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  1. This has to do with the configuration file /boot/config/plugins/unbalance/unbalance.conf You can remove the notifyCalc line (or any other if you still get an error), or ... delete the config file altogether.
  2. Try running unbalance from the command line, to check for any error /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unbalance/unbalance -port 6237
  3. It should work, the message is mostly a warning, it had more meaning when unbalance ran as nobody, as root you shouldn't have issues.
  4. unBALANCE currently runs as root, so you shouldn't have problems moving files around, specifically with regards to user ownership.
  5. If Music was a top-level folder (share), per design, the app doesn't delete it.
  6. If you're inside the openvpn tunnel, it behaves the same as if you were locally in your network. What is the app showing ? If you refresh the server on the app it's listed as offline (even if it is online) ?
  7. That's right you need to login as root
  8. Hey ! It's working ! The other issue you're having is related to the system sensor The output of /usr/bin/sensors -A should be some error. Can you check and post here ?
  9. I have the feeling it's a permissions issue. When testing are you issuing the command as root or you have another user in the system ?
  10. It's not something on my radar, to be honest. 🤷‍♂️
  11. The idea of scatter is to empty a disk by transferring data to other disk, and it does so eagerly: find the disk with most free space, transfer as much data as possible, if there's still data, move it to the next most free disk and so on. I'm guessing what you want is to balance the data into the disks, but this is not the tool for that.
  12. Yes, that issue was about the name of the server ... is your server name unraid ? If you look in /var/local/emhttp/var.ini, what's the name of the server there (entry "NAME") ?
  13. Pentium-D !! Wow !! that's really a testament to how flexible/permissive Unraid (linux) is, I'm not sure that Windows will run on that But yes, the plugin uses system temp, it has no provision for coretemp. That should be the issue.
  14. Hi, the general idea of rmsrc is this - you transfer from diskX to diskY - rsync logs a warning (most of the times, err code 23 which is basically a blanket for anything that moves :)) - unbalance informs you about this issue via rmsrc in the history tab If you checked that data is already available on disk4, then it's not an issue to leave the source there (if you're going to wipe out the disk for example) I should probably add a checkbox to rmsrc all, something like that, but I currently have zero cycles to spare due to work.
  15. Hi, yes, that's strange. If you're running the plugin on the server, the app should get the current temperature setting on the server. Are you running a beta version of Unraid ? The plugin logs what it sends to the app. you can take a look at that to confirm that it's actually reading Fahrenheit.