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  1. As someone who does not work in this field for a living, I want to a say that, IMO, this warning isn't very clear. Now I'm the type that will generally read something three or four times to make sure that I understand it. So I do get this, BUT, most people will not read beyond the first two sentences, this is an unfortunate fact that I've seen from even CEOs. The very first words say Format Unmountable Disks I suspect that most people will take this as an instruction and stop reading right there because they do in fact have an unmountable disk and then they will proceed to format as per the "instructions". IMO this is not well written for the layman... maybe the first words should be DO NOT USE THIS IF...... or WE SUGGEST A FS CHECK IF....This is simply an observation from someone not in this field. Generally I do agree with the OP, as of late I've also noticed incorrect use of disk formatting among those not well versed in how parity works. Just my two cents and it's probably not worth what you've paid for it 😉
  2. My suspicion is that because you only have 2.8 TB across 7 disks your high water levels are set pretty low for each pass. I'm not sure that split level can be explained any better than this, it really depends on your file structure. I have most shares on L2 with a couple on L1 & L3 . Allocation method, including a good description of how high water works is here. There is an older discussion about split levels and opinions on how best to write to shares here, it's pretty old but I believe it's still relevant.
  3. This is an update just in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar position, so I rolled the dice (I had some doubt on whether or not it would work) and bought a Xeon X5675 and it seems to work beautifully, taking my rig from a single (4 core 4 thread) processor at 2.13 GHz to a single (6 core 12 thread) processor at 3.07 GHz. I've included an image to demonstrate the performance increase, the task being ran kept the old CPU at roughly 40-50% the upgraded CPU seems to handle things with ease. I will be installing a second X5675 in the coming weeks and although memory doesn't seem to be an issue at the moment I think I may have to add some in the slots nearest the second CPU but I'll figure that out when I do it.
  4. I can't speak with certainty about your T310 but booting from usb was definitely a two step process on my T410. Your first image shows the unraid menu so I feel like the usb is being read, are you able to run memtest from that menu, if not follow jonathanm's advice and run it from an optical drive if need be, this should defintely be your first step. If I'm mistaken and your usb is not able to boot from bios then here is what I do on mine. I boot my dell T410 from bios not uefi The line item you're in currently, Boot Settings, is the second thing I did to get mine working First I went into the other menu item, (probably the one above that says sata...) and move the USB up to the top of the list Then I went into the Boot Settings menu and enabled it Why there are two menu items involved I'm not sure, but it took me a minute to realize that this was necessary when I first loaded unraid on my server. If this doesn't work, you may not be able to boot from usb, or your usb may not be bootable, read up and see if a bios update would make booting from usb possible. If you don't see the first menu item where you bring the usb to the top if the list let me know, I'll attach a monitor and reboot to take a picture of mine...
  5. I doubt it would do well transcoding 4k, plex offers some guidance here (The suggested minimum for a single 4K transcode would be an Intel Core i7 @3.2GHz). However, in general it sounds like this would make a great basic NAS maybe for backup or something. I have a much older T410 with a single Xeon e5506 and 12 GB DDR3. I stream from it using Kodi without issue but I don't transcode at all, everything I have is 720 and 1080p, nothing in 4k. Note that your included processor has a higher overall passmark rating than the bare minimum i7 chip BUT the single thread rating is lower with more threads, I'm unclear on how these two would compare in your use case.
  6. have you tried starting it in maintenance mode, assuming it's not set to auto start the array... Also here is a link for shrinking the cache pool if that helps.
  7. Those unprotected shares are on your cache which is not part of the parity array and therefore not protected. Mine is the same way, it is normal. If you had a 2nd cache disk this could form a btrfs raid 1 therefore protecting data on the cache. Additionally bare in mind any data written to shares in your array which use the cache disk until the mover moves these files into the array will also be unprotected in the case of hardware failure.
  8. I can't speak to Krusader as I haven't used it. Dolphin seems to greatly out perform Filezilla on my rig. I've done some testing and something is limiting my Filezilla to about 13MB/s (see image) this test is moving data within unraid from one share to another, I'm not sure why it isn't faster. Honestly I only use it out of laziness, if I'm already moving data from my seedbox to unraid with Filezilla then I will also use it to move internal folders as needed rather than opening dolphin. Note that internal moves are pretty rare for me... Next I tried Dolphin which is what I used to load my array for the first time, running the same exact test I used with Filezilla I got about 48MB/s. I'd say that's an expected speed considering my rig is really old. I may be wrong but I'd think you should get somewhere in the same neighborhood through USB 2.0, while not the 100 MB/s you're looking for it's better than the 15-20 you seem to be getting now.
  9. If there is a usb can you mount qnap as an unassigned device and go from there? If not maybe you can FTP using the filezilla docker?
  10. I think that I can upgrade my Xeon e5506 with this Xeon x5670 (x2) does anyone see anything I may be missing to suggest otherwise?
  11. The dolphin docker works pretty well for me, it's still a little qwerky if you're used to a really clean windows type UI but it's definitely usable. If I remember correctly I ended up using the right click menu rather than drag and drop due to some odd behaviors, especially when the folder path was really long. Also, not to be redundant but make sure the folder isn't actually there in the destination already by navigating to it without krusader
  12. I have to wonder why the destination says Saturday the 16th? Anyway if it were me I'd setup a test share to confirm, it should take less 2 minutes but someone else may have a better idea...
  13. actually, based on your picture the folder already exists on the share, look at the details of the source and destination...
  14. My guess is that it is a dummy warning. However, I'd setup a sandbox share for testing and confirm if I didn't know for sure, it should be easy enough to do.
  15. I use Dolphin docker as well as the filezilla docker....