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  1. Duh why didn't I think of nslookup. I was wanting to use dig but the BIND package seems to have disappeared from NerdPack. I was also hoping for a way to check the literal status of the service, something equivalent to systemctl status ServiceName (I'm a debian guy mostly). I haven't lost DNS again so far. I also switched my first DNS server to my router rather than an external server. Saw some threads here about DNS issues being resolved doing that so I figured why not.
  2. What happened to the bind package? Am I just not seeing it? Or is it because I'm on RC5?
  3. Unraid v6.10-rc5 Diagnostics are from a fresh boot so my previous syslog is also attached: syslog-20220505-073254.txt This issue is not new for me in RC5, it's happened before but its been years since it last occurred. It's now happened twice in the last week. DNS is statically configured to use Google, Cloudflare, & Quad9. Out of the blue my server will lose the ability to resolve any host names at all. I don't realize it's happened until I log into Radarr/sonarr and see errors about all my indexers, download clients, literally anything requiring a DNS lookup being unreachable. I console in and confirm that I can't ping any hostname with a "name or service unknown" error. Pinging internal and external IP addresses works fine. I don't see anything in the syslog to indicate what the issue might be. I can usually fix it with a restart but its annoying to have to reboot the entire server just to get DNS back up. I've tried just stopping the array, shuffling the DNS servers, and hitting apply in hopes of reviving DNS but it generally doesn't work. Is there a way to roll the UnRAID DNS service without having to reboot the entire machine? Or at least a way to verify that the DNS resolver is still running when this issue occurs? If the DNS service is up and running in UnRAID I may have to investigate issues on the LAN but no other client seems to experience this issue except for my server. Besides the loss of DNS networking seems entirely unaffected. My Wireguard VPN continues to work, sonarr and radarr are still available remotely, I can access shares and the webui.
  4. That seems to have fixed it, thanks!
  5. Having an issue with the New Apps page of CA. Every time I open it I get "An error occurred. Could not find any New Apps". The individual category pages work correctly, I can search for and install apps, I just can't get the new apps page to load. Not a huge deal since it otherwise works but I'm curious what's wrong. I've restarted the server and everything else (dockers, webui, etc) seems to work fine. My other server with the same config and CA version works fine. I enabled debug logging for CA and it is attached along with my server diagnostic.
  6. Alright my bad this appears to be a container specific issue not the webui. It only seems to happen with PlexTraktSync no matter what browser I'm using. I can try uninstalling the enhanced log plugin and see if it makes a different. What's shown via docker logs PlexTraktSync vs the webui has varying levels of missing text. Some of it looks purposely truncated but others like the last 3 lines there are just cut mid word.
  7. I tried in Firefox and Chrome. I'll check some other containers.
  8. I didn't see this reported anywhere when I searched but it's possible I missed it. When trying to view logs for dockers via the web UI I've noticed multiple characters are missing from the start of each line. When you run docker logs CONTAINERNAME via a terminal the logs are displayed correctly: So this seems to be an issue with the webui parsing the docker logs? It's been going on for some people for a while now it seems. There's this post from last year on reddit about it as well:
  9. @limetechfrom v6.9.2 to rc2. @trurlyes I had updated all plugins prior to updating to RC2.
  10. A warning about upgrading scrubbing all additional (NerdPack) packages would have been nice. I have a SSHFS script run at array start that silently failed because my packages were removed. Is this something I should expect with every version upgrade? I don't recall this being an issue in previous releases. It also seems to have modified my SSH host key as Termius complained about it when I went to connect after the upgrade.
  11. So as a follow up to my post here: around the same time I started having those parity errors the server started having kernel panics that would lock up the server, producing no logs. I initially wrote this off as being related to the RAM issue, but its been two weeks of normal functionality since replacing the RAM and now the server again just dropped offline. I'm not seeing parity mismatches like before so I don't think this is the same issue. The monitor wasn't on when it went down so I have no clue what happened. I've had the external rsyslog server option turned on in UnRAID for months but every single time the server hard locks, it locks up so thoroughly nothing useful ever gets logged. It's just whatever the last normal log entry was then the server startup again. Is there any other way to better capture what's happening? I'd like to avoid mirroring logs to the flash drive and given how I never get anything to my log server on the LAN I doubt mirroring locally would be any more productive... 2021-10-10T13:27:50-05:00 Node sshd[28719]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root(uid=0) by (uid=0) 2021-10-10T13:27:50-05:00 Node sshd[28719]: Starting session: command for root from xx.xx.xx.xx port 22016 id 0 2021-10-10T13:34:30-05:00 Node sshd[28719]: Close session: user root from xx.xx.xx.xx port 22016 id 0 2021-10-10T13:34:30-05:00 Node sshd[28719]: Received disconnect from xx.xx.xx.xx port 22016:11: disconnected by user 2021-10-10T13:34:30-05:00 Node sshd[28719]: Disconnected from user root xx.xx.xx.xx port 22016 2021-10-10T13:34:30-05:00 Node sshd[28719]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root 2021-10-10T13:34:30-05:00 Node sshd[3724]: Connection from xx.xx.xx.xx port 9719 on xx.xx.xx.xx port 22 rdomain "" 2021-10-10T13:34:31-05:00 Node sshd[3724]: Accepted key RSA found at /etc/ssh/root.pubkeys:1 2021-10-10T13:34:31-05:00 Node sshd[3724]: Accepted publickey for root from xx.xx.xx.xx port 9719 ssh2: RSA SHA256 2021-10-10T13:34:31-05:00 Node sshd[3724]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root(uid=0) by (uid=0) 2021-10-10T13:34:31-05:00 Node sshd[3724]: Starting session: command for root from xx.xx.xx.xx port 9719 id 0 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="8.2002.0" x-pid="8183" x-info=""] start 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: plugin: skipping: /boot/config/plugins/enhanced.log/enhanced.log.cfg already exists 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: plugin: skipping: /boot/config/plugins/enhanced.log/custom_syslog.conf already exists 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: plugin: skipping: /boot/config/plugins/enhanced.log/syslog_filter.conf already exists 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: plugin: running: anonymous 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: ----------------------------------------------------------- 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: Plugin enhanced.log is installed. 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: Copyright 2015-2021, Dan Landon 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: Version: 2021.08.21 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: ----------------------------------------------------------- 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: plugin: enhanced.log.plg installed 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: plugin: installing: /boot/config/plugins/fix.common.problems.plg 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: plugin: skipping: /boot/config/plugins/fix.common.problems/fix.common.problems-2021.08.05-x86_64-1.txz already exists 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: plugin: running: /boot/config/plugins/fix.common.problems/fix.common.problems-2021.08.05-x86_64-1.txz 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: +============================================================================== 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: | Installing new package /boot/config/plugins/fix.common.problems/fix.common.problems-2021.08.05-x86_64-1.txz 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: +============================================================================== 2021-10-10T20:05:10-05:00 Node root: I've asked that the monitor be left on so I can hopefully get some sort of a clue as to wtf is going on as I don't know what else to do besides just start replacing hardware. I guess I could upgrade to 6.10-RC1 but it was stable on 6.9.2 for months before this so I don't think it has anything to do with the OS version. EDIT: I have this photo of a kernel panic from when I was still having the RAM issue, but its the only clue I've got right now.
  12. Apparently I'm just going to have to un-monitor that smart attribute. Disk1 just keeps randomly hitting me with notifications for the raw read error rate even though it isn't actually incrementing whatsoever.
  13. I ran a short SMART yesterday but i'll turn off drive sleep and run an extended now that the parity check is finished. That's good to hear. I know it isn't one of the default monitored SMART attributes-I assume for reasons like this-but I had enabled it after coming across a recommendation in another thread when I was troubleshooting some disk issues that its useful for drives from certain vendors. I've never seen a WD drive with anything but zero for that attribute but I have seagate drives in my other server that all report a very high number for this attribute so I don't monitor it on VOID. EDIT: Oh and the correcting check completed with zero errors! Thanks Turl and JorgeB for helping me figure out it was the RAM.I think this is the first time I've ever had a computer issue and it was actually a bad stick of RAM.
  14. It seems like the RAM has done the trick, its ~75% through a correcting check with no errors and it hasn't hard locked or crashed yet. However I just got a random notification from the server letting me know my RAW Read error rate on disk 1 is some ridiculous number 28-09-2021 05:27 PM Unraid Disk 1 SMART health [1] Warning [NODE] - raw read error rate is 65536 WDC_WD80EFAX-68KNBN0_VAJBBYUL (sdd) Which is odd because when I go to check the smart stats in the GUI it says my raw read error rate is zero???