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  1. Hi @Mattaton... I was finally able to start Docker Service on my recovering server.... Parity is almost done building. Then I have to rebuild library based on what I lost. Since I have not been able to keep up w/ all the day to day changes, do you think you can share a complete custom.css file...I want to use your version and then make my version tweaks. Do you recall if you started with one of my custom.css files? Thank you! H.
  2. Hi... Unfortunately, I am still trying to rebuild my server... I know I will have a good deal of data loss... Not sure how bad it will be yet. I fear I may still be a week out before I can fire up my dockers. I do not recall the autostart having a different color when stopped. I see that @Mattaton has requested classes for this. Looks like he may be at it. I think we should start a new thread for DockerFile edits; because I have not been able to look at my dockers, I feel I am being left behind. So many new edits and choices. How do we organize it all?
  3. this is fantastic…. Awesome work… can’t wait to try it… my serve is still in intensive care. Thank you!
  4. Sweet! You did this all in custom.css? only tweaks would be to indent the rows of non-expanded folder icons so their left edges align w left edge of expanded large folder icon. also indent the whole block of expanded container icons so visually they look like a subset of the folder icon. would you mind sharing your code? excellent work! ps. I can’t tell the difference between the regular version and fancier versions above….
  5. It would look better if that grey down arrow be on the right side and bigger…. This way all icons would line up. I would also place the top horizontal border above the folder icon. Also give the expanded folder icon and label their own class. This way, in custom.css, one could make the folder icon and name larger to show better hierarchy between folders and the folder contents…. Background of a wrapper for the folder icon and label should run full width as well. This way one could apply a custom background color, and radius corners - again to do better visual distinction between folder and its containers. i would leave all the non-expanded folders as shown above. i wish I could illustrate w some mock-ups… but I’m still struggling to rebuild data…
  6. Just a thought... something better could be achieved w/ Nextcloud. You create your users, open internet access to it via Swag reverse proxy, and then your users have the equivalent of Dropbox.
  7. Thank you @itimpi. Please confirm these are the steps I should follow: Assign a new drive 15, and let unRAID rebuild this (with all the "lost & found") Keep Disk 6 still unassigned. I think this started failing with read errors. Replace the disabled Parity drive, and rebuild the parity. Assign a new Disk 6 and format it. Insert the spare drive as an UD, and copy the Disk 6 data I managed to save. Enable Docker Service. Start working on the "lost and Found" directory and compare to what my saved folder listings (see more below) to start replacing whatever media I cant recover. I could evaluate what media is worth replacing - it may be OK to cull the collection. I have my system run the below command daily so I can log exactly what is stored in each drive. I did not author the script, and I cant recall who did to give proper credit (but I love that person very much!!). I copied the file to my Win machine for safe-keeping. This only logged Movies and TV... I would not have any other record of other non-media files stored in that drive. Hopefully nothing much. Lost & Found possibly saved something. #!/bin/bash DATE=`date +%Y%m%d` REPORTS_PATH=/mnt/cache/appdata/reports echo "Searching for movies and TV shows..." mkdir -p $REPORTS_PATH find /mnt/disk*/* -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 2 -type d -not -iname '.*' \( -path "*/Movies/*" -or -path "*/TV2/*" \) -print | sort -k1 > $REPORTS_PATH/media.catalog_$DATE.csv echo echo "Finished." echo echo "File created at "$REPORTS_PATH/media.catalog_$DATE.csv echo While the "Lost & Found" procedure may be tedious, I am patient... and it will give me something to do. Please advise. Thank you.
  8. For Disk 6, I managed to copy some data off it when it started failing to a spare drive. This I copied on another system (PartedMagic). I copied until I ran out of space in spare disk. I still have the original, and I can try to keep copying more. i also have listing of folders / sub folders in all my drives. I can alway rebuild my media back.
  9. I ran the xfs_repair… it went through a lot of errors. When it finished, I started array, and there was only a “lost and found folder”. In it, there are many numbered folders. Some were empty, and some had files in it. Since it’s media, I can decipher what they are. I am not sure how complete it is. i still have it showing as “no device” since we unassigned it. Should I assign the drive again and have it rebuild? Feeling some hope. thank you.
  10. I did that and drive contents are not emulated. tower-diagnostics-20230911-1701.zip
  11. Hi... unassigned one of the disks, and started the array... Array does not start. tower-diagnostics-20230911-0713.zip
  12. Thank you @JorgeB. I powered down the server; disconnected one of the new array drives, and upon reboot, array is stopped citing "configuration change". EDIT: I did the same with the other drive and got the same results.
  13. Thank you. I stopped the array to prevent anything being written. I could run the extended smart test on the bad parity.
  14. Diagnostics attached.... Thank you. tower-diagnostics-20230910-1545.zip
  15. Started the array, and drives show un-mountable.