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  1. Just a lot of containers. And I probably didn’t make the initial size big enough As I think it’s only 20 gig
  2. Im starting to run low on space in my docker image, and while Im sure it has been covered before I cant seem to find it. How would I go about increasing the size of my docker image? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have added two new drives to my array ( Disk 6 & 7 ). Once the drives have been formatted they seem to have a larger than usual amount of space used up. The drivers are completely empty. Previously when I added a new drive to the array it would take up just over 4GB on a 4TB drive. Is this normal or have I done something wrong?
  4. I ended up digging up my watt meter which told me I use between 300-500w at most under load. So I ended up getting this This UPS Works like a charm using the NUT plugin. Current load is 18%
  5. I am happy to report that sas2flash -o -e 5 worked perfectly. Thanks for the help.
  6. Just one quick question. I had a Dell Perc H310 going back some 6 odd years ago that I started going down the road of flashing to IT but didnt have much luck with it at the time. But I cant remember what stage I got upto in the flashing process. Is it safe to reflash (Basically start again)?
  7. Ill give it a go in the next day or so. Just to be on the safe side I will stick it in my gaming PC so yea will have to use uefi shell.
  8. So if Im reading things correctly I basically need to go through the whole process as if I was going to flash the card to IT. Except I just input the command sas2flash -o -e 5 If thats the case I may need to try and find a sas2flash.efi as The last time I did this some years ago I had issues with the DOS version. Does that sound about right?
  9. I’m going to have to do a little bit of research on how to do that I can’t even remember how I flashed it it’s been many many years since I did it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I should be able to ctrl c and disable it there shouldnt I?
  11. Yes that is the one. Very happy with it. Easy to use. keeps the WD Red Pros nice and cool.
  12. New iOS version looks great. Any way of being able to set dark mode on the app?
  13. And a side note, the system info tab will not show your video card.
  14. Have you checked in tools/system devices to see if it shows up there?
  15. Hi, Im looking at getting a UPS (Better to be safe than sorry) but have no idea what size I should be looking at. I just want something that in case of a blackout will give the system time to power down safely. I have a 1000W PSU at the moment but am looking at upgrading to 1200W at some point. But am not sure what the total load is at peak. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  16. I start by giving you the back story. A while ago I bought 2 LSI cards both exactly the same cards. Flashed the cards but only ended up using 1 card as I didn't have the need for the second card..... until now. So I stuck the card into a spare x8 slot and booted up and got the attached screen. It holts on this and doesnt go past it. I end up having to press the restart button at which point it gets to that point again and shows the same message but allows me to proceed. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. HEHE thats why I gave it some lighting, if its going to be an stand out it may as well look good.
  18. Just thought I would share my journey with you all as I upgrade my tower. I was using a factual design case (Sorry I can remember the model) which gave me room for my cooling + my 10 HDD. Wasnt much room for expanding in the case so a little while ago I bought a new case which up until we went into lockdown ( Thanks Covid ) I simply didnt have the time to move everything from 1 case to the other. The only thing I have added in the move is the 3 drive bays. Everything else was just a case swap.. I now have a total of 15 drives supported with room to expand out to 23 drives before I have to get creative with my drive placements but due to the sheer size of the case I could get up to 30 drives if I need to. The case I used is the Thermaltake WP100. This case stands at 820mm high and 310mm wide. This case is so big it comes with caster wheels. It currently has 2 x 360mm radiators in the bottom with room the expand to go thicker and longer if I needed more cooling. Side note the system of choice is a Threadripper 2920X, a water cooled 980TI and a 1080TI. Idle temp on the CPU is around 28 degrees and the GPU's sit at about 27 degrees with my daily VM running 24/7. Enjoy the small amount of photos I took as I was building and feel free to post any questions or comments.
  19. Due to time restrains I ended up going with the easier option and using my backup. Thanks for the replies peoples
  20. I did a cache drive change over today. When I rebooted my system it automatically assigned my unassigned device to the cache pool and set the file system to btrfs. Once I saw that I stopped the array, assigned the correct SSD to the cache pool and restarted the array. The only problem now is the unassigned device fs shows as btrfs instead of xfs. The bigger problem I have is it has my VM on it. Is there a fix for this as I um currently unable to mount the unassigned device? Or have I lost everything on this drive? If its the later how do I change the file system to xfs again? Thanks for your help.
  21. Thanks for posting something I can look at. So in this case for this app would it be Or would t be The info they give Here assumes someone knows about cron. Again thanks very much for the help.
  22. I found this docker to be rather easy to install. Only problem I have is some aspects of firefly will require a cron job which is way out of my element. Are you able to help me in the right direction as I have zero idea about cronjobs. Regards
  23. Sure, Happy to.... probably a good idea as im sure ill stuff something up. tower-diagnostics-20210606-2144.zip
  24. Ill give it a go when the rest of my parts come. Thanks
  25. I had a look at the post you reference. Im a little confused on - Click on Shares and change to "Yes" all cache shares with "Use cache disk:" set to "Only" or "Prefer" So in my case I would change the following from : appdata Only : Cache To appdata Yes : Prefer Is that right?