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  1. I added a comment on this topic in the ControlR app thread, would you mind sharing your thoughts there ?
  2. Hi, I just tried the app against a test 6.10.0-rc1 server and I'm able to connect/add the server. If you're unable to add a 6.10.0-rc1 to the ControlR app, is it possible that you're logged into unraid.net ? I'm not logged in, that's the only big difference I can think of right now.
  3. Hi, late reply and all, but, it is available in Luxembourg
  4. I think I hadn't done that before because server resources, but that was quite a while back, I'll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion !
  5. My test environment is currently not working, so I'll have to wait until 6.10.x comes out of the RC phase to install it on my main server and hopefully get the app working.
  6. That should work, I'll check the code for any issues
  7. Hi, yes, that should work, can you confirm that the plugin is actually working ?
  8. I would have never found it in several life times Thanks @JonathanM !
  9. After reading it, Y: The Last Man has been my absolutely best/favorite comic ever. There's a new series by Hulu, based on the comic and I have mixed feelings about it.
  10. Sure thing, thanks for posting the log. Ok, actually there's an issue with one of your files I: 2021/09/16 22:15:26 planner.go:351: scanning:disk(/mnt/disk2):folder(xxxx/portables/1f7n0em0/plot-k32-2021-07-26-14-12-92fa0e550e27c898b01b7d7b839da2a60d7b2ad6f55a9ecf86f1a78627a62b4e.plot) W: 2021/09/16 22:15:26 planner.go:362: issues:not-available:(exit status 1) That exit status 1 means there's something odd about that file, not sure what it is. Permission? timestamp? corrupt file ? Just having a summary look, that seems to be the issue
  11. Hi, I've been busy with work. Maybe you've already solved it, if not I'd take a look at the logs, there's a section where it shows free space by disks and allocations, perhaps that offers some clue
  12. First thoughts are that there's a "type" property (Cache), but so far I can't find a prop to group a pool, except for the name. Needs more thought
  13. I remember the Unraid podcast about 6.10.x and Jon mentioned they were focusing on security, I haven't installed 6.10.x so I can't deep dive into it, but it looks like authentication may have changed, based on your early reports
  14. Thanks ! will take a look at it.
  15. Hi, So Discover doesn't bring up any server ? I don't support RCs because they may have changes before hitting stable. I haven't installed the 6.10.x RC myself. I'll try that if time permits.
  16. Yes, that's right. The details/(coming soon) page was causing some noise, so I'll add it back when it's actually implemented
  17. RELEASE Version 5.0.7 - 2021-08-10 - Fix sleep command This should fix the issue with the sleep command. It should be available for android later today and for ios probably tomorrow.
  18. This is new in v5, as described here The server's data is stored encrypted in local storage and the (random) password/key is kept securely in the keychain(ios)/keystore(android), that's the reason for the permissions, they're required in order to read/write from keychain/keystore They also enable biometric security (fingerprint, face id), but that requires additional code to be implemented
  19. cool ! Yes, that's something that should be easier now with the new code
  20. Hi, I'm pretty sure the reason it that with v5, I've changed the publishing format to what Google considers the official publishing format going forward (https://developer.android.com/platform/technology/app-bundle). I don't remember myself implementing this feature. I'll check the code, but I can't think of when I did that. It certainly is, looks like a very secure setup, although I'm not sure a workaround exists. The new format is exactly that: create an aab instead of an apk artifact. 😮
  21. It looks like you have a pending operation
  22. I think I've figured out why sleep doesn't work, I'll probably push a release tomorrow to validate the fix.
  23. Thanks ! Are you using ControlR 4.x or 5.x ?
  24. RELEASE Version 5.0.6 - 2021-08-07 - Fix open icon not showing It should be available for android later today and for ios probably tomorrow.