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  1. SOLVED - moved the 4 Seagate drives to the mobo instead of the SATA cards, and viola! i'm able to run 6.5 now. Many thanks to all who helped me here, and to my friends in this side of the keyboard who tolerated my incessant whining until this was fixed!
  2. btw: checked the firmware, they are highest version according to seagate
  3. for S&G (and because my friend mentioned it) i pulled ALL 3 of my SATA cards... 6.5 booted successfully!! plugged one back in... still success!! Plugged in the next, failed.. i thought, ok, unplug the failed card, and plug in the third... success! So, it must be a bad card i thought... i rearranged my drives to not use the card that was bad, and rebooted... sucess???? NOPE!! FAILED AGAIN!! So, i started thinkin.... that SATA card was fully populated with seagate drives. (didn't i read a post somewhere about people being really pissed off a
  4. So, im going to ask this again. because i haven't seen an answer and cant find one online either. Is there a way to capture the screen output during the boot sequence?
  5. Yeah, the Mobo is the lastest and greatest version. im starting to worry that im gonna be stuck with 6.3.5 and never be able to use the utilities that no longer support the lower version. i.e. Unassigned Devices
  6. I actually did this a lot before agreeing to buy this server. From what I was able to find, there shouldn't have been any issues.
  7. older server, only usb 2.0 physical ports. I do see some 9pin connectors on the Mobo that say USB next to them, so perhaps thats where its coming form, but there are not 10 of them. only 4 i can locate on the Mobo, and the 2 in back (total of 6). Chassis Spec Sheet: Mobo Spec Sheet: HDD Controller Spec Sheet: IPMI Spec Sheet:
  8. I must have grabbed the sent the configs while in-between different tests. I don't normally have that option checked, I was just trying random stuff. I removed the level name completely Same thing. attached screenshot also attached configs, and logs with the log directory zipped up (all that were accessible anyhow) server.config mineos.log mineos.auth.log
  9. 26 Hours without a response. Does anyone else have any other troubleshooting steps I can try?
  10. Just ran the update that was released, no change in my logs, no change in my ability to start a server. Is there any option to enable more verbose logging?
  11. Updated server CPU and Memory, but still have the same issue
  12. I have, and as I mentioned, it works fine in 6.3.5. I am not sure what other information I can gather as it seems the the logs are blanks at this point in the boot sequence. Is there a way or place to find the rest of the output to the screen for the rest of the boot? It may be important to note that this server only has 2 USB ports. I am not sure where the serer is getting usb1-port10 from, unless its just an override in the boot process to ensure that all possible ports are turned up. With regards to trying the rc3, is this really advisable since the 6.4 a
  13. /var/games/minecraft < -- > /mnt/user/appdata/minecraft/ /mnt/data < -- > /mnt/user/minecraft_data/ Attached are the other configs too supervisord.log eula.txt server.config
  14. I'm trying to run your Mineos-Node docker, and I'm having an issue that i ant seem to figure out. The docker is installed just fine, and I have the WebUI running, i can create a server, but not matter which profile i choose, the server will not start. I never get a /var/log/mineos.log, and the only log I can find is from the docker and it just states the following: USER_NAME not provided; defaulting to "mc" Created user: mc (uid: 1000) Generating Self-Signed SSL... Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key ..............++++++ ......++++++ writing new private key to '.tmpkey.pem' -----
  15. I am attaching the contents of the flash drive (click on link) as I see nothing that tells me why its not working. In the meantime, I can still run the server using 6.3.5. When I boot up on the 6.5 version the first time, it works, subsequent boots fail and lock up at the same spot every time. /usr/sbin/rsyslogd -i /var/run/ (see attached pic) I get the same exact failure on 6.4 and 6.4.1. The server is: Supermicro 24 Bay Chassis Chassis Manufacturer: Supermicro Backplane: SAS846TQ rev. 3.1 Motherboard: H8DME-2 rev 2.01 A Proce