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  1. The only thing I can think of is to bump the disk with a command periodically to have Unraid spin the disk back up. It's not really spinning the disk back up because it is already spinning, it just makes Unraid think it is spinning again. I'll PM you the details.
  2. I have no idea where to look to solve these messages. As much as I dislike just ignoring log messages, they seem to be informational and can be filtered from the log. To do that, install the enhanced log plugin and click on the "Syslog Filter" tab and enter the following text: "Cancelling wait for mid" "Close unmatched open for MID" This will filter those messages from the log.
  3. Starting with 6.9, Unraid is controlling UD disk spin down. Because preclear activity is not being tracked as disk activity, Unraid sets the disk as spun down. It's really not spun down, but Unraid thinks it is. When this happens, UD does not get the temp, or r/w stats for the disk from Unraid to display. It's really only a visual thing and doesn't affect the preclear operation. There is currently no plan to change this.
  4. Go to Options->System and turn on OPT_USE_AUTH.
  5. UD doesn't ask for the password. Access is controlled by Linux permissions.
  6. I'm not sure where to start to help you. You seem to have a lot if issues with disks: Apr 11 07:34:18 SEDECORE dnsmasq-dhcp[8990]: DHCP, IP range --, lease time 1h Apr 11 07:34:18 SEDECORE dnsmasq-dhcp[8990]: DHCP, sockets bound exclusively to interface virbr0 Apr 11 07:34:18 SEDECORE dnsmasq[8990]: reading /etc/resolv.conf Apr 11 07:34:18 SEDECORE dnsmasq[8990]: using nameserver Apr 11 07:34:18 SEDECORE dnsmasq[8990]: using nameserver Apr 11 07:34:18 SEDECORE dnsmasq[8990]: using nameserver Apr 11 07:34:18 SEDECOR
  7. A temporary fix is to install the Enhanced Log plugin and set up a log filter. Go to 'Settings->Enhanced Log Settings' and click on the 'Syslog Filter' tab. Enter the following in the text area: "to getport/addr" Then click 'Apply'. The getport/addr messages will blocked from the log.
  8. Can someone with this issue try the following? Add this line to the /etc/hosts.allow file: ALL: {IP address of remote server} Let me know if it works and if not we can try some other things.
  9. There are several things you are getting wrong. ALL disks mount at /mnt/disks. Remote (SMB and NFS) mounts will mount at /mnt/remotes, or /mnt/disks if the legacy option is enabled. Physical disks always mount at .mnt.disks. UD only mounts disks. It does not have any control over the permissions or r/w access. Move your nvme disk to the Unraid pool and use it from there. The support is better for the things you are trying to do. Based on the error you are seeing, it appears to be a Plex issue transcoding certain file types.
  10. Would probably be best. I'd say your database is corrupted.