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  1. Now that I can install all of the available plugins the first thing I did was go to Fix Common Problems, very impressive squid look for your beer shortly! Aside from directing me to dynamix ssd trim and updating the auto update settings for everything (great) is says that I should come to the forum and ask about a CPU Scaling Driver. I've identified my CPU and the manufacturer download page here. My questions are... 1. Should I update bios (I've used the hardware profile utility, results below) <capability id="smbios-2.6" >SMBIOS version 2.6</capability> website says latest available is version build 2073 of the BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS). If yes I assume the steps are on the forum somewhere 2. Where can I find the scaling driver, I don't see it...(maybe third party?) Thanks
  2. Everything appears fine but I'm trying to learn to better maintain my setup so I'm poking around and among other things reviewed my syslog. Below are the warnings and errors only, some I understand but most I don't. Is there anything there I need to worry about or take action to remedy? WARNINGS: Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: ACPI: Early table checksum verification disabled <--- Found post where robj says it should be harmless Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: xor: measuring software checksum speed Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: ACPI: \: failed to evaluate _DSM (0x1001) Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: pci_bus 0000:fe: busn_res: can not insert [bus fe-ff] under domain [bus 00-ff] (conflicts with (null) [bus 00-ff]) Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: pci_bus 0000:fe: busn_res: can not insert [bus fe] under domain [bus 00-ff] (conflicts with (null) [bus 00-ff]) Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: floppy0: no floppy controllers found NO BIG DEAL I ASSUME Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: random: 7 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: ACPI Error: SMBus/IPMI/GenericSerialBus write requires Buffer of length 66, found length 32 (20170728/exfield-427) Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.PMI0._GHL, AE_AML_BUFFER_LIMIT (20170728/psparse-550) Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.PMI0._PMC, AE_AML_BUFFER_LIMIT (20170728/psparse-550) Oct 16 12:58:32 Tower kernel: ACPI Exception: AE_AML_BUFFER_LIMIT, Evaluating _PMC (20170728/power_meter-755) Oct 16 12:58:41 Tower rpc.statd[1596]: Failed to read /var/lib/nfs/state: Success Oct 16 12:58:48 Tower avahi-daemon[3224]: WARNING: No NSS support for mDNS detected, consider installing nss-mdns! Oct 16 18:15:01 Tower sSMTP[12375]: Authorization failed (535 5.7.8 https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BadCredentials v204sm81794ywb.23 - gsmtp) Oct 16 18:15:02 Tower sSMTP[12379]: Authorization failed (535 5.7.8 https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BadCredentials l77sm86800ywb.32 - gsmtp) Oct 16 18:15:02 Tower sSMTP[12383]: Authorization failed (535 5.7.8 https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BadCredentials e17sm88928ywa.52 - gsmtp) I THINK MY GMAIL ISN'T WORKING Oct 20 02:37:42 Tower kernel: filezilla[3479]: segfault at 100000001 ip 0000000100000001 sp 00007ffdf8b2e098 error 14 ERRORS: Oct 16 12:58:41 Tower sshd[1614]: Server listening on port 22. <--- Seems to be normal after searching the specific error Oct 16 12:58:45 Tower sshd[1614]: Received signal 15; terminating. <--- Maybe this is me, if so why list it under errors? Oct 17 02:59:04 Tower kernel: filezilla[18573]: segfault at 0 ip (null) sp 00007ffc69b5bc38 error 14 Oct 18 01:53:53 Tower kernel: traps: filezilla[2164] general protection ip:1515de93c162 sp:7ffdf8ae5a78 error:0 in libwx_baseu-3.0.so.0.4.0[1515de8c4000+c5000] Oct 20 02:37:42 Tower kernel: filezilla[3479]: segfault at 100000001 ip 0000000100000001 sp 00007ffdf8b2e098 error 14
  3. Just to add... a UPS is one of the best $120 I've ever spent. Unraid recognized and exported stats to my dashboard with zero effort, I will never be without one again!
  4. Huh, I started out with v6.3.2 and have had this misconception the entire time! So preclear is basically stress test only... I still like to stress test new disks and then I leave them sit and steep as unassigned devices for about a week or so, it may have no real benefit but somehow it gives me peace of mind so that's what I do.
  5. Thank you for the clarification itimpi, preclear is just habit for me. I think I read somewhere that it saves array downtime but since this is a new array, yeah I wasn't thinking...
  6. If I understand correctly you don't have empty drives, personally I would buy an empty disk.... BUT if you really don't want to then I think you'll have to: (anyone feel free to correct anything that sounds off or can be done better) Preclear your existing parity first Then install the percleared disk as disk one Copy your data as described above using unassigned devices During this time you would be unprotected Then preclear your original data disk after the transfer Install the second precleared disk as parity Again, I'd just buy another disk, I would not want to go unprotected during a new install using a product that I'm not familiar with. Lots can go wrong, especially with unassigned devices, you can format a disk with one click and I don't think there are any warnings. It's been a while since my initial install, it went fairly well but juggling disks is a hassle better to get another IMO...
  7. I know it's not exactly the same but you can see how many hours are on each disk in the smart data and so the oldest gives you at least some idea of array up-time. The image below shows the disk has run for 2 years 6 months and 18 days...
  8. 12 GB Multi-bit ECC it seems to run fine and can be upgraded to 128 GB but I haven't really had a reason to...
  9. So is there any merit to upgrading incrementally vs jumping from 6.2.3 to 6.8.x (is it possible that the jump is incompatible with my hardware and bricks my machine for example)? If it would be useful I'd be happy to maintain an archive of older OS or plugins, maybe 18 months back on S3? Unfortunately I have no technical skills in regard to linux, programming, dockers etc so that's about as helpful as I can get, but again I'd be happy to do it...
  10. okay cool, I thought that I may not need to maintain empty space because it's not like I defrag it or anything but I always err on the side of caution when I'm not sure. So fill'er up it is, thanks guys!
  11. So how full is too full, two of my four disks are over 93% full? I was considering moving files to my new empty disk and making the disks around 85% full. Is that a waste of time?
  12. The link was within the unraid plugins tab. While following the update instructions for the latest version. It said to update plugins as one of the steps, after doing so there was a link at the bottom that said v6.5.3 was available so I continued with the instructions for v6.7 but intentionally diverted at the point of actual OS update and used v6.5.3. It seems to me that incrementally updating is probably better than jumping from 6.2.3 to 6.7, but maybe that's just because I don't know any better! Everything seems fine running 6.5.3 so far, so after a few more days I will continue to update from there. As a possible suggestion I can't help but wonder if there should be an archive like file-hippo for older versions of the OS as well as any critical plugins like CA? I'm strictly speaking as a layman so if I'm wrong so be it, but as an example the instruction process linked to above specifically said to use the Fix Common Problems plugin yet I was not able to install it without first having OS 6.7 running, a bit of a catch 22. Also I'd think it would be great to be able to rollback if a new version doesn't work with my hardward for example. Anyway I'm getting up to date slowly and I'll be looking at my settings to see why it didn't update automatically or at least offer a message, I'm assuming there is a tick-box or something that was in the wrong state.
  13. What am I missing, based on the first post in this thread it sounds like unbalance can do exactly what Arandomdood is describing. In fact, I was about to install it myself for the same purpose but I wanted to read the support page first. The first post says:
  14. Damn! I can't believe that I couldn't figure that out. To top it off I distinctly remember thinking (prior to worrying about turning that feature off) "I wonder why the help button seems to be more highlighted than the rest of the menu" and then I wrongly assumed that it was to make sure it was easily visible....doh! Thanks man...