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  1. EC28

    Cheap GPU for VM use?

    Thank you, I'll hook up the monitor tomorrow to the server and try that out. I had no idea.
  2. EC28

    Cheap GPU for VM use?

    I don't see that option other than QXL under the VNC display box. My 2630's have no onboard video at all so it's just the VNC option.
  3. So I'm tired of trying to use VM's that are scaled awfully and look terrible when I remote in to them. Would it make sense to get a cheap GPU just to be able to better see the VM when I'm using it? Thanks!
  4. I'm not sure if it's airvpn related or not. I ended up starting from scratch again last night, as the ratiocolor plugin messes the whole docker up. All I did was use the udp server from airvpn. I turned off autodl and turned on privoxy and the VPN. I put my login information for airvpn's website in the vpn fields. It is working for whatever reason.
  5. Well, of all the damnedest things in the world, it decided to just start working. Only issue I'm having now is that the UDP trackers error out. That may be a AirVPN issue, as I don't see an option to tell it to let me use both UDP and TCP ports. Looks like you have to pick one or the other. But what's strange is that the OVPN file I used is a UDP port. And the port I have forwarded, which shows as open on their website, is both TCP and UDP. But hey, at least we're working now! https://pastebin.com/Kp0dgAQG Now if I can just figure out the ratiocolor plugin. https://github.com/Gyran/rutorrent-ratiocolor
  6. No VLANS. I do have pfsense. It works and shows the port as correctly forwarded without the VPN. Could this still be an issues? I'll double check on the adblocker but it should be off on unraid pages. The macvlan thing, is that what I set it to to have a reverse proxy? I use nginxproxymanager for this. I also have a wireguard connection for remote access. I wondered if that might not be causing issues. It was all working a while back with all of these things being the same, so I'm just not sure what changed.
  7. The internal IP or my actual ISP IP?
  8. I can! Incidentally, the port check plugin is still erroring out though.
  9. Here's the pastebin: I had to turn privoxy off as well to get it to load up. And it still threw these errors over autodl for some reason. I deleted the config file, deleted the opvn files, and turned off the vpn completely.
  10. So I deleted it and started it over with the VPN off and it loaded fine. I turned AirVPN back on and it's the same result, rTorrent won't start. I'll do it again and post a log when I get home.
  11. I can't for the life of me figure out this AirVPN setup. I've tried every combination I can think of. I was hoping to switch to them from Mullvad, but it doesn't seem to be any easier to troubleshoot. I'm sure the problem is on my end and something I'm doing. Here's my supervisor log if someone can take a look, thanks!
  12. Anyone had any success getting the check port plugin to work again? I can confirm I have the port open and it is still showing an error for me.