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  1. Thank you for directing me to that forum. They answered my question.
  2. My question and yours is answered here : you can grab the drivers yourself and copy them over to the flash drive or upgrade to the beta.
  3. I was afraid the driver on 6.8.3 was the problem. Thank you so much for providing that information. This is my first unraid system and didn't feel comfortable upgrading to the 6.9.0 betas, but it looks like that's the route i should take. Thanks to all for your help.
  4. I have both hardware acceleration and hardware-accelerated encoding checked.
  5. I was directed to this forum for a question I have about hardware acceleration Encoding not working. I'm wondering if this is what @SelfSD is talking about. Unraid Nvidia 6.8.3 installed. Nvidia Driver version is 440.59. Linux Server Plex docker running plexpass version Any help is appreciated. Here is my post from another forum: I'm using some left over pc parts just to get started, but they've been working fine. I have an intel 4790K cpu with a Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK motherboard. My appdata folder is on an n
  6. I'll try that forum. I first tried using the official PlexInc docker. It did the same thing which is why I switched to the linux plex version. Thanks for the help.
  7. I'm hoping someone could help me get my GTX 1060 to both Encode and Decode with hardware acceleration. I'm using some left over pc parts just to get started, but they've been working fine. I have an intel 4790K cpu with a Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK motherboard. My appdata folder is on an nvme drive under Unassigned Devices. My transcoding folder is under appdata/PMSlinux folder on that nvme. I installed the Unraid Nvidia plugin. Installed the 6.8.3 image. Switched to the linux server plex docker. I was using the official plexinc docker. Added the
  8. It's been a couple days and my NVME hasn't dropped offline or given any errors in the syslog. So that system config worked. Thanks for the help.
  9. @JorgeB If I update to the latest Next Branch beta, 6.9.0-beta25, CA Mover is not compatible. Checking for plugin compatibility Issue Found: ca.mover.tuning.plg is not compatible with 6.9.0-beta25. It is HIGHLY recommended to uninstall this plugin. Is this the forum post to find out what to be aware of on the beta and how to get CA mover to work?
  10. Okay. That makes sense. I'll give this a go and let it run to see if the NVME still drops offline. Thanks for the help.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I did read about doing this, but haven't tried it because I was trying to find out if I should add that line to every Label like Unraid OS, Unraid OS GUI Mode, Unraid OS Safe Mode, etc.. I added to every startup label, is that correct? Or do I just add it to the first label Unraid OS? Also, under Unassigned Devices, I have Spin Down Disks? set to No Does this setting not affect NVME drives? Because at first I thought that was the issue.
  12. Just wanted to add that the NVME shows on the Dashboard page and on the Main page under Historical as missing. If I click on the NVME drive on the Dashboard it shows as Unavailable - disk needs to be spun up. I usually never look on the Dashboard page, so I never noticed it was showing there and I didn't have on Complete on the Main page so I didn't see it listed under Historical. When I click on Spin Up, nothing happens. The drive still doesn't show up on the Main page.
  13. Super new to Unraid and trying to learn as much as possible by searching the forums and such, but I'm having an issue that I can't fix. My NVME drive, which is used as an Unassigned Device, keeps disappearing. I think the issue might be that my old motherboard (Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z97X-UD5H-BK) isn't quite compatible with it. Like it doesn't show SMART status and I can't run a SMART test. It also looks like when TRIM tries to run on the NVME, it errors out then disappears. To get the NVME to reappear, I have to shutdown, pull it, reboot, then shutdown and put the N
  14. New user. Just starting out trying to get my bearings on Unraid. I have a question in regards to a Preclear using the Joe. L 1.20 script on my WD Red 12tb hard drive. It took 80hrs 40mins 12 secs to complete 1 cycle. Is this normal? Is there something wrong with my drive, since I see the Post-Read average was only 91 MB/s. When I precleared a WD Red Pro 12tb hard drive using the gfjardim 1.0.16 script, it only took just over 36hrs. I understand that the Pro drive is a 7200rpm drive, but it precleared in half the time of the 5400rpm Red drive.