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  1. I tested your scenario. There is indeed a bug. Converting XFS to ZFS (and other way around) works fine, but converting an encrypted XFS disk to an encrypted ZFS disk fails. The formatting does not succeed. Thanks for reporting. Btw converting an encrypted XFS disk to regular ZFS (unencrypted) works fine.
  2. You need to ERASE the existing pool and then assign ZFS.
  3. In 6.11 the first column was made narrower to allow 3 columns at a resolution of 1680 or higher, but in 6.12 all columns have the same width. This is required because now content can be moved between columns and must stay the same regardless of position.
  4. That is a bug in Chrome, other browsers (Firefox, Edge, Safari, Brave) work fine The Dashboard of 6.12 is not identical to the dashboard 6.11 Perhaps your screen resolution is on a border case.
  5. I have never seen this issue, all works fine for me. Perhaps there is some corruption in your docker image. Have you ever tried to delete the docker image and re-install your containers? You can use the restore function of CA to get everything back and start fresh.
  6. Unraid 6.12 introduces an API for adding elements (tiles) to the dashboard. Besides the new layout, plugins need to be updated to use the API, the old way of hacking in to the dashboard does not work anymore.
  7. Unraid 6.12 has a new functionality - PHP Settings (Tools) Here you can enable error logging and open a window to see in realtime any errors when opening GUI pages (your plugin)
  8. In addition: never let your plugin modify stock files of Unraid, this is asking for trouble. Unraid supports a system which allows a plugin author to replace a stock page file by a customized version. Replacement works very simple and ensures that uninstalling the plugin reverts everything to original. An example Say you want to make your own version of "" This file is stored in /usr/local/plugins/dynamix/ Your plugin can simply create its own "" file Store your file in /usr/local/plugins/myplugin/ During GUI build the file under "myplugin" is loaded instead of the stock file. As long as the plugin is installed, the customized version is used, uninstalling the plugin reverts to the stock file automatically.
  9. 1. Create a folder for your plugin, e.g. mkdir /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/myplugin 2. Create the file and the place the file in the folder above Menu="Device New" Title="Device Tag" --- <h1>EXAMPLE</h1>
  10. These are the plugins you are using, please uninstall any incompatible ones ca.backup2.plg - 2023.01.28 (Up to date) (Incompatible) ca.cleanup.appdata.plg - 2022.10.21 (Up to date) ca.mover.tuning.plg - 2022.04.13 (Up to date) ca.turbo.plg - 2023.03.02 (Up to date) ca.update.applications.plg - 2023.02.20 (Up to date) community.applications.plg - 2023.03.11 (Up to date) controlr.plg - v2022.12.30 (Up to date) docker.categorize.plg - 2022.03.10 (Up to date) dynamix.cache.dirs.plg - 2023.02.19 (Up to date) dynamix.file.manager.plg - 2023.03.17 (Up to date) dynamix.local.master.plg - 2023.02.20 (Up to date) - 2023.02.05 (Up to date) dynamix.system.stats.plg - 2023.02.14 (Up to date) dynamix.system.temp.plg - 2023.02.04b (Up to date) - 2023.03.09.1140 (Up to date) enhanced.log.plg - 2023.02.01 (Up to date) fix.common.problems.plg - 2023.03.04 (Up to date) gpustat.plg - 2022.11.30a (Up to date) (Incompatible) gui-links.plg - 2022.05.29 (Up to date) intel-gpu-top.plg - 2023.02.15 (Up to date) intel-gvt-g.plg - 2022.05.02 (Up to date) NerdTools.plg - 2023.03.11 (Up to date) Python3.plg - 2022.08.24 (Up to date) theme.engine.plg - 2023.01.17 (Up to date) tips.and.tweaks.plg - 2023.02.01 (Up to date) unassigned.devices.plg - 2023.03.03 (Up to date) unassigned.devices-plus.plg - 2022.11.06 (Up to date) unassigned.devices.preclear.plg - 2023.02.26 (Up to date) unbalance.plg - v2021.04.21 (Up to date) unRAIDServer.plg - 6.12.0-rc2 upnp-monitor.plg - 2020.01.04c (Up to date) user.scripts.plg - 2023.03.04 (Up to date)
  11. I don't see this happening on my system and need to investigate. Currently busy with the Unraid 6.12 release, but will look into this later.
  12. Works fine for me. Post a screenshot, cause it is not clear what is happening
  13. Never happens to me, no clue why.