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  1. Hey, I'd like to publicly thank all of the supporters who sent some hard-earned cash MY way. Any amount you sent, you can be sure that I have spent on things I enjoy, a fine bottle of wine, a fancy cup of coffee, some new artisanal brew Open source projects are notoriously difficult to make a buck, so I really appreciate the gesture. The fact is I really like Unraid and for as long as I can, I'll keep supporting unbalance and my commercial projects in the Unraid ecosystem. So, many thanks for your donations 🙌
  2. Hi, I think Unraid's webGui has a much cleaner interface for editing containers, and you have more screen real estate if you do it from your desktop. About upgrade notifications, it's something on my radar, although not really a priority. I have some news to share in the "short medium term"(tm), nothing earth-shattering, but I think many people would think of them as good news
  3. Hi, I remember a similar issue and it turned out that the filesystem was reporting a file with a size in the exabyte range, so it's certainly possible that something like this could be the issue in this case. Can you check the logs for any folder/file that has an unusual size ? The full log is located at /boot/logs/unbalance.log
  4. Hi, can you make sure you're using Unraid's port in the app (80 or 443 generally). If that's not the issue, can you try the following in the app - Go to Settings > Open Source Libraries - After the react native credits, you’ll find a debug button, hit it once (counter should read 1) - Now try connecting manually (you should see a ‘debug initialized ‘ message at the bottom) - It should go back to the main screen - Go to manual add again - It should be displaying some debug message - Take a screenshot and send it contact@apertoire.net
  5. Upgraded the plugin ! 2020-05-09 - 2.19.0 - Improvements to port and ip address detection - Other bug fixes and improvements
  6. You could use the gather data, if that helps
  7. Oh I see, let me take a look at that code on my environment
  8. Hi, not sure what you mean by that. Can you elaborate ?
  9. Hi, this looks like a bug. Can you check the Chrome developer's console for any issues ?
  10. Hey thanks for the heads up ! So it changes the standard webUI for dockers and vms ? I'll take a look at it this weekend, although I can't promise anything if it's a change to the standard webUI
  11. If you chose to COPY, it won't remove the content on the source disk(s). If you browse, let's say disk3, from Unraid's main ui, is there some data ?
  12. Not exactly. The GATHER operation works by moving folders/content (which in your case would be the tv shows) from any number of disks into a target disks. So you can't select disks as source, it will find which disks contain the given folder/tv show and transfer it to a selected target disk.
  13. Hi, you can check the log (/boot/logs/unbalance.log) If you haven't moved any files around yet, you could retry the operation (replay button on the history tab), but check the logs first to get an idea of what's the issue. Also note that if your source disk is not "healthy", rsync will slow down to a crawl and may even completely stop (I've been direct witness to this
  14. Hi, the dry-run checkbox will be enabled after you finish the PLAN step. I can't remember why I made this decision back then, seeing how it's a frequently asked question now
  15. Yes, docker safe new permissions tries to make sure you have permissions to move content around. Do note that unbalance works at a disk level, not user share level, so you will be moving data from /mnt/diskX to /mnt/diskY (for example)