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  1. Thanks for reporting. Fixed in next release
  2. You need to change to tabbed view in order to jump directly to a specific section. In non-tabbed view it will always go to the top of the page.
  3. It is also possible to set up a cache pool as BTRFS RAID1. This is supported from the GUI. I have 4 SSDs in the cache pool set up as RAID10 (to have redundancy and performance boost)
  4. Upload and download are counted separately
  5. The plugin "Dynamix SCSI Devices" can be used to overcome the changed disk names when connecting to a SCSI controller. However since you have already performed a "New Config" with the changed names, it would require the same action again with the plugin installed to get the original names back.
  6. Nextcloud will keep these disks active.
  7. I have never tested with hard links. This utility write information in the extended attributes of a file, and I am not sure how these are handled in hard links. When excluding folders, you can enter its unique name (e.g. !3D), a full path is automatically generated by the tool.
  8. This is strange, because normally the file name is included in the message, but it seems the file name is empty here. You could make a selective "check" per disk and try to pinpoint the file(s).
  9. Look again, in this video it is suggested to use (2nd hand) RAID cards and flash them to IT mode, to let them work as HBA cards.
  10. Looks like something not set correctly, please post diagnostics.
  11. Changes are made in the kernel resulting in different network behavior. In general do not configure more than one default gateway unless your network environment (router) is set up such that different gateways can be used.
  12. Assigning interfaces is possible from the GUI (see Interface Rules). It shouldn't. With a correct procedure a single reboot is required. When tossing interfaces, it requires to move the physical cable
  13. It could be added, though this is a corner case situation, but troubleshooting can include such cases too ...