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  1. I know... it's weird.... I am using Stylus.... not the best as I cannot get modifications on my iOS devices. Thanks, H.
  2. Thanks Jonathanm..... unfortunately I am not sure how to code what you suggest... Can you please provide more detail? Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys, I just posted a modified Web UI for NZBGet (it is more than a theme). I thought I would refer to it from here and the User Customizations sub-forum does not get much traffic. Please leave me any comments there.
  4. Hi Guys, I thought I would share something I have been using for years. I have always thought it to be counter-intuitive to have the Downloads and History screens separate. I edited stuff and came up with this: Along the way I tweaked with the CSS to get something nicer to look at. Please head over to my repo for files and instructions. Please let me know your thoughts. Enjoy.
  5. Hi Guys, I find NZBHydra's web UI's way too strong visually... a very high contrast bright color pallete. I used the Stylus add-on in my browser to make NZBH2's Web UI a bit more subtle (across each of the 3 included themes). This works OK, but only on my PC environment. It wont work on my tablet/mobile devices that do not have add-on support. Then, I ran across Theme.Park repo, which allows you to inject their pre-built themes into the most popular Docker apps.. They even describe how to inject into our beloved LSIO containers with a few additi
  6. Hi, I am also running into the same issues as others... I was able to issue the command: docker exec -it icloudpd /usr/local/bin/sync-icloud.sh and got the successful cookie generated message. In the web log page I still get the error: Cookie does not exist. Please run container interactively to generate - Retry in 5 minutes and WARNING Using Apple ID password from variable. This password will be visible in the process list of the host. Please add your password to the system keyring instead How do you setup the run container interactivel
  7. Thanks.... that is where I saw the note about client_max_body_size potential solution... They also note other PHP configuration items.
  8. I figured that when I saw the zero value. So is there a way to change this within the Docker, or is it a hard limit beyond our control?
  9. Hi Team, Thanks for this Docker. I gave it a try and found a potential show-stopper issue. I tried dragging a .jpeg file that is about 8MB. On the UI I get a message that says "File too big". The UI does say: "JPG PNG BMP GIF 2 MB" This maximum file size is way too small for any modern recent camera file. I googled a bit and found this posting. It basically says that the hosting service is the one limiting the file size to 2MB. I figured since I am the host, there should be a setting somewhere to change this. I found this, which states:
  10. I wish there was a way to enter custom display data for each of your drives... Just seeing /dev/sdb is not informative enough. You should be able to give the disk a custom name, and to display things like the serial number... stuff displayed on the Main tab in our beloved GUI. Also... how does one initiate a new scan of the drive(s)? That could be a button. Thanks for making the Docker guys!
  11. Noted.... I agree that "Swag" above is not reading as an acronym... I was thinking of relating it to the word swag itself - gifts, freebies, bling... I am not sure that it works. It is hard to make a letters into an icon... look at every instance of IMDB icons that are small... hard to make them great. My personal favorite are the below... slightly edited from the earlier version. I have an all-caps and an all-lower case version. In context: