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  1. Hi, I'm not really sure what the issue might have been. If you want to send the log (/boot/logs/unbalance.log), I'll take a look at it.
  2. Yes, I got a couple of replies. I always appreciate more test data.
  3. Weird. I'll do some tests.
  4. Thanks for the report, I'll check the code.
  5. This is about an ArchLinux workstation I built as an `offsite` ZFS backup, and to try and build my own router (no pfsense, no vyos, no ubnt) I'm sitting very comfortably, all of a sudden I see a pillar of smoke in front of me !! BOLTED to the nearby 'rack', and ... I can see actual FIRE through the case !!! Background: it's a Zalman MS800 with two 3-in-5 hdd cages, the bottom 3 hdd slots are empty except for the last one that houses the system ssd. Resuming ... I can see FIRE through the bottom air grills, I blow at it, fire subsedes a bit ... thinking fast, I unplug the power, remove the lan cable and take the case outside, open it and the fire has died down, not sure when it fully died. VERY SCARY !!!! Post Mortem: The power cable to the ssd drive is charcoal burned. I know the ssd is dead for all intents and purposes (reinstall is what lies ahead). Leave it resting for a day or two (let me give it some thought) and buy another SSD. Why it caught on fire is still a mystery to me, but these are some facts: - The machine is powered by a Seasonic 650 Gold power supply - A single power cable was covering the two 3-in-5 cages and the cable has a third connector which I extended with a third-party cable to power the SSD - The endpoint of this extension is what caught on fire So, either the connection was loose, the extension cable was bad quality or random gremlins woke up at noon. Currently: - New Crucial 120Gb SSD - New single power cable from PSU to SSD It works now.
  6. You don't need to create the history file. It's (re)created if not present. It seems to me like a bug ... can you open DevTools in your browser (Tools > Web Developer > Web Console in Firefox, View > Developer > Javascript Console in Chrome) and check for any errors (red messages) ? Send a screenshot of the console if you want.
  7. I got a similar error today and it was due to permission issues: trying to write to a folder for which the user didn't have permissions.
  8. Glad to know you got it working ! You can set the port from the Settings page, so you don't have to run the plugin manually each time. Not sure what the issue is with the unknown port error. I looked it up but nothing really came up.
  9. This is the issue. It doesn't say that the port is in use, but that might be an option. Try lsof -i :6237 to find out if there's any process currently using the port. Other than that, is it possible that you're running ONLY ipv6 (no ipv4) ?
  10. Hi, checked the logs, there are several successful gathers, and towards the end of the log, some attempts that get flagged due to flag:(rsync: failed to set times on "/mnt/disk11/Media2": Operation not permitted (1)) Not sure what's the issue with that share (Media2), but for some reason rsync can't set times on it 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Check the log ... /boot/logs/unbalance.log for additional information about the error (send it over if you want, I can take a look, pm if you so prefer)
  12. I haven't thought about UD support in the app. It should probably just work, but I have just not looked into it [emoji2369] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Sorry, it's Settings > Open Source Libraries. By the way, the app has an issue with the OnePlus android devices, text is clipped, because they use a proprietary font. If you change the system font to Robot, you'll see the text no longer clips (as in the Settin... above)
  14. Ok, try this then. Use the same settings as I mentioned in the previous post, then - Go to Settings > Credits - After the react native credits, you’ll find a debug button, hit it once (counter should read 1) - Now try connecting manually (you should see a ‘debug initialized ‘ message at the bottom) - It should go back to the main screen - Go to manual add again - It should be displaying some debug message - Take a screenshot and send it over (pm if you prefer)
  15. In the app, try this Ip/Hostame: <ip address> Port: 443 username: root password: <password> secure: on Does it not work ?