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  1. itimpi

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    Not sure anyone else is seeing this problem. Is this booting in Safe Mode? If Safe Mode works but normal mode does not then there is a problem with one of the plugins you have installed.
  2. itimpi

    6.6.0 GUI

    You could try something like the Azure or Grey themes. I do not think that they have been updated to the new style.
  3. itimpi

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available

    Do you do any sort of hardware pass-through? It is possible that the updated Linux kernel and components may have changed the IOMMU groups or hardware IDs.
  4. itimpi

    Drive Space

    The original contents of the parity drive was generated by doing a calculation (on a sector by sector basis) using the values of the corresponding sectors on disk1 and disk2, If disk1 fails then unRAID can do a similar calculation using disk2 and parity to work out what each sector on disk1 should contain. If you have more data disks then the same principle is applied. There is a detailed description of how parity works in the online documentation. This is why it is important that the health of ALL the drives is monitored. In a recovery process all the drives other than the failed drive need to read without error to recover the contents of each sector on the failed drive. Also because it works at the physical sector this is why any recovered disk is an exact copy of the original including its file system type. It is also the reason why a rebuild cannot correct any file system level corruption that occurred before the disk failed,
  5. itimpi

    One question as a sanity check

    The array is available when building or checking parity. As you mention this might adversely affect performance if you try to read or write files on the main array while this is going on but it will still work. The same applies if you ever have to rebuild a disk after a failure.
  6. itimpi

    Oppo now asks for network password

    I wonder if it is the ‘ character in the new name?
  7. itimpi


    You would need to contact Limetech via email - they will not necessarily see any forum messages.
  8. itimpi

    [6.5.3] - HDD temperatures not correctly updated

    I think in this case you ARE seeing live values. If you take that action it is probably assumed that you are happy to take any performance hit the action might cause.
  9. itimpi

    ESXi 5.x - pre-built VMDK for unRAID

    It sounds as if the unraid USB stick has not been passed through correctly to the VM! If it is then you will see the contents listed under /boot. If it is not being passed through and recognised by unRAID then that would explain your symptoms as the USB stick is required to correctly complete the later stages of the boot process and this would include launching the web GUI.
  10. itimpi

    Oppo now asks for network password

    Try with a random username and a blank password. I have found that sometimes seems to work for some reason
  11. itimpi

    Rootfs file is getting full

    Difficult to say! Most likely cause is a misconfigured docker that is writing files to RAM. The thing to remember is that all files that are not under /mnt or /boot are in RAM.
  12. itimpi

    Docker Service Failed to Start (SOLVED)

    How many drives do you have assigned to the cache? If it is more than 1 then the only option will be BTRFS as XFS Is only an option if the cache is limited to 1 drive.
  13. itimpi

    Removing disks from array

    You did not mention that before removing any disks you first need to copy any data you want to keep to another location as removing a disk from the array also removes any content it might have. Once you have done that you can remove as many disks as you like in one operation as removing any disk invalidates parity so it will need rebuilding anyway whether you remove one disk or several disks at the same time. After doing the New Config you are free to change what slots disks are assigned to, and to remove drives you no longer want in the array When you start the array unRAID will recognise disks previously used by unRAID and their data will be left intact.
  14. itimpi

    Docker Service Failed to Start (SOLVED)

    To reformat a drive you need to stop the array: click on the disk to be formatted and change the format to the one you want; restart the array and the disk will now show as unmountable. You can now use the option to format unmountable disks. NOTE: this will erase any existing data on the drive so make sure you first copy anything you want to keep to another location.
  15. itimpi

    [6.5.3] - HDD temperatures not correctly updated

    There can be a delay before the GUI is updated. What do you have under Settings->Disk Settings->Tunable (poll_attributes) ? The default value of 1800 means that the disks are only polled every 30 minutes. You may want a much smaller value - something like 300 (5 minutes) is what I use.