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  1. bonienl

    Accessing Docker custom networks

    Duplicate networks will make your router very confused. Use unique networks.
  2. Nope. It was designed to treat all custom networks the same way. Adding custom bridge networks is an extension for which you can make a feature request.
  3. bonienl

    (Solved) Routing Table Persistence (Lack Of)

    Add a network by doing something like this ip route add dev br0.10
  4. bonienl

    (Solved) Routing Table Persistence (Lack Of)

    What is the output of ip route show
  5. bonienl

    Disk Not in smartctl database

    This is very very outdated... Latest versions of Unraid get the most up-to-date smart database included. No need for any scripted updates.
  6. bonienl

    Accessing Docker custom networks

    You need to set up your router to go from one network to another.
  7. bonienl

    (Solved) Routing Table Persistence (Lack Of)

    Your gateway ( must be part of a known network. I.e. 192.168.1.x/24 must exist.
  8. bonienl

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    Yeah, latest update isn't fully correct. Need to make another update
  9. bonienl

    6.6.2 - button readability on docker update

    An oversight. Corrected. Ps. Change level to "Annoyance" - nothing is broken.
  10. I see the same issue. @eschultzperhaps API differences in libvirt 4.8.0 ?
  11. This is not supported in the GUI. You'll need to make a feature request.
  12. bonienl

    [6.6.2] Docker port mapping issue

    In host or br0 mode there is no port translation possible.
  13. bonienl

    6.6.1 - Weekly Parity Check runs daily?

    In my testing it looks like parsing of the cron entry isn't done correctly. E.g. # crontab test * * * 3,6,9,12 * /boot/custom/bin/test 1> /dev/null The above command should be excuted in the months March, June, September and December only, but instead it is executed every month. Perhaps need to check if dcron is properly compiled?
  14. bonienl

    Unraid OS version 6.6.2 available

    Can you empty your browser's cache and try again
  15. bonienl

    [6.6.0] sftp transfer issues

    See answer of Jerky_san seven posts above.