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  1. dlandon

    6.6.RC4 unclean shutdown detected

    If you have any Windows 10 VMs, one of them may have been doing updates. This will slow down the shutdown process because Unraid waits for the VMs to shut down. See if this is helpful:
  2. dlandon

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc4 available

    I did a little research on this and it appears it to be from the samba protocols being used by clients. I have enabled SMB1 on my Wndows 10 machines so I can browse to Unraid. I don't see these errors. Maybe this is from clients on the network using SMB3, which is the default on Windows 10 now. I don't think it is anything to be concerned with. I kind of assumed it was UD because it was right in the middle of UD logging. Yes, I dodged that one.
  3. dlandon

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc4 available

    Ok. Sure looked like a UD thing to me.
  4. dlandon

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc4 available

    That error comes from the UD plugin.
  5. I've updated the plugin to deal with a long standing issue related to the recycle bin configuring samba correctly. Once you update to the latest plugin version, you should restart the recycle bin and it should work properly from then on. For those of you that have had trouble getting the recycle bin to work at all, try the latest version and let me know if it works for you.
  6. I've made adjustments to accommodate the changes that seem to have been made in the later versions of Unraid.
  7. The svcs_restarting event was added by LT in 6.3 so I could apply the recycle bin parameters before samba was started/restarted. It occurs as designed except it used to be on a timer. I need to initiate the same scheme as adding a share. I am making changes to the smb-shares.conf file the same as changing a share and need to get samba to reload the new configuration. I am able to do this, but the vfs_recycle is not removed when the recycle bin is turned off. I think changes were made to samba and I'll need to research how to update the vfs entries if the vfs_recycle is removed.
  8. It occurs on start and stop of the array, but isn't on the timer as it was in 6.3. I can work this out, but what is the proper way now to restart samba for the changes I am applying? Currently I use: /usr/bin/smbcontrol $(cat /var/run/smbd.pid 2>/dev/null) reload-config But is doesn't appear to remove my vfs_recycle when I stop the recycle bin. The recycle bin continues to run with default parameters.
  9. I just tested this on 6.5 with the same result. Seems a change was made from the initial implementation in the recycle bin on 6.3. @limetech I need a little direction here on how to get the svcs_restarting event to occur and how to reload the samba configuration.
  10. For those of you that cannot get the recycle bin to work, there is an issue right now that I see in 6.5 and 6.6 that keep the recycle bin from working properly. It may be that this issue applies to 6.4 also. It seems that some changes were made in Unraid along the line that prevent the recycle bin parameters from getting applied when changes are made in the plugin parameters. The recycle bin will be applied when the array is started, but changes in the plugin parameters will not get applied from the plugin webpage. For the moment, you will have to stop and restart the server to get the recycle bin parameter changes applied. This also applies to starting and stopping the recycle bin from the webpage. I will be working with LT on solving this issue.
  11. The recycle bin plugin configures the samba shares for vfs_recycle. In previous versions, the svcs_restarting event was on a timer I believe was about every minute. The recycle bin parameters are set up when this event occurs. I am not seeing this event occur on 6.6, so the smb-shares.conf file is not being configured when changes are made in the plugin parameters.
  12. You have the recycle bin enabled on appdata, system, nextcloud, and temp shares. You should exclude those. Especially appdata and system. I suspect there is so much samba activity on those shares the recycle bin can't keep up. Try to limit the recycle bin to shares where you really need its capabilities.
  13. Correct, zero byte files are not moved to the recycle bin when deleted.