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  1. Try a uninstall and re-install of the plugin, and see if the error disappears (you are missing some PHP files)
  2. This is about how to use the "plugin" script, the specific syntax and construction of *.plg files does need more explanation. 😉
  3. Unfortunately that documentation doesn't exist. It is one of those "open" actions.
  4. You can have a look at the Dynamix plugins. Dynamix System Temp maybe a good example for your case. About the use of <FILE> and <LOCAL> <FILE> = indicates the final destination of the file location and name <LOCAL> = indicates where a local copy (previously downloaded) version of the file is placed. In your example, it would be <FILE Name="/boot/config/plugins/snmp/icon.png"> <URL>https://raw.githubusercontent.com/path/to/file/icon.png</URL> </FILE> <FILE Name="/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/snmp/icon.png"> <LOCAL>/boot/config/plugins/snmp/icon.png</LOCAL> </FILE> Always make a dedicated folder for your plugin, i.e. "snmp" and store files in there. The use of <LOCAL> has the advantage that once a file is downloaded and locally stored on flash, it doesn't need to be redownloaded, it will be copied locally during installation of the plugin. The disadvantage of this method is that a updated version of the file doesn't get automatically installed. Your plugin script needs to remove the local copy first, then redownload the file, if a new version is required. This is all additional coding you have to provide yourself.
  5. I added a new setting "Device activity monitoring" which allows a selection of device monitoring. By default it is set to "Status & Counters", meaning it monitors both the hardware status and the read/write counters of the device. If this doesn't work properly, you can select to use "status only" or "counters only". Try it out!
  6. It is S3-sleep plugin related, it is missing the compatibility functions needed for Unraid legacy support. Did this error occur after you installed the preclear plugin?
  7. Starting with Unraid 6.8, the sensors-detect file is included with the stock installation. I haven't checked what version is exactly used.
  8. I can't really explain what happened. The plugin has an updated sleep script which is able to handle the upcoming multi cache pool feature, it should work to just do the update. A uninstall and re-install does however ensure a "clean" installation.
  9. I updated ALL plugins, and released the new versions on the same day (of course it took me a much longer time to make all the updates)
  10. The plugin itself has no drivers, it can only detect them. If detection doesn't work for some reason, you can enter the name of the driver manually (if known of coursee).
  11. What version of Unraid are you using? I tested all plugins on version 6.8.3 and everything runs without errors, though I am not using the UD plugin
  12. Some teasers ... (to get you excited) Multi cach pool support Unraid in Dutch
  13. Dynamix plugin suite update Today an update of ALL Dynamix plugins is made available to you. This update includes outstanding fixes and improvements for several of the plugins, and new in these plugins is the support for the upcoming features of Unraid 6.9, namely - Multi cache pool support - Multi-language support The implementation in the plugins is made such that backward compatibility is in place, this means the plugins keep running on your existing version of Unraid, eventhough it doesn't have the new features of Unraid 6.9. It is always recommended to use the latest version of Unraid, but you are not forced to do so when updating the Dynamix plugins. Once Unraid 6.9 becomes available, it will automatically make use of the new features, prepared in the plugins. Go ahead and enjoy the updated Dynamix plugins suite.