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  1. jbrodriguez

    [Plugin] ControlR

    Hi RobertP, When you added the server, you entered some user other than root. When that's the case, the UI becomes minimal, basically to control dockers/vm, with user permissions that you can set via the plugin's web interface. If you delete the server in the app and add it back with root user, you'll see the full UI.
  2. jbrodriguez

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Right, as BRiT mentioned, choosing more drives will scatter the data across disks, but if the data you're trying to move fits one of the disks, it will put it all there. unbalance doesn't "balance"/fill disks evenly, that's more of an intrinsic feature of Unraid, by using share rules. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. jbrodriguez

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Hi, unBALANCE works at the disk level not share level, so it won't consider any share rules you set. I'd guess you're doing a scatter? The concept for scatter is to empy a disk by moving data to other disks you choose: you can choose one, some or all of them. It's up to you. Hope this helps.
  4. jbrodriguez

    [Plugin] ControlR

    Is the power on button disabled ? The server version shouldn't have that much of an impact since it's a wake-on-lan packet basically. It shouldn't be enabled until your server is powered down.
  5. jbrodriguez

    [Plugin] ControlR

    Right, with ssl set to yes, you need to add the server securely in the app. In any case, glad to know you sorted it out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. jbrodriguez

    [Plugin] ControlR

    Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. jbrodriguez

    [Plugin] ControlR

    I've published an update for the app, this should fix the issue with the scrolling stats. They will not auto scroll anymore (if there are enough separate stats), you now scroll it manually.
  8. jbrodriguez

    ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    v4.5.0 is available on the App Store / Play Store ! This release updates replaces the scrolling marquee for server stats, with a fixed scrollable view. Also, base components have been updated.
  9. jbrodriguez

    [Plugin] ControlR

    Thanks, I'll look into this next week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. jbrodriguez

    [Plugin] ControlR

    Hi, thanks for the report. This just started happening ? Did you upgrade iOS ? Just looking for something that may have triggered it. I'll take a look. I've been thinking to make that section fixed, but scrollable, for a while, mostly considering battery consumption. If I can reproduce the issue, I'll probably end up doing it.
  11. jbrodriguez

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Thanks for presenting this scenario jonathanm. I was surprised by how much overhead xfs had, the last time I formatted a disk. I'm thinking about raising the hard limit to 1Gb, although one can always go above it in the settings, if so preferred. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. jbrodriguez

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    The plugin reserves a minimum of 512Mb as a hard limit, but you can go higher in the settings. There are some forum members very knowledgeable on the hard disk subject matter and they prefer not to have disks "filled to the brim". On the other hand, if you use your hard disk as "read-only" (fill it with contents, start with a new disk, repeat), it shouldn't really be a problem, and you skip the fragmentation you mentioned.
  13. jbrodriguez

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Hi, Short Answer Use unbalance exclusively. No other dockers/vms/plugins/mover touching the disks. Long Answer The bottom line is if you're moving content outside unbalance when it's running, the assumptions it made may no longer be valid. That is, it thought you had 40Gb free on disk1, but a docker or mover dropped it to 35Gb. Maybe it will still work, but it's very possible that it won't (out of space, source not found, etc) If you know what you're doing, that you won't be touching the disks that unbalance is operating on, then keep running dockers/vms, but you want to be sure that doing so won't have side effects.
  14. jbrodriguez

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    It skips deletion when there was an error with the rsync command, specifically error 23, which is quite generic. When that happens the rsync command is flagged and when you look at the operation in the History tab, it appears with a yellow icon and an 'rmsrc' button on the left. The idea is that you check why it was flagged (permissions, timestamps, etc) and if you want, you manually remove the source with the 'rmsrc' button (some more details here) You have performed some other operations, so you can't replay that specific operation. Why don't you delete the sources manually, not optimal but it should work.
  15. jbrodriguez

    [Plugin] ControlR

    It looks fine. Yet the plugin can't connect to port 443 (connection refused). It seems that the webGUI isn't actually listening on 443, but I can't really tell.