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  1. This all indicates you have another problem unrelated to 6.8.3. A couple of actions Do a filesystem check and repair of your usb stick on a windows machine (shutdown first) Test using a different browser Test in safe mode
  2. So everything is working fine now with 6.8.2?
  3. Start your system in safe mode and check again. Ps. your diagnostics are of version 6.8.2, which version are you currently running? Also tell us what your original version was prior to upgrading.
  4. So far, everything screams NETWORK ISSUES and lets confirm that first. Do the following from a terminal window and post the results. ping ping
  5. A very large group of users is using version 6.8.3 without any issue for quite some time (including myself) something wrong at your side. Start with uploading diagnostics so people here can give more accurate help. Oh, perhaps better change the title, would create more willingness to help.
  6. The error message comes from Docker, it can’t reserve any addresses for its own internal dhcp service. Instead of assigning a fixed .2 address, leave it open and let docker assign the address automatically (dhcp). See if that works. Side note: assigning /30 networks isn’t really practical here.
  7. The information in your diagnostics says eth0 = 1G eth1 = 1G eth2 = 10G eth3 = down (10G) Frankly speaking, I don't understand what you try to achieve exactly. Is your Unraid server connected to the Internet and you want it to act as bridge for other devices behind it to access Internet? Your approach needs to be different if the above is the intention.
  8. Your DHCP pool assignments are wrong. Leave them unset.
  9. This is already corrected in the latest version of Unraid.
  10. In the next version there is a selection field in the GUI to chose between virtio and virtio-net.
  11. Docker containers which are in the "same" network can always communicate with each other. So either your containers are ALL bridge/host network or are ALL custom network.
  12. See the setting "Error logging" under Settings -> File Integrity