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  1. itimpi

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    If the app is crashing and you cannot identify the cause then you need to contact MyMediaForAlexa support for help as they are the authors of the software and producers of the container. They are closed source binaries so it is unlikely anyone else can help unless the problem is obvious. The app will be writing log file(s) to it’s appdata Folder (by default this at /mnt/user/appdata/MyMediaForAlexa) so you might want to look at a log file there after a crash to see if anything stands out. You can also download the latest logs via the Admin option. If nothing stands out you could try attaching them here to see if anyone can spot anything. The only time I have seen crashes is when there was problems with specific albums in my library (I assume they were corrupt). This became obvious as the crash would always happen at the same point during the scanning process. By perusing the log file I was able to identify the problem albums and correct the issues. Since then the container has been completely stable. If you cannot see any cause then raise a support request on the MyMediaForAlexa web site attaching the log files. Let us know when/if the issue is resolved
  2. itimpi

    shares are gone 6.6.3

    That means that it is one of your plugins that is causing problems by overwriting a standard system component with an incompatible version. You need to identify the culprit by a process of elimination but changing which plugins are installed until the guilty party is identified. The most likely culprit is a component installed by the Nerdpack plugin. You could try removing that plugin (or stop it installing any packages) and see if that resolves the issue.
  3. itimpi


    No, the USB stick is required to act as the license key. note that UnRAID itself is run from RAM, not the USB stick. Once the boot process has completed and the initial load into RAM has finished then the only accesses to the USB stick is for configuration information.
  4. itimpi

    Unmountable: No file system

    Parity remembers the ‘physical’ contents of the drive - not the logical contents. As such it is unaware of file systems or individual files. File system corruption is therefore not recoverable using parity - it can only be recovered using file system repair tools.
  5. If you are being told that the USB drive is blacklisted then it does not have a unique GUID and is thus not suitable for use as an Unraid boot drive. It is a requirement for UnRAID that any USB drive have a unique GUID, but some vendors do not give their drives unique GUIDs. This probably means you need a new one. One I have seen many use successfully is the Sandisk Cruzer Fit 16GB USB 2 drive. Note that USB2 is preferred over USB3 as it is more reliable and since Unraid runs from RAM there is no performance benefit to using USB3.
  6. Have you checked Settings->Global Share settings to see if you have limited the drives that can be used for shares? Unless you have a good reason not to it is best to allow all drives on the global setting and restrict it at the individual share level.
  7. itimpi

    Is Using 2011old keys doable?

    Yes in principle. You need .key files for each license linked to the GUID of the USB drive being used. if you have not yet got a .key file for the extra one then you will need to contact Limetech support to get that resolved.
  8. itimpi

    Is Using 2011old keys doable?

    UnRAID license keys remain valid regardless of when you bought them
  9. Just for information with v6 it is preferred if you provide the system diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools->Diagnostics) as it provides much more information about your system (it does include the syslog) when wanting help with resolving issues.
  10. itimpi

    Samba not starting by itself

    Have you set the array to autostart? Until the array has been started you will not see your shares.
  11. itimpi

    Seperate drives for app/system cache & media cache?

    You can certainly decide to have files on an SSD managed by UD. What you cannot do is have a UD managed device participate in the User Shares.
  12. itimpi

    6.6 will include QEMU 2.12?

    If you do not like the dark theme why not use the light one instead?
  13. No reason that should not work. from what you are saying I think you intend the old parity disk to become an additional data drive? If so when you first start the array the disk will be unmountable, and the option to format it will be offered. When it is formatted it will be mounted (however before telling Unraid to format it check it is the correct drive to avoid an accident). The format can be done even while parity is being built if that is what you want (although the parity build will slow down while the format is in progress).
  14. Is there a reason you want to upgrade both parity disks simultaneously? That adds some risk as you are unprotected until parity is rebuilt. You could simply stop the array, assign the new parity 2 and restart the array to get it start building parity on the drive. When parity 2 is built you could then go through the steps to swap the parity1 drive.
  15. itimpi

    dead drive? Seagate Expansion 8TB shucked

    Note that once it has occurred a red ‘x’ can only be cleared by doing a rebuild regardless of whether the drive is actually OK. Simply rebooting the server will not clear this status.