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  1. Looks like both drives have unique serial numbers. How are they connected? USB drive bay?
  2. Are you using a Windows or MAC PC to access the share? Looks like it should work fine. The share will be at \\tower\shared. The only thing I see that might be causing a problem is the mount point ('shared') is the same as the source name. You might try changing the mount point to another name.
  3. Click on the settings icon (three gears) and be sure you have the "Share" switch set on.
  4. Are you mounting those disks manually somewhere in a script? If so, don't. There is an issue with those mounts. I would do the following: Be sure auto mount is turned off for both disks. Don't auto start the Dockers. Remove the 'dev2' Historical device. Reboot the server. Rename the mount points like you want. Mount the disks. Start the Dockers.
  5. Sorry, I just noticesd it's already unmlounted. Just click on the blue mount point text.
  6. The device in UD and Historical devices are one in the same. With the new naming scheme the UD disk has "_Disk_", that the Historical device does not. Your procedure is correct. To change the mount pinint, unmount the device, you can then change the name. The WDCxxxxx did not get renamed.
  7. This plugin does not control the log displays you are referring to. Those are built into Unraid. Post your concerns on the 6.10 release post.
  8. The highlighted short log is neither a UD or Enhanced Log VIewer plugin issue. It was changed in Unraid 6.10 and you'll need to request a feature request to Unraid.
  9. I'm trying to help you understand what is causing these messages. They come from CIFS mounts. I asked this queston to understand how you are mounting those CIFS mounts so we can get to the bottom of why messages are showing in the log. I can't help until you provide more information. Your first post was a criticism of how you felt that you were not getting the support you deserved. I'm trying to help you get the support you want, but you've got to help by providing additional information. It's very difficult to look at a log snippet of many repeating log entries and provide an answer.