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  1. itimpi

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    Yes - ffmpeg is pre-installed in the docker image.
  2. That process for replacing the cache drive looks correct. You can plug the new 8TB drive in at the same time without problems. Unraid will not start using it until it is assigned to the array.
  3. itimpi

    Better option than what I currently have?

    I do not think that option 2) is viable as I believe that the USB sub-system throughput will always be a limiting factor on performance. On the basis that option 1 ) is the only viable way to improve performance then the big question is whether the drive is identified with the same serial number and size when plugged in via SATA as when it is plugged in via USB? Since Unraid identifies drives by their serial number and size rather than where they are attached then this may be an easy switch. If the USB enclosures have changed the way the disks are presented compared to SATA then it is not a straightforward way forward. I would suggest that the first thing is to try switching one drive from USB to SATA and see if Unraid brings it up without issue. You might want to disable auto-starting the array before doing this. With any luck the drive will simply come up as normal and you will be able to start the array and see all its data. If Unraid reports that it is the "wrong drive" then the switch to SATA will not be simple as Unraid is seeing the disk either with a different serial number or with different physical size. compared tp the USB connection.
  4. For any custom config to persist through a reboot you need to put a copy of the config file somewhere on the flash drive and then copy it into the location it is needed at runtime by adding an entry to either the config/go file on the flash or by using the User Scripts plugin.
  5. That will not work - you have to have started the array to get it to remember the change as it is only on array start that disk assignments are saved.
  6. You should just upload the whole ZIP file (as a single file).
  7. That is strange! Are you sure you got the sequence right? Stop the array (if it is started) Set the drive to not be assigned Start the array (it should warn you about it being unprotected). This step makes it forget the current assignment. Stop the array Assign the drive you want to rebuild onto Start the array (it should now be warning you that a rebuild will take place). The only thing I can think that might stop that sequence working would be if there are problems with the flash drive so that Unraid cannot save the new settings.
  8. If the drive is not disabled then you first have to start the array with it set to no drive. When you then stop the array and assign a new drive it will start the rebuild.
  9. The idea behind Wireguard appears to be good, but a worrying thing about Wireguard is that if you go to their site and look at the “Work in Progress” page it says that it is not yet complete and ready for use.
  10. itimpi

    Win 10 can not find server.

    This is a Windows problem as Microsoft have crippled network discovery in recent Windows 10 releases. The easiest thing is to simply use the IP address. There are things you can do at the Windows end to resolve this as discussed in the pinned topic in this sib-forum.
  11. Current plugins are not compatible with such an old version of Unraid. You would need to upgrade to v6 to do this (but v6 `DOES require hardware that is 64-bit compatible).
  12. itimpi

    Reading data disks on a different computer

    Each disk in Unraid is a free-standing file system that can be read on any Linux based system. Reading the disks on Windows/Mac systems requires special software as those systems do not have drivers for the file systems used by Unraid,
  13. itimpi

    Backup solutions for clients?

    There is nothing bundled in with Unraid to carry this out. Having said that any backup software that is capable of backing up to a server on the network should work just fine.
  14. itimpi

    cannot get ip add fresh install

    Those should be fine - that is what I use in my own UnRAID systems. Are you booting in UEFI mode or legacy mode? If you have been using UEFI mode then you might want to try legacy mode (or vice versa). Note that for UEFI mode then you need to rename the folder to not have a trailing ~ character.