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  1. Hi, yes, you need the ControlR plugin. More info on the FAQ: https://www.apertoire.com/faq/controlr
  2. I need to upgrade from my faithful ~5yr old GTX 750Ti to something that can handle 4k, in a small form factor, since I'm adding 4k content to my main Unraid server. I'm contemplating these 3 options: - GTX 1050Ti: it should just work - GTX 1650: the successor to the 1050 - RTX 570: can't seem to find it in small form factor I'm leaning towards the GTX 1650 (even if it isn't Ti). I'll appreciate any advice or experiences on the matter.
  3. There used to be an issue with btrfs, it was reporting a wrong disk size. If that hasn't been solved, I suspect that might be the issue here.
  4. Hi, unbalance works at disk level, not share level Having said that, it will use the disk with the most free space first, then work its way down the other disks.
  5. That is impossible !!! 🤣 To be honest, I have no clue, I guess you already uninstalled/installed the plugin. I also assume that everything else works on your server right ? Out of ideas 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. Hi, can you try running it from the command line, to make sure it works ? /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unbalance/unbalance -port 6237
  7. v2019.09.07 (5.6.0) is available ! This is a minor release with some new features and some optimizations. Changes: - Add elapsed time to transfer screen - Fix unbalance logo container background color - Add contrast to drop down in history screen - Decrease binary size - Compress server output - Modify UI version format - Add notice about exclusive access in the UI
  8. Hi, you can go to the History tab, click on the "chevron down" to the right and check if the operation had any command with issues.
  9. I haven't really thought about it, not sure this is something I'd like to do.
  10. unbalance moves folders in blocks, if you try to move a whole share, it's possible that the whole size (across disks) exceeds the remaining free space of a single disk. Try moving subfolders off of the main share and such, it should help
  11. Hi, I'm very busy lately ... About a "balance" mode, it's not in my plans, as that is sort of the basic functionality of Unraid, with Mover. About automation, it's currently not possible. It can be done, but needs some work on it, which I'm currently unable to allocate.
  12. Thanks for your comments, jpotrz ! There's a docker (diskover), that among other things, finds duplicates
  13. Your issue will be that once the copy is finished, the data will exist in both the target and the source disk. You'll need to remove data from the source disk manually (please note I'm referring to disks, not user shares). Move is implemented by a copy then delete, to protect your source data in case the copy fails for whatever reason. This is normal behaviour.
  14. It should move all files/sub-folders that fit into the target disks you choose. If some files/folders don't fit, it won't move them and send an email informing about this (if you have notifications on). Not sure what you attached, but that's not the log file.