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  1. That's odd, I just tried it and it's working. Do you think there could be a network issue on your lan ?
  2. Yes, that's the latest. Would you mind following the steps in https://github.com/jbrodriguez/controlr-support ?
  3. Oh, the plugin may not be considering that scenario. I'll have to check the code.
  4. Hey @darrenyorston, have you upgraded the mobile app to the latest version (which supports Unraid 6.8.x) ? The app still works without the plugin.
  5. Just make sure that the plugin is actually running ... in the plugin settings page, set it to disable server, apply changes, then set it to enable server, apply changes and it should work.
  6. v2020-01-11b (2.18.1) is out ! This fixes the formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit for the system and ipmi temperature sensors. Thanks a lot @ErikM1970 for helping in figuring this out !
  7. Thanks a lot for the kind comments @airport!
  8. Upgraded the plugin ! 2020-01-04 - 2.17.2 Debug logging
  9. Hey @ErikM1970, I check the support files you sent but I can't seen anything unusual with them. So I created a new version of the plugin, to try and debug the issue. So pls try the following - Upgrade the plugin to v2020.01.11 (2.17.2) - On the command line do killall controlr /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir /boot/config/ssl/certs -showups That last `-showups` should be there only if you have UPS enabled in the controlr settings, otherwise just remove that part. Then access the server from the mobile app, it will display some log lines in the command line, please post those log lines here (or send them via pm if you prefer)
  10. Hey @JesterEE, I somehow missed your post. Do you have an APC ups on your system ? Can you try disabling the UPS setting on the plugin to check it that works ?
  11. Hi that error is about the plugin, if you haven't installed it, there shouldn't be a problem. Can you follow the steps in https://github.com/jbrodriguez/controlr-support ?
  12. Well, there's some progress Can you follow the steps in https://github.com/jbrodriguez/controlr-support Also, one more time /usr/bin/sensors -A
  13. Upgraded the plugin ! 2020-01-04 - 2.17.1 Small changes to system sensor data parsing.
  14. I made a small change to the ControlR plugin (now v2020.01.04, v2.7.1), can you check if that solves your issue @ErikM1970 ?
  15. Hi, unbalance runs rsync underneath, so it has the same semantics, it will skip files that are already in the target for example.