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  1. Thanks, that would be really representative ! You should be able to find disks.ini at /var/local/emhttp/disks.ini. The tool I mentioned before scrubs the serial id of each disk (id, idSb lines), you may want to remove additional data.
  2. it was mostly a data driven decision: open the docker webui was barely used according to the analytics info, by a very large differential.
  3. That's not currently available, although I can add the option in a patch release soon. Yes Not sure what will be included, that's mainly the reason I haven't implement that screen yet . But if it's feasible, I might add it.
  4. Yes, I still need to add a full docker page, where all the functionality will be available, I'll be working on it now that the core of the app has stabilized. Compared to the previous version of the app, I think the only thing missing in the current version is opening the webui, but you can start/stop dockers. The full docker page will contain features not present in the previous version.
  5. Oh I see, yes I would need a way to identify which ones are array disks and which ones are cache pools. It could be as easy as saying if it doesn't start with /mnt/disk, it's a cache pool, but I think that would be one simplification too much I'd guess disks.ini holds that info, that's why I'm asking for that data on a server that currently has multiple pools. I'll eventually take the time to set it up myself, but I still need to go through some other stuff first.
  6. Yes, this one is a bit strange, I'll need to dig deeper to figure out what's the issue
  7. It doesn't support multiple cache pools, as far as I can tell. If you have multiple cache pools, would you mind following the instructions in https://github.com/jbrodriguez/controlr-support ? This would allow me to check out how the multiple pool drives are named/defined
  8. 😀 the avahi signature of unraid server isn't "customized", it's a generic device_info, and uses XServe as the SMBModel. Not sure if XServe is specific to Unraid though. But yeah, you can expect false positives . Any idea what that GENMON is though ? I'd guess it's an emulator of some kind ?
  9. RELEASE Version 5.0.4 - 2021-07-23 - Fix sleep operation This should fix the sleep not working issue It should be available for android later today and for ios probably tomorrow.
  10. Yes, thanks the log is helpful (I see it's a capture from the app 😀👍) I'll take a look at it later today
  11. Timeout is good ! We have progress In that case it does look like it's not finding the server, I'll look into adding some progress message during discovery to provide some more context.
  12. The app theme is determined by the operating system, so it will follow any change you make to the system theme. I will probably look into offering different dark and light themes, so there will be more customization within the app, but there are other things I need to do first.
  13. Awesome, there was a bug with the sleep command, thanks for pointing it out