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  1. That fully depends on the device where you are installing WireGuard. When I use my iPad pro, it requires a fingerprint authentication first before installing the WireGuard tunnel.
  2. I've made the correction and moved the ruleset definition before the include. Note To make this work, the user has to delete the files /config/rsyslog.conf and /config/rsyslog.cfg from the USB device. Reboot the server and reconfigure the syslog service in the GUI again.
  3. It is correct that smart-one.cfg is not created when individual disk utilization levels are adjusted. Starting from 6.9 these levels are now stored in disk.cfg. Other variables, such as temperature levels, are still stored in smart-one.cfg. I made an update to the (background) monitoring script to prevent false positives. In my testing this all looks okay.
  4. With so many peers failing at the same time, I would first check the router. Is port forwarding still correct on the router. Perhaps your Unraid server got a different IP address which breaks forwarding. Perhaps your router is using UPnP and lost the forwarding entries?
  5. Gigabit ethernet connections don't use crossover cables.
  6. Everything is still working for me. As a test I also recreated the configs and uploaded to my peers, all fine and working. Version 2021.04.12 corrects language translation support, not directly related to WireGuard itself. Switch to advanced mode and use the PING button to test reachability to the peer (in my example I have both IPv4 and IPv6, but same principle with IPv4 only)
  7. Il faut avoir tous les fichiers au format Linux (LF). Les traductions manquent lorsque le format Windows (CRLF) est utilisé.
  8. I have the Supermicro X10SRA-F motherboard too, rock solid and zero issues. Make sure you use the latest BMC and BIOS versions.
  9. Tu peux tester sur n'importe quelle version 6.9 d'Unraid
  10. A possible solution is to run docker containers on a custom network (br0), this will give them a unique IP address and restrict access.
  11. You better open a new topic under General Support. Usually this is the result of some incompatibility of your system with regards to USB2/USB3 and/or UEFI/legacy. In addition, makes sure you run the latest BIOS version of your motherboard
  12. It is allowed to interrupt a running check and reboot, no harm done. If it is wise to do, is another question
  13. smart-one.cfg should be created as soon as you make a change for an individual disk. In the new format smart-one.cfg should have the disk identifier as the section header. E.g [KINGSTON_SA2000M81000G_50026B7683B40AB5] hotTemp="50" maxTemp="60" This is working fine for me on 6.9.2 (only outstanding issue is when the identifier has a 'dot' in the name)