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Community Answers

  1. rc3c is an internal test release, not meant for general purpose. Have a little patience, rc3 is around the corner…
  2. Only user 'root' can be used to access the server. All other users are for share access.
  3. Mover will never overwrite existing files. You need to determine which files to keep and which files to delete, and move as needed.
  4. I updated all the "foreign" translation repos to the latest English (en_US) source files.
  5. A process aborting on signal 6, may be happening due to different reasons. Most common reasons are (1) not enough memory to execute, e.g. your system hasn’t enough RAM to do all you want. And (2) wrong library inclusion, which usually happens when installing other packages with conflicting library files. For such cases it is recommended to run Unraid in safe mode and check if the problem persists. To tackle open web sessions we have changed the mode of operation to an event driven model in Unraid 6.10, which is currently available as a release candidate (rc)..
  6. Yes, it is was dependent on network and management configuration. My test server worked fine, but my main server exhibited the issue. Your latest CA update solves the issue.
  7. Syslog supports subfolders, but you need to edit the configuration file to make it work.
  8. I had the same issue after upgrading CA, a blank page is displayed. Did some investigation and the problem is a missing function "plain()" in helpers.php. @Squidfollowing code correction makes it work: ######################## # Get the ports in use # ######################## function plain($ip) { return str_replace(['[',']'],'',$ip); } function getPortsInUse() { .. .. }
  9. Thank you for your contributions. If you want we can add your name to the list of contributors of the Dutch language on the Credits page of Unraid. Let us know if you want this and what name should be added.
  10. A tip for those who are impatient... To get the latest version of a language pack, simply remove the existing language pack and install it again. This will automatically install the latest available version.
  11. You need to put your new translations in a zip file on your PC, Select the local folder lang-nl_NL and zip it to file Under Tools -> Language switch to "Developer" mode Now select the language you want to import -- Nederlands Click Browse to select the zip file you have just created Click Upload to get the language installed for testing. A confirmation window is shown upon success. Note: languages installed this way are for testing purposes only and are removed after a system reboot, where else the official language packs are permanently installed.
  12. Unraid 6.10-rc2 has a newer Intel driver version, it is worth a shot to try this version.
  13. The NIC only becomes functional when Unraid has a driver for it. Post your diagnostics which give more information.
  14. I have never done performance comparisons, but my system is set up with a dedicated pool (cache) for Docker, and a dedicated pool for VMs (on nvme), works like a charm.
  15. You can have multiple pools with any name, but it is highly recommended to have at minimum a pool named “cache”. Lots of applications assume the existence of this pool, and you would be obliged to change the application settings each time, if the pool is named otherwise.