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  1. What doesn't work? Your configuration is okay and bond2 is configured as LACP.
  2. To make this work, you need to enable bonding on eth0 as well. So you have bond0 (eth0) and bond2 (eth2, eth3).
  3. Alle folders die niet worden gemapt, leven enkel binnen de docker container. Wanneer een container wordt gewijzigd zijn alle deze folders weg. Je kunt proberen om de container compleet te verwijderen en opnieuw te installeren, waarbij je zorgt dat alle folder mappings goed staan.
  4. Normally super.dat is created as soon as you make a (new) array assignment. You can delete all super.* files and restart the system. It requires you to do a new array assignment. When done and the array is started, check the presence of both super.dat and super.old
  5. When you use a different NIC, make sure that both bonding and bridging is OFF for this interface. The docker custom network will be directly attached to the interface (e.g. eth1) and not the linux bridge function (br1).
  6. Delete the file super.old in the /config folder of your USB device and restart.
  7. The display of disk information is state aware. This means when you open the display info, it stays open each time when you re-visit the VM page. Simply close it again to keep it hidden. Not a bug or glitch!
  8. Stale config happens when there is a mismatch between the super.dat and super.old configuration files. Take the USB drive out and run a file check on a Windows machine to see if there is any file corruption and repair as needed.
  9. I should have been clearer. This issue is solved in upcoming version 6.10
  10. For Unraid version 6.10 I have replaced the Docker macvlan driver for the Docker ipvlan driver. IPvlan is a new twist on the tried and true network virtualization technique. The Linux implementations are extremely lightweight because rather than using the traditional Linux bridge for isolation, they are associated to a Linux Ethernet interface or sub-interface to enforce separation between networks and connectivity to the physical network. The end-user doesn't have to do anything special. At startup legacy networks are automatically removed and replaced by the new netwo
  11. Regular disks and unassigned disks are called separately in the monitor script // check array devices foreach ($disks as $disk) { .. // process disk temperature notifications check_temp($disk,$text,$info); .. } // check unassigned devices foreach ($devs as $dev) { .. // process disk temperature notifications check_temp($dev,$text,$info); .. }
  12. The use of Nchan is indeed already included since several Unraid versions ago and was limited to the status updates in the footer and the CPU load on the dashboard. Unraid 6.10 introduces a new functionality to start and stop Nchan publishers (background processes) on demand. As soon as the GUI requires it a publisher is started and can optionally keep running or be stopped when the GUI does not require it anymore. Nchan is beneficial when continuous updates are required on a GUI page. This happens on the Dashboard page and the Main page, which now use Nchan subscribers
  13. Until now every Unraid 6.x version relied on traditional polling of the server to update the GUI in real-time. On the Dashboard there are multiple fields which are getting updated regularly. It is the task of the browser to initiate each time a poll request to obtain the new information and update the GUI accordingly. Polling puts load on both the browser and server, and may consume more memory over time (depending on the browser). Starting with Unraid version 6.10 the traditional polling mechanism is replaced by a websocket event driven model using Nchan.
  14. An update is made for Unraid version 6.10.
  15. WebGUI development is open source and open to participation. See