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  1. I replaced my monitor today and now getting the message "DISABLING IRQ #16" at the console. I was using an old VGA via adapter to HDMI before without issues. New monitor is native 1080P with HDMI connector. Diags attached. ps. running latest BIOS on mobo. pss. I actually tried using the DisplayPort connectors on new monitor first but couldn't get a signal so I switched to HDMI.
  2. Note that this issue persists. I get warnings for each disk (all disks) every 12 hours. Today it has now spread to cache NVMe drives. I got a warning among the other disk warnings that Cache 3 was hot. Reportedly 46C. Odd y the threshold for warning in UR Smart settings is 50C. I tried changing the thresholds and my changes did not Save.
  3. After having replaced the motherboard, CPU, and RAM, it appears to be the power supply. Running a parity check to see if it tanks again.
  4. unRaid can't ID my new processor Intel® Core™ i9-10850K Processor
  5. Just rebooted again barely into the parity check. Shutting down until I can get some feedback on remedies. ps. running Memtest to see whats what
  6. Server rebooted itself in the middle of the night. Woke up to BIOS screen. Reboots always returned to BIOS screen. Looking at boot order I could not find USB. After a bit of futzing, I was able to repair the USB using windows pc and get into unRaid. Parity check started automatically. After a while (less than an hour?), system rebooted itself again but this time went right back into unRaid. Looked at logs and can't see anything odd. It has done the reboot thing twice now. Diag attached.
  7. As I mentioned in my previous follow up, I changed the setting on disks 1 & 2 at the individual disk level. It did not affect the sending of notifications. However, today I noticed that the wording in the email is slightly different. Disks using the general "all disks" setting have the subject: Alert [TOWER] - Disk 3 is low on space (96%) Those 2 disks I have it set at the individual level have the subject: Warning [TOWER] - Disk 2 is high on usage (94%) Note the diff between warning & alert. Also I still don't have a "smart-one.cfg" in my /config folder.
  8. I have set the "disk utilization threshold (%)" for disk 1 & disk 2 individually. No smart-one.cfg was created in the config folder. disk.cfg shows it is updated but no other changes.
  9. I don't have set individually. I will try that but know that the one for all setting is not obeyed.
  10. Did as you suggested. The smart-one.cfg file does not reappear once applied. Is that a concern?
  11. I updated my notification threshold setting to "0" as soon as I read your post. Just now had the second of my twice daily notification floods (setting should have stopped those, right?). The setting does not appear to have the desired effect of turning the notifications off. Diags attached.,
  12. Just checked my overall disk setting for default warning disk utilization threshold. It was set at 95%. Critical threshold was set at 97%. All my disks report as 95% or less. I've bumped these up to 97% & 99% respectively. Maybe that will quiet the warnings. Feature request: Be able to MUTE these maybe on individual disk level. Reset and show warnings on reboot? That way I can see them when new version but silence them day to day.