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  1. Thanks, can you post diagnostics, it will allow us to investigate the issue in more detail. To access the GUI on its IPv6 address use: http://[ipv6-address]:port or https://[ipv6-address]:port It is a known limitation that SSL/TLS "strict" mode does not support IPv6.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I made some updates for Unraid 6.13.
  3. Try the following: 1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies history 2. Use a different browser to test 3. Use a different PC to test
  4. Not all systems exhibit this issue, but I made an update to minimize cpu load when hovering over the bars for Unraid 6.13.
  5. Changed Status to Solved Changed Priority to Other
  6. Next release has automatic acknowledgment when life time is zero.
  7. I did a quick test and set the DNSv6 server to the link local address of my router, and this works. This is how my resolv.conf file looks like. # Generated by dhcpcd from bond0.dhcp domain nameserver nameserver # Generated by rc.inet1 nameserver fe80::1ae8:29ff:febd:80c7
  8. Thanks for this explanation, I was not aware of this implementation. I have set up a local DNS server (pihole) and configured my router to provide clients with the IP address of pihole as DNS server, this is working fine in combination with DHCP/SLAAC. As far as I know we haven't changed the "dhcpcd" package which is handling all DHCP requests. Not sure why dhcpcd would add the interface name to the IP address, this is clearly not needed (wrong). Perhaps a workaround is to set a static DNS server entry and use the given LL IPv6 address.
  9. When DHCP is used then the server obtains the DNS information from your router. Using a link-local address as DNS server is wrong and your router should be configured with a global DNS server address instead. This could be the IPv6 address of the router itself (if it can act as DNS forwarder) or a public DNS server address. Alternatively you can set a static DNS entry in the Unraid network settings. e.g. 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844 (google DNS servers)
  10. Thanks, I made a change to address this.
  11. I recommend to disable bridging and use bond1 instead. We have seen that the new macvtap network gives much better performance than bridging. Though your current set up should work without issues.
  12. For upcoming version 6.12.4 I added a new option to specify the life time of notifications. Default is 3 seconds.
  13. How many containers do you have? My main server has 30 containers and display is instantaneous on the dashboard. There are no code changes for the dashboard that would explain a different behavior.
  14. That should work properly (I have 4 NICs), likely a configuration issue. Need to see your diagnostics.