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  1. What happens when you disable WSD, see Settings -> SMB -> Enable WSD
  2. The default gateway is still your router ( and VMs will still use that. The only destinations (remote peers) which go over the tunnel are the 10.253.0.X addresses.
  3. You are testing this from the client (peer) side, right? When you activate the WG tunnel, it will send ALL traffic over the WG tunnel because you have selected "Remote tunneled access", you need "Remote server access". Change the type of the second (and first) peer to "Remote server access". Next reconfigure the client(s) with the updated changes. You are thinking wrong
  4. What kind of VPN access are you configuring on Unraid?
  5. With SSL enabled, it requires DNS to work properly. If the DNS server is not reachable when the tunnel is active, it makes the GUI not reachable.
  6. Great interview @SpencerJ and good to see you @SpaceInvaderOne have more video plans. Perhaps all the cool new stuff in Unraid 6.8 is worthy of another video?
  7. It is fixed in Unraid 6.8.0-rc1. Just tested again, all fine.
  8. Local access should not be affected, no clue what you did. You can delete the files wg0.cfg and wg0.conf in folder /boot/config/wireguard using your ssh session. A "reboot" is required to restore.
  9. This plugin adds new pages to the GUI and certainly doesn't screw up the GUI. There MUST be something else in your system going on. You can manually remove the plugin: delete the file "dynamix.wireguard.plg" in the folder /config/plugins on your USB stick and restart your server.
  10. Unraid is not officially supported as VM, though it is possible to do. I don't know if anyone has such a set up, but in any case you will be on your own horses when troubleshooting.
  11. hehe, I created this functionality and should know what I have done 😁
  12. No, new information is appended to the existing log. With syslog rotation disabled, the log file will grow unlimited, or when syslog rotation is enabled, it allows a max file size and file count (.1 .2 .3 etc)
  13. We need more than a guess 😀 You can open the terminal window and type top Post a screenshot (ps. press 'q' to stop top)
  14. This can not be solved in the plugin itself, I am afraid (due to how Unraid initiates all steps). Why do you want to disable flow-control and offload in the first place? Use defaults as much as possible.
  15. Yes. Tips and tweaks makes changes to the interface, which becomes disabled, causing docker not to see it when it is started and hence the custom network br0 is not created. Oct 15 11:24:25 Tower kernel: br0: port 1(eth0) entered disabled state Oct 15 11:24:25 Tower tips.and.tweaks: Tweaks Applied Oct 15 11:24:33 Tower rc.docker: qbittorrent: Error response from daemon: network 69343f3bce328d98de4c1f7a854261aad7985f52c84c8026adbe8aef3826c91b not found