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  1. hi, that doesn't seem to be a screenshot from my app
  2. the app does an mdns/avahi lookup in the discover tab, the ip you see there is what it gets back ? can you add the server as http instead of https ?
  3. right, that seems to be the issue, maybe you have and blocker, or some firewall rules for your ip/cellphone
  4. You're browsing from your cellphone ? Can you try using the ip address instead of the hostname ? Just to check if that works.
  5. The circled red x means the server if offline (at least the app sees it that way). To delete the server, swipe it left, it will display a red delete button to the right
  6. Hi, can you try deleting the server and adding it back ?
  7. That's right, but it's just a warning. You can ignore it, knowing you set up you permissions in a specific way I can eventually add a setting to ignore(don't show the warning)
  8. can you try 2 things ? - make sure you're adding the server within your lan - add the server manually (you can copy/paste the 'hash' url) make sure you set the protocol as https
  9. for some reason the plugin is unable to run, i think it might be related to the ipmi sensor
  10. Hi, sure, if you can provide the data, i'll look into it
  11. i think you mean the banner is smaller right ? i set it smaller in this version, but maybe i can make it centered or a cover, i'll check
  12. you mentioned you access via \\unraid, that's the shares right ? can you access that same way via the browser ?
  13. hi everyone, my job is really taking up a lot of my time, i'm trying to balance work/personal as much as i can, which leaves me with little time for my other projects. i'd still like to extend unbalance for multiple cache pools, but since i don't use it, i need some data to make it work. This post fleshes out what i would need. if anyone is up for it, i will take a look. and i'd like to give some thanks - forum members like FreeMan and JonathanM that always provide support on the thread - the donations you guys send, i will not get rich off of them (2 o 3 per year) , but i really appreciate them, for what they represent, thanks a lot !
  14. i see, but is that the hostname set in Unraid itself ?