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  1. Try a cd /mnt/disk4 du -sh * should give you an idea of how much data is there, at a minimum Enabling shares shouldn't be an issue, at worst some files/folders will be 'hidden' if present in the source and destination disks (not sure if you did a move or copy) Not sure what you mean by "a lot of data is missing", that's something you need to figure out first.
  2. Hi, unbalance works at disk level not user share level. If you check the disks individually, is the data there ?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the heads up, I hadn't thought about it. I'll take a look at what changes are needed.
  4. I double checked and it should have detected the und_unraid_bundle.pem certificate. If you look in /var/local/emhttp/var.ini, what's the name of the server there (entry "NAME") ?
  5. It looks for certificate_bundle.pem or _unraid_bundle.pem And it thinks than none of them are present. In this scenario, the plugin generates self-signed certificates and it should work, but looking at the code, I can see that's not the case, there's actually a bug, since it doesn't use the self-signed certs for the its web ui. This is something I'll look into. In the meantime, I'd suggest you to regenerate Unraid's certs by toggling the Unraid SSL setting off/on. That should create the Unraid certs. If you have SSL set to auto, then switch to auto, after the on/off toggle.
  6. Hi, Can you run the plugin from the command line and post the output here ? /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir '/boot/config/ssl/certs'
  7. Well, that's strange, I seriously believed you'd get an error running /sbin/apcaccess. I'll check the output you sent to look for any issues. You can generally use the app without the pluging running, it's just you won't have access to some additional features (such as POWER ON, UPS stats, etc).
  8. There seems to be a problem with the apc ups readings. Try /sbin/apcaccess and check the results (should print some error message) A short-term solution would be to disable ups in the controlr settings, so that code isn't executed
  9. Hi, thanks for the detailed report ! The POWER ON functionality requires the ControlR plugin to be running, so it's definitely odd that on your tablet, POWER ON is enabled (since the plugin isn't running), but let's try to figure it all out. On the command line of server 2, try /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir '/boot/config/ssl/certs' -showups and post back the output.
  10. Hi, what do you mean by locked ?
  11. Hey, I'd like to publicly thank all of the supporters who sent some hard-earned cash MY way. Any amount you sent, you can be sure that I have spent on things I enjoy, a fine bottle of wine, a fancy cup of coffee, some new artisanal brew Open source projects are notoriously difficult to make a buck, so I really appreciate the gesture. The fact is I really like Unraid and for as long as I can, I'll keep supporting unbalance and my commercial projects in the Unraid ecosystem. So, many thanks for your donations 🙌
  12. Hi, I think Unraid's webGui has a much cleaner interface for editing containers, and you have more screen real estate if you do it from your desktop. About upgrade notifications, it's something on my radar, although not really a priority. I have some news to share in the "short medium term"(tm), nothing earth-shattering, but I think many people would think of them as good news
  13. Hi, I remember a similar issue and it turned out that the filesystem was reporting a file with a size in the exabyte range, so it's certainly possible that something like this could be the issue in this case. Can you check the logs for any folder/file that has an unusual size ? The full log is located at /boot/logs/unbalance.log
  14. Hi, can you make sure you're using Unraid's port in the app (80 or 443 generally). If that's not the issue, can you try the following in the app - Go to Settings > Open Source Libraries - After the react native credits, you’ll find a debug button, hit it once (counter should read 1) - Now try connecting manually (you should see a ‘debug initialized ‘ message at the bottom) - It should go back to the main screen - Go to manual add again - It should be displaying some debug message - Take a screenshot and send it contact@apertoire.net
  15. Upgraded the plugin ! 2020-05-09 - 2.19.0 - Improvements to port and ip address detection - Other bug fixes and improvements