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  1. good, that's a start docker0 is simply the network interface that docker creates to access other dockers and your internet see here for description
  2. I'm not sure I fully get your workflow, it seems like there may be some unnecessary moving going on. Here is my workflow for example: Download files from internet to share [Processing] which is set to cache prefer Aim Sonarr to read from [Processing] every minute, moving the processed files to share [TV] which is set to cache no If [TV] were set to cache yes then the files would be dependent on mover to move processed files to the array on a schedule Sonarr is set to delete source files so the share [Processing] stays empty Also note from the unRaid
  3. My understanding is that memtest wont find errors with Error Correction Code memory. Multiple disks at once can be indicative of the controller but I'd expect all disks on the controller to error not just two. The diagnostics zip file doesn't show disks (1 and 3) in the SMART which means they were not connected at the time of the zip download. Disk 8 is helium and I'm not sure how to interpret the data provided in the SMART but Disk 9 clearly shows the faults you've described above. However, the Disk 9 faults were a long time ago based on the current power on hours being over 15k (the faults h
  4. As always if anyone sees something wrong or misinterpreted please feel free to correct me, this is my best guess... There are lots of these (↑), related to Nvidia. If I'm not mistaken it means you've installed a modified version of unRaid and would need to seek support for that plugin here. Within that topic someone says they have the same error and then system gets unresponsive. There are lots of these too and according to this thread it can cause cause a locked console. This thread on the unRaid forum says it may be fixed by moving the offending controller. Between this PC
  5. 24 hours is the typical recommendation
  6. Unfortunately I don't have experience with this and there really isn't much information provided but here are some things for you to consider until someone else chimes in... Enable syslog server, the attached log is only a few minutes long and doesn't really show anything other than: All I could find on this error (↑) was that it may be related to emby? It is absolutely possible that hardware is failing but, I have to ask if something has changed recently, either hardware, software (new or updated), or you may have moved the rig and knocked something loose etc. If not,
  7. Make a new post for your other issues, this one says [Possibly solved] in the title so people may not even look at it Post diagnostics with your new request for help Describe your scenario in detail, include recent changes to hardware, software, share settings etc You can do several things: Set share temporarily to cache = no For a large folder with multiple files (Episodic TV seasons) increase mover frequency We'd need to see settings for the share in question, I'm not sure why it would be writing into RAM as that will disappear on reboot
  8. settings ==> global share settings (under system settings) ==> scroll down to cache settings = min free space (Array must be Stopped to change)
  9. Make sure you're USB flash is on a USB2 port, USB3 is known to cause random crashing. I'll look at the diagnostics when I get the chance...
  10. Can you connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to darktower and boot into safe mode? Is it possible that the dynamix plugin needs to be updated? See here
  11. In general snippets will not suffice, you should post your full diagnostic, include any hardware or software changes (including physically moving the box) within four weeks of the current issue starting. Also include any steps you've taken to troubleshoot your rig including running memtest or turning off and restarting each instance of the following one at a time: dockers vms plugins The thread below provides lots of information on where to start. Aside from that I've linked to the FAQ regarding Ryzen based servers. Have you read the FAQ - What can I do t
  12. I've actually been meaning to ask about this, is the information in this link still accurate?
  13. If I understand you correctly (honestly, the thread was tough to follow) : The 4TB disk in question is the only disk in the array throwing errors at this time The same 4TB disk seems to work perfectly when outside of the array You want to add it back into the array but it begins to error again Assuming that everything above is correct, there are only a few points of possible failure and they all sit between the disk and the mobo: Data and / or power cables Data port Power supply (possibly the breakout if not all disks involved) or you're splitting
  14. I knew that was true for the raw read errors but I didn't realize that it applied to all of the attributes, mainly because I didn't understand why it held true for the read errors attribute. Anyway, understanding now that they use a multibit value for all of the attributes helps, thanks. I plugged those into google and they both converted to 0, seems counter-intuitive that they would appear to go up rather than appearing static, but now I know.