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  1. It cannot be set temporary. Set the password blank in UD settings to forget it.
  2. This should tell you something. Wifi dropping wouldn't have anything to do with LMS. I'd check your router. Maybe it needs an update?
  3. You should set the NIC settings to 'Default' so none of the settings are applied. Leave the default settings. Tips and Tweaks was designed to work with Intel NICs and other brands might not respond to the NIC parameter settings. That would be something with Linux. Tips and Twaeks has nothing to do with the naming of NICs. The driver is showing as ACPI. Performance does not work with the ACPI driver. What processor do you have? Looks like a timing issue. When you apply the settings will it change?
  4. I was using rm with the 'find' command to purge aged files in the recycle bin. I've changed it now because it seems that 'rm -rf' removes too much and removes files that haven't been aged. I switched to using the -delete switch with 'find' which doesn't exhibit the same behavour. He was just explaining how the use of 'rm -rf; with 'find' was potentially causing some problems. I was able to duplicate the issue he was explaining.
  5. I've added a 'Default' selection in all NIC settings that will not apply the setting to the NIC. This will keep the plugin from making any changes to the NICs for that selection.
  6. How do you connect a network issue after several days to this plugin?
  7. The reason I asked for the actual output from the command was to verify the formatting of the information to see that UD is parsing and dealing with the output properly. There are several steps involved in gathering the information, and storing it for display to the UI. I was looking to start from the beginning to see if I can find where the problem occurs. The next step would be to see if it is being acquired and properly stored before UD displays it on the UI. There were some changes made in the last few months to not constantly query disks for information to display on the UI to keep from hammering the disks with IO. Some information like size, useage, and free is collected at timed intervals rather than each time the UI is refreshed. This is the first time this has come up, so I assume it is something unique with your system or disks. Your presumption that UD is not calculating the information correctly is not helpful in coming up with a solution in your case. I didn't ask for the output just to prove that the disk information was correct. I assume it is. Since you do not care to share with me information I ask for so I can help with your issue, there is really nothing I can do to help you. Note: I am a volunteer like most people here providing support on the forum. I have limited time to devote to helping users like yourself. I will do what I can, but your argumentative attitude doesn't inspire me much to help you.
  8. Once is enough. I asked to see the output from the 'df' command. Please post the actual output from that command and also attach your diagnostics. UD uses that command to determine the size, used, and free on a drive. It queries the disk on a timed interval and stores it in the /tmp/ file system and displays the information when the UD webpage is displayed so the disks are not constantly queried. I suspect there may be an issue with the /tmp/ file system - like it is full?
  9. I did this on purpose. I don't think the -d switch does anything for the recycle bin, but I see no harm in it. I don't see any documentation that says that the -d switch has no effect with the -r switch on.
  10. I understand and saying it over and over is not helpful. The 'mountpoint' in the command is one of your disks that is having the issue, not literally 'mountpoint.
  11. Currently the file activity is by physical device because it was intended to show activity on physical devices to help with spin up issues. I have no plans on changing the way it works.
  12. What is the ouput of the following command? /bin/df /mnt/disks/mountpoint --output=size,used,avail