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  1. Assigning interfaces is possible from the GUI (see Interface Rules). It shouldn't. With a correct procedure a single reboot is required. When tossing interfaces, it requires to move the physical cable
  2. It could be added, though this is a corner case situation, but troubleshooting can include such cases too ...
  3. This certainly has all the attention of Limetech, and if a fix is available it will be presented as soon as possible. This is not an easy problem to solve, I wish it was as simple as offering money to make a correction ...
  4. You can set specific DNS servers under network settings.
  5. I would argue that a cache pool in RAID 10 is faster than a single unassigned device (I am using a 4x SSD cache pool in RAID 10).
  6. It is recommended to use a "regular" DNS server (e.g. or for Unraid itself and not let Unraid use pihole. This is to avoid catch22 situations, and Unraid doesn't really need the filtering of pihole.
  7. If you have a cache device and "appdata" is set to "cache only" then it is preferred to use "/mnt/cache/appdata". When no cache device is present then use "/mnt/user/appdata" instead. "/mnt/disks" refers to "Unassigned Devices". Some users prefer to use UD to make a dedicated disk for Docker instead of the standard cache device.
  8. The route you added should not be necessary, the default route should take care of this. I expected to see br1 and not br3. Can you post the full diagnostics (see Tools -> Diagnostics).
  9. It should work without refreshing the Main page (assuming you are on Unraid 6.4 or higher).
  10. Post a screenshot of the routing table (see Settings -> Network Settings)
  11. There is a syntax error in the gateway declaration in the network.cfg file. GATEWAY[0]="" The "#213" part must be removed. This is automatically done when upgrading via the GUI (legacy removal). Did you do a manual upgrade?
  12. Check DNS settings, if you are using pi-hole then configure Unraid to NOT use pi-hole but a 'regular' DNS server.