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  1. I love dockers, and I've love to see unraid -> unraid backup/sync.
  2. You have to edit the values in the rtorrent.rc file in your appdata/rutorrent/rtorrent folder
  3. Happy Birthday! I can't even remember how long I've used it, close to 10 years maybe? I just love that it's so easy to expand storage and fix failures, I'm never really that worried about catastrophic failures. Dockers are so easy, it's really quite great. The plugins and community are icing on the cake.
  4. The CPU usage problem has not been fixed. Just had to restart my two instances. Does anyone recall which is the latest before the CPU usage problem?
  5. Wow, seems this one has been ignored but many people would like this. I bet a lot of us have VMs that don't use any share data at all. pfSense, pihole, LibreNMS for example for some.
  6. Yes, I'm still not 100% convinced since I had not done the rebuilds in maintenance mode before so will be good to see a check in normal mode indeed. I might do that soon. Well, it will happen in 4 days anyway on schedule.
  7. Good news finally. I swapped out the PSU with the one I noted above. I then rebuilt the 3TB drive in error, and it completed with no error, so then I rebuilt the 8TB drive in error and it just completed without error. I did it in maintenance mode, but it was probably the different PSU. I know I could have rebuilt two at the same time, but chose to do one at a time. So hopefully the many weeks long ordeal is over. Thanks to everyone for the support.
  8. Okay, I have one of these as well I found in the basement, https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Power/txm-series-2017-config/p/CP-9020130-NA so I will swap that in, as I think it's a single rail and then try a rebuild, in maintenance mode.
  9. Confirmed that the backplanes are powered by two cables, not just split off one. So they're on two rails, which is probably okay. Rebooted, and have a new drive in "error", despite it showing zero errors, don't think there was even any reads. I'm quite frustrated with this, not sure what to do. Swap the i5 cpu back in? Nothing else has really changed. Well when I checked the power, I removed a reverse sata->sas breakout cable and replaced it with a sas straight to the HBA card, so the only drives off the mobo sata are the 2 ssd cache drives. Starting to pull my hair out.
  10. No cascade on the expander nope. I also for a bit there didn't have the expander in but have it in now as I tried to rule out the newest HBA card being the problem, which doesn't seem to be the case. I also realized these errors started at the same time I swapped out the i5 for the i7, same mobo and ram. Might mean nothing.
  11. Great to know! I will investigate and make sure that is the case, about the labeling, and that I still can find the extra cables. Might be a good time to get a new PSU with black friday approaching quickly. My estimation puts it at most ~600W of draw, so perhaps I might upgrade to something larger if I go that route. i7 CPU, ~21 HDDs, 2 SSD, 3 HBA, 120mm water cooler, 3 120mm case fans, 2 80mm case fans, 32GB ram. And temporarily the intel SAS expander. I still find it odd that it's 768 errors each time. This is on an older 3TB drive, I'm reluctant to replace it with a spare 8TB I have cause I don't need the extra space right now at all. I might have a 3TB I pulled earlier that could be fine I can try for the rebuild.
  12. Good question, seem it's not a single rail, so that might need some further investigation as to the power setup. It's an Antec HCP-850, High Current Pro. http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=215 Right now since the backplane takes molex, they are probably split off one cable. I will get another cable and split the power to the backplanes at least to another, I hope I have a cable. Or, get a single rail PSU ya? Wasn't a problem for a while though.
  13. 850w PSU. With all disks spinning it's only been 250w load, but that's not during a rebuild, I haven't checked that.
  14. I am sadly still having issues, here is what I've done and am still experiencing. Replaced the cable to the backplane that had 3 drive issues, a 4th had no issues. Removed the HBA the cable was plugged into and move it to the expander. I took one of the drives from that row that reported issues, and ran a pre-clear on it, resulting in no issues and a successful pre-clear and clean SMART status. (It's been a couple weeks so not 100% sure on every detail) Rebuilt the drive (disk6) no issues (I think). Rebuilt drive 16, near the start there were 768 errors on disk6 that was just rebuilt fine. Now, 768 errors is what was the exact number of errors on the past couple failures as well, each time. I even put the suspect HBA card back in, plugged one drive into it, and did a pre-clear, resulting in no issues and a clean SMART status. So, there could have been a cable issue, that cable is out, I don't think there is an HBA issue. Why am I getting 768 errors on rebuilds on multiple drives that seem to exhibit no issues from SMART and full pre-clear tests. I tested both drives for a full cycle. So currently, disk6 is in a failed state, again, not going to bother doing a rebuild as I suspect unless I do something different, I'll just end up with errors on disk16 when I rebuild disk6. Thoughts?