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  1. Still a lot faster than traditional hard disks ... With a parity sync, it is the write speed which determines the overall operation. Doing a parity check would show the read speed.
  2. I didn't wait until the parity sync completed and meanwhile my main server is back again to original state. The speed does drop over time, and at 70% completion it was doing around 400 MB/s. I guess here comes in play how well an nvme device is performing with sustainable writes.
  3. I have a pool of 4 nvme devices in my main server, normally used as cache. For kicks, I temporary reconfigured the main array to use these 4 nvme devices (pardon the Dutch language). Running a parity sync, yields 930 MB/s.
  4. What kind of parity check speeds do you get, is it higher than regular spinners?
  5. The official website is not really conclusive about this. It doesn't say what counts exactly as storage device. When you go to Tools -> Registration, it will tell how many attached storage devices Unraid counts for.
  6. For Unraid 6.9.0-beta23 I have added a truncation of the version identifier to prevent too long strings.
  7. To keep folders cached by Linux, it requires periodic updates, read: full scans of those folders every so many seconds. When you have cached folders with many levels and/or files, it will make your system more busy and of course consumes your RAM memory.
  8. This is corrected in Unraid 6.9.0-beta23
  9. Do you have shares enabled? See Settings -> Global Share Settings -> Enable User Shares
  10. This likely happens because of an adblocker or anti-virus program interfering with the display. Whitelist the GUI if you have an ad-blocker and/or exclude the GUI from the anti-virus program.
  11. I am using the Adaptec HBA1100-16i, works out-of-the-box with Unraid.
  12. Besides enabling bonding, you need to enable bridging too. This will make the bonded interface available to VMs as 'br0'.
  13. Display of temperatures is not part of stock Unraid, but provided by the Dynamix System Temp plugin. Please close this report and ask your question under the plugins section.
  14. Diagnostics gives more inside about your system. The zip file contains several parts with specific information. All this is needed to do further examination. Make sure you post the complete zip file.