Holidays till tuesday so I can't help you but just for helping a little, the usb coral does not need the drivers so you can uninstall them. Make sure that you are binding the correct paths to the folders and that the container is on privileged mode.
  7. I try to change the template as little as possible, but this project is growing and some changes are needed. Unraid does not alert the user about template changes so there is no way to notify the users to delete and reinstall the containers.
  8. You are using a old template, the error comes because you have separate folder mappings for clips and recordings media. You have to remove the container and use the new template just installing the app again. The only mapping you need for media is "/media/frigate" This a the same issue reported on github: https://github.com/blakeblackshear/frigate/issues/1936 As you can see on the template the only mapping for media is "/media/frigate": https://github.com/yayitazale/unraid-templates/blob/main/yayitazale/frigate-amd64.xml
  9. On your config you have record enables but you are not using it on the roles of any of the cameras
  10. This is not needed If you don't have changed the Database from the original location.
  11. RC4 tested for 2 hours with no issue. Just needed to change some entrys on config.yml according to the breaking changes explained on RC4: https://github.com/blakeblackshear/frigate/releases/tag/v0.9.0-rc4 Detection is working, recording is working, API is working, Web UI is working, nearly same CPU usage. I will update the templates with the instructions and the minnor changes of the docker commands as soon as the final release is publish.
  12. I didn't have time to tinker with RC's yet, I will give a try this week to prepare the modifications needed on the templates.
  13. Did you have more USBs pluged in into the same group of ports? It can be a lack of power, try with another cable and unplugging all the other USB (except the boot usb of unraid of course). There is a closed issue with your same problem on github that you can reopen: https://github.com/blakeblackshear/frigate/issues/325