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  1. hernandito


    How did you guys get this to work? It wants to start at 127.0.0 and my unRAID is at Thanks. H.
  2. hernandito

    South Africa into loadshedding AGAIN!!

    New York City - Last power loss was during hurricane Sandy. A loss of power here WILL make the news!
  3. hernandito

    [Plugin] Linuxserver.io - Unraid Nvidia

    Hi Guys, i hate to ask the obvious. Say I install a compatible Gpu, and use the Plex docker. If my sister who lives far away starts her Plex app on her smart TV, will she see a difference? Or it is just off-loading my cpu and re-encoding on GPU on my end? What happens if my other sister watches something at the same time? Thank you. h.
  4. hernandito

    [PLUGIN] Disk Location

    I tend to be very picky about design and interfaces. When I have downtime, I end up opening the php and css files to make changes. Then I get in trouble as the changes break with updates. Then I do them again... kinda like a hobby😊.
  5. hernandito

    [PLUGIN] Disk Location

    Or simply change the frame, font, and fill of the un-assigned slots to the same as background color.
  6. I have not touched this docker in like 4 years. I believe there are more updated versions. Sorry.
  7. hernandito

    [PLUGIN] Disk Location

    Awesome my friend. Thank you for the “data to show” option. Much clearer for me. I have yet to map all the drives to test. I am going to be removing the one un-assigned drive to see if it speeds things up. i will report back. thanks again!
  8. hernandito

    [PLUGIN] Disk Location

    Hi Olehj. Thank you for this. It is very helpful. Is there a way to select what fields show up on the main page? Currently it shows everything. It would be nice to turn off things like path, model #, speed, temp, etc. This way it’s easier to read. I have not yet assigned all my drives, but it takes like 60 seconds to load the page. I have 15 drives. Is this normal? I only have one un-assigned drive. Thanks again. h.
  9. hernandito

    [Request] Streama

    Just curious; what are the problems with Plex development? I like how i can serve to any device out there.
  10. hernandito

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    I am.... I was missing something basic. Thanks you!
  11. hernandito

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Brilliant.... so easy....! My first example worked. Thank you!
  12. hernandito

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Thank you Saldash. I have been running my web server for years.... from a docker I cobbled together from LS... using Apache and LetsEncrypt. I was able to get all the reverse proxies figured out (thanks to my friend Neil). I was never able to get PHP, LE and Nginx working in their LE docker. With my Docker, I can get to reverse proxy like this: https://MyDomain.com/sonarr https://MyDomain.com/radarr https://MyDomain.com/www (a folder with my php files for web serving) etc. With this Docker, I can only reverse proxy https://radarr.MyDomain.com... I can set LE certificates for each of the prefixes. But I cannot secure the pages using the .htpassword method. If anyone can provide some examples how to do this with this Docker, it would be greatly appreciated. And I can certainly have it point to my Apache docker for php. Thanks again, H.
  13. hernandito

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Quick question please.... if I host a personal web site, that I access from outside.... where do I place all my www files and folders, the html files. Thank you. H.
  14. hernandito

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Can’t wait to see if this works... but at the moment, when trying to generate the LE certificate, I get internal error. any ideas? thanks, h.
  15. hernandito

    Request: Homebridge

    Bummer nothing works. changed Json file to port 3354, and tried both bridge and host mode and no luck. Thanks.