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  1. https://owncloud.org/download/ Follow the instructions and you'll be in the right place. It's not in a php file. You can do that, or disable them - Settings->Apps.
  2. I don't think so. I looked at your diagnostics and see nothing that could be a problem. Why don't you stop all your other dockers and try to install Zoneminder by itself?
  3. Remove the appdata/Zoneminder folder and re-install with the default settings. Don't install hook processing until the docker is up and running. Also post your diagnostics.
  4. Looks like an issue with the Ubuntu update and/or update server(s). Either force a docker image update, or remove the docker image and re-install.
  5. Try clicking the double arrows next to the complete switch at the top of the UD page. This should rescan for devices. Do you have hot swap enabled in the bios?
  6. Post diagnostics. Also go to a command line and show the result of "whereis parted".
  7. I cannot reproduce your issue and haven't heard of anyone else reporting this issue. Post your diagnostics and I'll have a look.
  8. Yes. The file has to be linux format.
  9. Run the commands manually and see if the state changes.
  10. Your cameras need to be set for the two states - 'Daytime' and 'Nightime'. Check the Zoneminder docs for how to set the camera states.
  11. Use the user scripts plugin to set your script to run on a cron. You name your device mount point with UD and it is mounted with that name. You can then Copy files to that mount point. You don’t need the dev. As I said, read the first post and you will see some examples.
  12. Ud is very different from SNAP. You can accomplish the same thing, but UD handles things differently. UD detects a device when it is plugged in and runs your script automatically. Read the first post for details.
  13. Your best bet is to get help with this from the Zoneminder forum.