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  1. The files in the Recycle Bin are aged by the date they were put in the Recycle Bin. The atime (access time) is used to date the files. You might see the mtime (last modified time) as older than the access time because this is the last time they were modified.
  2. All the docker container data is mapped to the /appdata/ folder that remains when a docker container is removed. You can delete and reinstall a docker container without losing any configuration as long as you reinstall with the saved user template. You are currently using 41% of the 20G docker image. That should be enough. If all you run is one Plex docker, you need to check your allocations to see if the Plex is configured properly so it does not fill the docker container. As far as your remote shares, three of them are showing 100% usage. Is it possible that all 18T of space is used? This might be why they are having issues. No room for new files. //SQUIRRELSTOR/Movies 18T 18T 155G 100% /mnt/remotes/SQUIRRELSTOR_Movies //SQUIRRELSTOR/TVShows 18T 18T 155G 100% /mnt/remotes/SQUIRRELSTOR_TVShows //SQUIRRELSTOR/UnraidBackup 18T 18T 155G 100% /mnt/remotes/SQUIRRELSTOR_UnraidBackup //JESTER/Music 5.5T 1.5T 4.0T 27% /mnt/remotes/JESTER_Music
  3. I see what you are trying to show me. There are two issues. One is the label and the other seems to be an incorrect script file being executed. I can't reproduce either of these issues and it's not been reported by anyone else. With this limited amount of information, I can't figure anything out yet. Update UD to the latest version. Your diagnostics showed you are one version behind. I don't expect updating UD will fix anything, but I might want to send you a file with some diagnostics so I can get more information on what is happening. It would be best for you to be on the latest version if I decide to do that.
  4. What is the error? When you execute the script it doesn't show this disk label?
  5. I can reproduce this and I have reported the issue to Limetech.
  6. That's the physical disk label. I can be different than the mount point. Click on the mount point when the disk is not mounted and the current physical disk label will be shown. You can then change the mount point and the disk label will be updated.
  7. Remove the UD plugin and see if the behavior changes. If not, the report this as a bug.
  8. There is currently no way to custom organize UD devices, and no plans to do that. If ZFS is ever included in the base Unraid, zpools would be handled by Unraid.
  9. Open the /flash/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/unassigned.devices.cfg and look under the device in question and see if the 'command.1' setting shows the proper script file. Look and see if there any strange entries with either of the scripts.
  10. You can set user access to all UD devices in UD settings. You can't set user access to a particular device share.