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  1. If you share your Plex library w/ friends and family, Tautulli to track the usage. And Ombi if you want your users to request Moviers and TV series.
  2. I believe there are one or two major providers of the Usenet backbone… the well known Usenet providers are basically re-sellers of one of those backbones. I have been on Supernews for over a decade… it never lets me down. It finds stuff that has been posted for like 5+ years. The other challenge is to get into the better indexer sites…. For the most part they are invite only… faves of mine are omgwtfnzb and nzbplanet… Finally you configure your *arr dockers to automate everything. You will need a downloader docker…. NZBGet is my preference…. There are a lot of dots to connect…how indexers, downloader, and *rr’s talk to each other. But once you get it all down, you can’t imagine life without it. SpacerInvader’s videos will really help you connect them dots. it will be a fun journey.
  3. Hi Jorge, My server has been up for 7+ days without a crash. Your solution worked. Thank you very much!!!
  4. Funny…🙂 in my recent build, my mobo did not have a built-in speaker…. So I had to buy and modify a speaker to get the beeps…they tell me once the server is back up… I have custom beeps command line in my ‘go’ file. Running headless.
  5. it was the notification service…..thank you. i have changed to ipvlan…. Crossing fingers. Thank you.
  6. Hi Everyone... SO I had my first crash since installing syslog. The server was locked up / unresponsive and I held the power until it went off. I unplugged the USB drive, connected to my WI machine and copied the /logs folder. I am attaching the the file contained in this folder. Some of the last lines are my Kodi HTPC accessing my media share. I have no idea what the below means Oct 21 04:17:02 Tower sSMTP[32541]: Creating SSL connection to host Oct 21 04:17:02 Tower sSMTP[32541]: SSL connection using TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 Oct 21 04:17:02 Tower sSMTP[32541]: Authorization failed (535 5.7.8 https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BadCredentials What could I possibly be running that uses Google mail? Can someone please help... what is causing these crashes? Thank you, syslog
  7. Thank you ChatNoir.... I have set up the Syslog Server to mirror to the Flash drive. Let's see what it catches.
  8. Hi, My unRAID server seems to freeze up every few days on its own. The webGUI is not responsive, I cannot SSH into a command line, or even the command line directly on the server. I cannot figure out a pattern or what could be causing this. It seems to happen every two to five days. I don't run VMs, but VM Manager is enabled. I do run the common media related Dockers. I end up having to hold the power button until it shuts off. When back on, the parity check triggers. I am attaching diagnostics generated right after the last crash. Please help.... 😟 Thank you!! h. tower-diagnostics-20221016-2135.zip
  9. SOLVED I did backups of my template and the appdata folder... I ended up adding the custom script folder inside the /appdata/sawg folder like this: Thank you Blaine for giving me strength to try this. I have never edited an LSIO template to add new parameters.
  10. Thank you Blaine... I had already seen this... what is not clear or explained is how to approach / resolve this with the unRAID docker templates...
  11. Boy....With so much unRAID experience, I hate to ask this question. For ages, I used to have a folder inside my /appdata/swag/ folder called custom-cont-init.d. In here I had a bash script that installed a few things to my container. I see now that this is a legacy way; and that the new way is place/locate this folder outside the docker's /config folder. Thinking that a more updated docker template would have this volume mapping; I compared my template to the latest Swag template and they are different! Like SCARY different. Plus it did not have anything pre-set for the custom script. What should I do? In reading Cutomizing LSIO Dockers, do I need to go my original template and ... +Add Another Path...? Will this work? I am afraid of ruining my Swag setup. I am also scared of updating my template to the latest. Things were nicely working w/ LetsEncrypt... I'm not a master at DNS and certificates. Thank you, H.
  12. in your screen cap above, you have the folder /mnt/user/SHARE... is the "share" share in all capital letters?
  13. I would like it for the unRAID server. I'm sure at some point I will forget about it and then it may expire. Thank you! H.
  14. I just ordered a set of the below CPU/mobo combos…. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334496236583 64GB DDR4 ECC Ram. sata controller 9211-8i 6Gbps HBA LSI FW:P20 IT Mode https://www.ebay.com/itm/ I’m toying w the idea of a Fractal Desigb Define 7 XL. And a $200 1800W mining power supply. I will migrate all my drives to the new hardware. I am very nervous. Thoughts?
  15. Has anyone created a script that renews the LetsEncrypt certificate? Would love to implement. thank you.