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  1. @Knightwolf have you tried mapping the folder directly to the container in the template settings? adding a path to something like "/usb --> /mnt/remotes/usbstickpath" and then inside the unmanic container, change the watch folder path to "/usb/movies". that would be the next thing i would try if not. also worth noting, if your usb drive is in exFAT format, you'll need to be using Unassigned Devices Plus, in addition to the regular UD plugin
  2. I’d also like to chime in and say something similar, that either on stable or staging branches, I cannot get gpu transcoding to working with intel quick sync either. I’ve added /dev/dri to the extra parameters and enabled in the container settings. I know my gpu transcoding works because I use it for my Plex container (even with Plex off, cannot get Unmanic to use gpu).
  3. cool deal, hope all goes well. i'll keep an eye on the user script forum, and see what others have to say as well. feel free to reach back out with anything else. cheers!
  4. they sure will! once your scripts run again, there will be a log entry.
  5. the user scripts logs don't persist after a reboot, so that's ok. i was about to suggest taking this over to the user script forum, but it look's like you're already there. i think a better post there would be to ask about why the bottom lines in the script aren't working on your server. they're basic linux commands, and the syntax works perfectly for me on my servers so after our troubleshooting i'm stumped as to why they're not working for you. when you make your post there, you can link to this topic for context to users that may be able to help. you may also want to post your s
  6. ok, starting to suspect something else may be going on with your system. copy and pasting your script line into my terminal (just adjusting paths) on two different servers of mine works the way it should. try typing this into a terminal window: find /mnt/user/Backup/Plex/ -mtime +1 -exec rm -rfdv {} \; If there's no visible errors in the terminal, check the plex backup folder and see if older files were removed, then report back with your findings. however, you may get an output in the terminal, showing a similar error to what's in your logs like find: unknown predicate `-
  7. Actually, I think your problem may be an error in the syntax from the script. I checked my logs and it was reporting a similar error. in addition to removing the quotes you added to mtime, try taking out the asterisk so it looks like this #ENTER NUMERIC VALUE OF DAYS AFTER "-MTIME +" find $pdest -mtime +1 -exec rm -rfd {} \; This seemed to fix it for me. If that also fixes it for you, i'll publish a correction. thanks for your input on this!
  8. Hi again @coblck , happy to help. it looks like your script has quotes around the mtime entry that shouldn't be there. here is how it should look instead: #ENTER NUMERIC VALUE OF DAYS AFTER "-MTIME +" find $pdest* -mtime +1 -exec rm -rfd {} \; try that and see how it does. If it still doesn't remove the old backups, post a copy of the logs and lets take a look at that. on the user script page, look towards the right and you should see an icon on the line of your script that you can click to view the log for that script Keep me posted
  9. uninstall and reboot did the trick for me. also running 6.9.0-rc2, as the plugin was incompatible for me anyway.
  10. Nothing wrong with using the IP address! Glad you got it working and are enjoying the videos. Cheers!
  11. Hi @coblck! Thanks for your kind words. As for your issue, now that I can see a little more, my first idea for troubleshooting this would be to see if you can mount one of the other folders listed on that same machine ie Downloads. If you can map it and mount it, that at least narrows the problem down specifically to the google drive folder. if you cannot mount one of the other folders, that would tell us it’s a broader networking issue. Hopefully doing this will make the answer more clear to us, and if we still hit a wall we can link over to the UAD support thread with your logs and
  12. I thought that too. it only goes away if i enter the exact url address of the hosting page, including the port number. here's a picture of the page at http://youtransfer.myserver.com. it tells me the base url should be http://youtransfer.myserver.com:443 when i add the port number to the base url address in full, the message goes away. so i guess in practice this would be the fix, but it breaks from the conventional use of any base url in my experience. now i'm wondering if i'm the only one experiencing this
  13. very cool app, thanks for adding it to CA @FlippinTurt. Wondering if you or anyone else is running this behind reverse proxy (swag)? while i can access it outside my network just fine, i get an error on the main UI about the base url. i've tried leaving the base url blank (which is what i usually do for reverse proxy) and it does the same thing. anybody else dealing with this?
  14. I’d have to agree with @Energen. The spaces in the directory path was the first thing that caught my eye. I think it’s time for a revision with a mkdir section too