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Community Answers

  1. As far as I know there is no way to change the format keeping the data intact. As to what format is most suitable that does not have a 4GB limit it will depend on what systems you want to move the drive between. For example if it Windows and Unraid then NTFS is probably the most convenient to use.
  2. That means that Unraid was not able to successfully stop the array before shutdown timeouts kicked in. have you tried stopping the array and timing how long it takes. You can then use the answer to check if the current settings for various timeouts are sufficient.
  3. The obvious answer is to use a file system that does not have a 4GB file size limit it might help if we knew more about the drive you are trying to copy the file to.
  4. Do you have data on that server you want to keep or is just the drives you want to keep? If you want to keep the data what file system are they using?
  5. I think it is an issue in that since standard Unraid does not have preclear built in there is no status information available to the GUI to indicate a precleared disk. The check for the signature is done at a lower level during the add process. I guess this could be changed in a future Unraid release but I would not want to bet on it.
  6. The whole zip file as many parts are often looked at to help with diagnosing any particular problem.
  7. I guess that is OK as it is a persistent location.
  8. Click on the drive on the Main tab and select the Scrub option.
  9. Have you explicitly set the Mnimum Free Space for the cache as described here rather than the one at the share level that applies to array disks.
  10. You will need to store the scripts on the flash drive and recopy the scripts any time the system is booted as that location is in RAM. You will also have to add a command to set the execute bit in the permissions.
  11. No. With 6.9.0 you can have multiple pools (with user specified names), and any of them can be set to cache a share. Under settings -> Identification.
  12. Looks like it has a old firmware version, so you might want to consider updating it to the most recent version.
  13. Limetech never gives predicted release dates
  14. You should set the Minimum Free Space setting for the cache (accessed by clicking on it on the Main tab) to be more than the largest file you expect to copy. When the free space on the cache falls below this value Unraid will start by-passing the cache and write new files directly to the array. This should stop the cache getting so full it causes problems.