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  1. Hey, it's currently not possible, but if you're mostly copying disk to disk, maybe you can do parallel rsyncs from the command line. Not sure if your parity disk will start barking at the work thrown its way
  2. Hi, given a folder it checks its children and allocated to other disks according to the available space. I guess you can say it's two levels deep. It does inform which folders it won't copy, both in the "console" when PLAN completes and it sends an email with the results of the plan, if you set notifications in the settings
  3. Awesome ! That sounds very easy to consume, thanks !
  4. Hey, I remembered I worked with dlandon, to enable UD support on ControlR and we added an 'endpoint' to get the UD drives on a server. I think someone sent me the output of this endpoint, that I used to lay out the data types I'd still need to invoke that endpoint with a valid csrf_token (and auth cookie I think?), but will look into it some more // { // "automount": true, // "avail": 1354998996992, // "command": false, // "command_bg": false, // "device": "/dev/sdf1", // "disk": "/dev/sdf", // "fstype": "xfs", // "label": "Mercury_Elite_Pro_Elite_Pro", // "logfile": "/tmp/unassigned.devices/.log", // "luks": "/dev/sdf1", // "mountpoint": "/mnt/disks/deluge", // "openfiles": "39\n", // "owner": "user", // "part": "1", // "prog_name": "", // "serial": "ugeneric", // "serial_short": "ugeneric", // "shared": true, // "size": 2999127797760, // "target": "/mnt/disks/deluge", // "used": 1644128800768 // } export interface IPartition { automount: boolean avail: number command: boolean command_bg: boolean device: string disk: string fstype: string label: string logfile: string luks: string mountpoint: string openfiles: string owner: string part: string prog_name: string serial: string serial_short: string shared: boolean size: number target: string used: string } // "device":"\/dev\/sdi","type":"ata","partitions":[],"temperature":"","size":18253611008,"serial_short":"09000000000000000001","serial":"VMware_Virtual_SATA_Hard_Drive_09000000000000000001 export interface IDevice { device: string type: string partitions: IPartition[] temperature: string size: number serial_short: string serial: string }
  5. Generally speaking something resembling `/var/local/emhttp/disks.ini`, json would definitely be better. I'm checking the code and I seem to use most of the fields for each disk entry. Also, array disks are mounted under /mnt (/mnt/disk1, etc.). Is that the case for UD disks ? It does look like the code will require some precision surgery to add UD, but I'm willing to give it a go as soon as I can spare some time.
  6. Hey thanks ! That would certainly help. Is there something like that already or you would need to create it (json or ini file) ?
  7. Hi, you need to enable the plan button first, by selecting one of the source/destination folders/disks.
  8. Hi, it's possible ! Critters in the software
  9. Yes, it's doing absolutely nothing ... So two ideas - Can you try on another browser ? - Try opening the developer tools to check for any errors on the javascript console. The log is pretty much empty, it's very odd that it got to the point of showing the progress widget, yet nothing was written to the log.
  10. It should be doing something Can you check the log (/boot/logs/unbalance.log) for any clues ?
  11. I think it can work with UD, haven't really thought about it, I think it will come down to how they're mounted .... as a first level estimate, I think it would take a lot of work in terms of touching some of the core functionality ... I'll give it a look when I work on it.
  12. You can use rsync arguments (look in settings). I think there's a parameter to handle hard-links (-H, if I remember correctly)
  13. Hey there, that's certainly a fair request. I'm unable to work on the plugin in the short term, but I'll include this feature in the next minor release.
  14. I did ! A small form factor 1650, and it's working just fine !
  15. Just as a test, did you try setting SSL to no in settings and restart the unbalance plugin ? Does that work ?
  16. Hey, how do you suggest to do that ? What criteria to choose only those 5 instead of only 6 or 3, or 7 ?? About rsync, I don't have its command line in my head, but you can always man rsync on the web browser
  17. v2019.10.26 (5.6.3) is available ! - Support 6.8.x - Add missing isNumber function - Upgrade some libraries - Switch to yarn
  18. I'll look into it in upcoming releases
  19. Hi, I'm able to connect to my server using http, so it should work. Can you try this - Go to Settings > Open Source Libraries - After the react native credits, you’ll find a debug button, hit it once (counter should read 1) - Now try connecting manually via http (you should see a ‘debug initialized ‘ message at the bottom) - It should go back to the main screen - Go to manual add again - It should be displaying some debug message - Take a screenshot and send it over (pm if prefer)
  20. v4.16.0 is available on Apple and Google Stores ! - Initial 6.8.x support Let me know if you find any issues P.D.: still can't figure out the temperature unit issue, but I think it's on the plugin side
  21. I can't put a finger on it.. with your data and preferences set to Farenheit, it returns 73 degrees. What Unraid version are you running (to have an idea when this may have started) and what are your temperature settings ?
  22. v4.15.2 is available on Apple App Store ! It fixes an issue that was preventing the execution of some commands on the server. ***NOTE: this completes the fix that was made previously available for Android.
  23. Hi, I'd appreciate your help in fixing this. Can you run /usr/bin/sensors -A on your command line and post back the results (pm if you prefer) ?
  24. I know what the issue is, it's a permissions issue. The plugin creates a log file on /boot/logs/unbalance.log and also writes a config file at /boot/config/unbalance.{conf,cfg} /boot and /boot logs have root:root ownership. By default, the plugin settings page runs the plugin as the nobody user. You can change the user you want unbalance to run as, but you can't choose root (this was a design decision I made) So when run as nobody, unbalance fails to create the log file at /boot/logs and exits. That's why it works when you run it from the command line: you're running it as root. I figure that the new user system in. 6.8.x enforces some permissions, so access to this folder is not allowed for a user that has less privileges than root (nobody in this case). I have to think how to solve this, but for the time being, the workaround is the workaround Some ideas to fix it: - allow unbalance to run as root (from the plugin settings page) - wip If anyone has ideas on how to fix this, I'd be glad to hear them 👍