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  1. running rsync to and from an unassigned device should be no problem.
  2. Also worth noting, your 3tb USB hard drive won’t be included in the array. That will have to be mounted using the “unassigned devices” plug-in (that I speculate 99% of all UnRaid users use). So if you keep anything crucial on it, as you said grab & go for emergencies, you should also plan for a backup process to the main array so it’s covered by parity.
  3. Hi everyone! Over the past few months i've put together a "how-to" playlist for the different functions of Unmanic. For anyone that hasn't seen it, you can find that playlist here. More to my point: to wrap up the playlist, I thought it would be neat to visit with @Josh.5 for a few minutes over Zoom and he kindly obliged. If you'd like to see our short conversation, you can check that out here. Hope you enjoy
  4. thanks for your kind words @Masterwishx. if you don't want to use the ip address to mount remote smb share, you best bet will be to ask for some help troubleshooting the unassigned device plugin in that specific support forum here.
  5. hi @Masterwishx! that's correct, when mounting gdrive using remote smb, the host machine with the google drive application must be online for unraid to find and use it. there are some containers in community applications that allow you to access your gdrive, but after looking at one or two of them, i was not impressed with the security work arounds incorporated by the containers. in fact, one container author even offered full disclosure that his private server was used to handle some of the traffic involved. while i appreciate that disclosure, i felt it was too insecure. for now, i still thin
  6. I recently had a similar issue, josh will be able to confirm but it looks like the watcher overloaded. Try disabling and restarting.
  7. @Yekul There is also a way to do this manually. disable the "scan on start" option in the general settings, save and submit, then restart the container. then go back to the settings, and point the library path at whatever specific folder you want. go back to the dashboard, and at your discretion, hit the options tab and "rescan library now". this will keep the entire library path from being scanned automatically, and offer a little more control over specific folders to be scanned and transcoded manually, along with any cron schedules you apply.
  8. no problem. there's a bit of a learning curve if you're new to unraid or linux in general. but i think you'll find it's well worth it and a fun learning experience. welcome to the forums!
  9. hi @static0shock, this forum is for bug reporting, probably best to repost here in the general support forum where other users can also chime in with potential solutions. As for the gpu support on the 11th gen, you said you're not seeing the gpu at all with that one, right? as if maybe the intel_gpu_top plugin isn't working? if that's the case, best to head here to the support forum for that specific plugin. i inquired to the plugin author about it yesterday, so that should be a good jumping off point where he can help you troubleshoot that, you should see my post. as for the i3 gp
  10. just found the new AMD top plugin, awesome job! i'd like to test some containers using gpu transcoding (afaik plex doesn't support amd hardware acceleration, right?). what value would we add to the extra perimeters section of the containers to enable an amd gpu? --device=/dev/dri ?
  11. Good deal. The -delete option uses extra memory. Let’s eliminate the variables one at a time. Just for the sake of troubleshooting, remove that option and try running again. Also, add -P and -h. Those will make the output a little easier to read for you.