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  1. Hi, not sure what might be the issue. if your server is connected to the Unraid "cloud", can you disconnect it and try adding the server ? In any case, I'll try to replicate on my 6.10.0-rc2 server.
  2. ControlR 5.1.0 is rolling out to Apple and Google stores ! v5.1.0 - Next generation ControlR, with a streamlined and more functional user interface and completely re-architected to support even more greate features - Implementation of (experimental) qrcode scanner: it's now easier to add a server to your app The qrcode scanning is still a bit experimental becuase I only have a limited set of devices to test it on, but it worked for me. Also, note that I'll be running a #CyberMonday2021 40% off sale: pick it up for $2.99 this monday (Nov 29th) only !
  3. Ok, having your protocol and port filled from the server sounds better Is your server provisioned into the unraid.net services ?
  4. That's odd, I guess you're not running the plugin on the server, otherwise it would have filled out the port and protocol. Can you try setting protocol to https and port to 443, see if it makes a difference ?
  5. i'll be releasing an app update that enables adding servers using the qrcode, this should happen over the weekend if everything goes according to plan
  6. glad to know it worked. i'll be releasing an app update that will be able to read the qrcode. it will be a bit experimental, since i haven't been able to test in a lot of different devices (especially on the android side)
  7. I think what's happening is that the plugin can't detect that you're provisioning/unprovisioning the server. At plugin startup, it checks if it's running on an http or https server. It seems in your case, it started with http, and after provisioning the server, it switched to https, but the plugin doesn't know about that. Can you restart the plugin after you're provisioned into x.unraid.net, see if it works ?
  8. It's working for me on a 6.10.0-rc2 server The plugin runs on port 2378, maybe you're blocking that port somewhere in your network ?
  9. Oh, that might be a bug, I'll check
  10. Hi, nut is supported, if it doesn't work, maybe something changed. Does this file exist on your server "/boot/config/plugins/nut/nut.cfg" ? Also, the output of /usr/bin/upsc looks reasonable ?
  11. ControlR Plugin v2021.11.25 (v3.0.0) is out ! - Create qrcode to add server to mobile app - Modify logic to get origin data - Fix logic to determine origin This update displays the qrcode that will facilitate adding a server to the mobile app.
  12. There are some upcoming changes in the mobile app, but as far as I can tell, the latest version on the stores works with 6.10.x (latest rc)
  13. I need to do something about that gray background on the array and parity sections. I don't like it 🤷‍♂️
  14. I migrated my test server to rc2 and the app (in the stores) is still working !