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  1. I think I've thought about it in the past, I think I thought of having a thin php wrapper for the actual UI, but I didn't make a proof of concept or anything, so I'm not really sure that's possible
  2. hi, for those with the greyed out dry-run, you need to run "PLAN" for the check box to become 'available'
  3. Hi, the underlying error is failed: Input/output error (5) that's generally a sign of a physically failing hard drive.
  4. Hi, yes it does, it's working with the 6.9beta as well
  5. If you're accessing from within your LAN, I'd say you should be able to access. Did any of your network settings changed ? Were you accessing via https or http ?
  6. Not exactly sure how ipmi works, but tt looks like ipmi-sensors works without those variables. You could try commenting these variables in ipmi.cfg
  7. HI, yes that's strange, looks like ipmisensors is just a wrapper over ipmi-sensors ? Maybe there was a change with binary I didn't notice. Can you check what /usr/sbin/ipmisensors is ? As a workaround you could probably just convert it to a shell script invoking /usr/sbin/ipmi-sensors In any case, I'll take a look during the holidays
  8. Yes you can, you just to need to make sure that those dockers/vms are not filling up the target disks, otherwise the transfer may run out of space to put files.
  9. Is it possible that one of the disks involved in the operation is not quite healthy ? Slowing down that much feels to me like some disks is having i/o issues. In the unbalance UI, I added the link to a plugin by a fellow forum member that looks at the health of a disk. Can you check that ?
  10. This has to do with the configuration file /boot/config/plugins/unbalance/unbalance.conf You can remove the notifyCalc line (or any other if you still get an error), or ... delete the config file altogether.
  11. Try running unbalance from the command line, to check for any error /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unbalance/unbalance -port 6237
  12. It should work, the message is mostly a warning, it had more meaning when unbalance ran as nobody, as root you shouldn't have issues.
  13. unBALANCE currently runs as root, so you shouldn't have problems moving files around, specifically with regards to user ownership.
  14. If Music was a top-level folder (share), per design, the app doesn't delete it.
  15. If you're inside the openvpn tunnel, it behaves the same as if you were locally in your network. What is the app showing ? If you refresh the server on the app it's listed as offline (even if it is online) ?