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  1. I'm not sure why you can't seem to get a good speed only when downloading from his remote server. It could be an intermediate issue somewhere along your route? Do you see poor response times from any particular hop when you run a traceoute? I've seen reports of WireGuard having poor performance when your MTU is to high and causes packet fragmentation, that could be another possible avenue of investigation. I just made a post about it over in my thread as that is where my investigation is at right now.
  2. Post your diagnostics (Tools > Diagnostics). It would be impossible for anyone to speculate without it.
  3. I've been playing with iPerf3 to see if I can saturate my wireguard tunnel with other programs/protocols. My hope is to determine if this is in fact an SSH/RSYNC issue or if this random speed issue is WireGuard itself. With NODE running "iperf3 -s" and VOID acting as the client with "iperf3 -c -t 30 -P 8" I can only seem to get about 20-25Mbps.... Cranking parallels up to 30 made no difference, I still maxed out at a meager 25Mbps. Is this indicative of a bigger problem or am I just not using iperf correctly? This is my first time messing with it so I'm incli
  4. On UnRAID SSH is enabled by default. QNAP probably requires SSH to be enabled in the GUI somewhere. EDIT: I'm not aware of a QNAP and UnRAID specific guide, but there are hundreds of guides online about setting up server to server sync with SSH and RSYNC:
  5. I can't speak to the SMB shares not detecting space correctly, though your speed issues sounds kind of similar to mine. I've tried copying files between my two servers using SSH & rsync, NFS shares, SSHFS, and they all suffer from severe performance loss somewhere mid transfer with no warning: I have been unable to definitively nail down where the problem is, though the more I work at it the more it seems like something to do with WireGuard rather than my chosen transfer protocol, my servers, or my network/internet. Sorry I don't have more help to offer
  6. Bump, still having the same issues with this. Transferred about 30GB before the transfer speed goes to shit. Finishing the transfer in Windows because I don't know what else to do about this issue.
  7. Good morning itimpi, this may be related to the issue ScottinOkla is describing? I had a parity check running all day yesterday (manually started), went to bed, woke up and it was paused for no reason. I do have the parity check tuner plugin installed, and my only pause scenario is disks overheating. I see no indication in the logs that any disks were overheating (additionally my house has quite a cold ambient temperature). I did have "Send notification for temperature related pause" set to NO, but I assume it would have still logged the pause and reason in
  8. Interesting, you may have more than one plugin to blame here then. As Ken-ji mentioned in that other thread, you will probably need to go through the plugins one by one to figure out which one is changing your ownership and ask the author to fix it.
  9. You shouldn't even need to remove the plugin. At least for me, the proper ownership of the / directory was restored by simply rebooting UnRAID.
  10. You were right @ken-ji My other server hadn't had the parity check tuning plugin updated yet so I installed. Sure enough I lost pub key access and my usr folder is owned by nobody:users now EDIT: So I went digging into the folders it seems to have touched and I ended up in the plugins folder and it looks like some of the other plugins ive installed over the years aren't owned by root either. Is it a rule of thumb that all of these files should be owned by root? Or is it different from plugin to plugin?
  11. Interesting. The reboot actually fixed it for me so UnRAID must be correctly applying the default permissions and overriding anything the plugins may be messing with at boot. I don't have any more plugin updates currently but I will keep my eye out for an update and see if my ssh breaks after applying it. EDIT: Yeah it was almost certainly the "usr" folder that caused this as I recall seeing that it was the only folder in / that wasn't owned by root. I ignored it as I didn't think that folder would have anything to do with my issue since my key and ssh files weren't stored the
  12. Yeah I was able to get in with my password still but I could not find anything wrong with my / directory. Next time it happens ill be sure to get a screenshot and share it so I can get some more eyes on it. If it was a plugin though wouldn't it affect me from the moment I booted the system? This occurred after 6 days of uptime and multiple uses of the key up to that point. I haven't added or removed any plugins, I think I may have updated one, the parity check tuning plugin.
  13. I also just got hit with my first case of "Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /" I have SSH'd into this server every day this week and used my public key. Now, with zero changes on my end, UnRAID says my permissions are wrong. I have a second server with the same exact setup and the public key works fine.... I'm mid appdata backup, I'm going to restart after and see if this persists. I use Termius, but also have putty installed. Updating putty from 0.7.3 to 0.7.4 did nothing to fix the issue. EDIT: While I'm waiting for
  14. Well I guess I'll stick with the MX500 then, even though just ignoring the issue gives me a deep seeded (seated?) feeling of wrongness lol. Maybe the SmartMonTools update you linked to will resolve this once and for all by adjusting the alerting behavior for this drive. A question about the 860 EVO drive on my LSI and it's lack of TRIM: If I don't ever fill my SSD up (it generally only hovers around 100-200GB used) then will my lack of TRIM support have much of any noticeable performance and/or longevity effects? I've been reading about the subject and peopl
  15. @JorgeB So what are good 1TB SATA (Non M.2) SSDs that are known to work well with UnRAID without frustratingly weird firmware issues like my 860 EVO issue or apparently Crucial MX500's randomly reporting bogus bad sectors ? I just bought an MX500 to put into my remote server as a replacement for my other aging 850 EVO. But if it's going to randomly report bad sectors I don't really want anything to do with that and I would rather return it for something else. Intel seems to have all but abandoned consumer line SSDs bigger than 512GB. I don't particularly want to pay a