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  1. in which case I would be concerned that there is some other device on the local LAN that has been compromised. if it was just the USB then it could perhaps simply be a USB drive problem, but the array drives being wiped as well takes deliberate action. I guess another possibility is that you are running a Docker container that has been compromised?
  2. Those diagnostics appear to be just after a boot and thus not giving much indication of what might be filling the log. You should try letting it run for a while and then post new diagnostics as that would allow us to see what sort of messages are filling the log.
  3. this should not be possible to happen by accident and implies a malicious actor. Do you have your server exposed to the internet? This could be by putting it into DMZ on the router, or by forwarding the UnRaid management port in the router. There has been a spate of users doing this; then getting hacked; and finally deletions happening on the server. if you want to allow remote access to your server you should be using a VPN (WireGuard VPN is built into UnRaid).
  4. There is not much I can think off other than powering off, checking cable; rebooting to check drive comes back online and then rebuilding the drive. You should post the diagnostics after the reboot so that we can check the SMART information for the drive. You might want to also consider running an extended SMART test on the drive. I was hoping someone else would have a ‘flash of insight’ as to what went wrong as not knowing that means it could easily happen again.
  5. No way to do what you want and even if you could it would not help as mover does not take into consideration the size of a file it is about to move when selecting a target drive. For very large files it is easiest to move these directly to the desired drive by-passing cache completely. You would need to have Disk Shares enabled to do this.
  6. This is covered here in the online documentation that can be accessed via the Manual link at the bottom of the Unraid GUI.
  7. The diagnostics just show that the drive dropped offline for some reason with no obvious cause that I can see. Because it has dropped offline there is no SMART information for that drive in the diagnostics to give an indication of its health.
  8. Have you looked to see if you have a ‘media’ folder on the cache? This will give those symptoms even if there is no content inside that folder.
  9. I would have thought the correct answer is 2TB for RAID1 profile, and the 3TB is the known issue of BTRFS reporting incorrectly with an odd number of drives?
  10. This is covered here in the online documentation accessible via the ‘Manual’ link at the bottom of the UnRaid GUI.
  11. just to point out that you can get scenarios where all sticks test fine individually, but you still get failures when all sticks are installed at the same time.
  12. The diagnostics seem to indicate the array is running fine, so no obvious reason you should get that error message Only thing I can think off to suggest is to reboot but no good reason think that will fix things other than the fact it is often good practice just to confirm the error is persistent. maybe someone else will have an idea
  13. You are likely to get better informed feedback if you attach your systems diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools->Diagnostics) to your NEXT post.
  14. This is basically a hardware problem in that the data being written to the mbr sector on the drive by the preclear process is not being read back correctly. You would expect a borderline sector to be re-mapped by the drives firmware but it appears this is not happening. Unraid will not be able to use a drive if the mbr sector cannot be written and then read reliably. There is a chance that using the use the manufacturer's tools might correct this. Not sure if there is any other way to achieve this so would be interested to see what others might suggest.