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  1. bonienl

    6.6.0-rc4 Share Settings not discernable

    It was reported before, but I don't have a usual suspect.
  2. bonienl

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    I would advise to test in safemode too when an issue is observed. There have been several instances where incompatible plugins are the culprit.
  3. bonienl

    6.6.0-rc4 Share Settings not discernable

    Problably one of your plugins interfering. Start in safe mode to check.
  4. Perhaps newer kernel plays a role, which was updated in rc3 and rc4 again. It is not the first time things "change" due to kernel changes...
  5. Makes sense. SeaBIOS is for legacy BIOS, while OVMF requires UEFI, which I doubt your BIOS supports, seen its 'age'.
  6. bonienl

    6.6.RC4 unclean shutdown detected

    Reboot and Power Down perform a clean shutdown, that is services and the array are stopped first (the same chain of actions when "Array Stop" is pressed). To ensure the system can continue, there is a timer built-in and the timer setting must be long enough to allow all services, including Docker and VM to stop in time. Nothing dsngerous in my opinion, in a well behaved system.
  7. It is something related to your system which prevents the VM proper start up. As a test could stop one VM and temporary assign more memory to the other VM?
  8. bonienl

    6.6.RC4 unclean shutdown detected

    If the shutdown timer (see my earlier post) is set shorter than it takes your VM (and array) to stop, Unraid continues with a unclean shutdown. Increase the shutdown timer to e.g. 120s.
  9. The message you see in VNC means the VM didn't start properly. I just installed Debian 9.5.0 (I downloaded the latest version from the Debian site) with the exact same settings as you and all works fine. Doesn't explain of course your issue. General observations on your hardware: 1. The BIOS is dated 2008, have you checked for any newer version? 2. Your RAM is only 4GB, which makes running VMs very tight. Better to have 8GB or 16GB
  10. Difficult to tell what is causing the issue on your system. I can't replicate the issue. Existing and newly created VMs on my system all have VNC access. Can you post a screenshot of the issue you are seeing?
  11. bonienl

    Anything I can do to speed up rebuild?

    Rebuild speed is determined by your slowest disk. Once the 2TB boundary is reached the slower 2TB disks are not involved anymore, the same is true for higher boundaries.
  12. Just a note: not every device supports the "xerror" command.
  13. bonienl

    APC SmartUPS Setup

    If the key is not present, there is no way to show its value unless there is an equivalent key, which I don't know. The load is calculated based on the nominal power (to convert percentage to Wattage), which isn't present.
  14. bonienl

    APC SmartUPS Setup

    You are missing the key "NOMPOWER".