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  1. As the youtube video created for this app on how to use it was done in 2019 is this video still relevant on how do play around with move advanced settings?
  2. It sounds almost like the heads are stuck. There arent any funny settings in bios that I would need to check are there?
  3. I bought a pair of 6TB ironwolf drives that I cant seem to get the motherboard to see let alone Unraid. I have tried more PSU's I can throw a stick at as well as SATA cables and SATA ports. For the record I am running a 2nd Gen Threadripper CPU. If I plug the drive in with power and sata it doesnt get past the post screen if I plug the drive in with only power it gets past the post screen. Drive just makes an odd sound which may lead me to believe it is a bad driver ( Brand new) but I bought two of them and they both do the same thing. If you list to the video carefully you can hear the sound it makes. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Excellent app and tutorial. One question I have in relation to the "First time boot" I eventually want to pass my video card through. I know with Windows it doesnt matter if you go from using VNC to adding a video card later as it will simply detect new hardware. Whats the process for this OS. I have a Mac book but you cant very well replace parts on those things so I dont know how the OS handles that. Also the fix common problems app came up with an error "Docker application MacinaBox has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option" something to be concerned about?
  5. I currently have the below setup for my passthrough. So my question is two fold. If I use this plugin I can only assume I will not need to have them included in this line. Would that be correct? Second question would be beside it being easier to use this plugin what other advantages does it have? Cheers
  6. I am currently playing around with my VM and have passed my onboard audio through. My VM seems to be ok however when I look at the log it shows the following line Now I can only assume this is from the Audio pass through as a quick search of the forum HERE and it also didnt come up before passing the audio through This is what comes up when I look at the system devices Is there any way of finding out if this IOMMU group has any other dependants? I would like to snub it but dont want to "Break" something.
  7. I have a question in regards passing through USB 3.1 on the X399 DESIGNARE EX. As per the below image the red USB 3.1 port and the USB 3.1 type C are the only USB 3.1 on the rear I/O The only reference in System Devices on Unraid that makes mention of USB 3.1 is below. So if I isolate 1022:43ba with vfio-pci.ids=1022:43ba I should be able to pass-through USB 3.1 to my VM. Does that sound about right?
  8. Faulty port on your board? Have you tried plugging it in a different port to see if you get the same read error's?
  9. Just out of interest did isolate the 1070 with the vfio-pci.ids= command before using it as the GPU for your VM?
  10. On a side note if you do want to run a vm on the same card unraid uses then you will need an Nvidia K or M series card or AMD FirePro S equivalent. However im not sure if unraid supports those cards as they require very specific drivers to work.
  11. Ok ill tackle this one thing at a time. The single biggest difference between sli and crossfire is sli has a minimum requirement on the board... that being 2 slots that are able to run at x8 speeds. Crossfire however doesnt have that requirement. Crossfire is more than happy to run one card at x8 and one card at x4. The fact that you cant set the primary slot to x8 doesnt mean it will not automatically reduce it to x8 speeds when it detects a second AMD card. There would be nothing stopping you from running sli on a board that doesnt support it "If" it had two x8 minimum slots. As far as your test you just performed you cant use the 1070 for unraid and at the same time use that card with a VM. You would need to set your VM to use VNC.
  12. If your dead set on using that CPU with two cards then This is basically what you need But if your going to throw that kind of money at a board your better of selling the MB CPU and ram and getting a small upgrade.
  13. You are correct, that board does support crossfire.... what it doesnt support is sli which is completely different. You have two nvidea cards which require a board with sli support. It may sound like a technicality but crossfire is well and truly different to sli.
  14. You will still need to set the gpu in the x16 slot to run at x8. Its been a good many years since I played around with bios setting on an oldish board so not sure if you can set it to run at x8.
  15. If you can set and thats a big "If" your primary display to run at x8 then yes you might be in luck. However the second GPU will run at 70% of its potential at best.