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  1. This isn't a bug, There is no possibility to disable the login form
  2. This is coming from the Dynamix System Temp plugin not Unraid. Please report in the plugin section
  3. Please open a topic under general support and close this. Here is not the right place to answer support questions.
  4. Use the "Interface Rules" under network settings to assign the interfaces as you want.
  5. This is not a bug. Whenever the hardware interface configuration changes, it is required to rebuild the interface list with the new interfaces and associated MAC addresses. Adding a static MAC entry in the network.cfg file manually is lost whenever a update is done via the GUI. It is not recommended to use static MAC assignments, this usually is phrone to issues and confusion. If you choose to use it anyway, it requires manual editing at all times.
  6. This is supported in Unraid 6.8 (currently available as RC)
  7. Does the network exist within Docker? What is the output of docker network ls
  8. Very often this is the result of a bad connection. Did you try another cable and/or other LAN port? Please test with stock rc7
  9. There are three more options to consider: 1. Reconfigure your docker container to use either host or bridge network 2. Use a second interface and use this for either VMs or containers solely 3. Use a stable version of Unraid I don't know if virtual NICs are going to work with all the different set ups possible with Unraid. But if you find another suitable workaround using this approach, please post, as it may benefit others
  10. Already exists. See Settings -> Notification Settings -> Unraid OS update notification
  11. This particular issue is being dealt with in this bug report It is specific to users who have configured docker containers with a custom network (macvlan) and VMs sharing the same interface. There exist several workarounds to mitigate the issue (see the dedicated topic above). In parallel we are investigating how to solve the issue. Please respond in the appropriate bug report if you have more information/findings which can help to resolve the issue.
  12. No, it is about VM and Docker custom network (macvlan) sharing the same interface at the same time. Both setup a virtual interface to communicate with the physical interface, and this seems to lead to a conflict. See the posts above for all the possible workarounds until the issue gets resolved.
  13. Another simple workaround can be to stop either VMs or containers, while using the other. E.g. when a VM is needed to run, stop the container(s) which may interfere.
  14. You need to do a "New Config" if you want to reposition disks in the GUI. If you have single parity then you can check "parity is valid" because repositioning does not affect simgle parity (=parity disk #1) Ps. This has always been the way to do, nothing has changed. Ps2. When re-assigning disks, be aware that you need to update any shares which have restricted access to disks (include/exclude disks)
  15. The only custom networks supported now are macvlan based. Adding custom bridge networks can be done by CLI, but has no further support in the GUI other then make them selectable. If you want full support of custom bridge networks, you'll need to raise a feature request.