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  1. Also this too, that can happen.
  2. Perhaps in your setup sure, but I don't consider it a misconfiguration. I have large files that when created or downloaded need/benefit from my speedy cache device. But if files are copied to the share from other devices on the network, there is no reason to use the cache device (as they are quite large) so prefer them to go straight to the array. These files are created on the cache, then they get moved to the share folder, which, won't move them to the array the way it works, and then the mover also won't pick them up. I could exploit the bug (IMO) that the min free space required for a share also applies to the cache device as well, and set that value to be larger than the cache size (that only works while you have large enough free space on some data drives).
  3. From a cache device to the array.
  4. Sorry if this has been asked/mentioned. Can there be an option to move files for a share for which the setting "Use cache pool" is set to no?
  5. It worked in private browser, firefox, disabled all extensions, didn't fix it, but clearing cookies and site data and now it works again.
  6. Further to the questions above about LibreNMS not auto discovering or polling. If you load up a console and run: ./discovery.php -h <device ip> It will do the discovery. Not sure why this is not done when adding, and you can also manually a poller, but, that should be done on a cron or something. I think this docker isn't correct. ./poller.php -h <device ip>
  7. Have you managed to get this docker working? My vm crashed that housed my LibreNMS, so I switched to this docker, and I am getting the same issue. I can add the device, but it does not discover anything.
  8. Server...hung, local input was working, network was unavailable. This was on the screen. Attached the latest diagnosis, for now I'm paused the rebuild/sync in order to grab some files off, as I'm not sure my backups have been working the past few weeks (time to build a backup pc). tower-diagnostics-20210614-2002.zip
  9. Sorry for the late reply, server wasn't stable with the 2nd HBA card in it for some reason so back to 1 and a vid card. I believe it was disk 2 or 3 that was giving the errors, which is showing fine now. Just started the array and it is showing disk 16 and 7 as unmountable. tower-diagnostics-20210614-1758.zip
  10. Ok, so I recently added back a 2nd hba card. A drive went missing (timed out). So I was rebuilding that, during that one other drive dropped out, then a bit later one drive was just showing errors during the rebuild. I swapped out that HBA for a 3rd, maybe it was no good. Anyway, during all this I'm pretty certain nothing was written to the array at all. So, I want to assume parity is fine I guess, because I can't imagine all the read errors on the 3rd "failed" drive would mean good data on the actual rebuilding. I do have two parity drives. What steps do I take, to assume parity is valid, restart the build on the drive that I had started on, and assume the other 2 drives are fine also? Here is how it's looking, disk 16 was in the middle (well, not even close to the middle at all actually) of the rebuild when the other issues popped up. Thanks for any help you can provide, you can also hit me up on discord in the official. Edit: Or, if I assume the HBA swap fixes the drive (2 or 3, whichever) errors, I could just rebuild 16 again and hope it works? tower-diagnostics-20210614-0803.zip
  11. Yes, rebooted and the shares are back. Log did get full afterwards yes and good now also after the reboot. Thanks. Will rebuild that drive again, still checks out fine.
  12. Tried to watch a show, nothing was playing, went to check to make sure I could access files on the share, got an error accessing the share. Checked via a terminal and got "cannot access '/mnt/user': Transport endpoint is not connected" error accessing anything in /mnt/user. So, got weirded out, started and stopped the array, then the shares list was gone (empty), and on array start a drive is disabled (I'm guessing there's nothing wrong with it, probably a timeout on start? Will worry about that after a reboot). Also I then setup a root password (finally) cause I got paranoid with oddities, never know what's in those linux isos sometimes. So to sum up, my shares are missing after I started and stopped the array to the due transport endpoint is not connected problem. I have not done a reboot yet (finishing up a preclear). Any insights or anything I should check or do before I reboot? I assume on reboot I'll have to rebuild that disabled disk not a huge deal. tower-diagnostics-20210612-2144.zip
  13. Correct. I will update my original post to be more clear, I guess I wasn't as clear as I thought.