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  1. Icon Collection 1 This is my first try at a Category Docker Folder icons. I have done it in two color versions. Please understand that I only use the "Light Theme". I am not sure how these would look like on the Dark Theme. I am pasting a zip file that contains: Icons at 128px x 128px The layered Photoshop file for anyone to modify Preview image of the collection (image above. Anyone w/ rudimentary PS skills can easily create variations. I would love constructive criticism.... please don't say you like if you don't. If you don't please tell me why. Thanks, H. EDITS: 5/24/20 Planning to add icons for Search, Grafana, NZBs. Planing to add pale yellow background color options. C1-128px.rar
  2. Hi Guys, I really love GuildDarts Docker Folder plugin. I am stating this thread so that people can share their icons for the Docker Folders. Below I have pasted my first Collection. I hope to create more. Please feel free to share, add requests, ideas, suggestions, etc. A million thanks to @GuildDarts for creating such a fantastic and useful plugin. Thanks, H.
  3. Icons without folders added. Post above updated....
  4. Unfortunately the icons are in raster... I think .svg is vector. I am also happy to add alternative colors, per user requests... its very straightforward. Also, if the logo in the png is a solid black, is there a code to make it any color? I recall seeing that somewhere. A color overlay.
  5. Love the pirate too.... n various levels... I tied to create a backdrop that feels like a folder.... Yellow as it's sort of a the colors of folders, blue in the Docker blue. I was just working on a version without any backdrop... just the icon alone. Since they are transparent .png files, in your code you could make the <div> field background color... with raidius-ed corners.... that could work if you are able to save that color as a user defined variable. That is beyond my programming skills. Is this what you mean? I will update with the plain icons and see what they look like... I need about an hour. Thanks, .
  6. I have created a dedicated thread for the community to create and share custom icons to be used with this plugin. Please find it here: Any comments, suggestions, ideas; please post them there. Thanks, H.
  7. Wanting to get into Grafana is what attracted me to this plugin. I hated having all those Dockers for which I would not know what they are in a few months down the line. I had given up on Grafana because of this. I know it’s unrelated, but could please post a screencap of the Grafana Dockers you have? When I first attempted to get into it, it was hard to figure out what was needed for what feature in Grafana. I quickly gave up. A screencap would be a good source of useful Dockers for us unRaiders. I think this would be a great video for our friend @SpaceInvaderOne, Anything Grafana related to unRaid, Plex, streaming, nzbs, torrents would be awesome. Thank you. h.
  8. Please keep listing real-world categories.... thanks
  9. Let me get a few under my belt, so we can start w some candy.
  10. We should start a new thread for Docker folder icon requests.... I plan to create a few of my own and I’ll be happy to share. I used to be the icon guy around here.
  11. Superb....!!!! Time to start playing around. Thank you very much.
  12. Very exciting..... I upgraded but it still shows the previous layout. I go to the setting and not sure how to enable/configure. thank you h
  13. Hi, thank you for creating this. Sadly I have not had success. When I go to I get: “No database connection, check your database credentials in your configuration file.“ I have for Mariadb username: root password that gets me into Mariadb. Network set to bridge No database gets created in MariaDB by this. Anyhelp is appreciated. thanks h.
  14. I just added an image above with the greyscale and transparent icons.
  15. That is great...! perhaps the icon can also have a choice of being the same color ones, and making them greyscale/transparent. It may become too busy visually in full color versions. But not sure how that would work if using the Dark UI Theme. .... and thank you!!!