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  1. No. All attached storage devices (except the flash drive used for booting Unraid) count (even if not being used by Unraid).
  2. I’ll be interested to see if you get any traction. I thought isolation could only happen at boot time and if so that will mean isolation cannot be dynamic.
  3. If you go into the settings for the share you can add disk2 to the list of excluded drives. This will stop new files for that share being written to the that disk (although any existing ones will still show up for read purposes).
  4. I would expect disk8 to now mount fine as that is the result to expect of xfs_repair completes without error. It appears disk13 cannot be accessed. This suggests it is either offline or has really failed. Posting the current diagnostics might give a clue.
  5. Not sure if you can verify it simply by looking at anything. You can, however, select a disk and then the Build option. If it is really up-to-date it will not find anything to do.
  6. Looks like you are getting continual resets on disk1, although I have no idea of the cause.
  7. You cannot transfer a Trial license. However I am not sure this is the question you actually want answered?
  8. With High Water allocation and with the largest disk being 4TB I would not expect the 2TB drive to start being used until all other drives are down to 2TB (or less) free.
  9. When counting drives for licensing purposes ALL attached drives are counted regardless of whether they are being used by Unraid or not. Therefore if you want to use the Basic license (limited to 6 drives) you will have to remove either the SSD or one of the 6TB drives. The alternative is to go for the Plus license which increases the limit to 12 drives. You may well want this anyway if you want to be able to freely attach USB drives for purposes such as backup.
  10. No - the boot can be (and typically is) headless. It means you get a proper login page when you try to login to the Unraid GUI.
  11. If the parity check plugin was installed it should have patched the history entry to give the correct value (although the details displayed on the Main page only relate to the last increment).
  12. What about the temperature during a parity check? If the disks overheat during a pre-clear then I would think that there is a good chance they will overheat during a parity check. You need your cooling to be good enough to keep temperatures under control even during a parity check.
  13. Do you have any data you intend to bring forward? If not then the easiest is to make sure you have a copy of the registration key in a safe place; then continue as though setting up a new system and put the key file in the 'config' folder on the USB stick. You should now be ready to go
  14. You should post yourvsys6em diagnostics zip filem(obtained via Tools -> Diagnostics) to get any sort of informed feedback.
  15. If a disk that is being emulated shows as ‘unmountable’ before a rebuild it will show the same after completing the rebuild as the rebuild process is simply making the physical disk correspond to the emulated one. If you have not previously successfully formatted the drive this will still be required. Note, however, that a format wipes any existing data on a drive so should not be used if a drive that was previously fine suddenly goes unmountable (in such a case a file system repair is the way forward). the diagnostics that you posted showed you were getting continual resets on the drive which is probably why the format never completed! Such resets are typically cabling related (although other causes are possible), so hopefully the change you made has rectified the issue for this drive. you should probably post new diagnostics now you have made a change so any feedback can be based on the current setup..