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  1. bonienl

    [Plugin] Parity Check Tuning

    By design ... of course First the webGui pages are loaded and then the additional plugin pages. This allows any plugin to either add or replace functionality.
  2. bonienl

    [Plugin] Parity Check Tuning

    This only applies to page files, but the customized page can refer to a customized version of a script in the include folder of your plugin.
  3. bonienl

    [Plugin] Parity Check Tuning

    The proper way to replace a stock page with a customized page is to give the customized page the same name as the stock page and store this under your plugin folder. When the GUI is loaded, it will automatically overwrite the stock page with the customized page.
  4. Stop the Docker and VM services (see settings) Now under Network settings change the DNS settings to use a single server (start with
  5. Sorry, I was mixing up things. In case of a host network your DNS settings are okay. I am puzzled why it isn't working.... maybe change your DNS to a single entry and see if that works?
  6. Inside a container, you should see something like this root@b142de55abf9:/# cat /etc/resolv.conf nameserver options ndots:0
  7. Your "mothership" is alright Container syntax is cat /etc/resolv.conf
  8. Two things to check first Open a terminal session and type cat /etc/resolv.conf Open a console session of the container and type cat /etc/resolv.conf Post the results.
  9. Switch to advanced view I expect no DNS setting here (extra parameters)
  10. Do you have the "--dns" parameter set for this container (see extra parameters field in advanced view) ?
  11. I don't see anything wrong in your network settings. A minor thing, you have enabled IPv6 but your router is not giving out IPv6 addresses, though this should not be an issue. You can use the 'console' function of the failing container and do the following. What is the result? ping
  12. Post a screenshot of your network settings
  13. bonienl

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc7 available

    Your diagnostics tell otherwise. # Generated settings: IFNAME[0]="eth0" PROTOCOL[0]="ipv4" USE_DHCP[0]="no" IPADDR[0]="" NETMASK[0]="" GATEWAY[0]="" DNS_SERVER1="" DNS_SERVER2="" DNS_SERVER3="" USE_DHCP6[0]="yes" DHCP6_KEEPRESOLV="no" IFNAME[1]="eth1" PROTOCOL[1]="ipv4" USE_DHCP[1]="no" IPADDR[1]="" NETMASK[1]="" GATEWAY[1]="" SYSNICS="2"
  14. bonienl

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc7 available

    You have configured two interfaces eth0 and eth1 in the same network. This is not recommended as it may give asymmetric traffic flows, something your firewall will block. It you want redundancy, change enable bonding for interface eth0 and add eth1 as a member.
  15. The container is set to use the host network, which means it is directly accessing the interface, similar as Unraid itself. When Unraid has network/internet access so should have the container. Do you have any other containers running or configured with the same ports 8080 or 8090?