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Community Answers

  1. There is also a good example in the the online documentation accessible via the ‘Manual’ link at the bottom of the GUI or the DOCS link at the top of each forum page.
  2. I would be happy with that. It is probably more accurate, although a slightly more obscure word.
  3. To me that looks good for the Shares setting page. Not 100% sure yet about the Share summary page, but at the moment I cannot think of anything obviously better.
  4. I like this for the drop down values. I would prefer the text for the setting to simply read "Location for new files/directories" (or 'folders' if preferred instead of 'directories' as seems to be the modern trend) as this puts more emphasis for it applying only to new content.
  5. Are you doing things on the WiFi devices where the speed is critical? If not the WiFi on the dlink may be sufficient and it would be by far the easiest to configure and manage.
  6. @cambriancatalyst The diagnostics is a single zip file - if it is showing on your system as lots of files it probably means your browser is (unhelpfully in this case) showing you the contents of the zip. You should post that zip file as it is not practical to work with the files when posted separately.
  7. This is the hardest to summarize in just a few words as it needs to cover both the case of a pool being present and one being used. The idea that occurs to me is to hae the Settings page say "On Pool, Overflow on array" without mentioning mover? That seems the shortest idea I can yet come up with. I have only just got up so I will let the idea percolate a bit more. Maybe after having coffee something will occur to me
  8. OK - I understand that better now. Note I have slightly edited my initial reply as well about the Shares setting page. Perhaps a few more back-snd-forths before we come up with the ideal answer? Maybe we should actively ask some others (e.g. @JorgeB or @Squid) if they have views on this?
  9. I like the idea for the share settings page although perhaps “Location for new files/folders” instead of “Share Location (for new files/directories”” might be a slight improvement? I thought of adding 'Preferred' at the start because the “On Array, move to Pool” implies the file always starts on the array rather than the array acting as an overflow, but not got an immediate thought on improving that wording. Not quite sure what I think about the suggested value for Location on the Shares summary page - let me think about that a bit more In particular the ‘zfs’ entry stands out as a possible anomaly - when exactly does that apply?
  10. With the above configuration your Dlink router is almost certainly blocking inbound connections originating from WiFi devices connected to the Telnus ODT Modem. Any reason you do not use the Wifi of the Dlink router instead as that would be the simplest solution?
  11. Did you also reserve that address for the Unraid server at the router level to stop the router trying to assign the address to a different device?
  12. A 'hot spare' is achievable if you are prepared to have to select at the BIOS level the backup flash drive. You can take advantage of the fact that it is possible to use a label other than UNRAID for the label of the flash drive if you add to the syslinux.cfg file an entry of the following style to the relevant boot entries: label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append unraidlabel=UNRAID-SPARE initrd=/bzroot and amend the label of the hot spare to match. You then need to schedule copying across periodically the contents of the 'config' folder (ideally minus the key file) from the live drive to the hot spare.
  13. Strictly speaking the value should be "at least the Largest File Size" + safety margin. Using 2x gives a safety margin as drives getting completely full is a bad idea as it might cause file system corruption, and also if you ever need to run File System repair some work space is needed.
  14. Just spotted that. I would suggest also changing the Yes option in the drop-down to read ‘cache’ rather than ‘yes’ (again leaving internal value alone). That is another change I think worthwhile as being a more accurate representation of what that setting does. I can update online documentation to reflect the change in emphasis (since I have access to it), but I will leave in place a reference to the fact the value used prior to 6.12.
  15. I don’t understand 4) ? For me if I have created a ZFS pool and/or it is visible in the GUI then it is selectable for the pool to be used in conjunction with a share. If you are talking about pools that are not visible in the GUI then that is s different issue.