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  1. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    Get connected to the Internet and solve the issues in FCP (Fix Common Problems). You have an issue with the cache drive and need to solve it, along with other issues.
  2. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    Your port mappings need to look like this: These are the defaults. Be sure there are no other dockers trying to use these ports. If this is still not working, post your diagnostics.
  3. dlandon

    [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    Unraid 6.6.3, FCP 2018.10.19 get a php error:
  4. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    Set Zoneminder network type to 'Bridge', not 'Host'.
  5. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    That is all correct. Clicking on the WebUI should take you to IP:8080/zm/ Click the 'Show docker allocations...' and confirm no other dockers use port 8080.
  6. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    Don't show advanced mode and show port mappings.
  7. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    The default port is 8080. Take a screen shot of the ip and port settings when installing the ZoneMinder docker. Post it so I can see what you are setting.
  8. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    Take a look at this: https://forums.zoneminder.com/viewtopic.php?t=25874 It seems 1.32 has an issue with your cameras. The fellow that hosts the package ppa that I get the Zoneminder software from is apparently working with those particular cameras to find and fix the issue.
  9. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    What dockers do you have?
  10. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    Why do you have the dynamix.s3.sleep plugin installed on a server running Zoneminder that needs to continually run? Remove networkstats.plg and NerdPack.plg. These may be impacting your Zoneminder. In Tips and Tweaks: Disable NIC flow control and NIC offload. Set 'CPU Scaling Governor' to 'Performance' and 'Intel Turbo Boost' to 'Yes'. Set Disk Cache 'vm.dirty_background_ratio' (%) to 5. Set Disk Cache 'vm.dirty_ratio' (%) to 10.
  11. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder 1.32

    It might not be called snapshot in your camera. Did you find anything about variable bit rate, rather than constant bit rate? What does your bit rate show on the 'Console' of Zoneminder? It shows at the bottom of the 'Function' column.
  12. I changed the unmount when the server is shut down to specify the cifs file system when the server is shut down that may help with this situation. The next time it happens, post the diagnostics captured from the shutdown so I can see more of what is happening. The shutdown diagnostics can be found on your flash drive in the /logs folder.
  13. UD started out as a way to mount USB drives to copy data to/from the server. If has morphed into mounting hard drives for VMs and Dockers and remote SMB/NFS shares. What you are asking for is taking UD to a feature set that is beyond the scope of where I care to take it. You are asking for what I feel is a one off feature that I don't have time or interest in implementing or supporting. You can mount the device manually and add to the SMB Extras to share it with samba to accomplish what you want. Post in general support if you need help with doing this.
  14. The '&' character is not a valid character in the mount point name. I updated UD and the '&' character will not be allowed in the mount point name.