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  1. The file system on the disk is not recognized by UD.
  2. Reiserfs is a deprecated file system and I don't think it supports SSDs like the more modern file systems. You should probably consider moving to XFS or BTRFS.
  3. I made a change to add discard to disk mounts. Because it's an SSD, UD added the discard. Obviously reiserfs doesn't support the discard. I can fix that. I guess this begs the question of why use reiserfs on an SSD in the first place? Wouldn't XFS or BTRFS be a better choice?
  4. Diagnostics is a zip file created at Tools->Diagnostics. Whenever you ask for help, post this diagnostic file. It contains information that can be used to help you determine the issues. I tested this on a UD mounted disk and it worked fine. I think your SSD is on a controller that does not support trim.
  5. Your server shut down pretty fast. Take a look at this and see if it helps.
  6. UD disks are mounted at /mnt/disks/.
  7. Before doing any writing to a UD mounted device you should check that it is mounted first. You can do this in several ways. MOUNTPOINT=/mnt/disks/DailyBackup if [ -d $MOUNTPOINT ]; then ... do stuff fi or better MOUNTPOINT=/mnt/disks/DailyBackup if mountpoint -q $MOUNTPOINT; then ... do stuff fi
  8. UD has been updated to solve this issue.
  9. The powerdown -r command is deprecated. Use reboot to reboot and shutdown to shutdown the server.
  10. Delete the file /flash/config/plugins/tips.and.tweaks.plg and reboot. The plugin will not install. Another way to do it is to boot in safe mode. No plugins will be installed.