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  1. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - ownCloud

    Mariadb is built in to the Docker. You can optionally use an external database. When you start the docker the first time, leave the 'localhost' alone and enter 'owncloud' for all the other fields. You will then be using the internal database. EDIT: Like this:
  2. I've just updated the recycle bin plugin. I've implemented a cron trash size update every minute so the recycle bin UI will be more responsive when you have a busy server with a large recycle bin. You can turn this off if you'd like, but I recommend leaving it on. I did not find that disks would spin up with this cron task running. This will eliminate the dreaded empty page for an extended length of time on busy servers with a large recycle bin. You may at times see a ? in the recycle bin trash size. This indicates that the trash size determination timed out and the size could not be determined in a reasonable amount of time. It still allows all the recycle bin functionality to operate normally. When a file is deleted on a share, it may take up to a minute for the trash size to update and the file to show in the recycle bin. Just refresh the page and the trash size and contents will eventually update.
  3. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - ownCloud

    Yes. Make sure you reference it properly when you set up ownCloud the first time.
  4. dlandon

    [6.7.0-rc4] Syslog Server files wrong ownership

    Changed Status to Solved
  5. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - ownCloud

    Looks like a database issue. Restore your database from a backup?
  6. dlandon

    [6.7.0-rc4] Syslog Server files wrong ownership

    Must have been an existing file from earlier rc.
  7. Syslog server files are set to root:root ownership, not nobody:users.
  8. dlandon

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc4 available

    One of the really cool things about the Syslog server is that you can enable it on the server, put the server IP address in the 'Remote syslog server' field and logs will be continuously captured and potentially help with a lockup or unresponsive server situation. I've updated Tips and Tweaks and added this as a Tip. All of you that have servers becoming unresponsive should set this up so you can capture the logs and see if it doesn't help with finding problems.
  9. Remove these lines from the smb-extra.conf. [rootshare] path = /mnt/user comment = browseable = yes # Public public = yes writeable = yes vfs objects = Why are they there? The 'vfs_objects' in particular is probably the one causing the problem. I believe this global setting overrides the share settings, which would turn off the share recycle bin capability.
  10. dlandon

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc4 available

    Really liking the Syslog server feature. Could you sort the list of logs in the Syslog viewer?
  11. Click the + by the device ID and hover your mouse over the mount point. Only if you want to browse it. Go to Settings->Unassigned Devices and set the SMB security. Yes. VMs will shutdown before UD unmounts the disk.
  12. The best way to get an answer it to post in the user scripts plugin forum and someone will help you there. This really isn't the place to get the help you need.
  13. The cron entries are removed by the user scripts plugin when the array is stopped. It's not a problem.
  14. Remove your cron entries on the appropriate array event.
  15. dlandon

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc3 available

    The older color icons should have been public domain, but some may not have been. LT is smart in developing their own and using them with granted permission. This is a lot cleaner from a legal standpoint. Imagine a forced redesign because of some lawyer trying to get royalties for an ownership claim on an icon, plus legal costs. All of you complaining about the design choices need to remember this is a nas with some awesome additional features. It is not mission critical. You manage your storage, VMs, Dockers etc. The color of the icons doesn’t make or break it. If you have an idea for a better look, make the suggestion to LT and then accept their decision.