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  1. I have added two new drives to my array ( Disk 6 & 7 ). Once the drives have been formatted they seem to have a larger than usual amount of space used up. The drivers are completely empty. Previously when I added a new drive to the array it would take up just over 4GB on a 4TB drive. Is this normal or have I done something wrong?
  2. I ended up digging up my watt meter which told me I use between 300-500w at most under load. So I ended up getting this This UPS Works like a charm using the NUT plugin. Current load is 18%
  3. I am happy to report that sas2flash -o -e 5 worked perfectly. Thanks for the help.
  4. Just one quick question. I had a Dell Perc H310 going back some 6 odd years ago that I started going down the road of flashing to IT but didnt have much luck with it at the time. But I cant remember what stage I got upto in the flashing process. Is it safe to reflash (Basically start again)?
  5. Ill give it a go in the next day or so. Just to be on the safe side I will stick it in my gaming PC so yea will have to use uefi shell.
  6. So if Im reading things correctly I basically need to go through the whole process as if I was going to flash the card to IT. Except I just input the command sas2flash -o -e 5 If thats the case I may need to try and find a sas2flash.efi as The last time I did this some years ago I had issues with the DOS version. Does that sound about right?
  7. I’m going to have to do a little bit of research on how to do that I can’t even remember how I flashed it it’s been many many years since I did it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I should be able to ctrl c and disable it there shouldnt I?
  9. Yes that is the one. Very happy with it. Easy to use. keeps the WD Red Pros nice and cool.
  10. New iOS version looks great. Any way of being able to set dark mode on the app?
  11. And a side note, the system info tab will not show your video card.
  12. Have you checked in tools/system devices to see if it shows up there?
  13. Hi, Im looking at getting a UPS (Better to be safe than sorry) but have no idea what size I should be looking at. I just want something that in case of a blackout will give the system time to power down safely. I have a 1000W PSU at the moment but am looking at upgrading to 1200W at some point. But am not sure what the total load is at peak. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  14. I start by giving you the back story. A while ago I bought 2 LSI cards both exactly the same cards. Flashed the cards but only ended up using 1 card as I didn't have the need for the second card..... until now. So I stuck the card into a spare x8 slot and booted up and got the attached screen. It holts on this and doesnt go past it. I end up having to press the restart button at which point it gets to that point again and shows the same message but allows me to proceed. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. HEHE thats why I gave it some lighting, if its going to be an stand out it may as well look good.